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Image 2 of The Kentucke gazette, August 9, 1788

Part of The Kentucke gazette

bear arm1;; that a we1T regulated militia cnmpored of the oo Jy ot' the c irie trained to arms, is the ale defence of a' free state. proper, 'natural and dange That ftan ing armies in time of peacc-hbeity,and therefoic ought to be avoided, rousto a? far as thechcum'.tanres and piotection of the com-mun- wtll admit; and that in ail cases, the milta be underftricr. subordination to, and go-vned by the civil power . 18th That no soldier in time ofpeace ought to be quai tevc-- in any house without the consent of the owner, and in time of war in such manner Iy as the law djrefts. 19th That any person religiously frcurjulous of bearing aims ought to be exempted upon pay taent of an equivalent to employ another to bear aim- - in his.ftead. (Tumid ry ei 2orh. That religion, or the duty which we owe to our Creator, and the manner of discharg- be diredted only by rcafoKandtonvic-tion- , not by force or violence, and theiefoie all men have an equal, natural and unalienable right to the fiee exeiciltf of religion according to the diftatesof confeience, and that no particular reli . gious feci or Jbciety ought to be savored or elta blifhed by law in piefercnce to othefi ing K, can AMENDMENTS to the CONSTITUTION. llHE ANECDOTE. ' fubfenber oropofes Iavinor off" Town at some convenient place olj n HEN the duke of Marlborough was at and will Frederick I King of Pruffia, exhibited ..slate creel.w,ith largest reetf,. pronnd. sufficient for Court-- I beajls . for the Duke's en ertainmenta battle "I O I house, Meeting house and Schoolhou'e; A troopers horse and a bull weic tirft turned out: andfoon aster werejet loose a lion a tyger.a bear tlielotts to consifl: of half an acre inlot and! and a wolf, kept hungry for the purpose.' The five and a half acres out lott ; each settler f7 ber-li- 7 ty-g- cr crawled along the ground like a cat,and jumped upon the bull's back which soon brought the bull down, and then the fci amble began, the beads tearing the bull to pieces; and likewifc one another. The wolf and the tyger were tirft dispatched. The lion and bear had a long con-tes- t. The lion with his teeth and with bis claws wounded the ben in feveial places, but could not penetrate much farther than the (kin; The bear somehow or other took the lion at an advantaae, got him withirt his grasp, and gave "h.m such a squeeze, as squeezed the breath out f his body. The bear then furiously attacked the trooper's horse, who Ilond grazing all this while at a little distance, and not minding what had happened: but the'ht$fc,witia his hind leg gave him such a kick upon the ribs, as provoked him into tenfold fury. At the second attack, a second kick which sell upon his head broke both his jaws and laid him dead upon the ground. So that contrary to all expe&ation, die trooper' horfe.rc-mainemailer of the field. who shall settle in said Town on or before! the firfi day of July i7So,fhall be intitled gratis, for which to one in and out I will make him clear deed in see fnnple I will also sell to the amount of 20,000 acres of land on the waters of slate creek, on hundred r the following terms viz- - At and the payments to be, ujtu fourth part incafhin the courle of two years from the first day of September next; sour 'hereof, to be paid the firs-daof Jily 1789, in the following manner, two hundrea pound in cash and the other tvo hundred pound in two pair" of good ltt 3o-p- nds y and the ballance in .paftings and bar iron; the remainder of the fourth part of the whole amount to be paid on or before the first' day of September, one thoufa":id seven hundred and ninety, in cash, and the other three fourth parts, to be paid on or before the first day of November one thousand seven hundred and ninety two, in pioperty to be valued by two indifferent persons th purchasers to choose ' one and the fubfenber the other. The advantages of a Town with a public road through it to the Eastern Hates, and Navigable waters from it to the ohio,-muf- t be obvious to every person. Those who wilh to become fettlerswiil please to meet me at Strfides station on monday the eighteenth inft. where I will attend with surveyor chain carriers &c. jn order to proceed to the laying off said mill-ston- d ift That each (late in the union fliall refpec-tivdlretain evcy power, jurifdiftion and right, which is not by this constitution delegated to the Congress of the United States, or to the departments of the Fcedcal Government. 2d. That theie shall be one representative for ,eery ihnty thouiand, according to the enumcrati on or cenfii!. mentioned in the Constitution, un il the whole n miber of reprcfematives amounts to two h untied; at er which that number fliall be continued 01 encreafed as Congiefs shall direst upon ihepunc pies fixed in the Constitution, bv.ap portion ng the representatives of each state 10 Tonic grea.e mimoer of people from time to time aspo pulaiun encreafes. 3d VV .en Cungrefs AmII lay direst "taxes or exciies. they shall immediately injbm the executive powei of each state, of the quota of such state accoidingto the cenfu hetein directed, which is pio.'ofei to be theicbyraifc I ; and is the legiTf lauie 01 any (face ilia II pass a law which flial' be effectu il for raising such quota at the time requi'-le- d oy Congress, the taxe and excises laid by ,Con0 efs, ihall not be col'ecled in such state. '4i n That themembc.s of the Senate and House of Kep.el'en'ativei shall be ineligible to, and ini fcapao.e ot holding any civil office undci (the .au: thoruy of the Um'cJ States, during the timefof Winch they fliall eTpeftively be elected. ", 5tn L'hattne lOwnals of the proceedings of the Senate and Uou.eof Representatives fliall be pub- lilhed at leill once m evety year, except such parts the.eof ielat'ng to tieaties, alliances, or military, ope. ioni, us in their judgment require lecrecy. 6h. Thata icgulaf Itatcment and account of the rcer.u:, and cxpenditu es of all public money, ihall be p .b. 'fried ii lejft onLe in every year. 71b.. Th t no comineicial treaty shall be ratified without the conciiiicncc of two thiids of the whole number of the members of the Senate; and no teaty, ceding, conuacting, or reftraing oi fuf. pending the tentorial lights or claims of the Stated or any of them, or their, or any of lights or claims to riflipg in he American their seas, or navigating the American rivers, ihall be nude, but m cases ot the moil urgent and extreme necelfity, nor shall any such treaty be ratified without the concuticnce of three fourths of the. whole namoei of the members of both houses ' . tetpettively. I' hat no navigation law or law regulating 8th. commerce thali be. paired without the consent of houses. two thuJsofthe .nembers prefeiit,.irfboth otl, frwc no Handing aimy - oiv regulations, of peace, withfliall bei 'fed, or.ept'up in time of two thirds of the members pre. out tie content sent in both houses any ioth. 1 hat no lolther fliall be inlifted for war,-ae mthanfou. years, except in time of lonsei the continuance J ine'i or no longei teim than the wsr of leCpecnVely fliall have 1, .,0. 1 at each flare and po e .0 provide roi oiganizhig, arming the o .1 militia, whenfoever Congress difcipuiung ik same. Ihall onto, neglect to provide for the .n ua ihdii not be fuoiect to martial That the feiVice in tune of law e.vceut viei in actual bellion, an when not in the war' morion or shall be sub- actual lei vice of the Un.ted States, and Kunifliments to ia:n me, iea by the laws of its directed 0, inflicted ftice. , owii -- -- pen-iltie- s Tu ps continued. . The Printer hereof, once more eatnejfty re quests all indebted to him to make payment before the 29th Inft. tj it will enable him tofurnifb the necessary fappliet for the enjuiig year ff Those therefore that hahie paid no part of their ftibfcripti-cns.,an- d who do not comply with thhrcqneft he will deem any farther information of this kind ufelffs. As thefirjl yetr'willex ire on the 230 Tnjl He gives this farthef notice, tint every perjon fljall be intitled to this paper the e suing year, who shall pay He hath therefore no doubt, dovn Nine Shillingi that not gfiJy all those who have favoured him with their cuflomtlie present year, will continue their but that the number of fiibfcribers will greatly encreafe, at so moderate p price tlje Hereby fowam an pcrfons from ta1 king an alignment .on a bund pafled fryiJj ne toJoKpn lilackfurd; in the ear l776, for the lum ot'Sj s he hath sailengagements to ed complying with ' foi' 'which he obMiruii laid bmi-j- . rr Town. ROBERT M'KAY. Sa en to those wliom O riOE is hereby ir mav coiicun. that 'therciire several judgments in the count) Cuurfoi Lincoln obtained for Benjamin' Lugau am James Hauod as cuirimillibners for the tale of Indian plunderjn the "year one tnoulaud seven and eighty", upon which no executions-have yet ifiued,.to wit, Stmts Names. Ebenezer Miller, Ex'or Overton dec. Parmenas Cnlcoe,T Squire Boone. Abraham Thomas and John Dougherty, Tames Gilmore and John Dougherty, Nehemiah Poor- and John Bowles . John De.'cmtah and Michael Humble, Tohn W Provence and James Hanod, HughL-Cpucbf- Cdfis. 65'boftob. 0-0. 0 80 c5 7J6 7J6 o 6$ 7J6 6 8o TQ hO - 5" 2-- 12- 3" B 8- - . 80 -jo Izll flq 0. 76 11$. OS 3- - V6 OS 7J6 , 6" 3 fdbfciiber being appointed by col. Biniarnin Logan Agent for settling this timers, ,11 attend at Danville the firlt week' of the ensuing September fuprcmc Court, when he hopes thole to who are iptcretkd, will come prepared rs said commilu-onethe f ttle the demands ofthose who sail hereagainst them, to may expect to- - have the Judgment w immediately. g aiaft themput m execution I he As soon as a crop of corn is,raifedon land, I will ertft a Grist ther intend, asfoon as poflible, to erecl iron works and slitting mill on the waters of slate creek, contiguous to (aid " JACOB;. MYERS. Town. milLndJr. said -- Juguft 5, 1788. es, ' July 1, 1788. " The Commiffioners appointed by law to adjust and jettle claims for Militia service and property, or jations fumifhed or the use of the; Militia on duty previous to the commencement of the prefent year they will sit in Lexington on tuefday.the twelfthof August. On which "day at twelve o clock the field officers of Fayette meet as capt. Thomas Younga to recommend officers for the troops of horse directed by a late Aft of Aflembly. EDWARD theTESThe public that RiifpectfuUy informs opened a shop in the Town of Lex'ligtoti, on high Itreet and carries on j&e clock. and watch .making business in its different branches, al those who shall think proper to oblige him with their custom may depend on being faithfully served, and their business compleated in nothe best manner and on the shortest a quantity of exr tice he hasjuft rec. ived cejjent watch chryftals RAWLE1GH . CHINN 7 public, thtt p Kfpedlfully informs theentertainment private he has opened, for man "and horse on the road leading from.Lexington to BourbonCourt house those Gentlemen who will savor him with their custom maydepend on havirfg' eve, rv attention paid them 4v - -- 11

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