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Image 2 of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.), January 28, 1912

Part of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.)

, . METHODIST IF YOU DEPOSIT DOLLARS FIVE A WEEK this bank at interest for twenty years, yon ran. after that time. m Minister Praises the Heroism of Catholic Priest DRAW OUT SIX DOLLARS A WEEK and still Have all the money you deposited and half as inn. ii uiui lun.. time to wait, vou sav. But looking backward. wonuenuny time after twenty year, the money will seem aside. Well,snort. you to set And a rood deal of save something and the result irtll be gratifying what-eve- r can the amount- - Fortunes are made of small savings. There's no better wav ii save money than by investing frequently in oor Time Certificates of Deposits, or Incoming a saving depositor here. Vou can draw out principal and interest at maturity or leave both to earn more interest. Cime and talk it over with us. JEFFERSON COUNTY BANK JEFF K RSONTOWN, KY. Surplus, (3,000.00: Resources. $200,000.00 President. and Cashier. I. C. CARDWELL, Vice-Pre- s. c ipital, $15,000.00: H. N. REIT BELT. than they did in towns that had no 1HE JEFFERSONIAN college or good school. Facts line these brought so close to our own homes and little city "I HAD RATHER should inspire us to place the very LIVE :S A COUNTRY lest environments around the young BAYIKC HEW8PAPERI people that are growing up around AHO NO LAW? us. A model school like the one THAN IN ONE contemplated for Jefferson Heights-wo- uld HAYING LAW8 AND do more to increase the standNO NEWSPAPER." ard of good citizenship in this community in the years that are to come A Local Newspaper. Published Every Thuradajr than anything else under the sun. For the People ol All the County. JEFFKR50NTOWN. KY. A SUBSCUPnON $1.00 PKR PK1CF. PAYABLE YI'.AR IN ADVANCE. J. C. ALCOCK. Editor and Publisher. Advertising Rates (tanks OUturkf Sc Cards of KeaUt-r- : line is ,0c s Six words to the line. 23c per inch Display, one insertion only fine, well equipped school building, with teachers that could create an atmosphere of knowledge, would cause the youth of this community to take more interest and pride in trying to get an education, as well as cause them to look on and beyond this and plan an upright and noble career in life. While on the other hand, if the citizens of this commun- ity do not place the best environpeos matter .tune IS, 1907, ment possible around the young Entered as ple they will be inlluenced to take at the postofflce at Jeffersontown. Kentucky nuer lh- Act of Congress of March 1 1879. the lover view of life and never amount to anything. Member of Kentucky Press Association as If the citizens of this place want League. BiKlilL District PubLishi-rtheir boys and girls to make noble men Thursday, January 25, 1912. great and women, in with something view, they will and noble think these things over and give THE MOUNTAINS them the advantage of every good WANT K. P. A. MEETING. environment possible and a good school building is possible. At a meeting of the executive I 'ommercial Club, which ol the as held Monday niyht. it was decid- NOTICE TO ed to extend to the Kentucky Press SUBSCRIBERS. Association an unqualified invitation To all of our readers who have perto hold tbelr summer Meeting in .lack-soEvery member mitted their subscriptions to The next summer. lr sent appeared very enthusiastic to expire, we dedicate over the chances of securing this Jeffersoni.m few lines. Next week we are groat meeting of Kentucky boosters these and say that they will show the Ken- going to send ycu a paper marked tucky penmen the tisse of their lives. with a blue pencil, provided your -- Jackson Times. subscription is not paid before onr Since the press of the State and next issue. We do not like to do this nation has often misrepresented the Cor many reasons, and hope you will people of the mountains it might be remit now and save us the trouble well to hold the next meeting of the an.l you the humiliation. K. P. A. at Jackson. The members Vov may easily determine whether then could go home and give their or not your subscription has expired readers a true story of the mountain by looking at the label on your papeople of Kentucky. The Jcflerson-ia- per. If it reads "Doe, John Dec. 11," hopes the Executive Committee or prior thereto, it means that your will looK favorably upon the invita- subscription has expired and that you tion of the Jackson ('ommercial Club. owe one dollar for another year in you advance provided however, OWINGS VOTES wish to have the paper continued. FOR COUNTY UNIT BILL. If not, if you will kindly write or Hon. L. C. Owings, representative phone us we shall take "pleasure" in in the Legislature from Jefferson taking your name off the list. We county, voted for the extension of do not want to send The Jeffersonian the county unit bill which passed the to anybody who does not want it Mr. there are too many who want it and house one dav last week. But at the Owings in an address said that while pay for it promptly. he personally opposed the bill, it was same time we desire to know those a party platform pledge and he who do and those who do not want thought allDemocrats should support the paper. If we stop the paper it. realizing loo that a majority of promptly at expiration many of our tne people of the state desired such a subscribers will become angry and bill. The friends of Mr. Owings here accuse us of not trusting them for a have been speaking of his action in "Jittle old dollar," while others will the most favorable terms and they say we should have stopped the pa admire him for the way he has sacri per when the time was out without liced his own personal preferences notifying them. Either way, we are that the will of the people might be sure to not please everybody. satiated. B way of parenthesis the We are using this means, however, Rev. Virgil Klgin, in the course of to let you know that if your sub his sermon at the Jeffersontown scription is not paid by the time of Methodist church Sunday morning, our next issue, we shall make a blue paid Mr. Owings a high tribute and mark around a notice calling atten complimented him for voting for tion to the fact that your paper will the county unit bill. Mr. Owing? is stop if not renewed by the following taking a prominent part in the work- week. (We are glad to extend credit ings of the Legislature and is getting to those desiring it, and if you will to the point where the others "sit up write us to that effect we shall wait and take notice"' when he has any- on you for the dollar.) thing to say or do. Now is a good time to renew your subscription, while we are offering ENVIRONMENT MAKES especially low rates with other GOOD OR BAD CHARACTER. papers, which you will see advertised The Rev. Virgil Elgin, pastor of in another part of this paper. Everythe Jeffersontown Methodist church, body reads some paper, and when preached a sermon Sunday morning you can get almost any paper pubthat it would have been well for a lished from us at agents, rates, it larger congregation to have heard. seems to us that you should give us He spoke of children inheriting the order since the only thing that characteristics of their parents, as we ask is that you take your own well as the influences of this life that county paper at only $1.00 the year: The Jeffersonian is meeting with help to mold the characters of young Among the things that he more success now than ever before, people. said that struck us more forcibly and we are publishing a better paper ban anything else was the fact that than ever before. There is more worth In the environment of a town or com- than a dollar's your lableone issue. So now and if please look at munity had a great deal to do with people. it shows a date prior to Dec. 11, the life and character of the once. He spoke of college towns and the kindly send us your dollar at paper. towns as- We need it and vou need the wav the citizens of these next week. pired more to attain the higher life Don't get a blue mark second-clas- 11 - s com-initti-- ,' n n Rev. Hum mel's Address. Come to Louisville We Will Rebate Five (5) PER CENT of Your Total Purchases Up to The Railroad Amount of Your Round-tri- p Fare r meeting of the At the Methodist Conference Ronrri of Missions held at the Broadway Methodist church in Louisville last week, mid-yea- Rev. Ceo. W. Hummel, born Jeffersontown. but and reared pastor of the Methodist church at Rossellville, spoke on the life and work of Father Joseph Damicr. the noted and beloved Roman Catholic missionary to the leper colony at Molokai. Hawaii. Father Damicr, young and full of the love of Jesus Christ, gave his life to the cause by going into the leper country, taking the disease and dying, simply to spread the Gospel among the dying natives of Hawaii. In speaking ot Father Damicr the Rev. Mr. Hummel said: "his life was one ol splendid heroism and service." Referring to the fact that addresses on David Livingston and "Chinese" Gordon also were on the programe, Mr.Hummel said: ".Surely ourRoman Catholic brother is the peer of any." Mr. Hummel is fast growing into one of the leading ministeis of the Methodist church, and his many iriends and relatives here are proud of him and the great work he is in now This not only saves you the cost of your traveling expenses, but it also gives you the advantage of our big assortments and extra low prices, which we are enabled to quote by reason of our being affiliated with the greatest buyingorganization in the world. Carpets, Millinery, Dry Goods, Furniture, Footwear, Readytowear, and House Furnishings. doing. Kennedy Honor Roll. Report of Kennedy school. District 4!, tor November and December, is Bacon a SONS - as followsThe tollowing pupils made an average of 85 per cent or more in deportment, punctuality and lessons: t.U T4 TiiiMiiir nn First Grade Emmett Crask, John Zertz. Geo. Stairs. John Emory nedy, Walter Schneiter, Viala man. Second Grade- - Willie Westerma n. Riehlman, Third Grade- - Monro Mary Lee Schehr. Fourth Grade Prances Bryan, Bailie Hunsinger, Geo. Sky lea, Grace Schunight. Harry Kennedy. Fifth Grade Arthur Drescher, Rimer Schneiter, Florence Graff, Henrietta Schneiter. Seventh Grade Beulah Broyles, Jackson Kennedy. Eighth Grade William Bryan, Catherine Hunsinger. Krmil Gerth, Albert Schneiter. Headmarks for November: Catherine Hunsinger. Eva May Hikes. Elmer Schneiter. Frances Bryan. Monroe Riehlman, Walter Schneiter, John Emory Kennedy, Albert Schneiter, Kdw. Lausman. Henrietta Schneiter, Grace Schunight, Win. Westerman, Geo. Stairs. Headmarks for December: Albert Schneiter, Edw. Lausman, Henrietta Schneiter. Mary Lee Schehr. Ida Skyles, Emmett Crask. Eva May Hikes, Florence Graff, Harry Kennedy, William Westerman. Walter Schneiter. Present every day in November: John Emory Kennedy. Aline Schehr. Walter Schneiter, Wm. Westerman, Monroe Riehlman, Frances Bryan, Ida Lausman, Eleanore Schneiter. Lula May Schneiter. Joyce Roselle. Eva May Hikes, Jackson Kennedy, Catherine Hunsinger, Viola Lausman, Arthur Schneiter. Tony Roselle, Hallie Hunsinger, Mary Lee Schehr, Florence Graff, Joseph Schehr. Henrietta Schneiter, Edw. Grail, Beulah Broyles. Jno. Lee Hoke. Wm. Bryan. Present every day in December Emma Crask. John Emory Kennedy. Walter Schneiter, Ernest Broyles, Tony Roselle, Harry Kennedy. Grace Schunight, Florence Graff. George Lausman, Ida Lausman, Eleanora Schneiter, Elmer Schneiter, Henrietta and Lula May Schneiter, Edw. Graff, Joe and Joyce Roselle, Beulah Broyles, John Lee Hoke, Jackson Kennedy, Wm. Bryan, Emil Gerth, Catherine Hunsinger. Albert Schnei-- ter. Perfect in attendance for entire half term: Catherine Hunsinger, fda Lausman, Wm. Bryan. Henrietta Schneiter. Beulah Broyles, Florence Graff, John Lee Hoke, Lula May Schneiter. Daisy DrVenter Bryan. Teacher. A Hero In ! INCORPORATED sr Ti- m- LOUISVILLE, KY. COURIER-JOURNALJ- C A For 1912 Lock Carl A. Hummel. ALCOCK & HUMMEL You cannot keep posted on cur- rent political events unless you ichI the INSURANCE COURIER JOURNAL OF ALL KINDS Lousville. Ky., Henry Wattbbson, Editor. This Presidential Year BOTH PHONICS THE TARIFF will be tbe issue and the battle will be a A policy on hard fought one can get WEEKLY COURIER -- Von JEFFERSONTOWN, KT. The Best Companies JOURNAL Place ypur business with a Home Agency People who will take care of THE JEFFERSONIAN One Year For - your life, house or live stock in AND Both - $1.50 By a special bargain rate during January and February only vou can get the Daily Courier-Journand the Jeffersonian both one year for only $4.00. Sunday Courier included YOUR interests. al $2.00 extra- - We can also make a special l on Daily or Sunday rate Cour-Journa- in combination with this paper. of This Cut Rate, Orders Must Be Sent To Get Advantage to Us, Not to Courier-Journa- fICE CREAM The best that is made at reasonable prices. Special rates to churches, picnic parties, etc, country friends are invited to trade here and receive the best of service. l. My TELEPHONES: HOME Pen Creek Exchange. Jeffersontown CUMBERLAND 36-3. Erke City and county Servick. After 6 v. m. call (Res.) Cumb. 1604 PFEFFER'S BAKERY 1044. Home lliirhlamt in. Ex. Bardstown Road. Louisville, Ky. C. CUMBERLAND TELEPHONE & TELEGRAPH CO. (L.COIPOltATED) LET'S FIGURE Long distance lines and telephones of this Company enable you to talk almost anywhere in Southern Indiana, Southern Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi and Louisiana. .We can put you in quick and satisfactory communication with the people of this great section of the country. We solicit your patronage. Rates reasonable. Equipments and facilities There's a reason you should let me sell I handle tne best; have a large line to select from and the prices vou wall paper. are right. I guarantee all work. given prompt attention. Cumb. phone Paper hanging 4S-- G. A. HOKE, Jeffersontown a Lighthouse. For years J.S. Douahue, So. Haven, Mich., a civil war captain, as a averted awful wrecks, but a queer fact is, he might have been a wreck, himself, if Electric Bitters had not prevented. "They cured me of kidney trouble and chills he writes, "after I had taken other so called cures for years, without benefit and they also improved my sight. Now, at seventy, I am feeling fine. "For dyspepsia, indigestion, all stomach, liver and kidney troubles, they're without equal. Try them. Only 50 cts. at all druggists. JAME8 E. CALDWELL, v light-housekeep- Subscribe for the Jeffersonian Electric Bitters it is tbe best medicine ever sold over a druggist's counter. LEL AND HUME, General T. D. WEBB, Miduii. CLUBBING OFFEBS. Daily Courier-Journand Jeffersonian, both one year The al Succeed when everything else fails. In nervous prostration and female weaknesses they are the supreme remedy, as thousands have testified. FOR KIDNEY, LIVER AND STOMACH TROUBLE President , . $4.00 Louisville Times and The Jeffersonian, both one year Evening Post and The Jeffersonian, both one year . $4.50 $3.50

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