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Image 1 of The Adair County news., April 29, 1908

Part of The Adair County news.

1Ip c p I i Ij i t s YOLUME XI I I Following a brief synopsis of the 3iew school law passed by the last legs ¬ latureEachcounty in the State shall compose one school district except where a city or town maintains a separate The county Superintendent school judge or county attorney to di district into 4 6 9r8 educationa which divisions shall be di- ¬ vided into subdivisions One trustee to fce elected each subdistrict on first Saturday in August They with the Superintendent will constitute the coun ty board of education which shall em ¬ ploy teachers A high school is to be established at each county seat to furn ¬ free tuition to rural pupils A first class high school to maintain a four The fiscal years course of study court can levy a tax not to exceed 25 cents on the 100 and 1 capitation tax for schooLpurposes The county board of education has power to purchaselease or rent school sites to build to re- ¬ pair and to Tent school houses purchase maps globes charts school furniture ect The county board of education will employ and fix the salaries of the high school teachers and prescribe the course of sudy to be pursued and select the text books to be used in said school The county superintendent shall keep an exact ac onnt of the receipts and disbursements and shall report the same in detail to the county board as often as it may require and to the fiscal court ¬ 1vide t j ¬ 1 0ish V r t r 1 FOUND DEAD Last Wednesday morning Mr Rufus Jones who was well known in the Green River section of this county was found dead in his bed The deceasedhad been in declining health for several months and his death was not unexpected but the suddenness of his passing was a shock to his many friends He was about sixty years old and was a victim of heart trouble He was an uncle of Mrs J H Young and Mrs L T Neat a kind hearted man who had many friends His wife diedsevralyears ago but three or four children and a large circle of relatives are grieved over his departure Every body who was well acxuainted with Rufe Jones as he was familiarly called will miss him CENTRAL FIRST t L J 1 ers andMrQhlenmacher the irahandsomei bunch of Marschal I roses was divided between the fftMo victorious contestants The second contest was American and English Poets and Authors There was also tie in this contest among Misses Elizabeth Holla day Margaret Todd and Mr Reed Shelton drawing for the prize it was awarded to Mr Shelton Most delightful refreshments were served to which the company did ample justice and the evening wasa most enjoyable one to all present 1A eJlentijand NOTICE TO ROADS OVERSEERS I f thejfact that the roads are in condition every overseer must 1work his road at least three days just y as soon as the rain quits Any overseer that has not got tools can get them at Judge Hancocks office and any overseer who has picks and shovels and needs a jr sledge or crobar or scraper can get them at the same place Let every overseer in the county see how much better he can work his section than his IFrom neighbor works his The rosds were in a good condition last fall and I want the the overseers to work on the same lines they did last year using plows and teams You can do more and do it better with a team in one day than all the hands can do Let every overseer save about too days of his six for finishing up in the fall We have some scrapers now and we want to place them where they will answer for at least four sections and hope the over ¬ seers will come for them at and let us go to work with unusual energy and get our roads in good condition at once Dont wait until in the Summer but ¬ MAYDAY May Day will be celebrated Friday Morning at ten oclock The program of three parts will be carried out by the pupils of Miss Reed Mr Darnall and Mr Ohlenmacher Miss Reedwill have songs and recitations for the children in her room The second part will consist of Lyrico given by Misses Rowe Madge Rosenfield Miller and Rowe The third part is four piano solos byvMisses Williams Rosa Conover Martha Hancock and Miss Todd a voice solo by Miss Rosen field The Queen Miss Madge Rpsen field is to be crowned by the maidof honor Miss Rowe s i AnyI J pleaspLfiport > Jo N Conover S ectator pleasecopy iC Expression Recital Monday 18th 8 pm Graduating Exercises by Senior Class Tuesday morning May 19930 Literary Address by Rev G A Mor ¬ Tenn Tuesday gan Murfreesboro morning May 19th 11 BASKET ¬ e BAll f The girls basket bIll teams are now playing most every afternoon prepar-¬ The ing for the match gahie field day two teams this year are known as the Dormitory and Town teams Those on the former are Eva arid Annie Hodges Brownie Leacbmair Johnnie Moorman The Town team is and Lois Holladay Dimple Cpnoveiy Jennye JtcFar and Katie Murrell Alum Kratser andlrlary Moss with Rev Casey as coach collars and cuffs and when that point is reached will be of great worth to the L S l WTS J The Colnmbia Steam Laundry under the management of Mr T G Rasner is an enterprise that the people of Co lumbia and vicinity should feelproud of This and give a liberal patronage laundry has had two beginnings and two endings before Mr Rasner took r charge but now its future is steadily Mr Rasner has not been brightning doing collars and cuffs but has given en ¬ tire satisfaction in everything he has done In a short while the laundry will be in position to do first class work on Single Comb Brown Leghorn eggs is trying harder 75 cts for 16 Barred Ply nbuth Rock peopleheJeNQman tto do the tight thing and to builda eggs 1 Q fprie Buff iOrpingtons eggs Callon or address business in this town that the people 2 00 for 16 s Mrs Lucen Durham need than Mr Rasner and we wowdKy be glad to see him put the ibusiness on S 1- tf it < ri I > 1 iteS1A 7 L W ± 29 1908 u i b ft f ta f S4 day Buy a buggy from The Lyon Buggy Mrs Linnie has been in bad health for nearly a year Co A few days agoMr Pleasant Wesley Rev C M Chumley has been calledV and Miss Hattie Rubarts were united in Whisky and Murder the Republi- ¬ to devote his entire time to the PresbyThere will be singing at Zion Church marriage at Eunice this county The terian church in this city Saturday night tv can Convention Other Items The groom is a promising young man The county races in the Democratic Whose home is near Phil Casey county of Interest Born to the wife of W R Lyon on ranks wbich will come off next year are The bride is a daughter of Mr G W the 27th a daughter being discussed a great deal of late Rubarts and was quite a favorite in and your correspondent has been iri1 your horses in the big sale to the community where she resided The Enter Editor News Robin Burress col formed that there will be several for couple have many friends who wish be pulled cS next Friday ored Saturday afternoon while crazy County Judge County Clerk and them long and happy lives Jailer drunk stabbed John Henry Williams This is rather early but we suppose i Its exactly as represented if you get also colored on the left side of the neck they think the early bird catches Last Saturday morning about 1 it from The Lyon Buggy Co the oclock someone tried to perfect an just under the ear from which wound worm Williams lived about one hour Chief I Born to the wife of Willie Goodden enterance into Mr P V Grissoms res ¬ The condition of Mr Greed Haskins of Police Hord who heard the negroes idence Mr Grissom was not at home 23 a daughter April were in a row was the only witness to is unchanged and his large number of and his wife hearing a nois at a winfriends have but little hope for his re- I Be sure and attend the Stapp combi- dow became alarmed called up the ex ¬ the killing and he claims that he ar ¬ covery rived on the seen just in time to see nation sale of horses next Friday change and Mr M Cravens who is a Burress make the fatal stab He says Mr and Mrs C R Hoskins left neighbor was notified Mr Cravens Field Day at Lindsey Wilson next andhis son Mr Tim Cravens immedi ¬ Burress and Williams were in the door ¬ Easter Sunday to visit relatives They returned Saturday Saturday Attendance will be large ately responded but when they reached way of Williams home and seemed to Springfield be scuffling for possession of the knife evening jt Mr Grissoms residence the party had Come to the big horse sale next Fri ¬ when the brave officer grabbed Burress lied Whoever the guilty party is wore Mrs H V Shjveley has been quite ill I day Capt D English auctioneer by the coat tail and pulled him and Wil- ¬ ab taNo7shoe as his tracks were during the week but is improving t liams out into the yard Williams fell There will be public debate at the leftunder two different windows The to the ground face downward and Bur Mr and Mrs JE Gowdy entertained Lindsey Wilson next Friday evening at occurence greatly alarmed Mrs Gris ¬ ress in a kind of a crouching position quite a number of their friends Thurs i som a warning that every housekeeper 7 oclock day evening at Lost Heir arrose and said he would fix the officer should keep a revolver and teach his but officer Hord was too quick for him Circuit Court has busted It was Lights will be out four or five nights wife how to use it and pasted him a well deserved blow one of the dullest in the history of the beginning next Monday Placing a new Our present City Marshal Mr J A across the left eye which laid him out county We have but little litigation engine When he regain ¬ and the less the better off we are Willis deserves the praise of the town for several minutes ed consciousness and Was able to walk Mr Frank Jones is erecting a neat There will be a number of mule for the interest he is taking in better- ¬ to buyers at the sale Saturday Bring on ing the condition of our streets He Hord brought him town and had his cottage in the hew Robinson addition has not been idle a day since he went wound dressed by Dr W T Chandler your mules To give a faint idea of how Camp ¬ into office When not at work on some and afterward carried him to jail Bur ¬ bellsville is growing we have only the can its on street he is going over the townto ress Sunday morning was interviewed Paint is state that we have three honse the test comes Green Seal find where repairs are needed Nearly by your correspondent in the jail and the whose services have been secured up stands thetestW F Jeffries Sons every night he takes in the town to see claimed he had no knowledge of any dif- to from the first of July to the last of ficulty with Williams He informed us that every light is in proper order His Morrison have sold their job is not a light one but there is that the last thing he remembered was August It is simply impossible to rent Walker gasoline corn mill to G W Broqfenan not a doubt but he will come up to his attending the Republican Convention a house and in some buildings two and Our steady and going by the depot and getting a three families are residing Amandaville contract growth is something phenomenal jug of whisky Most any one who at ¬ Watch us grow Many people will be drawn to Co Vale Among the number of assistant tended such a powwow certainly needed lumbia next Friday The attraction SargentatArms for the Republican some kind of stimulant to brace him upI big horse sale MONTPELIER National Convention to be held at but not of such a quantity to make him Chicago Mr M Rey Yarberry of this commit such a crime as he did Charlie The heavy rain last Friday did con- ¬ place will be one Mr Yarberry was Burress brother of Robin Burress L V Turner sold to Eldridge San ¬ siderable damage to gardens about selected by Hon W F Stone who is shot another negro off a lumber pile ders one horse for 125 to G ABrad ¬ town Several will have to be replant SargentatArms of the Republican some months ago but escaped jail and shaw two extra good 2yearold mules ed The appont is still at large with the charge of mur ¬ for 275 to Hiram Miller one cow and National Commettee ment is quite a compliment and Mr der against him They are a bad set calf for 25 and bought of A C Collins Let The Qther fellow experiment Yarberry and his friends feel justly A young man by the name of Blank oneheifer for 14 with common paint Play safe by us ¬ proud of it enship was arrested Saturday evening Mr and Mrs T F Collins visited ing Green SealW F Jeffries by officer Hord charged with passing their children near The Fourth District Convention of here from Friday Sons the Christian CEvujches composed of the guage limit in his drunks and was¬ till Monday They had a pleasant visit placed in the care of jailer Blakey un and especially so as they were present ¬ The Republican Comm tteemen of the counties of Adair Cumberland Met til his trial ed another grand son Adair coiitlty will meet at the court calfe and Russell will convene at Chest The republican Convention held in nut Grove this county j on Friday be Born to the wife of L V Turner on fore the fifth Sunday in May 1908 at this city Saturday was largely attended the 26th a sona democrat of which 230 p m Program will appear next and very noisy Mr D W Gowdy was he is very proudas this younster is Cover the surface with a good coat of week made temporary chairman and Mr their first son and since they have four wout need Green Seal Paint and Clem Hill of Spurlington was made beautiful little girls to assist in careing who was a citizen secretary The Convention instructed Judge QG Kelley to worry about the underneatJtW F him Mother and child doing welL of Lebanon died last week He was its delegates to cast 5i votes for Taft for Jeffries Sons This blessing came after all that big wellknown over Kentucky and was a and 5 for Fairbanks The Fairbanks trading Circuit court will open the third Mon ¬ very high gentleman He was twice crowd wanted the entire eleven votes day in next month We understand elected county Judge of Marion county but the Taft men who were largely in J STOCK ITEMS Sheriff Patteson will be up with his making a splendid official He had the majority forced them to accept 5 many friends in Adair county votes work ready when the bell taps The precinct committeemen 000 were selected at the Court House whichI W H Gadbeny sold to 0 H Me FOR SALEMy farm containing 272 proved to be very Taylor county Rev L T Buckner of unsatisfactory Vallley 1 honest voters will preach for the colored people of acres lying in Caney Fork of the party The Con ¬ Glister one mare for117Gadberry Russell Springs the fifth Sunday in mile wesbof Coburg all level fertile vention was aclear cut victory for the cor L and well watered an ideal stock and Taylor faction of the G O P over Wm May 1908 Every body is invited grain farm in high state of cultivation Hobson the formerjpostmaster Dem ¬ L B Cain of Gradyville bought 4 Jas T Sublett Rev J R Crawford will beat the Address ocrats are not the only people who know steers of Lee Burris for 93 and one Coburg Ky how to fight Presbyterian church next Sunday 243m heifer of T F Gowen for23WeedcEvangelist Moore will preach in the Mr P C McCaffee who has been in Mrs Millie Gaines wife of Mr F P forenoon and Mr Crawford at night feeble health for the last year or so Gaines died at her home on Lebanon T Coomer sold one horse to Hen-¬ was in town Saturday and stated that Avenue Thursday evening about A large crowd is expected at the for the last six weeks he had hardly oclock of agina or heart trouble The ry Gadberry for 80Sparksville cor rink next Friday evening There will been able to stir His general health funeral was held at the Presbyterian 000 be a number of interesting features seems to be much worse but for the church Saturday morning and the in- ¬ Mr Hersche4 Coffey sold a twoyear the music to be furnished by the band last few day he has improved terment at Brobkside Cemetery Mrs old mare to Olie McKinley for 13750 Grines was about seventy years of age Lucien Moore bought 16 head of young After your house is spoiled with poor Buggy Company has the and has lived a useful and profitable life The paintis a bad time to consider quality LargestLyon cattle last neatest and greatest variety To her bareaved husband who has been Miss Vie week paying good prices Buy Greeen Sealat first and be safe Murrah sold Mr G A Brad of light vehicles bought for the people so affectionate for so many years the shaw a heifer calf for 16 Montpel WVF Jeffries Sons of any dealers in Southern Ky They entire community extends its deepest bargain and will be sympathy as they do to the remainder iercor Synodi were bought Rev F E Moore assistant calEvangelsst for Kentucky will preach sold the same way of the family She has been a faithful RUSSELL SPRINGS at the Presbyterian church this place wife and mother and devoted to her BAILED HAY FOR SALE Sunday forenoon She leaves four daughtmany friends ers viz Mesdames J T Gowdy B T W F Smith left our towiiH The celebration by the Odd Fellows have a large quantity of choice tim- Black W I Meader of this city and last Saturday for I Robert Lee at Russell Springs last Sunday was a othy And timothy and clover mixed at Mrs Tommie Rogers of near Hatcher The at¬ 65 Texas where he and his family success in every particular cents per 100 pounds at Eqi hOa1lMr G B Hendrickson proprietor of tendance was large and a number of on R R Moss Columbia or J H San ¬ will make their home the Campbellsville Hotel has been suf- ¬ excellent speeches made ders Pellyton fering intensely during this week with Mrs Ermine Wilson has moved J M Campbell blood poison and his friencls have been to her property here SD Mr Jv U Walker and Mr very uneasy about him He was visit ¬ Barbee are moving this week The The ball game played Saturday ing at Uniontown Ky recently and fOR SALE former will occupy the dwelling vacated boy playfully kick ¬ between the second nine here while there a young by the latter and Mr Barbe goes to I will offer thirty town lots for sale ed him OIl the left leg half way between thefarm purchased of Mr Walker and the Jamestown to the highest biddes on Monday first the knee and ankle Nothing was ended with an even score Our day of Adair circuit court The lots Mr J D Walker has sold his farm are located near Lindsey Wilson Train- ¬ thought of the injury at the time but boys report an excellent time in about three or four 5ays the wound lying beyond the bridge to Mr S D ing School and are very desirable They say that the boys are became red and much swollen when a Barbee for 5000 In the deal Mr A Hunn 252t physician was summoned and pronounc ¬ generally the finest team they Walker takes the business houses on ed it blood poison and has been a very have met this season the square occupied by Young Bros PREACHING NEXT SUNDAY We sick man during the past week 2500 and J W Jackman at Leo V Burchett has moved hope him a speedy recovery W H C Sandidge Union backto4ourtown to an advanStyle sometimes works J< F Roach Red Mr anaMrs W Sf Hill of Bowling tage For instance have you noticed a F J Barger Beeeh Grove Blevens Lay has moved to his Green arrived in our city last Friday young lady with a parasolthis Springy Z Ti Williams Cane Valley fy evening to attend the funeralof MjjSr farm pUrchase < time ago > reason they are ho V Do you Pierce Clear Spring Hills grandmother Mrs F P Gaines B F Voiles WfiitesChaJi longer nee lftY1Cas your eye at the Mrs Rounds has been ill for a and you hvOthe V JkM Deener White OakV new rt Mrs Walter Wood and Mrs Annie few days but is much better r 1 Wood have been visiting in answer A R Kasejv COlumbia v eballnand Ldzier Dunbar the young man V J Louisville Wade Mflltown T for several days this weeks l 1 that was wounded by a knife Mr Rollen Burt has made a wonder ¬ J A JOhnston PJckptts Chapel Mrs G R Fleece who hasbeen quite ful imprjovement in the appearance of J N WalbertpPricesCreek < some days ago died Tuesday I ill orseveraIweeks is improving nicePetitions have been run his office W B Stephens nd son Ayery ly book cases made and thepaintingjs now Any one desiring hair braided o have t returned from a business in progress The appartmentsiow have puffs made callonrs J tfc Pi kettl ± trip to Gincinhati Columbia Ky a new and inviting appearance > y 17 c p 1 1 at1 l i 5 l4 1 cdcr > < > y Vj 1 5 10 r < 4 l toJ Paintin < < 1 1 ¬ ¬ ¬ j 000S or 000l IA > r ata ¬ > boysat LickiJ iM kaothe IhJ Sha r J 1 J 1r 6 F > C >4 Jw j t f > i Jf fome I 1i1 L t t i j i A j i i tothei 4 tM 5c4i v 1 I 4- Z T r invited guests was delightfully en ¬ tertainedon Friday evening by LINDSEYWILSON DEFEATS Mestfanes J 0 andC M Russell at CANE VALLEY the beautiful home of the former Guessing contests werethe feature of the vening The first contest was an For the second time this season the GaO Washington interesting one LindseyWilson base ball teani and the I red by a sketck of his life Cane Valley High School team crossed 1 amusement was caused by the bats the last game being called on the ated discussion as to whether his Campus of the former Jast Saturday was in the year 1492 or 1776 The afternoon st resulted jn a tie between Mr I KENTUCKY Next Monday will be county court a profitable basis This canbe done by the patrdnageof the people NEW SCHOOL LAW r I u > r p ottnIu COUNTY ADAIR COLUMBIA i S I bit ftg- < t Ir I L J I if r y J L T It 0 C fiii 5i S Tf < y t I

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