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Page 4 of Taxation, an important question affecting the interests of the citizen and the commonwealth : shall Kentucky's opportunities be extended for greater growth / [William A. Robinson]

4 was believed would give opportunity for great improvement in our system of taxation. Following this hearing some days after, the writer was by the Senate invited to address them, in Committee of the whole, which he did, and the same afternoon the Senate, by a vote of 31 to 5, on call of the roll, approved Senator Lancaster's amendment. Under the prolonged and tedious discussion of the new rev- enue act (some 165 printed pages) in the House, action on the amendment to the Constitution was unfortunately crowded out and never came to a vote, though its friends labored earnestly to secure its consideration, having had good assurance of its passage by more than the requisite three-fifths vote. So this important measure failed, so far as the last General Assembly was concerned. From time to time since, the writer has had inquiries by letter and otherwise for information as to various points made in his argument before the Senate, and in order to meet these inquiries and frequent suggestions, he has had this paper printed. Kentucky is now handicapped and seriously hindered, in his judgment, in her progress by her unfortunate revenue system. This, he is convinced, is one of the chief obstacles to the greater development of this great State. He believes that intelligent discussion is bound to lead to a public sentiment which will demand reform. The State will certainly not grow as she ought without it. Let it no longer be said truthfully that we have "one of the crudest and most defective revenue systems," "our tax laws abom- inable", and if this paper shall contribute, in small degree, to discussion and action, bringing about better things. the writer will be repaid. He has no axe to grind.. no end in view. but the good of Kentuckv. Not.._Membership Senate 38. II. KENTUCKY-ADVANTAGES. A brief review of our advantages and progress, or lack of progress, give basis for reliable conclusions as to whether our position is satisfactory. Our great natural advantages are well known-possibly we have relied too much upon them. Let us, however, call to mind some marked points of interest, natural and otherwise. Center of Population. Kentucky is practically at the center of the United States.

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