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Image 1 of The Adair County news., April 3, 1901

Part of The Adair County news.

THE AD AIR COUNTY NEWS j VOLUME OOIUMBIA 4 mto930 pm i DIRECTORY COURT L ft N Stock Above Par Louisville and Nashville stock cross ed par today fog the first time since tbe slump Iri 1893 At 930 oclock this morning It was quoted at 100 Asa large amount of L N strck is heldi Louisville the rise is of great portancv to local capitalists Tbe rise ftbe Stock for the past months has been steady although without sensational features A few years ago it was selling in the 30s From this pblnt it rallied strongly and the day after the recent presidential election It brought 78 to 78i From that time there has been a constant advance until par was reached and crossed this morning The advance is due to the confidence which investors feel in tbe earning ca pacity of the road and the surplus which it is known to possess It is now undoubtedly the strongest railroad system of the South Its earnings on Many are in the coun ¬ traduced a bill remoping the duties on Taylor Hart Larue certain manufactures of iron and steel Washington Boyle and Jefferson In controlled by the trust and there were this State Others are in Illinois other propositions to change the Ding Monday in each month Kansas COUNTY COUBTFirst Iowa Oklahoma Arkansas Ity law notably by the abolition of Its W Butler Missouri and Texas provision for countervailing duties It AttorneyJasO melt Jr County RocKimiGE COUNTY Va Oct 15 1814 was generally assumed at the time that ClorlcT It Stults JailerS IL Mitchell DEAR DAUGITTEU I take this np Mr Babcock s bill was a mere bluff and YsseorG A Bradshaw pcrtunity of writing to you to let you that nothing more would be heard of 4urv jyorR T M Caffree School SuptW D Jones know that I am in tolerable state of It with the expiration of the Fifty CoronerLeonard Fletcher health at present thanks be to God sixth Congress Mr Babcock now Monday in JITT CoUBTKecularcourt second for his mercies to me Hoping these comes forward however and assures ach month fp vlin s will find you and yours in the country that this was a ld eJ W Atkins mistaken Cjruov Gordon MautgI merry ilUSmc I recievod your letter da assumption He was he declares hon tfd Sept 18 1814 I got a fall from a tst in the introduction of bin bill CHURCH DIRECTORY horse which hurts me a great deal but But be does out stop here He will I have got a good deal better I have prove his sincerity by reintroducing PRESBYTERIAN Walton my health in a common way very well the bill In tbe sew Congress and be inois Central and twice those of tbe BoiK8VtiLB STREET Rev T F s pastor Services second and fourth Sunda you to write to me how many will supplement this with bills for the Southern railway its two competitors a m every I wish U each month Sundayschool at9 children you have and each of your abolition of the duties on plate glass There is scarcely a Southern city of im Sabbath Prayer meeting every Wednesda night portance either from the standpoint sisters have John Walker and his and tin plate METHODIST family are going to the Ohio He ex ¬ Mr Babcock adds however that tbe of manufactures or population to BmnviLUi STBEETRev W P Gordon pects to start the 29th of this month day whose coming the CourierJournal which it has not a broach pastor Services first Sunday in each month The road has a moderate capltaliza Sundayschool every Sabbath at 9 i m Prayer and Sally Walker is very weakly for a has long predicted Is dawnlngtbe day meeting Thursday night longtime past Robert Montgomerys when the tariff beneficiaries themselves tion amounting to 852800000 and is family is all well at present I would will be the strongest element demand ¬ bonded for about 100000000 Tbe OBBBNSBUEOSTBBBTBeV E W Barnett wish you to write to me oftener than log tariff reform He says reports the road has been earning 10 per cent on Services third Sunday ineach month you have for some time in the past for Chicago Chronicle that many of the its stock for some time and at the last >actor Sabbath at 9 a m Prayer Jandayschol never expect to see any of you again beneficiaries of the tariff especially meeting of Its directors the dividend nesting Tuesday but I with to hear from you as often such of them as have been successful was increased to tbe rate of 5 percent CHRISTIAN as possible I would wish you to In- in selling their products abroad in annuallyThe price stock has reached form my son Thomas that I would open competition against tbe world 9 am month Sundayschool every Sabbath at wish him to write tome a little often ¬ are willing to surrender tbe advantage in recent years was HOi in 1881 and nighPrayer meeting Wednesday er than he has done for he has not they are supposed to enjoy under tbe in October 1899 it sold at 88 3 8 No estimate can be made of the written to me for some time past and Dingley tariff And be specifies the tLODGES ltt him and his family know that lam producers of lumber farm machinery amount of the stock now held in Louis¬ in good health and all their friends are and railroad and structural iron and ville Several of the local directors of MASONIC good health steel He adds that tariff reform the road own large blocks of the stock 96 F and A MReltuI Lone No I shall add no more at present but I legislation will engross much of the and there are large numbers of small daynighton or before the full moon In remain your Jovln motheruntil death time of Congress at its next session Investors who own from one to ten G A KEMP WM month and that the changes which will be shares Those who have had tbe con ¬ CATHERINE CRAWFORD Secj T BSIOLTS made In the present law will probably fidence in the road to hold on to their No 7 meets To Thomas and Rachel Mitchell CHAPTER R A M COLUMBIA The sheet is alittle larger than fool- ¬ be more radical than the most ardent stock for the past eight years will refirst Monday night in each month JItlIUanELLIJ P alize on the present advanceTues ¬ scap and very strong and when held up tree trader could hope for W W BBADSHAW Secretary There will perhaps be a disposition days Louisville Timas to the light shows full of lines close to¬ g ether In the centre can be seen the in many quarters to doubt that such Story of a Stolen Ring CS caRac water mark a cross and anchor The radical changes in the tariff can be ef¬ stTS3 Mrs Julia Barlow of Midway Ky last page is blank The paper is folded fected at tbe next session Most people so that the blank page is used as an are not yet ready to believe that any- from whom Miss Edythe Brake h envelope and contains tbe following thing like real tariff reform can come erstwhile school chum took a diamond address To Mr Thomas Mitchell through the Republican party and ring valued at 8200 and pawned it for they would not hesitate to say that if 838 as has been published is a sister Green County Kentucky Mr Babcock shall press the measures of May Collins the beautiful Kentucky There was neither stamp no envelope Query did they have rural freede¬ they will be stubbornly and effectually girl whose sensational death in a Bos ton hotel four years ago attracted na HENRY W EDDLEMANul livery in that day resisted in bis party 408Vf I also found a receipt dated Oct 5 Still stranger things have happened tional attention Miss Collins went to Boston to per lS05as follows Recieved of Mr Alex than the radical revision by the Re ¬ Also Dealer In tihns m five dollars for surveying for publicans of the Dingley tariff in the fect herself in the art of elocution and FINE STETSON HATS AND ALL Thomas Mitchell This evidently direction of real reform The Repub- ¬ she met Dr George Putnam They OTHER STYLISH BRANDS wok the time when Thomas Mitchell lican party has not always been a par became infatuated with one another Remember the place 408 West Ja led on the old homestead near ty of high protection One of tbe se ¬ He was an apostle of free love and free Camp Knox Green county He and crets of its success has been in seeing thought and he finally talked tbe his brotheriD law Thomas Crawford and even foreseeing the trend of pub young Kentucky girl into his way of ¬ incut oned in above letter divided 1 lic sentiment and trimming its sails thinking They went to a Boston ho tel and a few hours later both of both 000 cures between them which included accordingly Tbe party that less than were found dead In a room together the land south of Caney Fork com- ¬ six years ago was adrifton the moneta BURKSVILLE STREET All indications pointed to suicide menced at Haskinsville and extended ry sea yetso quickly found its bearings Columbia Ky to Dr Bookers on both sides of the and set its course when the first signs but her family never could accept this that JUNIUS HANCOCK Prop lunihii road and over to Blue Spring of the storm of 1896 appeared is capa ¬ belief They still think theoryshe was murdered It was the of the Brunch including Motley Glenn ble of any reversal on the U lff police that both shuffled off this mor now Thos Poores Alexander Harris Mr Babcock was a member of the JBSTThe above Hotel has been retal coil simultaneously and by prear mother brotherinlaw settled where last Ways and Means Committee and tted repainted and is now ready for the comfortable accommodation of Mr Ludley now lives This family is a member of the Republican Con ¬ rangementLike sister Mrs Barlow came to guests Table supplied with the bestrremoved 10 Ohio in 1830 From papers gressional Committee Whether be is this city and entered a dramatic the market affords Rates reasonable found I judge it was called Freeman proceeding merely on hisjown initiative school Her roommate was Miss ood sample room Feed stable at- j and and sold ty John Ingram for 160 orfrom a knowledge of changing senti- ¬ Brake who is a daughter of a novelist tached Columbia Spectator and Adair Coun- ment in his party it is not important and newspaper writer Miss Brake ty News please copy to inquire at present rho probability pat on Miss Collins ring and said she M of such tariff reform as he speaks of could not get it off again Miss Col ¬ OOIIIIRCIAJJ To Trustees HTIIL may be summed up very brifly If the lint went home and when she came Be careful in taking the school Cen ¬ protected Interests desire tariff reform back she found that Miss Brake bad JAMESTOWNtKY sus of your district Carefully reatf the Republican party will give them pawned the ring Miss Collins mar the instructions on the blanks HOLT tariff reform if they do not desire tar VAUGHAN Proprietors niinibr the census is not to be taken 11 reform nobody else can get tariff re riedlaterandherhnsbandisoneoftherich rpUB above named hotel WitS recently opened before April but during the month of fohlJ from the Republican party A warrant was sworn out for the ar ¬ April and returned to the County Su ¬ CourierJournal sees that the table Is supplied at al times rest of Miss Brake She was arrested perintendent not later than May 10th but later jumped her bond She is now Children who will be twenty before Wits Her Terror in Brooklyn and the Barlows have not class livery attached to the hotel Terms very July 1st are not to be reported and I would cough nearly all night- secured their ring They live at Sev reasonable children who will be six before July 1st long writer Mrs Chas Applegate of enth and Mound streets Cincinnati ° must bo placed on the list Trustees Alexandria Ind and could hardly Enquirer should be qualified Remember your get any sleep I had consumption so Steam actions are not legal until you take the had that if I w alked a block I would was troubled for several years oath of office School orders will not cough frightful v and spit blood but with chronic indigestion and nervous LEBANON KY be recited hereafter for a less amount when all other nit dtcines failed three debility writes F J Green of Lain than five 8100 bottles of D r Kings New Dis- caster N HINofemcdy helped me dollarsW D JONES S C S covery wholly cure d me and I gained until I began using Electric Bitters 68 pounds Its absolutely guaran which did me more good than all the fl Working 24 Hours a Day Colds Lagrlppe medlolnes Lever used They have al seed to cure Coagbs fenced workmen and dc log as high Theres no rest for those tireless Bronchitis and all T woat and Lung so kept my wife in excellent health grade work as can be turned but any- Itrtto workers Dr Kings New Life Troubles Price Rfc z nd I00 Trial for many years She says Electric place In the country Patronize ills Millions are always busy curing Bitters are just splendid for female bottles free at Paulls drugstore home institution Work of Adair troubles ttjat they are a grand tonic Russell Taplor and Green solicited Torpid Liver Jaundice Bllltousness Fore and Ague They banish sick MratiIsaac Adams of Lecher county and invigorator tor weak run down W JOHNSTON headache drive out Malaria Never isseeklng divorce af tertbra B weeks of women No other medicine can take REED a tILLER Agents gripe or weaken Small tastenlce Try them married life its place In our Columbia Kentucky work wonders Try them 25c atT Only tOo Satisfaction guaranteed by r E Paulls Drug Store Do not leave home on ajotrrteyvtn Paull out a bottle of Cham berJatf Oolto r j Yrffebh B Martin of Owenton At Adalrville Logan county James- Cholera and Diarrhoea the Liver Stomach and Bowels by Jfor ttilsooyLasrhotanddhJedhy SundayMa LouisTille at the resi Charlie pleasant sateand rell able For sate died 1tysLituo Liver Dlla for Bilious Rto nri yiriU MrAdams i by M0ravena tiii HW Commonwealth > Attorn y SheriffJ W Hurt perkJnoB Coffey 1 WEDNESDAY KENTUCKY Grc n vounty ties of Adair Aaron APRIL 3 1901 NUMBER 21 L Oft COFFEE fin l CtaoVITCooxrTbree sessions Ii yearTturv uuedaytn May and MOnday in jan pry t Monday Septemlmr OlrcnlUnageWWJonrr Ky There are indications that there mayFEB 14 1901 In looking over some old letters re be an interesting fight in the new Con ¬ centy I cime across one that I am gress on the question of materially re¬ tempted to give you verbatim As I versing the Dlngley tariff know the descendants of tbe writer It will be remembered that during now several hundred possibly a tbllwr the latter part of the recent session u andwho have scattered out of olH Congress Reprisi ntatlve Babcock in ¬ OSBOUNE HOUSE JIM Russell Postmaster oaicehour weekdays700a The Republicans and Tariff Reform Old Documents OSTOJFFICE DIRECTORY ADAIR COUNTY LUXURY WITHIN THE REACH IA impurity from ntering into your pack ¬ age of LION COFFEE When you buy an unbroken package of LION COrPEE you have coffee that is absolutely pure strong and invigor- ¬ ating A single pound makes 40 cups No other coffee will go so far You ¬ BAPTISTj will never know what try it = r ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ketS Hancock Ho tel ¬ 0 < R 0 MrBoil Iproprietors > dingis r Lebann Laundry Xrht 1II 0 Ilaundry aP GQrro taI I I gooohealth SoIdby11l j 1L J y9ltW 1bttr urt fA ft r s Y COFFEE you will find a fully iUustratedand descriptive mAy WOOLSOK SMCB C9 ParagsI TOUtDO OHIO Newly FurnisbedAmerican Saic IBRUNERCOPROD 523 3Cotcf 33fcr8 W Market SI LOUISVILLE NIC BOSLER KY Her no commission on Butter PoulAlso guarantee highest market LOUISVILLE Themercbantkives Intentions People frequently pass r milks yet no one ever sees them A womans heart like the moon should have but one man in it Nowadays whenever a woman gets her hair treated it iy caned at opura tion Women will never be independent of men till they g t sr they ran hind their pockets If necessity kuiwi no law it is not from alack of acqn J lt1nc v wi t hyou tig tlee MEALS 25c 471 Brook Street A fountain works when It plays and plays when it works- Pins Per Day I I a fellow no cred- T I Short The untannccl kid is most likely to prove tough Every man is tbe architect of own air castle hisI There are mmories when oven cannot chasten Original ideas resemble flocks when We charge try and Egg they strike one prices Wilmore Hotel KENTUCKY ¬ c it for good WM WILMORE Prop Gradyville Kentucky YETINERY 0 SURGEON Is no place to stop THERE at the better named hot l aboved Good sample rooms and a lirstcltss table Rates very reasonable stable attached Teed GORDON MONTGOMERY teL Iistulo Pollevil Splints Spavin or any aur ¬ gical work done at fair prices GUARANTEE SATISFACTION I am fixed to take care of stock- lawyersLots people kilt themselves trying kings end TQtLlW 1 COLUMBIA KY S D OBENSHAW Will practice in Adairandadjoining counties Collections a specialty firOfflce up stairs over Paulls drug store to live longer than they have any busi- ¬ lrnilc from Columbia on Disappointment ness to It will not be lowg ufuro the reign CO MOSS lit the ice man bixins and the coal PARSON BLACKSMITHS 0 DENTIST SALLEE DR M that Bw in was a trifle WOODWORKERS hasty when he gave r ailing firs pac KENTUCKY COLUMBIA in the making of i full man There are probably as many molt in Careful attention given to me other states as there are in Kansas chanical and prosthetic dentistry We are prepared to do but they keep uad r cov r any kind of work in and dental surgery The Best Kemocly For Klnuuaa our line in firstclass order We have ttem been in the business for 25 years and OFIICEOver Hughes Coffey know how to do work QUICK HHLIKF FllOM PAIN HunterCOLUMBIA Our prices are as low KY All who use OhanibiTliitnV Pain and terms as Balm for rheumatism are delighted withthe quick relief from pain which as any firstclass mechanics We will take country produce Vhen speak iogr f thIs lrFRANK M BALLENGER It affords at market value Give Ohio says DN Sinks of Try WITH Shop near Columbia Mill Co us call Some time ago I tied a sowre attack of rheumatism in my arm and shoulGo der I tried numerous remedfes but STOCK MARKET WHOESAE got no relief until I wis recommended LIVE Dry Goods Notions Etc by MetsrsGro F Poisons C Co druggists of this pUee to try Chambe- Reported by the Louisville Live LOUISVILLE KY They nccomniend rlain Pain Balm Exchange Bourbon Stock StockYards ed it so highly that 1 bought u bottle was soon relieved of all pain I have Of Colombia 4 CATTLE since recommended this 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guaranteed cure for Ezema Ttpr rced rtymptlyatt2odedto 2 BOC3 QQ J Rheum Pimples Sores IKc rs Fair to good Salt Common ito luVCmfrmvvi 4ftJjjjiHiD yvjnta Only 35c Ht Pauilft It is possible I t reasonableI RobinsonNorton < i ¬ 0 0 I shippinga r J f LION COFFEE articletribute sealedpac1ages In every package of LION rr f ¬ Frlar it is like till you is not a glazed compound but a pure coffee and noth ¬ ing but coffee watch our next advertisement I nightJ WilliamsPastor I lion does picket duty for T HEand prevents adulteration you and ° illg P ALL I r a4M t itl tl1 peest t o I r 41- N

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