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Image 22 of Jeffersonian (St. Matthews, Ky.), May 20, 1981

Part of Jeffersonian (St. Matthews, Ky.)

TMGE WEDNESDAY, MAY 20, 1981 THE VOICE NEWSPAPERS, A-2- Lawn 24 Gardsnl & Items j 0W ) mi n II JaW 1 a i U J II t I ZnT FC!!1 ET Item for Gabriel I Give Just enough II Century plant . 11 Garland 13 Acclivity H Calif. county IS Biblical 42 1 43 2 3 matriarch AN rating 17 Train sked abbr. 11 Vaquero's drink M Fed 21 White House name ENLACE! land Cape Backbone 21 Clementine's father 27 Argot 28 Beaver's property 29 Including 30 Verdi opera M Decay 35 Buck's mate TAT U Is 32 Spoon quickly) I? h a Tree Removal Emergency Storm Service Mechanical Stump Removal Wm. CIsseH Owner Over 26 Years Experience 273 Undaay Ave. y Residential-Commercia- 2T 24"" 25 . mm. 27 """ of trumpet -- J4 37 Without conscience Cheryl or Dianne Paint ingredient Dependable Reasonable Service References Available 50 Uli 55 iTw ST" 37 "T'.Ji I I I 1 I Id Instruction 22 Plalnvlew PIANO lesaone area, U ol L music degree. Call Mp EOITERRANEAN couch, red. ind graan, good condition, $100. 0UBLE bad. 6 months old, Ilka zoc $200. 4580572. RNATE oak aldaboard. $325; nr Wicker aat. small sola, hair & rocker, $525; WILL tutor students In In areaa ol language In an hour, grades 25 am, math, 21c . TRUMPET lessons 13tlc-- 0 4260614 reading, cartltled elementary teacher with Master Degree, $8 and organ lessons given Call your home. PIANO year, school next lor play In lima 20c lessons VOICE que, 2 2 light beige plush one 12x19. one 9x12, $75 20c 897 7210 clh. IQR sale: 2 ilaht beiae MoT Lrpets. one 12x19, one 9x12, $75 20c loth, FOR sale: Instruction vocal techniandor music theory. Experienced Masters degree. alter 4 pm. I MOWINQ large Residential Lawns Commercial EAST END ONLY ' Reaaonabl Ineured Free Eetlmate aftr 4 p.m. 895-774- TURF MASTER, INC. years ol exstudents perience Weslporl Rd. area. PIANO Reasonable. 2211c p PRIVATE Swim Lessons LISA Tum On To Learning School Off Music DRAMA TREE SERVICE In 267-862- 895-319- 6 A Trinity High) Tgl Feeding, Bracing, HOSPITALIZATION INSURANCE For Further Information CALL Plans Family-Individu- Excellent Coverage Good Rates! 897-181- 1 Sumrher Clothes, furnishings LANDSCAPING BRUCE MOST BOOKS 3$1.00 J. D. CISSELL TREE SERVICE Removing. Feeding, Trimming, Csbellng, Mechanical Stump Removal Hedge Trimming Fully Insured For Service, Call CALL BOB BLAIR Famous ahH beach, eecluded, near bird aanctuary. Compieteiy tumtahed. Twwu court. Pool OULF FRONT CONDOMINIUM, Bonlt Beach between Naplea and Fort Myera, 2 bedroom, 2 GOLDSMITH Una area, $57,500 with 6 financing, $12,000 down, Immaculate 4 BR brick, 2Vi bath, finished basement with carpet, by bar, new painting 20tfc-owner, 426831. lurnlshed, washer-dryer- , telephone, tennis color facilities, heated pool, accom-modats8. "A home on th 15, $275 per beach." May .30, $375 par week; Dec. week plu charge for maid ser3. 47tfc vice, 226336, BEST SELLERS 50 & up BOOHENDS Pre-Owne- d Paperbacks Hauling LW. DOLT 10-- - t 717 Lake Elkhorn Drive SBR, brick ranch, By Owner bam, family room, Ikeplaoe, llv htg room, kHcrvan, laundry room, 190, energy aavlng new water vents on gas himao heater, large lenced back yard, up to farm. Storage ahed kecks within houee, separata a tor age ahed In back yard. Horn In exvery clean. cellent condition Asking $41,600. pollution, etc.? 4 down payment with below 4 iR mikt rata fnfereet. room wftfi f 8alfis, timllf faalefully decorated. fireplace, Jean Parrot! WMQFIELO $04 Ftm Cre Attractive duplt bungalow. Great condition, per fee I for owner or Investor. A a for MttgrH Htnklnt (Guaranteed for up to 3 years) REAL ESTATE .Call for estimate Protective Car Coatings, Inc. 363-516- All Work Ouaranteed P.O. Box 153 Prospect, Ky. 40059 566-675- Betty mmmmbh I Q EXTERIOR Acreage In th mlnl-lw8 beautiful HooHor Forroal ONLY from Loulsvlll rnlnut $499t) Also Included I "LOO ' KIT' to build your "SETTLER'S polal offr CABIN." Thl 22c s.plras June 1.(502) - I Make Year Model FREE PICK UP A DELIVERY miles Applications farm with bulldlnga. 8 Ind., Corydon, south 2 267-540- Mipn4n1lr peri; Apartments 32 greener, CRESTWOOD CROSS KEYS APTS. Enjoy lite In an I Plex In a country bdroom nvlronnwnL 1 to better;! Rooking lawn. Phone 237-494- 3 rVe Sptclallzt In Luxury condominium, fully furnished, rent by week or weekend. RESORT RENTALS P.O. Box 1601 Bloomlngton, Indiana 47402 37 Expensive Cars IcustoulawnI 24 HOUR SERVICE r f-r ma in or professionals will come Into your home and do light housework. Cleaning 41 CS3-43C- an expert do your cleaning and painting lor you. Specializing In window and carpet cleaning. guaranteed. work All 42 13tlc-- by machine. No t xprinc, costs less Dick Weber's Wall Cleaning. CONCRETE CREEKSTONE lalfc-- h wiCall Service HOME Cleaning i floors. Landscape Maintenance QuaNty Work 4tfc-- Tom Hlgglna 267-887- aeeka quid lo do carataklng, Brick Apartments Offices Window Wsshlng Spring Cleaning Floor Stripped 6 Waxed Relerences Reaaonabl Rat Free Estlmalea 2674293 condominium.' FLORIDA Kay near Sarasota, Longboat directly on Qui!. Two bedrooms, two bsths. Completely lurnlshed. Washerdryer, color T.V., prion. Accommodates six. Tennis and pool. Rose and Shannon 8ton. 5ttc-- a Call alter 6 pm, Home from $174 per month. SPACIOUS. Up to 136 q. ft- - Nearly new. CaH Mra. Wellec i For Rent -- La. Four large deck, on River Barren bedrooms, a lakelront with gentle sloping to water. Private boat dock, $325 par week, during eummer. Inlormatlon call (weakday vnlngs) 12tlc-- l SIESTA KEY Sareeota, Florida I bedroom. 2 bath oondo, directly on beautiful beach, pool, 2 toml ourta, exerolae room with aauna. Walk la shops and restaurants. Monthly rantakt only, 66-687after $ pm. Block Creekstone Work References Free Estimates & Horn "No lob loo big or $mill" 897-565- 0 CONCRETE WORK Driveways Patios Garage Floors Klini Ftlaid Sidewalks 426-987- 1 428-883- 1 CONCRETE WORK Orlvewsys, eldewalka, patio. Commercial or reeldentlal. Free Estimate Inaurad SERVICES TOWNHOUSE, Lake Cumberland State Park, tennis, saunas, swimming. Furnished. Oft season rates until Juna 1. Call & CHIMNEY repair and tuck point. Wa alto caulk windows door. 12 years 1c A Superior Housecleanlng Service WANT TO BUY YOUR HOME Call waehlng mot Concrete Brickwork We Do Complete Job 20c Owned WALL wrlrnces. ndow, walls Willing maintenance, 0 LET Wanted pt.houaa. proven system A team Here's of satisfaction. HOUSECLEANINO professional work, dependable, own transpor-tatlon- . 48tfc- 2454344. TEACHER Resort Rentals For mor are all you;:. :reed for a richer! Address. 71. CUSTOMLAWN jjyear Name I "FOUR" OTHER INTERIOR TOTAL FAMILY RESORT Don't Hat before you got our r. W buy houaee up Ve 660,000. Close wtthin one week. Not An Agent Shutf Rtalton VACATION FOR PRICE QUOTE CALL OR MAIL COUPON 111) 441 tm 10 ml. So. of Blooming! on, Ind. I 20C GGALAOT Spoeksltalng In Mtarlng, napkin, ajiatoh and Invitation for N CLEANING apartments, condos, homes, Eaat area only, husband Fs wife 20c negotiable. 23fr6669, 9 36 .Sodding and Landscaping Bluegraas Sod ij Trees Shrubs Sewer line repslrs No ob too small eludod In prteo. Sootehgurdlng avaHabt. 230-141- 4 LANDSCAPING Would you like to drive the best looking care in Louisville? PROFESSIONAL CARPET CLEANING SPRING SPECIAL S rma. ft hall $38.95 2 rms. It hall $29.95 Spot removal and dodorlad bv SERVICE W)djHnf) R4Msp4kM? 425-510- 0 J.B. CALVERT BECKY'S BUDGET com- THE POINTE On Lake Monroe THE 20p 282-034- 7 ON A BUDGET? Cfl Becky TV, SEALSTON DRIVE' 4204 Penn Ran Oood aeaumabla loaa or row buy 425-587- 5 How would you like for your car to look like new again? How would you like for your new car to stay looking new for years to come? How would you like to PROTECT the finish on your car from the sun, salt, GILIGC::2 Tue Sat sell trad p and AUTOMOBILE PROTECTION PLAN & BEAUTY TREATMENT ' bath, screened balcony, reaaonabl after 5 p.m. BRIDES pletely LAWN CARE Clean-u- and tetldtntial, rataa, 937-C03- 3 Special Party? 0 area New listing great starter home, 2 bedrooms, aluminum siding, carpel, fenced, t, $29,950. 20c 38 Accounting Bookkeeping 1 & WINDOW CLEANING OK BOOKKEEPING SERVICE, FULL or CHARGE. At your olllc pickup and delivery. Call M. at, ' or Smith, 1!le-- a 4564158. v x,Cv.r JJ iTlZ Call 4 CONCRETE WORK Inside and Out Including Storm BASEMENT LEAKS FIXED DRIVEWAYS REPLACED MASONRY 0 Bookkeeping Tax Service lax From amalleet Individual return to complete manual or computer bookkeeping and tax aystem. Call lor appolntmenL Reasonable rataa. 4682768 Bill Hanlrtgg WORK 12 x16' PEBBLE PATIO $496 20 yrs. experience Cleaning Service It 363-524- 4 20 years super! nc VICT0RY ALLEN PINKSTON 368-795- 267-579- 5 :::::::::::::: M. KINGSBURY Sine CONCRETE CONSTRUCTION CO. 12 veara Fully Insured Quality Workmanship Carpentry SPECIALISTS IN: Concrat Driveways CARPENTRY work; remodeling, Mm, deck, repair, tc. Work guaranteed, 43ttc-- CARPENTER work, rmodllng. room addition, fully Ineured, work guaranteed. William tto Pooling, Concrwt Concrat Qarag Carport Slab rplr, : :: . Concrete Pstlo . Lain Release Sidewalks Concrat Sill, Step Stoop V : CaH for your Mon. appointment Sat Available Querenteed t Workmanship Fre Estlmstss 241-944- 148 .p"W. Residential - Commercial Industrial 39 20c . CLEANING services, commercial Catering mm and sauna. Choleo datss avaliabie for summer month. CALL ret. reaaonabl or and 837-457- 4 40 SANIBEL ISLAND II Dependable houaea. SUPERCLEAN Near Fort Meyer, Florid. Luxury 2 BR, 2 bath. Condom inum. For Sale 23c apartment CLEANINO , CCi-421- 9 $326rwek 700 Lyndon Ln. 244-027- ' inGregory Belak 8954160 V I Rfrnc HtOhik I FERN CREEK toys. Insurance 23 LANDLORDS A x Trees Removed WA renovation Tucker, upon re- call Dorandla -- Chldren's June ka FREE ESTIMATES SAN IB EL ISLAND FLORIDA Spectacular View! Dec.16-Apr.3- ' 10:15-6:0- Accepting Spring Thatching, Spraying & Planting Kxprind 1 !; 897-690- 9 267-026- TYPING fb ftc '"om' Largo or small profacta 374)426-47- Call 22c service. TIRED of housekeeping? Hlr housekeeper. For mor Informa- 2 BR, 2 BA, Condo : !' IV 636-- BUTCHER'S, BLOCK CO. eiARfoNTrT;; . : 451-424- 0 Clothe Ages 2 to 6 years.' Sliding Fee Scale Opens , ' H 107 Fairfax Ave. Free Estimates Insured Answering Service Loving Staff Spacious Rooms Large, grassy surfsced playground . METRO NEWS, INC 4264 Poplar Level Rd. c" YOUTH EXCHANGE Consignment Shop for children. Inlants to 16 yrs. REMOVAL TRIMMING LIGHT HAULING ST. JOSEPH CHILD DEVELOPMENT CENTER Planned Program lor Early Childhood Education MUSIC LESSONS t t BIO 693-234- 4 Enrichment Program June 8 July 31 4139 Shelbyvllle Rd. Martin porch. n No lob loo until oi loo farp. Expert work for mN price. BOBLANHAM Enoy spacious 2 BR, 2 112 bath villa overlooking lagoon and got) ours. Complete with twlmmlng pool and all th comfort of 456-511- 0 - Complete rmodllng and renovating. Doors, docks, 15tlc- - screervsd-l- Mr. ' quest. Carpentry Work Picturesque Hilton Head Island South Carolina NOW WEEKEND maid 451-079 evening. tion horn, pets. LYNDON 897-300- 3 Educational Computer Service Loulavllle.KY 40207. METRO NEWS small 235 Brown Ave. Individual Ued Computer Aeelated Instruction K thru 12 and Adults t ki all areaa! Rentala, option to buy. Open 7 Day. Subeertptlon Reueablol , St. Armanda Circle, private homo wrpool, 8araaota 2 BR, 2 bath, completely furnished. S mln. walk to Lido Beoch. 1 month minimum rontal. Writ Box (827 Co Scrlppo-Howar- d Co. P.O. Box 7432, Prae AFDC, SECTION 6, WELFAREI For detalla on low Inoom rental 4 METRO NEWS, caH 100's of opening dally! Vecenclee driveway. NO JOB TOO SMALL Call alter S pm, 8688610 or 20c 2394695. Advertlte FREE Open lawn tractors) pick-udelivery In St. Matthews Free URSULINE RANCH STYLE 4 rm. $146. - ad- and patios dition, garages, 2 & Tune-U- p (AH models 426-111- 1 BR, air, appUanoee, MOST BILLS PAIDI Rng1nd, 6 BR. 2 bath, pooL $276. gold and antique Jewelry 897-537- MANGUM'S Mower Repair 1 PURCHASE OPTION. 2 BR, yd., 6 kids, pets, $166. j; GOLD & SILVER EXCHANGE MJ4SI-I1S- Cleaning j Remodeling, CARPENTRY Brochure available. 14ilc s FLORIDA To !' all levels, all ages any stroke Certified WSI Your Pool From furniture to fiddles, find it inthe Classifieds. ' Lawn Mowing 1 Yard Work Bushes trimmed Spring clean-uResidential I Commercial Fully Insured. JOHN VOLLMER 19tlc-- HILTON Head: 2 lovely houses, 2 BR's, with 2 baths each. rates till June 1st. your diamonds, Piano - Gaslight area - experienced piano teacher - college music degree - several openings. Estates, Call 8934371 20p LOW INCOME, $ BR, 2 bath purchase option. Kid, pet a. $110. Ci SUMMER teacher. Carpentry Resort Rentals OKOLONA. Rent to own, S BR, central air, kMa, pet a, $200. SELL AUDIT CIRLULAl ION Sarestt St., Saab sMca, U SMI $228. HIGHLANDS. Ut II It lee paid, $100. Besutlful Imported Slsel Floor covering $1.00 so,, yd., wsll covering $3.00 so,, yd. Tapestries In assorted colors, as well as some slegent tapestries from Belgium. AH ol this Inventory muet go. Drssllc Reductions. Cash Only. All Sales Final. IMPORTEX : LAWN SERVICE WELLS (413 CLEAN 1 BR, fenced prtvecy, kide, 666. CLOSEOUT SALE Reasonable Furniture BR. 2 LJ LA 4 PRESTON. $126. Dave's Tree Surgeons Complete Tre & Shrub Care Fully Insured Answers of puzzle appear on 1st page of Classified. $128. 91 VERIFIED l $260. 6 I I kid, EAST END 4 BR, yard, 895-002- 5 Lawn Car ft Landscape Commercial Residential Olssatlaltled with your lawn? Carl us for Ire eetlmate Annual Maintenance 934072 Rudy Volt Joe Bryant 36 OK SECTION Messages By Song In person or by Phone SHAMROCK Our very independent auditor: 466-81- fenced, garage, SIELfsMS 896-496- 9 HIM. CRESCENT HILL S BR, doubt 2Qc . kid, NO DEPOSIT! $150, 2 BR, chair, swing, cheat, high yard, $170. pets. Crescent bed, playpen, four drawer I l Much Experience . 20c BABY And so will Verified Audit Circulation! llrepiace, BUY WITH RENTI 2 BR, fnced sun lamp, WALLPAPER - 99c roll graas cloth, 40 dlacount; 300 bocks, up to 50 discount. CREATIVE WALLPAPER, 7100 PAINT Center, Preeton Hwy., etlc-- c 9640758. Lawns Mowed - 20c blkea, in the ranks of our readers. We thank you for the few minutes it takes. 'stand tall" and be counted t BTU, 230 $65; call Verified chooses to call, please do RENT TO OWNI 13 bedroom, Wg yard, Hd, pets, $100. FREE RENT. Handyman weeded. bath, purcfta option S BR, 6 available. 000 BTU air conditioner, two ACME TREE REMOVAL I"!" conditioner 13.000 AIR V;prtct So, if you're one of those people etfe-s- ) Modernistic 25 watt. record player watand for recorda, $45. Moving, have to 20c sell, clean-u- regularly. 8 pm, call alter detalla STEREO Experienced In all lawn maintenance, Service, Lawn Car a sciencalling some of you tifically selected random sample to ask if you read our paper FERN Creek Acrea, attractive 3 bedroom, air, garage. Married couple. No children or pets. For I 10tlcm "V'1 2- landscaping, Mlkelaskl Statistics 38 Acting Tom JSSass 35 TT- 25 20c t removal. phases of -(- 23 "? fence wgata, bast oiler. auditors will be Soon Verified' EAST end 1 6 2 bedroom mobile homes, tumished, rnt by In 36llc-week. WEDDING gown: beautiful lac tiered, long train, size 679, veil hoop slip Included. Muet see to appreciate. Originally $300. 811 altar 6:30 lor $120. 20nc p.m. MOWINQ, In short 33 Miscellaneous TOASTMASTER oven broiler, $40; baby's wooden chair swing, $5; whit picket Topping, JONES Tree Service trimming ft removal. Hedfle trimming, rubblah, hauling. Free 20c estimates, Landlord's document 31 reach; confirm that each and every one of you. 210 ary doctor keeping problem Egyptian symbol Observatory site in Calif. Awaiting 25 t heads and i Audit Circulation: to count For Rent 28 Am. mission- 20 House- 24 r 28 yeer trlmnv just how many good' in we really do Ing, residentialcommercial, MOther half Poem division 23 LAWN maintenance round service, mowing I people like yourself read this paper. And that's why we've hired Vorificd Homes 35 Prae esllmetes 16thl 895101, interested 454-024- 2 217 Breckinridge Ln. SL Matthews -J advertisers are very muclr Our Catering Avertable. Ample Parking e33-048- 1 L. L- read this newspaper!" Jefteraontown Meet for Wedding, Reception, Meeting. Benquet. Partle. Civil Litigation 1st Consultation without charge. 17 H "You bet Trek Warier 1060 Tree and Landscaping, hauling. S 1 r-- LI THOROUGHBRED HALL Attorney-At-La- work, yard of lyp 431-74- n ' ""l -- " JACKSON 210 dTeIeIr ;QElNIErTI IS t' MARY G. GRASS cutting, lawn work by 21c retired person, PERI ITTTER 'ANNE II Lamblike i23 22 Newfound- R I JlRKfTRAN I r-- SENIOR college horticulture student caps Me and willing to do RESIDENTIAL and commercial lawn service; landscaping, cleanor ing and hauling, 20c 4254112. Concubines' residence Noted sailor's sweetie Kentucky Derby symbol With leg i Iltfc-- SET prte. 4254181 i shrubs and trees,. pruning pPe1a;cpnies LENT GAf!. E ATPASTTlME Settle up Equal hurting I uproar (unruly) 7 Overwrought I Ad agency asset I Balcony 12 Famous miser II Bo Derek's 21 lugr Industrial Park. Answering service 4 light McratarM service aveUaM. AS MNHIe eioeot anon Included In Stfrx a I laEiiillT .ons sifrTpe NTt tip 4Born(Fr.) S uaraen Services any DOWN 1 Lawn 25 & LAWN that-- , maintenance chlng, fertilizing, seeding. Yard clean-umowing and trimming, ,.LI lA L D Af 41 Key ACROSS - TO ANSWERS FOR WEEK OF MAY 13th 40 Dependabl. Call Lc 1 ofltoM MM wslteiM tot rant In tpfflQ 9ajnefMt4nlvaj( In reasonable rataa. Insured. RcdCrMiradv, I 3S ATTENTIONS light hauling basements, garage a attic cleaned, gutter cleaning, Handyman work I Upkeep : K Kind ivorced man ui c jpOll i NUNNLEA 9316 Hurstboum Lan. Available for wadding 10tlc-- a recaption a. CHILDRESS n LA & -DTree Sonic with 3 kid at horn dealra amaU to medium Ira work; shrub, garden lining; TOP toll and fill dirt for sal 13tfc--d call 26761 c I J. i inn Commercial 33A Garden Services Lawn I , .

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