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Image 2 of Climax (Richmond, Ky.), September 21, 1887

Part of Climax (Richmond, Ky.)

THE CLIMAX FRENCH TIPTON Wm G WHITE- WEDXESD AYSEPTEMBER - 51 1SS7 That original and only genuine prohibitionist Gen Green Clay Smith was here this week and in a conversation with us gave tins wonderlul program of political events Said lie In 1SSS there will be five candidates for the presidency Democratic Repub lican Prohibition Labor and Know nothing Tlie Democratic candidate will win the Republi can will have the next highest vote and the Prohibitionist the next Defeated for the second time the Republican party will never nominate another candidate the labor question will have been settled by the following election and in 1S92 there will be a stand up fight between tlie Democratic ticket and the Prohibition ticket these being the only ones in the field All the temperance Republicans will go over to the Prohibitions and the whiskv Republi cans to the Democrats the Prohibition ticket will win with hands down and the year of jubilee will have come or words to that effect The Gen also snid that in the next election the Prohibitionists will poll 22000 votes in Ken tucky He wound up by asking us to remember these predictions and observe their fulfillment to the letter Gen Smith having made other predictions which have not proved his right to be called a prophet or a son of a prophet we take his latest effort with a considerable degree of allowance Interior Journal The quickest way to rise in the world is to go up in a balloon How to get fat go to the batcher shop Mid bey it See the mini kohls up the post Is the pest loose No tlie man is tight Nearly all the snakes in Kentucky are in boots This shows a decidedly advanced state of ofriiixatkHt Formerly they were all in the woods The last official act 01 Gov Knott and he first of Gov Buck 1 ier was upon wealth to inflict inore Colonels grand old common the Since the death oi Gov Black barn there are only three of Kentucky now living JTcCreary Knott and Leslie Gov Leslie is a Federal Judge in Mon tana It is currently reported in New York City that Mr Henry Wat terron has received a very hand some offer from Mr James Gordon Bennett to take editorial charge of the Herald THE DIFFERENCE UETWEEX U AND I Speaker Carlisle will have an article in the Forum for October To keep a woman out of the setting fourth the grounds upon sulks the best way is to keep her which the Democratic party bases in silks its expectation that it will be con UNNECESSARY ANNOUNCEMENT tinued in power at Washington Mr J M Richardson of tlie Glasgow News has bought the interest of Mr U U Gorfn iu the Glasgow Times and the two apere will be consolidated with - Richardson as editor and Mr B Smith as business manager is a wise move as no town like rlasgow can support two good Judge Tipton is still awav from home and the columns of the Climax are yet m the hands of the Junior editor NOT YET The red leaded woman and white horse craze has not struck Richmond yet Tlie next time papers 3ou see a red headed woman look For some time past the Bap and see if there is not a white tists of the State have been very horse in sight much interested in the proposi tion te move the Georgetown College from that place Louis ville Shelbyville and oilier places are anxious to have Georgetown fought hard to keep it Shelby ville offered big inducements to have it brought there but it has been decided to leave it at George town at least until the close of the present sholastie year DEATH OF GOV BLACKBURN from it This condition was greatly aggravated by the cares and perplex ities of his ofllce aud he never was well after the expiration of his term About the time of his retirement from office his sister Mrs Morris of Chi cago died She was a lady who made by assisting a national reputation Southern soldiers during the war aud Governor Blackburn was greatly de- voted to her He was greatly depress- ed by her death aud it aflected his health adversely until he died He leaves only one child Dr Carey Black burn of Louisville His wife survives him anil is 5S years old Though Governor Blackburn was mcees ful in his profession he lenin only a small estate which fact is aecoiuitid for by his large liberality A prominent old citizen here in speaking about him tlie great quality ot yesterday said the mau was the wonderful degree of About his kindness and charity seven years ago he took great interest iu tlie religious ministrations of the Rev Geo O Barnes while he was in Louisville He afterward became a member of the Episcopal Church with his wife During his administration the only adverse criticism of his policy was that he was so kind and lenient in his disposition that he pardoned too many criminals His course iu this though was justified by many aud especially in view of the fact that the accommodations in the penitentiary w ere not sufficient He was a grand old mau aud has made a distinctive impress upon the great Commonwealth that he governed His remains were buried in the cemetery at Frankfort Friday at 11 oclock iu the presence of of scores of the most prominent men of the State and hundreds of loving friends and relatives The pall bearers were H A Tyler Hickman county Basil W Duke Louisville Senator James Beck Ex Gov Kuott Lt Gov J W Bryan Ihomas H Corbett James E Cantrill Scott county Joseph Desha Pickett John H Whalleu Judge J G Simrall E H Taylor Jr L TSbin Judge It H Thompson Louisville nin IB I FOUND 1 I will sell As Trustee of J M Willis 4 Mill pike The land fronts on the pike and joins the farms of Capt R B Tcrrill and Elias Barnes heirs It is nearly all under cul- tivation and is well watered and has two good tenement houses Also at same time and place I will sell 3000 to 5000 bundles of oats and 150 to 200 barrels of corn Tlie land will be sold in 1 1 or 3 tracts to suit purchasers and also as a whole Sale will begin at 10 oclock a m Sale of Wm H Sims in the same neigh borhood will take olace at 2 oclock p m wm isntds sale CONCERNING I Mil FARMERS St OCK 1110 C PROPERTY Common to Fair Good to Extra Oxen Fair to Good Oxen Common and Rough 1 3 75 3 50 3 25 2 50 Common to Fair Good to Extra Cows 2 65 Fair to Good Cows 2 00 Common Cows 1 50 Rough Cows and Oxen BULLS 2 60 2 50 Best Shipping 23 2 50 Best Bologna 2 10 2 25 Fair Bologna 2 25 2 oo Fair to Good Feeders t 50 I 25 Common and Thin FEEDERS AND STOCKERS Good Extra Steers 2 75 3 00 2 Co 2 40 Fair to Good Steers Good to Extra Heifers 2 oo 2 50 Common and Thin Stackers 1 75 2 00 COWS AND CALVES Best Grades 45 00850 00 Fair to Good 30 oo4o 00 Common 15 00825 00 6 00 Best Veal CaUes 5 75 Fair to Good 5 50 4 50 sell the property known as Common and Heavy 3 oo 4 00 SPRING LAMBS Good Extra Heavy s 25 5 00 1 Good Butcher 5 4 75 45 which is a first rate flour and grist mill Fair Butchers 4 75 Common and Tail Ends containing the best modern improvements 3 75 35 with HOGS Select Butcher 55 5 30 Fair to Good Packers 5 4 75 Good to Extra Lights 5 J5 5o Six Tenement Houses Blacksmith Shop Light Pigs 45 49 Cattle Scales and about Rougiis and Scalawags 3 00 3 50 20 ACRES OF FIRST CLASS LAND TERMS One third cash and the balance in one and two years with inter- est from date of sale Possession will be given immediately JNO D GOODLOE Assignee -- I will offer at public sale on- P P Ballard Auctioneered spzitds M were in 110 salable condition reduced the average Eighty six head realized 17335 averaging 20157 AFayetlo county farmer and close observer says he bought 100 feeding cat- tle 1 ast year investing about 5000 aud 100 sheep at a cost of about 300 The net profits from the sheep were greater than from the cattle He got 450 per head for the lambs aud raised more lambs than he had ewes The wool from the ewes brought 150 per head aud they sold weighing 120 lbs at 31 cents WHITES -- Commissioners SALE Sale Mr Morgan Burdette is recovering from a fall he received a few weeks ago He has suffered much and it is thought some of his ribs were fractured The trees in the college campus have been trimmed out to quite a bight giving a better view of tlie buildings as well as improving the sanitary con dition of the grounds A new piazza built iu front of the Treasurers office adds to the beauty of that building also Salutaris Water brought direct from St Clair Springs Mich Kept only july22 tf bjJ C Hughes 391 ACMES where Col C R Estill now and has for years resided It is a splendid farm and home elegantly and conveniently im- proved situated about 4 miles from Rich- mond Madison county Kentucky on the Richmond and Speedwell turnpike road on Little Muddy Creek Such a farm is rarely offered for sale It has been in the Estill family about 100 rears and is now only sold to close a partnership therein the plaintiff J R Estill of Missouri owning one half and the defennant Mattie R Estill owning the other one half She being an infant it required a judgment of the Court to sell the land and that has been done and the proceedings are all regular and such as required by law and the purchaser will get a perfect title This farm of fine productive rich land lies convenient to churches schools and turnpike roads and only about two miles from the depot at Fort Estill on the K C railroad thus giving rapid transit and connection by rail all over the United States North South East and West The dwelling house thereon is of brick containing county made so by nature with splendid forest shade and ornamental trees surrounding it Natural drainage all around it Two good barns corn crib smoke house large new tobacco barn S Collins stock of furniture car- jack lot and stable all necessary out- pets aud lace curtains is the largest buildings ever in Richmond and his prices the lowest aug31 8t Plenty of Timber sep7tf It is FRUITS OF ALL KINDS A spring of cold pure water that never Canvassed Hams goes dry near the house water for family Breakfast --Bacon aud Dried Beef at use and for stock on the place It furnishes daily abundant water for hundreds Tribble Blouuts sep7tf ot the neighbors stock It is indeed Dont fail to see J S Collins 2 lace Best 8L A Home for a ECing Every can of goods that you buy and it may be 100 years more before such from Tribble Blount is guaranteed to another like it is offered to the public for sale be of standard weight and quality 8ep7tf TERMS OF SALE The Dont buy cheap light weight canned cute purchaser will be requised to exe notes with good and approved securgoods when you cau Buy standard ity for the payment of the purchase mon- six per cent interest from the day of sale until paid having the force gep7tf and effect of a judgment and payable to The lowest prices iu town ou cur- the undersigned as Master Commissioner The sale will be at the brick dwelling tains and carpets J S Collins house on the farm now occupied by Col aug31 8L C R Estill H C Stagner and others Sale to commence at about n oclock m A fullliue of Freuch goods at Tribble J R BURNAM Blounts sep7lf M CVMCC sep2itds The above advertisement was prepared Finest Flour iu towu at Tribble and written by Col J W Capertort BIounts sep 7tf J IL Bl goods at Tribble same money Blouuts for the ey bearing xn3i3u7 xinUil- YEAR B w GROCERY HIGGINS Announce to the public and espcially to that large clvs groceries that they have opened a freh lot of FAITCY STAPLE v HiOCEiLXi Quecnswarc Glassware IVootleiiYre O X CSt- - J 3EI S ilPlilipi Watchmaker - TOBACCOS anil Jeweler thi And other articles kepi in a complete jsrocerj house at Store on Main Street nearly opposite Piggs livery stable Ellis Iliggins is not a new firm but has been in existence nearly twenty years They invite all their old friends ari share ot other people to call and see them New Goods fresh from the cities New House ami New Trier- They have returned to Richmond to sell goods and metn t them Tliev know how to buv and how to sell and what ti want OALL AND SEE THEM mi - Clocks Jewelry Silver and Watches Plated ware etc SpeciRl attention given to DIAMONDS manner y THE TIME TO GO TO SALE ESJ EZ3 AND GET ONE OF HIS o I will on SATURDAY OCTOBER 1st 1SS7 sell to the highest bidder My Stable In Richmond known as the Jefl Gen- The Climax Prixtusg Company tip stairs corner Main and ond Streets Richmond Ky is prepared to do every variety of Spring Saddles CTOIB and Lot v IFIRIILTTIEISrGr and at reasonable prices promptly try Stable together with five or six head of well bred 10 Trotting Stock Among them three nice filly colts by also one horse colt whose dam is out of Harry Wilkes dam one pony gentle to ride and drive one new break wagon skeleton wagon harness etc Sale at 10 oclock HOUSE II CQTUL IT NIL DOES BETTER Vatican Z E Bush Auctioneer septH 2t LS0HTH1H0 TSTJSST - At bottom prices He also has a lull line of BLUE GRASS BOD F ODSHEE MELTON 1C The latest styles in material and work always employed BABNi CO nd double first class terial i nd best of work Saddles and Harness single CO Proprietors Market Street - Lexington Ky Fi en feseional Men Merchants Farmers Stockmen Tradesmen and body else can find at Ths Climax office precisely what they waut ii H NEALE s To make a long story short everybody and anybody can find every thing and thing wanted BETTER THAN ma- Is beating them all making the best grade of Whalebone Hovn DKA1ERS IN Lightning Bods Iron Fencing Cresting etcM etc X0XB BUT THE BEST MATERIAL USED ALL WORK GUARANTEED Estimates furnished on application 12 tf JAS WILKERS0X Agent NEATLY AND PROMPTLY June 22 tf CEHTRAk TOIYEBSITY DE HAVE SMITH 9 OPENED A NEW store on West Main Street The Preparatory Department under the supervision of the Faculty will receive the undivided ntteutlou of Pro fessors Irvine and Crooks nnil no pains will be pared to make this Madison fr County School all that can be desired Our aim is to prepare boys for College and at the same time give a thorough practical education to those who cau Stoves aiyl Groceries i ALSO leal and Coal Pays highest cash price for WHEAT WodBosdaj Sspt 14 87 They carry a general line of not take the regularcourse Hardware Tinware HE HAS A BIG STOCK ON HAND THE NEXTSESSION WILL OPBX Ob aug 31 N M3N - r- ADRUFF ELLIS quality curtains ii I i june22 tf Bonds PUBLIC Bio rassLana to fence and keep up the property now well fenced Fine Garden and H H gwtmWr Styttaber C B McCORD laii J Fine Oranges Banauas and Lemons received daily at Tribble Blounts i3 Mta - 8 al 3l 4 South of Richmond on the Lan- caster pike adjoining the farms of John Promptly done and in a workmanlike D Harris and Jas A Ballard About 8ep7tf e i 3 miles S2ltds J S Collins wants you to call aud see his special drives iu lace curtains and all convenient and is located on one and carpets aug31 8t of the prettiest building sites in the Blount headquarters for 7 I AND OTHER PRECIOUS STONES 80 Acres of Land HiiQUf She Besoms Tribble tea iS I 1 TT7igJ GIVE THIS HOUSE Co virtue ot a judgment and order of sale ot the Madison Circuit Court ren- dered at the March term 1887 in the above styled case the undersigned as The Bonds issued in payment of sub- Master Commissioner of said Court will scription of Madison county to Louisville in On Thursday Oct 13 1887 and Nashville Railroad due18S7 February April July and October and iSSS BEREA will be paid on maturity at the Madison on the premises sell to the highest bidder National Bank Richmond Ky at public sale tf-C D CHENAULT Com The family of Mr I N Davis are already occupying his new house Mrs Gerry who has been spending the summer at Orange N J reports such a wet season that beans are spoil ing on the vines 15 l Cash Paid for Old Gold and Silver E3 Dont torget the place next door the balance under cultivation will be sold in two tracts then as a to tlie Post office Richmond Ky It whole Sale begins at 2 oclock p m juneS2 If Some ask 3 cents Heavy fat cattle were olF a quarter aud oilers of 4 cents were made Fine ii H 3anr J The best goods are kept and sold oh very close margin for cash 50 aeres m sirass cents President and Mrs Fatrcliild have returned from their visit iu tlie North much refreshed by their rest 13 i si N H A- - ON Saturday Oct 15 18873 SETTING LAND Miss Grace Rogers of Philadelphia is the guest ot Miss Jennie Lester ifflliC T r HjMsI sll i v ynatrt aggmt 8- - gartS 2ffill3j5v Millers Residence PUBLIC ftfejr- il4 SI -- 4pppjpj3o is S n spi I T Strictly CASH Easis HILL The country east of Lexington is in good shape The larinera have not suf- Mr fered for rain until very recently Warfield says he has never raised a beter crop of corn aud his grass is aboit as good as usual iu September Mr W W Estill sajs his crops are fully au average or over On Col Prew OF itts place iu Clark county corn and grass are line The hemp crop iu all this section is good and there is a large acreage Tlie offerings of live stock at Lexington court was mostly of com mon milch cows oxen work mules and plug horses Trade was uot very J R ESTILL c vs lively though some sales were made at 1 Notice of Sale about the prevailing prices of last MATTIE R ESTILL mouth There was but little trade iu feediug cattle but good oues bring By 33J tl Mll i li - j Business Stricfiy BUTCHER CATTLE Good to Extra Fair to Good j j and plenty of every thing in my line This house is 2 75 2 00 3 6o 3 25 2 90 2 25 2 50 1 75 1 00 L4 tit miMTi Canned oods7 0 3csn aixeL ISrled Fruif7 4 35 4 00 2 75 3 25 25 B CSonfecilonerieSj SHIPPING CATTLE 4 io 3 65 2 50 3 00 2 40 f jpissggga ON S- - I SHBb MAEEET EEPOET Good to Extra Fair to Good Nfe5 GROCERIES OHIOSEPTEMUER 19 1SS7 CINCINNATI srvsjiyrirTriL3L3rl VvswwjmWlV fvSSVvy -- irl A full and complete stock of STAPLE AND FANCY CO WEBER LOPER Live Stock Commission Merchants at Cincinnati Union Stock Yards and Covington Stock Yards Fan ST0 North Second Street CORRECTED WEEKLY BY PUBLIC SALE D B5F -- The partnership heretofore existing under the firm name of Engle Bros do in a boot and shoe business on Second street in this city was dissolved on Sept I Hugo Engle retiring The business will be conducted in future by Emit Engle Richmond Ky Sept 21 i837 tf STOCK J VP 55 DISSOLUTION LIVE grocery hoosi OF Terms easy and made known on day of v EXAMINE AT THE On Saturday Oct 8 141 Acres of Land CaSH miles from Richmond on the Barnes w r SEE 1PUBLSG Vanmeters farm of 4B2 acres seven miles West of Lexington be- S31LL tween the Versailles and old Frankfort pikes was sold publicly last week hy Watts Parker Master Commission A S1 ASSIGNEE OF JNO FWHITE will on 64 05 per acre to Robert James er at of the county Another tract on the Saturday October 15 SS7 old Frankfort pike 123 acres unim- If not sold privately before proved at 56 75 to L M Vanmeter at 12 oclocknoon sell on the premises without reservation to the highest bidder At the sale of Elder B J Pinkerton the following property viz things went cheap Horses sold at from S41 to S60 and cows at from 30 The Well known Stack Farm Containing about to 35 Mr Charles B Sullivan bought 91 acres with the houe at 91 an acre V L Rped bought 50 acres adjoining 0 ACHES OF his place at 73 au acre Mr Pinker Judge James Flanagan Winchester ton withdrew tiie farm last spring at The farm is in a fine state of cultivation Col Matt Adams 10 more on the acre thus losing some well fenced having on it a splendid Judge William Lindsay thing over 1100 Tobacco Barn and Stock Barn Judge G W Craddock The sale of Col T Corwin Ander- good dwelling and outbuildings with Charles S Green sons Sideview herd on the first of the several tenement houses lying on Silver Willis L Ttingo month was a good one A large crowd Creek in Madison county i4 miles from James W Tate Whites Station on the was in attenancc aud most of the best SiUer Creek Turnpike 10 Menalous and Gen P W Hardin miles South of bred cattle were carriedto other States Richmond Gen Fayette Hewitt Also at the same time and place I will at good prices Some young bulls that E W Hines Ex Gov Luke P Blackburn died at H B Ware the home of liis daughter Mrs Flour H C Murray Frankfort iioy in Frankfort Wednesday lat at r 215 It was not unexpected lie A PEN PICTURE OF THE MOUNTAINS liml been iu feeble health for some mouths and his dentil httd been looked McKee Ky Sept 17 18S7 for daijy for several week Gov Editors of The Climax Bittc kbum was a great Juian and one of I have spent several months In this the grandest men the Slate has ever country and have learned much of tlie had He was honest candid chari- people and more of the country It is Fifteen thousand dollars was table tineere grandly philanthropic truly up iu Jackou You go up voted by Hie Distillers Association and morally one of the few brave men and only come down a little The assembled iu Cincinnati last week we have ever known Blackburn was mountains are not so high as in other to be sent for immediate use into never afraid to do what he thought counties on the average but by the the polities of the State of Tennes was rig I it Take for instance his ex- time you climb from two to a dozen of see now in the throes of prohibi- ercise of the pardoning power while tiiem going fiom one settlement to tion We presume they estimate he was Governor of the State He another you are willing to admit that that this will buy about fifteen knew that he was lieiiiR ceniured He they are high enough Ii most of thousand votes as that is about eared not He knew that every poli them is found coal of Hie bestkiud and iron ore the basis upon which elections are tician iu the State wa criticising him some of the hills c He jwid uo attention to them He The land In some pints is ery good managed by tlie same influence in knew that his political enimiew were in others uot even midlin Timber this part of the moral vinevard making capital out of it He dared to in some places and the best found iu do what lie believed to be right and Kentucky Oak poplar and pine are On our first page will be found bet If he erred it was on the side of is also most of the a letter on Kansas City tlie Sun mercy If he made a mistake it was abundant Tliere other trees represented A company fewer City of tlie West by J on the side of justice Self and self has had a land agent here buying up Souh Smith of Lexington Falcon interest were words not in his Lexicon all the land he could get The ptice of the Louisville Times He is We append a sketch of his life taken I believe was about SI per acre an easy and graceful writer tells from a Lexington paper Cattle are low Tliere is an abund things as he sees them in every Ex Governor Luke P Blackburn ant mast this year Corn is not so Jay language and lias a vein of died at the residence of his daughter good as it would have been if the humor in all lie says Mrs Flouruey in Fraukfoit Wednes drouth had not touched so heavily I There is a bond of union be day Ihe members of his family and may say it is light Hogs are scarce at tween Kansas City and Kentucky his family physician being present 4 cents She is a part of us A great deal Gov Blackburn was born iu Fayette Nothing short of a stay in the moun- of our 3oung blood courses tlie county seventy three years ago at a tains can give any idea of the wonder- The country may vary iu vein of tlie business enterprise of time when his faiher lived iu Wood ful land that city Tliere is scarcely one ford county near Spring Station but specific appearances but the people of oar readers wlio is not inter when his mother was on a vist to her never They are rather of the Virginia parents Mr and Mrs John Bell Mr type of a century ago Old time ested in Kansas City Bell was a member of the Constitution notions and habits prevail generally We commend Falcons letter as Convention that formed our second The dresses are nearer the present instructive and highly entertain constitution his associates being John styles than you might expect to find ing for a leisure moment Breckinridge Jno McDowell H Har In religious matters they are talkers rison B Thornton and Walter Carr rather than doers but notwithstanding Hon Ben Johnson of Bards Gov Blackburns father was Edward tills fact I have heard only one ser- town is prosecuting an active M Biackouru and was a farmer and mon since I came here Churches canvass for tlie Speakership of the bred many celebrated race horses are few aud fur between and what are next House of Representatives Gov Blackburns father had eleven not school houses are very easy to Those who profess to know the sit children that grew to maturity His count Iu my school I have some uation fully say he has taken the eldest brother was George and tlie pretty bright scholars as a rule the bit between his teeth and is setting youngest the present Senator Joseph people are not caring for the topics of the pace His friends regard C S Gov Blackburn 6tudyed medi- the times AH they care for is Well him already as a nearly sure win cine at Transylvania University in wholl be the next President or think ner There is a minor that Judge this city and began the practice of his the Democrats will git in I write Mulligan of Lexington who was profession here when he was about this last of a special district of cfourse it prominently mentioned as a can twenty one years old About this varies to some extent At town they didate for the Speakership will time he married tlie daughter of Dr are as lively as any place in tlie blue ot go into the race If that be true Joseph Boswell of this city When the grass At most place the first entreaty which he contest appears to be between cholera broke out in Versailles in 1835 at the table is break oread Ir Johnson and Hon William which was two years after it had pre- invariably in the buck parts is a com vailed in thi3 country Dr Blackburn dodger that is if corn can be had Seed of Marshall county went tliere and began waiting 011 the Jut now they use grits a great deal Jourier Journll sick remaining there during the whole They are clever out here always course of the cholera and finally settled giving their best AH Isee and hear is Speaker Carlisle has the follow tliere and continued tlie practice of his too much for my little pen besides my ing to say about tlie contesting of profession for a number of years Dur paper would give out and yours would las seat in Congress by Mr Thobe ing the time he lived there he was not hold it by half As you said not I dont want to try the case in elected to the Legislature and served enough by all take papers The books the newspapers or to talk about one term He moved then to Natchez I find to be either Bibles or the old it for publication but tliere is Miss and there practiced his profes- blue back I have seen several otiiers such a singular misapprehension sion very successfully About this but theyre scace as hens teeth in regard to the matter that it is time his first wile died and Dr Bluck Well the people Theyre too much not improper I suppose for me to buni made a tour to Europe On his for me Just like every other place iv that I took no testimony for reruru from Europe he married Miss there are cranks and snges beauties t lie simple reason that it was not Churchill daughter of Samuel Church and others to whom nature has denied cessary for me to do so The Ill I5xi of Louisville He lived in her first gift There are mauy pretty contestant in his notice charged Louisville and practiced his profession girls in this county at least I have iraud and irregularities in about Ihere until the time he was elected found one black eyed girl who has in- every preelnt in the district but Governor except the time during the terested me considerably more than I w hen be came to his evidence he war when he was with the Southern thought possible I wisli all of our did not attempt to prove anything army as a surgeon Diuiug a part of Madison couuty folks would come out this time was eept tiiat there were four illegal command he Gen connected with the and behold over what a wonderful of Pat Cltburu Gov land President C exteuds his fishiug votes cast for me in one precinct ernor Magoffin of this State sent Dr rod When I get home I will tell you in Covington I do not think the Blackburn South to get guns for Gen- more 1 am afraid this county is not evidence is sufficient to show that eral now Governor S B Bucker He as well thought of as it should be these four votes wore actually cast secured the guun and sent them to If the poet wishes to forme but assuming that they Kentucky but they were found to be a muse the seholar wi have nature for hes a school or were it makes no difference in the hardly lit lor service the artist seeks scenery circum sptca result as my majority was S25 After the war when yellow fever Wlheljt Of course there was no reason why broke out in tlie South Dr Blackburn I should take testimony- - The went there and displayed such heroism LEXINGTON charges that I intend to rely upon and humanity In exposing himself to some legal technicality and that I its dangers in order to assist the sufler Ed Bacon is writing a novel It will ask an extenlion of time to ers from It that it gave him nutional will be a novel performance take testimony are preposterous reputation About the time be started Bro Barnes is here The law allowed me all the time South it was understood that he would Court house He i3 preaching at the having large that was necessary if I had desired be a candidate for Governor which his crowds to avail myself of it Certainly I kinsman here Judge Kinkead says Bern to the wife of C H Stoue Jr would not accept a seat in the had been his aepiration for twenty one house if raj right to it could be years Other aspirants for the position on September 7th a daughter Flor- sustained only by retying upon a were Judge William Lindsay of Fran ence Withers Dr David Keller of this city Is an teohnicality and so far from rely fort and Thoivns L Jones of Newport They were both exeeedinglyiwpular applicant for Superintendent of ing upon any such gsnnnd the do not even intend to employ an at gentlemen but Dr Blackburnfc labors Eastern Kentucky Lunatic Asylum torney or submit any argument to in the South made him friends and In Gen Wm Preston has returned fluence a rate that the committee of the House Mem sist andatwhen he gotnothing could re- from White Sulphur His condition is back to Kenbers can lake the record just as tucky lie was virtually Governor of the critical and his friends have grave my opponent lias made it jip audi Stater Notwithstanding this he made fears in regard to his recovering iipon ruai tney can decide the a canvass m active that It so Impaired Mr Win Muir refused a bona case without interference from me his health that he never did recuperate fide ofler of fifteenhas cents for bis 18S7 Blounts Just received at Tribble crop of tobacco This was a round of price for all to be delivered in winter 600 dozen cans of Tomatoes Corn Peas Beans Peaches Pears Apricots order and other canned fruits and vegetables The marriage of Mr Alfred Peter Cheapest place In town sep ti Professor of Chemistry at the State College and Miss Mary McCautey of Thousands of Canned Fruits and Maxwell street 13 announced for the Vegetables are being received daily at latter part of this month sep7tf Tribble and Blounts Gov Buckner has appointed County Judge S G Sharp of this city one of J S Collins 2 lace curtains will as the Railroad Commissioners for the tonish you Call aud see them 31ag8t State Captain Sharp is Chairman of the State Central Committee Lace curtains in great variety at J The West Lexington Presbytery aug3X 8t S Collins C2 to 15 will meet witli the Presbyterian church Thursday September iu Versailleson Something New 29th at 7 oclock P M and will re- main iu session several days I can give you the best lace curtains 2 to for the money on Nearly two hundred young men 15 the market aug318t J S Collins from twenty five JStates have ar- rived to attend the Commercial College Syrup of Figs of Kentucky University nearly fifty of whom have entered this week Manufactured only by the California The majority of these students brought Fig Syrup Co Sau Francisco Cal is a letter of introduction from the Pro Natures Own true Laxative It is the fessors Smith graduates six coming most easily taken and the most pleas from Franklin Texas iu this way antly effective remedy known to In this city cleause the system when bilious or cos- James Agee is to be hung colds aud on Friday Nov 4 1887 Agee killed tive to dispel headaches fevers to cure habitual constipation brother-in-laJames Faulconer his 50 cents in 1S86 He was condemed to be hung indigestion etc For sale in Willis appeal to the and 100 bottles by Stockton in March last but an Court of Appeals stayed the execution An affirmance or the judgment of the Fayette Circuit Court made it manda- tory on the Governor to fix the date of the execution June 2 tf JUTEE STE0USE A CO 418 Bwar Xanafaetcreis FOR SALS BY ambergerBIoomCo LOUISVILLE rvY JUIii o will offer at public sale on Satur day October 8th 1SS7 JV1Y HOrVIE PLTACEi Situated on the Barnes Mill pike 21 miles from Richmond The place ii immediately on the pike ami well fenced and consists of EXPENSES Tuition in College Classes pet term of twenty woefcs payable In iuVvaee4Se a Tuition In Preparatory Department Classes per term of twenty weeks SO 01 payable in mlvnnco w Incidental Pee tn CoUbrc for the year paywble in advanceS 01 With dwelling house of six roon Incidental Fee in Irapnrtoory tneut for tlie year payable In ndvnco 3 CO anil porch Splendid CISTERN AGBES OF LAND They have the newest and best goods tail Dptmid wIIJ sell for CASH it the lowest gooJ price pond for stock water a tenement honse Mr Smith la a practical tinner of SFFoc Anther Information and and agood Blacksmith Shop IsuNm several years experience and he wil CQluhigue apply tw I location for a blacksmith do nil kinds of tin work rooting ami KS Terras ei3y BLANTON repairing In Uie best tdyle t lowest WILLIAM H SIMS june22 tf rates aug2i Gw sepL14 4t Ckancbxcoiu LH Guaranteed H3YS3 to fcreaL 5 T i Patented Feb 8 1887 i d -- i t t t J lEinEinii DBALBK IN FrNX- - Whiskies Brandies Cigars First Street RichmondKy jnne 22 tf I 1 i

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