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Image 22 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), November 3, 1960

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

1m N N AI I i ( W KtNlULKY Hi XfjUUKCr, .. 1HU Ki UA X , NOVEMBER 3, I960 PAGE 22 Blackey fall festival termed eminent success Blackey 'W tr viiftM her parents, Mr. and Mis. fralfrd Qolller.'on the farm at the fow( oX'Pirie Moun-- .' tain and got Into a com gather- ewi by Larr snw'Al of the Blackev I'ool, sponsored by the Parent-cacher Association under ing job. Mrs. I.' a v wood Back, president, Mr. and Mrs. Tintley Asljer v,asen mentW succettfi 1, .imst-lcalltook their daughter back to Un4:d financially, according' ion College at Barbourville. Principal D.B. Barkr; Mr. and Mrs. Andy Dixon and to Cash results had not bi c n totted Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy May rand completely at this wrnng. their children, were in frdrr performers dn.stae includIouisville, risking, the T.A. ed Virgil Bellamy, Clell Riley. Dixons and' the JfrrVlrrys;. Carl Weisman, Charles Nichols ftelon Hampton wal in from and many others whe were not Fort Benning, Ga., bound for identifiable in, thatt'. dutlendilh, therj to Germany FortlHx, costumes for the "style" show and for his first .foreign tour of duty other events. in the Armed Force. .. " Most of the parents oi the Among the ool lege crowd, John partook of. a bounteo.u' Hall, Alton Lee Cttnett and Bill supper. (and Caudill were home for the week Reports also are Incomplete end from Caney Junior College, Back arid .'. Pippa Passes, and.' Jabk LJdsey a fishing .trip,' ' "Ca'rftpbbn- of Elk Victor "Big" and Richard Corhett from Cumr.ise's Creek; Clyde Back, berland College at Williamsburg. Branch; BarT. Deaton of eat'iier Junidr''nton rettnttffxom a wood and the latter' two brothers, ' tour of dutj with the Air Porqe at Matt'and John Deaton of Oatr1 Thulei'Ojfjirjnla Ridge,, wenpao Straight Mrs. Jimmy Sornett and two Creek on Norrit 'Lakel.wrt' small sons from- GoldsboVo, ,N. while Deb May 'daught two nice1 "' C, visited Mr. and Mrs. Curt bass from ,thc old mjlJpond at' Cornett. Jimmy remained on home.)- - u " duty at his Air Force base. Mr. Hmrtflr. Astro. Hdlcomb of. The 21 -- inchswect potato which TheF Grade - has been on display and attract' ing admiration at the C.B. Caudill store has shrunk some from the 6 12 pounds it weighed when dug on the Red Combs farm. C. 1 B. admitted, Mrs. RosieSlonc of Indianapolis visited her' patents Mr. and Mrs. y re ;' r.J, . com-munlt- ) Jb -- - , jfihn Campbell. Mr. and Mrs. George Logan of Indianapolis announce the birth of a son, Phillip Wayne,, on October, A son, Robert Lee, was born to Mr. and Mrs. Okie Fugate on October 28- at Whltesburg Memorial Hospital. Mr, and Mrs. Billy Shackjoford ara now living 1n Cincinnati. ' Miss Lillian Jonos of Chicago, visited Mr. and Mrs. Charles Dagnan at Blackey and her parents', Mr. and Mrs. Emmcttjones, ajHotSpot. Her brother, Everett Jones drove her to Cincinnati to catch her plane to Chicago. School-teachpay must be better. Tommy Whitaker, Smoot Creeker, was chauffeuring the girts about In a new convertible in the beautiful autumn weather. Blickey Lions' Club is organizing a Teen Club, fb'r Letcher High. ' - er ck School students and their guests. It wi ll be in the gymnasium build Ingonthe Stuart Robinson School campus. The Rev. Bob Bullard, spearheading the project for the Lions, said9G students at Letcher High have indicated a desire for the center. He was consulting Constable arid Mrs. Bob Sizcmore to act as caretakers for the club and the kids. The center would be open Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday evenings from 7 to 9. Visitors from Whitesburg for the Blackey Baptist Church baptismal serviceSunday were Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Vance; John Engle, student minister from Clear Creek BapPincville; Kcrmit tist School, Combs, who took part with Evangelist Archie Everage and Pastor Junior Trent in the ceremony, a'nd Mrs. Combs. A large delegation attended the baptizing from Hindman. It included Bayliss Everage, father of the officiating preacher; Farris Hays; Uncle Dave Wallen, believed the oldest person present at 86, and Mrs. Wallen; Mr. and Mrs. Willie Gayhcart, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Compton, Mrs. Mose Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Kcrmit Smith, Mrs. Poppet Engle, Mrs. John Wes Cornett, Mrs. Lucille Brockway, Mrs. George Cornett and Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Pa- trick. of Tulsa, Okla., visited relatives and friends in the area, including the T.A. Dixons, and Miss Julia Dixon Blackey and the Hale family at Eli Hcnslcy Whitesburg. Jimmy Ray lias been in Lynch severly.ill with diabetes. hopsital Mr. and Mrs. Orvillc Dixon and her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Bailey, were exhibiting magnificent boqucts of chrysanthemums gathered from tlie famous gardens of Mrs. Nan Hurd on Crasc's Branch. Dr. and Mrs. Harold Spccr, of Grundy, Va., visited her father R.B. Caudill, and Aunt Sarah. M'orehead was native JamesT. Morehead, Kentucky's 13th governor, was the first governor who was born in Kentucky. Mdrehcad was elected in 1834, served two. years then elected to legislature; later served In the U.S. Senate. V Keifr'ri 'TRUE FRIEND 'I LIKE ITS SMALL SIZE!" "I LIKE ITS iiiafe I LIKE ITS DIAL!" SMART DESIGN!" . Senator Cooper is a fighter for miners their;' families, for Easterp Kentucky and for coal. . He the coal research bill 'enacted by the last. Congress, to dovelqp , new and larger uses for coal. Senator Cooper led the fight against the smalj mine safety bill which s would have. of small mines in Eastern. Kentucky?' thrown thousands of miners but of work, and brought ruin and misery to that bill would. have hobbled, even the smallest 'nines, with Impossible regulations, put them, gnder.the control of the Bureau and let large . .of Mi"",, I" 'IVashirfgton, up their coal business. f,lf is.frue that I 'fought the billSenator . Cooper has declared. "I defeated it, and' I amended it' to advance mine safety and protect the small mines!, their workers, their operators', and the businesses in Eastern. Kentucky- - which depend on them." , '.') won my fjght -- and the Senate voted ovrirVvBlrnngy'for my amendments. When you send the Senate, I will con tinue to stand by our small mines and the .coal miner of Eastern' Kentucky. Theyare the backbone- of this isection of my State. Senator Cooper has kept open our small mines. He the law to sot up a coal research agency. He helped secure funds for the REA plants at Ford and Burnside to generate, electricity frorn.coal. And he Is fighting now for a TVA generating print- ;act he helped write which will by the TVA use 4"io'.8 million-tonof Eastern Kentucky coal every year. Keep m Sherman Cooper , . mountain man himself a true friend of . coal miners . In the Senate) f LIGHT-U- P the new .aVid1 . d VlwM phone! closed-hundred- Eastern-Kentucky. . . j rnade'-po'ssibl- g e .. VOttl Tuesday Nov. 8fh to Re-El- ect nmmn Cooper Your United States Senator These arc typical comments of folks about the latest thing in extension phones the new and lovely little Princess set. It's so small and compact with a dial that lights up at night when you lift the receiver. When it's not in use thatglows in the dark. the dial becomes a soft night-ligThe Princess comes in pretty, soft colors, too: pink, blue, turquoise, beige or white. Why don't you drop by to see our "Princess" next time you're in town. -- AND SEE THESE OTHER NEW CONVENIENCES Now you can answer the door by telephone, talk from room to room, even transfer calls from phone to phone with the new Home Interphone! And be sure to ask about the Bell Chime, a new musical invitation to answer the nearest phone. Here's truly complete home telephone servicel si Chtirmin 1' pybiiciu Commuctc - LGtCllBT , .County ht . .

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