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Image 1 of Hopkinsville Kentuckian, April 14, 1896

Part of Hopkinsville Kentuckian

Ifv, Hi nti k itf ttiiil I f far If m " - wm rf . yf"' ""j y 1-- '' mtoDL. XVIII. w i jSKW jn ' "-- H0PK1NSVILLE, 'Sbf Buckboard Wag Free! yi K tlentitckimi KENTUCKY, TUESDAY, APRIL 14, 1896. HE CANT CARRY OEEAM OF NEWS. IF IT IS NEW AND TRUE TH)S COLUMN HAS IT. IT- - NO. 28 FRANKS OF COURSE. Dr. Clnrdy Again Says Carlisle Would Logo THE REPUBLICAN Kentucky. DISTRICT CONVEN- TION YESTERDAY. Owensboro Messenger. The Messenger last night received Uxorclde at Madisonville Tillman at by mail the following from CongressOwousboro Apr. 22 Bad Fire at Prince man Clardy: Asylum ton llllnd IMan Elopes CbuDge Interesting News From Washington, D. G, April 7, '96. Surrounding Towns Editor Messenoeb: The Convention Had Done Nothing of portance Late Yesterday Iin-- $ THE FJSCAL COURT- Close of n Week's Session On Saturday Af- ternoon, The spring term of the County Fiscal Court closed Saturday evening, having been in session five days. The important transactions up to Thursday afternoon were given in the last issue of the Kentuckian. The most important action taken was the adaption of a resolution abolishing the fee syBtom in operating the work house. Under this system the county attorney, county judge, magistrates and other court officers were in the habit of collecting from the county the costs and percentums worked out in the work house. This had greatly increased the work house expenses, in which the city is a partner, and the matter has been creating a good deal of discussion for a year or more. When it came to a vote all the members acquiesced in it, those opposed to the resolution not voting. It is uncertain what the saving to the Afternoon, large delegation of local Repub-can- s went to Madisonville to attend Heaths and sent the following answer: the district convention to nominate a Lafayette, April 11. Died on the "I emphatically deny the statement 10th inst., Mrs Julia Furcell, wife of you quote from tho Post. Have uni- candidate for Congress. W. T. FowL. J. Purcell, of this place, in the formly stated as my opinion that if ler, Jno. P. Prowse, J. M. Renshaw, 89th year of her age. She leaves a nominated Carlisle could not carry V. M. Williamson, W. B. Pace, Watt Summers, col., and Geo. Dabney, col., husband and sis children, the young- Kentucky." est of which is a little girl two months I have not seen the Post, but may were among the Dumber. Mr. Fowold. She had been a member of the Bafely say I have never seen anything ler and several others went Sunday Christian church for a number of in the Post which fairly represents night. The rest went yesterday. years, and was a most estimable lady any silver man. The Congressional nomination was and will be greatly missed by the I have no personal antipathy to Mr. of course settled in advance. Chriswhole community? Carlisle. I differ widely with him on ' Died of pneumonia this morning the money question, and therefore tian, Webster, HopkinB and McLean at 6 o'clock, Troy Miller, a young far- am opposed to him for the presiden- were instructed for Franks with 95 mer of the Bennettstown neighbor- tial nomination. I do not abuse any- votes. Henderson, Union and Hanhood. He was 25 years old, unmar- body, either privately or in my pub cock for Sebree with 34 vote. ried, and was an excellent young man lie utterances. My convictions have The only matters of importance to county will be. of high standing in the community. never wavered on the proposition that come ud. the nomination of Franks me annual worn nouse report ... silver ana gom should and will, when i. Asylum Changes. '.... the people settle the question con- - X1"? 8et"ed and conceded, were the showed a total of receipts from hands TOl The removal to this city last week, HtittitH thR Rtnnrlnr,! oiiwo delegates, ana one on th road and stane sold of 1932.75. fcni i0, district elector and the of T)r. tf F. Eager, first assistant tion money of this country. instructions to The total disbursements were for the delegates. The real fight was be- the year 54886 87. physician at the Western Asylum, I have stated, and that has necessitated some temporary was the foundation ofpossiblyPost's tween Bradley and McKinley. The Officers cost paid out of work tho changes at that institution. The misstatement: that, in such a State counties of Daviess, Henderson and house funds from May 1st, 1895, to third assistant physician, Dr. Stan- convention as the one held last year, Union were instructed for Bradley, July 31st, 1895, $150.86. Same paid ley, is now acting as first assistant, Mr. Carlisle may receive endorse- Christian and Webster for McKinley out of county fundo from August 1st,. and the rest uninstructed, but leaning 1895, to March 31st, 1896, 473.73. and Dr. Kortdlauder, the druggist, is ment as a presidential filling Dr. Stanley's place. It is not as I have often stated, candidate, but to McKinley. Total for year in my In the election of delegates a hot The city council through a comknown who will set Dr. Eacrer's he would not, under existing opinion, circum- fight was expected, with half a dozen mittee asked that the city be allowed place. Dr. Eager's retirement was stances, and on a gold platcandidates, among them Maj. S. R. two votes in future elections of a entirely voluntary, as he had assur, form, be able to carry standard ances that he would be allowed to the November election. Kentucky at Crombough, of this pity. work house keeper, her I think this Tho Kentuckian had serve out his term, a year longer. As is the sum of my offending, whatever arrangements interest entitling her to that represento be notified by telephone as soon tation. Esq, Barker moved that the previously mentioned he has located the Post may say. as anything was done, but up to 4:30 request be granted and the Demoin this city. The fight now for a candidate to suit our individual views is perfectly o'clock had heard nothing. The con- crats Barker, Buckner, Fraser and WIU Work for Forbes & Bro. vention probably had trouble getting Parker voted for it and the RepubMr. J. C. Buckner, late steward at the legitimate anci proper. Jt$ut as a Dem- down to business. licans Long, Collins and Hanbery ocrat loyal to the party, when the ua- and the PopuliBt Myers voted no. Western Asylum, has connected him- tionalDemocratic convention fairly JOHNSON A WINNER. Judge Breathitt broke the tie and self with the establishment of Messrs urguuizeu uas sponen ior the party, voted no. This will probably lead to and made a nomination, I oxpect to Additional Forbes & Bro. as collector and gener Returns From the Democratic a dissolution of the partnership, the stand by that nomination. And so al bustler. Jlr. buckner is a gentlePrimaries in Alabama. city retiring. man of wide popularity and a busi- should every true Democrat. Let us The county levy was laid at 50 Montgomery, Ala., April 12. Addiness man of fine qualifications and when the party speaks, sink individcents, 42 cents for general purposes ual opinions on special subjects, and tional returns received successful experience. from He will unite to bring success to the ticket, the Democratic State primaries held and 8 cents for interefit on the railmake the firm a first class man. road bonds. The poll tax was fixed andjreiy on good sound Democratic yesterday give Joseph F. 'Johnson, of at SI 50. A Fine Assessed. common sense to correct, whatever The annual reports of the Work Judge Breathitt tried the case of may be found to be wrong, in plat- Jefferson, the free silver candidate for House Committee and of the county J. W. Cayce Saturday, charged with form or principles. Only in "union the gubernatorial nomination 374 attorney as commissioner for the an assault on W. S. Boales. The fra- is there strength." It is z mighty poor votes of the 504 in the State Conven- county were received. Democrat that would not make a bet- tion. Returns from several counties cas was mentioned in Friday's Ken- ter president than a Republican. County Assessor J. B. Everett was are disputed, but Johnson is undoubt- allowed 400 for taking the poll tax. tuckian. Mr. jCayce was fined 5.00 Hastily and very truly, s edly nominated by a ma- assessment for the county. and costs. Dan Hanbery, reported as J. D. Clardy. jority. having been a party to the trouble, that a committee It was OMany Populists voted for Johnson, consistingordered Buckner and Myers Names That are Doubles. had nothing to do with it. of Esq. on a promise to support the nominee There are in HopkinBville several in the general election, thereby rein- and Judge Breathitt be appointed to The Baptist Meeting. buy two more road graders for the Dr. Felix is still preaching two pow- gentlemen who are "two of a kind" forcing materially the Democratic coiiDty,makingfour. An appropriation, of S470 was made for that purpose. erful sermons a day at the Baptist so far as names go and the postmas- party in this State. The county judge's salary was Eloped On One Leg. church and the crowds at the eve- ter is often put to his wits ends to keep their mail from getting mixed. again fixed at S1000. A motion to ning services fill both rooms of the Gallatin, Tenn., April 12. A ro- put it to $800, tho salary in 1894, was To begin with, there are two Jas. church. On Sunday morning there D. Russells in the city who are in no mantic and novel marriage was per lost. were three additions to the church. The county attornej 's salary was other. way related The meeting will continue only a few President of each Planters One is Vice formed here this afternoon by Squire left at $800 and a motion to restore the Bank and J. B. Donelson. The contracting pardays longer. it to the old figures of $600 was lost. the other manager of the Telephone ties were Mr. W. J. Allen Elkton Went Dry. Among the larger appropriations Exchange. The banker has a son of Dora Bray, and their home and MissisatHiseThe Elkton people took a vote on the same name, so in this case there ville, Warren county, Ky.. The made were the following: S 5,000 To operate road graders the the question of "wet or dry'' last are three residents of J. D. city who elopement wbb caused by parental ob- Miss Katie McDaniel, balanswer to the name of Russell. jection. Tho main features which Thursday and the "Drys" won by 77 576.1a ance of salary for 1895. Another pair of doubles are the 300000majority in a total vote of 229. There Robt. S. Carters. One is 'the Episco characterized this novel wedding are For poor house groom wbb 2000.00 are Beveral Baloonmen in the place pal Minister and the other lives on mat tnewith hoary auout sixty years For paupers outside of age, locks and long 1000.00 To pay road supervisors unci as soon as their present leconses ooutn juain. j.n mis case one is magmheent gray beard, is totally Repairs in public offices 70.00 expire they will quit the business. known as "Rev. Robt. S. Carter" and blind and minus a leg, while his '1 he annual report of Miss Katie the other aB "R. S. Carter," and they seventeen McDan.el, superintendent of onde, who nopklnsvlUe Wins the First Games. manage to keep themselves pretty summers, is has not seen quite pretty and viva- - was presented to tho court. schools,, It apThe Hopkinsville base ball club well identified. C10UB. A letter addressed to Walter Lee pears elsewhere. defeated the RuBsellville nine, on the Whitesides was taken out of the Miss Katie McDaniel's salary as e Killed Ills Wife. tetter's grounds Friday, the score school superintendent was fixed at last week by the foreman of the Madisonville, Ky., April 12. being 9 to 7. RuBsellville has an ex- Kentuckian, office that was evidently $1,500 for 1896; Dr. J. B. Jackson, cellent team, but our home boys out- not his. He knew of no other man About 4 o'clock this morning a negro county physician, was put on the played them at every point and won of the Bame name, nor did anybody named Henry Edmunds, who had not salary roll at $300 and Clerk Prowse with ease. else in town, but Saturday a drum- been living with his wife for some was allowed $100 for keeping the recmer turned up in search of the letter. time, slipped into her home, and, af- ords of the court. Tramp Gets a Job. The magistrates allowed themselves The two men bearing the Bame name, ter treating her in a terrible manner, Scott Ewing, a tramp, charged middle name and all, were total shot her to death. The woman's sister $3 a day. with breach of the peace, was Bent to strangers and in no way related, The who was visiting her, ran to her aid An Unknown Floater, the work house for ten days by Judge drummer had ordered his mail sent and Edmunds shot and dangerously body of a man was found floatThe to meet him on his arrival. wounded her. Edmunds made his esHanbery Saturday. Ewing says it's here There used to be two J. H. Ander cape, and hasnot been captured. Ex- ing in West Fork creek, near Kenthe first steady job he has had for sons, a merchant and a railroad man, citement here is at a high pitch among nedy, early yesterday morning by BUI some monthB. but the latter moved away a year or the colored population. Johnson and Tandy Johnson, two two ago. "Pnlled" Five Negroes. negro fisherman. The corpse was Arkansas Campaign. Mr. J. M. Adams, tho L. ' & N. Marshal Slackwell, of Trenton, arlodged in some bushcB and was taken hap a "double." but he agent, also Little Rock, Ark , April 12. Col. out by the men and Esq. Barker notirested five negro men one day last liveB at Church Hill, a tew miles from Dan W. Jones, free silver candidate, fied. It was so discolored that the color week for jumping on moving trains. town. seems to have the gubernatorial race of the dead man could not be told. Of course there are many cases Judge Graves gave them five dayB, The Coroner went down yesterday, each, on the rock pile and they were where father and son bear the same by the tail with a down hill pull. but at four o'clock tho inquest had not; immediately put to pulverizing lime- name, and many others where a white County conventions and primaries been held. Tho Kentuckian made man and a negro have the Bame held in different portions of the State stone. an effort to get the results, but the name, but the cases mentioned above during the past week indicate that scene was Bome distance from KenneBroke Ills Arm. are some where there is apparently no his nomination only waits the meetCol. W. T. Finch, a well known and way to separate the identity of the ing of the State Convention. Very dy and uothiug could be learned at of going to press. without adding the man's few of the back counties have yet the hour prominent citizen of the Fairview Foul play is suspected as the stream been heard from, but almost every usiness to biB name in addressing neighborhood, fell and broke his arm case Jones delegations have been is not deep enough o drown people. last week while getting over mail. one day .Milliard County Organized, There is also more or less confus- elected. a fench on his farm, ion in cases whore two or more parThe Democratic Committee of Bal Fire at Princeton, ties bear the same name except Soldiers' Remains Itemoved. Princeton, Ky., April 12. Fire at 1 lard county met last week and organ- as to the middle initial. Unless the The remains of the soldiers killed full and correct name is given, tho o'clock thiB morning destroyed the ed by electing Mr. Sam J. Moore as during the war and buried near Mad- letter is in many cases apt to mis- planing mills and a large lot of lum- Chairman, and J. J. Grace, Secretary. isonville, were taken up yesterday carry. ber of Eugene Young. It was sup- Importance is attached to this from It would be well enough to add that posed to have originated from the the fact that Mr. Moore, under the Odd Fellows' in and the editor of the Kentuckian has furnace. The total loss is about $16,-00- ruling of the State Central Commitin that city. tee, becomes Chairman of the Firsb no copyright on his name except the with only S2.000 insurance. Fostofflce Changes Hands. Congressional District Committee and middle initial. The rest of it is borne The postoffice at Sharon Grove, by two other Charles Meachams. Drs. Blakey & Eager insert their also Chairman of tho Appellate Disprofessional card, with office hours, trict Committee of 18 counties. Mr. Todd county, changed hands last Days. Gets Thlrty-sl- x paper. Both of these gen- Moore is a stalwart free coinage week. Dr.'W. H. Sarver resigned and Geo. Dixon, col., was tried Satur in tlemen are too well known personally Democrat. Dr. B. E. Escue was immediately ap- day for carrying a concealed deadly and orofessionally to need an intro The Missouri Democrats and the pointed to fill the vacancy. nrnnnnn and BflnlAnfW! in thfi wnrk duction to tho.public. The new firm Kentucky Republicans hold their The Eyening News, of LouiBville, house for 36 days. A razor was tho is a strong ono and will at once comState conventions . mand a large patronage. weapon found in hiB jacket. suspended after running A I have just received your telegram In South Christian. one-four- th With Each Jtsoys Knee Pants Suit Costing $2 or Over. The man who has forgotten the thrill of joy that swept oer him when he got his first pair of pants his first pair of red top boots and his first WAGON is a stranger to the Bweetest im- pressions of the human heart. Give the little fellows all the pleasure you can now they'll never be boys again. Our stock of boys suits is LARGEST; actual count, MOST COMPLETE; "VSbSZgS&Sgfi' LOWEST PRICED; 25c to $7.50; in town. J. B. ANDERSON & CO. ''' 4 mm ii Weekly Ell rer. to-da- VW.'VW'W''VJ Tie The Weekly Cincinnati Enquirer one year FREE to every new subscriber to the Kentuckian at $2. Two papers for the price Senil-Week- ly ken t uckan of one. 1 fcf MONARCH SHIRTS In all the LATEST STYLES JUST RECEIVED, k one-fourt- P rices; From $1.00 f q $ooo COME AND SEE THEM. y two-third- - post-offic- Cera-etar- y 0r FETREE 8t CO. a!tf h, . to-da- one-week- -- .' K x.u- -

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