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Image 1 of The Kentucke gazette, August 9, 1788

Part of The Kentucke gazette

t K h i August g, 1783. 6 E E S LEXINGTON Printed : by BRADFORD JOHN received, and "VW4ereas the 'General Alferhbly have directed, that fifty acres of land ly- -i .g on clie t. :ntueke river, near Harrods landing, in the county of Mercer, the " ofmr. Walter Bea'.l, fhouid be vested in trustees, and established a town by the name of. Warwick. The.tiuftees of the said town will therefore meet on the land, oh wednefday the first day of October next, in,. order to lay off the lotts and streets according to law, and on the faturday following, they purpose to sell the lotts to the highest bidders, on six months credit, the .purchasers giving bond with approved security. The public mav be allured that the fltuation of this t.'VM is heaRhy, abounds with, excellent ipnngs, and, convenient roads may be had on either, side the river. hereby forewarn ah pcrtons from taking an alignment of a Bond, given by me( to John Hugties, of Lexington, for- the Jum o 60. dated the twelfth day of May trie said John Hughes has obJ788, tained the aforelaid Bond- by unlawful rr. 'nS tf JOHN SMITH. LsxingidnAugtlft i?83. T - i- T A - at U z Printing R D AUGUST 9. 1788. Y, A ' 'Roke out of B'airds town j ail the 7th lriih antaroe fellow named lfaac. lit d is Imall and pale, coloured, lost ,the toes off one of his feet, is vehas ry talkative, plausible. and insinuating; he was lately the property ofeol. John Campbell yf Jefferson county am! for) mer y belonged .to capt., H Pawling of Lincoln, who sold him. to lawyer. Brown of this, place, he' is well acquainted, in hook-noie- the neighbourhood Whoever apprehends and l iaiis him so tha the lirblcriber1 ibr - rv-ud- . gets him, fliall receive ? - Danville, July 30 1788. G JB. R'E THO. BAIlBEE. 4932 r A T ARGA INS CASH, FOR TN Lexington tfie tweftn oi Ltiguft be- ing court day : at tome pt ton. -nient to the courf-hquiwnl be exp -fed to sale at public vendue, and continued daily, till the whole isMnpofed of, Q valuable quantity of merchandize, in variety and quality to. any ever brought to this country ; it is unnecejia-r- y to enumerate the different articles, as they consist of the neceflary, durable, !, and ornamental, and will be sold in patterns pieces, or parcels, as ma suit e,' ual u(e-fu- the purchasers.- - july 2g, xSa JOHN WARREN. 4950, ' . -- . T ' - in Main Street, "where Sulfcripti'ons,'Advertifements, in its different branches done vrithCare and Expedition: c. - for this paper, are thankfully giflator or judge, or any other public office. to bo fubferiber propofesto establish a within three miles of the upper Blue licks hereditary Sth. That the legislative, executive and judidi. 'on the following terras, viz one half acre lott in Town, and one five acre lott adjacent, given in ' ary powers of government fhouid be feparatc and diftmft, and that the membeisof the two firffc see simple gratis, to each ' ferl'er, with- - the privi may be reftr'ained tro'm oppieflion by feeling and ledge of pui chasing one hundred acres on the same participating the pubhc burthens, they fhouid at tra&,.at $opr. hundred,.p.ayablcUn cattle, sheep, fixed periods be reduced to a private station, ie- and good horfesor marcs ; one; lralf to be paid at the time of settling, and two years tfrcdit for the ba- vturn into the mass of the people; and the vacancies be supplied by certain "and regular electilance, on the purchasers giving the land in security ons; in which all or any part of the foimermem. For the payment, the titles to be made to the lottS, when the fettlcrs obligate themfclves to fottlc, oh ".bers to be eligible or ineligible, as therules of rhc Gonftitution of Government, and the laws shall or before chriftmafs- next, and to maintain the see , llcment sour years by.themlclvcs", or reprcfentd-tives- . .direct. . There will be more land adjacent) for sale ; 6th. Thit elections of Repiefentatives in the provided terms can be ag ccdoii. ' It is unneceffa-r- y legislature ought t be free and frei.uent, and all to say any thing respecting' the advantages .men having sufficient evidence of peimanent common interest with, and attachment to the commu- will derive from its local fltuation, which snd richnefsof soil, as those who wlfh,jo settle will mity, ought to have the right siiffrage: and no a. d, chargeax or see can be fct,. rated or levied ii(.on no doubt, view it before they agree ; there is a certainty of fait being made the ensuing fall at the the people without their 0W11 consent, or that of licks, as there arc fcvcral companies determined, to their re tjefen itive?', so eleflcd, nor can they be bound by any law, to which they have not in I' e work them. Thore who wish 10 settle will make application manner affented for the public good. 7th. That all power of suspending laws,' or the to me soon, in Lexington and Tome time in October execution of laws' by any authority without the will be fixed on for meeting on the land to vicw it. consent of the repiefentatives of the people in Lexington, July 24. 1788. tf DAVID LEITCH the iegiflaturc, is injurious to their rihtf, and ought not to be cxercifed. ; Sth. That in all capital and criminal A LL persons indebted ' to trie estate of aman hath aright to .demand thecaufc proiecutions and iv.n: e Ciinftopher Chinn deceas'd are orhisaccufation, confronted with 'he .k to make immediate payment, that fers and w tnefles, to call foi evidence rnd bt may be enabled to cldfe our accounts,, lowed counfl .in lis .favoi, aqd to a fan we fpecdy trial, by an impartial jury of his those, that have any demand will make whose unan.mous consent he c nno: -them "know.n TFwerte Ane"ft nj.r sound guilty (except in the governmeni of rr ., - GHINN. 1U . UAWLEJGHJand and naval foices, nor can he be tcmpe"-t- o JOHN RANSDELL. give evi- ence against him 'elf. 9th. That no fieeman ought to be taken, n. '. Notice is hereby given to the members of the prifoned, "or dilTeized of his freehold, hbe privileges or franchifcs, or outlawed 01 e : 4 Lexington Sucitty for improvement in' knowledge, or in any manner deftroyedor dcpr:ed ol h s that by a Rifolve of said Sofciety, of the jfth Inft'. their slated meetings fball in suture, be on the third liberty, or property but by the law of the r I 10th. That cvciy fieeman rcllramed o.' his every month, at tiro o'clock in the aftberty is entitled to a remedy, to en'qune to , . ernoon. lawfulncfs the eof, and to iemovc the une f unlawful, and that such lerpedy ought nor u. ; denied nor, delayed.,,.,, State of VIRGINIA. ' iith Tha-i- n controverliercfpectg piope ' ' and in suits between man and mqn, the "? " Friday 21th June, 1788- - . em t Wythe reported, from the Committe ap: al by jury is one of; the greatest fecurit.e- - t. ' rights of the people, and ought to rem.i.n such amendments to the proposed wt'tu Constitution of .Government for .the United slaws, and inviolable. ,,i2th. That every freeman .ought to find a ccr as weje by them deemed neceflary to be recommended to the confederation of the Congress which t2in remedy by recotirfe to the laws for all injuries fliall rirft affemblc undejMHe laid Constitution, ti and wrongs he may receive ill his person pioperty pr charactei. ., He ought to obtain rijrht and be afted upon according to the mode preferred freely without sale,, completely and without; in the fifrh article thcicof; andliaiead the same denial, pioraptly and without delay, and that .11 place ana afterwards delivered them m at in. his theclerk's table wheic the lam'c' were again read, Qftablifhmcnts, 01 regulation- - contiaen mg thefo rights', arc oppreffive and unjust. . and arc as.foilowcth 4 ' rsthv'That exceflive bail ought not to be That (heie be a declaration or Bill of Rights nor excefjlve fines imposed, nor cruel and feiuring ffom encrbachmentthe unusual puniltimenrs inflicted unalienable rights of the people in soma 14th Tliat every freeman has a right to be! such manner as the following ift. Tliat ftcre are'eertain natural rights of secure all unreafonabje searches, and , men when they form a foetal cdmpacl can5-- ' 7.ures of his perfen, his papers, and property all warrants theiefore .to. search .suspected places or. not deprive or' divert their posterity, among which are the enjoyment 0 life, ants liberty, with the' seize any fieeman, his papers or property, without information upon oath (or affirmation of 3 person means of acquiiing, po'fleffing and protecting property, and pursuing and obtaining happiness and religiously fcrupulbus of taking an, oath) of legal and fufficientcaufe, arc grievous and opicffiive ' ' r safety. . , 2d. That all powJr is naturally vcfted in, and' and all general warrants to search suspected places ly coqfequently derived from, the people; that ma-- " or to apprehend any fufprJied person without naming or dafcribing the place or person, jftrates therefore aie their trustees, and agents, are dangerous and ought not to be granted. " -' and at all times amenable to 'thorn. 15th'. That the people have a right peaceably' - 3d Tha- Governmenr ought to be I'nftituted to aUemble together to.coni'uh- - for the common for. the common benefit, protection and security good, or to inrtrua their rep.refentativc ; and thac' of the people, and that he doctrine every freeman has a Tight to petition or apply to fiftance against arbitrary Power and oppreffion, is the Legislature for rpdrefs of grievances.' absurd, flavffh, anddeftruaivetothegoodandh'ap. , 76th. That the people have a right to freedom' pinefs of mankind. of speech, and of writing and publifting their fen- -; 4th That no man or'fet of inert are entitled to exclufivc or fcparate public emoluments or timcnts; that the freedom of the profs is one of the' priveleges from the community, but in coniidcra-tto- n greatest bulwarks of liberty, and ought not to bo 4 v.olated. ' of public ferviccs ; which not being defecn-dibi17th. That the people have aright to keep and neuhei ought the offices oi magnate, la- - THE -- . -- this-plac- vicm.-jvithou- J" "REWARD. T A , I 1 . CONVENTION. , MR. ju-fti- . .s fpe-cial- e ; e,

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