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Image 1 of Daily commonwealth (Frankfort, Ky.), February 23, 1848

Part of Daily commonwealth (Frankfort, Ky.)

r , DAILY COMMONWEAL TH. 1 LinJ Frankfort ASD PIBUSHED BY PRINTED J.Todl, John A. G. Hodges. Tho. W. Piuett t'MiLR THE I 1RX John &. V. Finnell, or j. w. !m:i.i-- , i TtlMS UK S.. liiii I'ominMvtu iii," rv i:ditok. K1PTION Jar uary ' in single insertion, .. Januarv Arrives D.ily ly y at Departs I 10 Kj. soatlir-r- Arrives Tueslavs. Thursdays and Saturdays, by 1 o'clock, Departs Mondays, WeJiesays and Fridays, at 10 o'clock, Msdisuii, (Inil.) Hail, via Nw C'ntle,Ky. Arrives Mondays. Wed s,lays an! Fridays, by C o'clock, Departs Tuesdays. Thurs wys and Saturdays, at 5 o'clock, Frairkfort, January would h 1. reJiJ PIERSON AudDcnlcrs in Fruit", GEO R G E FiaiiMort. January Jan. Hotel, and with a call Jane. try Til OS. S. THEOBALDS. il(l AND SHEET-IRON- ', constantly on hmd a lurse supp'.v of TEA SAD IKONS, BRASS AND COPPER KETTLES, SAUCE PANS, BLTTTANIA and JAPAN WA RE of all kinds. All of which will be sold Wholesale and Retail, cheaper than at any other house in the city. Louisville, January 1, 1818. KEEPS SOMERVILLE AM) llKAI.KRS IV ( OOKINC STOVES, CASTINCS, cVc. S'i'B of the OOLDF..Y STOPF.. .Vo. !tii, .Main Street, near 5'(. Loaisrillr, Kv. HAND a constant supply of ON ING STOVES; Fancy ParlorImproved Premium COOK- tj, STOVES, T, and 10 Plate STOVES ; COAL STOVES; TEA KKTI LES ; Enamelled and Plated GRATES; SAD IRONS and COFFEE Louisville, January 1, 1H4H. MILLS. St. Clair St'cet, Franlfort, Kentucky, "T7"HERE there can at all times be found almost every des- criptiouof Dry Goods, Furniture, Boohs, Stationery, At private sale by retail or otherwise, at exceedingly low prices. January 1, t.r. Rio Coffee, A'so, Ian Jin from same Boat : ..n.iles. FIjUi". warrai te l si;perlii,e, lot) li!,:s. l s o Us Fl .U''. and 1" ibis. do. ii! ten.iii at erv low pi ices. All FriiRi'jn. D. c.r.ti. 11T. I.AZ. I.INDSEY. t'r CORNl.:'. MAIN AND CHAIRS. JOHN P. CAMAIACK, FKANKFOiCT, KY. HOU:E, FKAXKF O KT, KENTUCKY. .Vain S'reet, Frankfort, Kentucky, Warehouse, a lare FURNITURE of various patterns and a lare lot of "ood CH A IRS. The assortment consists of Dressing BUREAUS of ditTerent patterns and prices. do Plain do, do do r.t his of tine snl-- HAS re (mil t his liMU'e, would inform his friends and the jeuerai:;., that ,e is now prepared to serve up every ; Plain SIDEBOARDS. End. Dinins. Breakfast and Cen' re Tables, Mahogany, Birus Eve Maple, Cherry, and Sycamore a food varie't). BEDSTEADS Cane seat Parlor CHAIRS, Lame Rocking ( aneseal do. Spring-bottodo, arm Nursinz Cane Ix ttoiii do. And a larce assortment of Windsor Chairs, 0 difTcreut patterns, and a vi.riety of prices. .1. P. C. respectljlly invites attention to his lot of Furniture and Chairs, and I elieves he can promise such bargains as will High-pos- t 1, lfls. WM. LiONS, Corner of 3Iaiu nnj Iliyh treet, Frankfort, Ky., arlii lei.i ti.e CnUre II the mai htt aroids. in as good all its STILL continues to carry on ha id WAGONS andinPLOUGHS style as am- otner estahlistiiii.ut of the kind iu the West. branches. He keeps on HtsLaiiiei is never empty. Lul on the conttarv is well filled of all sixes and dt scriptiuns, , with Frankfort, January I, 181. FOW LS, VENISON, TKIPE, O YSTEKS, Arc. He is p epaied to wail on gentlemen at 'all times, lv and niht. Give bun a call. January,!. FIII, Canlage and Wagon Maker, s L: WHOLES f'epwr Wlui ie L'&AR. Coflee. Tea. March. Sala-ratu- Iuji.'o. Shovels. butt Hinges, Madcier. On huii'l and for sale hy Fraukloit. January 11, SIMS NY Ob the lfl. f. rnT -- MILLS CA - Aft 1UU Barrels etn.CHcb. Frankr.rt, also. fitlin?up and repair n? MILLS and MACHINERY of all kinds, with neatiie-j- auJ d etpatch. Terms to suit the times. T. L. ROBERTS. Frankfort, Oct. 11th, It IT. tf N. H. I have a first rale two horse wagon, which will be sold low for cash. A. Dec. 20, T93-b- y. MUNSELL'S MEDICAL EMPORIUM, Sr.. Clair Street, Frankfort, Kentucky. ALL the Patent Medicines, and every thing in the Drug line, kept constantl y on hand. T The purity and pen lineness of every article warranted. Prescriptions filled neatly, accurately, and with despatch, v La'Z. L1NDSEY. gV Tresh Arrival of Family Groceries. Kkikivkd, Medicines ca.11 be had at any hour or the night. He wislies to sell for cash. His prices are very low ; and lie will make it to the inte rest of purchasers to patronize him. JtT (OJUTINU ! part or New Orleans Susar. a jirime ailicle; k 1 V HHPS. WooUey A 5 bids. and Wuolsey's Powdered Suear; 5 do do do Crushed Sugar; boxes do Loar Sugar; do 20 sacks Old Kio Coffee; !i do Old Government Javt Coffee; JyAgent lor the Canton Tea Cr.mpnnv. Frankfort, January 10 boxes Cheese; it bbls. Cranbeiries; 20 sacks Dairy Salt; 1 .Nio doren Oldham, Todd &. Co's. Spun Cotton; 10,ti0 half Spanish Cigars; Toeether with a erest variety of articles nno tedious to For sale low by GBAY & GEORGE. January 18, InW. OPPORrTE THE MARKET. FRANKFORT, KENTUCKY. W. H. KENDALL, " FACULTY. INCORPORATED" with ail the powers, privileges and rights iu conferring Literal y Dctfrecs and Honors, and granting Diplomas, which aie exercised by tiie Tittsrtts ad Eaillty of any Colle-- e iu Kentucky." T. F. JOHNSON. A.M. General S ip : rinttndmt. W. F. HOPKINS. A. M., Joint do. and Prof. i..tVut. Srirnr: . A. FORBES. A. M. Professor of MUhematics and C'ril Kno'inemiitT. J. J. WWHK.'A. M. Prufcs.or ofA'i.Xr Mud. lMnKsrs. R. H. FORRESTER, Em). Prof, of Law, .Moral Science a d Po- li'icul F.runom u. J. G. BLA INK, A. B., Tuft J. R. SWIFT. A.M., Prim ripul vf Prcjiaratorii c part , . W. V. GAUNT, Esq., .Issistaai. Educated at West Point. This Institution will be carefully preserved from the control or domination ol any particular sect or p u t;', either in religion or politics. ye.-The til has closed with V students. The Third Sessiou will be opened on the first Monday iu E hruary, and closed oil the Itli day of July, 1S4J. The Academic year will heiealter com-mice on t he 1st of September, and close uu the 4th of July. with a Public Examination. 'The Si;pt i intendent t wice hel l the chair of Mathematics and N.tur.'.l Pliil-jphy in Geoi'eiown College; sut sequent ly, that of Natural Science and Civil Eiigiueenm; ill Bacon College; and for ten years past, has been Principal of the Cullegiate Institute noticed below. Mr. Hoi'KtNs was for 8 years Professor of Natural Science at West Point, and received from Yale College tne Honorary Decree of Master of Arts. He has since had charge ofthe Norfolk Academy, Va. The Faculty at West Point, and the Trustees at Norfolk, speak of his ability, zeal and fidelity, iu unqualified terms. Mr. Forbes graduated at the Virginia Military Institute, and has been a Professor of Mathematics lor the last live years (two years at the Virginia Military Institute) up to July. Since which time, he has been employed as an Engineer. The Superintendent and Visitors of the Institute recommend linn as 'peculiar ly veil uuuliftrd for the .Mathematical department " Mr. W'vi he graduated at the University of North Carolina, where he was retained as Tutor, till elected Professor of Languages iu Jefferson College, Miss. He has testimonials besides, from Professor Olmsted, Prof. Long, Gen. liuitman, aud other eminent scholars. Mr. Forrester isa popular speaker, a chaste writer, and was for several years a member of the Pittsburg Bar. Mr. Blaise graduated No. 1, in a class of XV, and has the lushest testimonials from eminent men, as to character and qualifications. Mr. SwivTis a graduate of Yale College, and has been teaching ten years with distinguished ability and success. . Mr. Gacvt has taught? years in the City School of Lexington. TERMS. Tuition is $:'( to $ Ml per year, in adrance. Boarding is sco in the country, or SKHJ in town, per year every thing furnished. The Cadets wear a Uniform, of Blue cloth at :i 30 per yard. They are G houis a day, in school; and hours on di ill (in good weather.) Yi.j Au additional Building, two stories high, with 4 very large rooms, will he completed this T. F. JOHNSON, Superintendent. Georgetown, January rie .ids and the public, that he still INFORMS hisf and well known establishment, continues to old and solicits patron ace. His Table, as usual, shall be furnished with the choicest de licacies of the market. Frankfort, January 1, 1843. 1, li'. Female Collegiate institute. IJEOIMJETOWX, KY. fTMiE 10th year has closed with 1C0 pupils. The .'1st Session 1 will commence on the 1st Momlav of March, under tbs management of the subscriber, aided hy his former experienced Assistants, and will close on lie 23;h day of Ji'ly, .4rf. 'This School is not cona-ciwit a the Military Institute, vvhch is conducted in dihereiit buildings, nearly half a mile dis- do Shoe Knives; do Butcher's Steels; gross Table anil 'Tea Spoons; dozen Drawing Knives, 9 to 10 inch; do Hand. Panne, and Back Saws; do Scissors and Shears: do best Cast Steel Files; do Curry Combs, asso rted; 110 13 90 TI3 Kl 110 1.300 000 Dnvnof Drnwiii pair assorted Steelyards; 2110 sett assorted Fire Irons, some very fine; 70 dozen Sheep Shears, 2 0 do Wostenholiii iV Son's fine Cutlery; With a large stock i f all oilier articles usually kept in a Hardware Store, and for sale at the lowest Ca- - h prices. A. B. SEMPLE Ot BROTHER. Louisville, January 1, Capitals 7,001), Tickets! J,000, Ar. ..Tickets S Capitals Sli.OOO, Sl.AOO, Vc. Capitals SlO.OOO, Sl.OOO, Tickets! 1.111.0 and 30 of vVC $1,300, $lgg;0, M 1,100, JO'S II A RES IN PROPORTION. The Drawing of the above received every 1 U ESDAY, THURSDAY and SATURDAY of each week throughout the year. January, IrMrt. Ki . Friday ll. Ae. 302, ,Ma:n Street, Louisrilli, Kentucky. Wholesale (iroccr iiikI Commission .Merclmnt, Dealer in Foreiyn aud Domestic Liquors, Wints, Cordials, Cigars, cVr. Vc. Country Produce of all kinds received in exchango lor Groce Louisville, January 1, ICif. ries. Piatt, Bucklin & Co., SHOE STORE, ( ASH COMMISSION Co' Auction Rooms. Soutk tiJe of A. Gotrdij n 3' and (irA Strertt, Main, hetirn Louisv "'He, Kentucky, now in store, received by recent arrivals, a large and selected stock of WHOLESALE BOOTS AND SHOES, And willbe constantly receiving additional supplies from Manthem ufacturers East, on consignment, which enables Cash. to otter for their goods at all times at lowest mai ket rates January l.)iJ4tJ. Louisville. Cigars!! Cigars!!! 50,000 CHOICE Havana Regalia's La Palina, 40.(100 Estieila's, " 30.000 Canone's, 20,000 50.000 De Move's, Prinrinpes. Old and fine, for sale low at No. 474 Main Street Louisville, tinvAau nctuncctt. Louisville, Jauuary 1, 1848. 30.0011 Smoking Tobacco and Pipes. 500 BOXES Smoking Tobacco, 50 kegs Stone Pipes-fors- ale Jan. 1, 1848. 8 oz., low. by tllninu and CAPITALS FOR EACH DAY: Monday Wednesday. 130 Opposite everv MONDAY, WEDNESDAY FRIDAY. oonn nuuonuun, No. 4T4, Main street, Louisville, Ky. LAZ. um)si:y, WHOLESALE (HiOCER AND CO.U.MISSION AND IORWARDIN(i Al EH CHANT, St. January 1, IS IS. Cl:ir t, Frankfort, Kentucky. Negro Woman for Sale. YOUNG NEGRO WOMAN, about 23 years eld. with two Children. the eldest a girl about 7 years old. and the other 4 years old, will be sold on very stood terms, t.j one not desiring to take tlieui out of the State. For further particulars, inquire H. at this Office. January 3, le'48. wlt-dt- f A WILLIAM SAMPSON, ATTORNEY AT LAW. BURKSVILI.K, KENTUCKY. AT7"1LL practice iu the Courts held iu Cumberland and the joining counties. March 17. 701 Candles! Candles!! 12 boxes Star Caudles 10 BOXES Sperui; s best Mould Candles: just received 12 boxes Frauck : for sale hy Jan. 21. 1S4W. TODD 320 Acres of AT LAW. practice Law in the Court cf Appeals, Federal Court, Court, and Franklin Circuit Coiot. Any confided to him shall be fail hfully and promptly attended to. His office is on St. Clair street, nenr the bridge, where he may Frankfort, April 1, ld45 5'.HMf generally be found. WILL AT LAW, FRANKFORT, KY., ATTORNEY AS resumed the practice, and will give his undivided attention to any business confided to him in any of the Courts held in Frankfort, and also, in the Woodford and Anderson Circuit Courts. Office on St. Clair street, opposite Swigert's Row. May 20, 1843 658-t- f a $20 ICO lan J for Acres cf $10. Texas F.miiRATiov and Laid Cvvpaxv having derive ! Grant fiom the late Republic of Tcxns, by contract made with the President thereol, under authority of the social acts of Congreis, approved ith February, is II. and loth January, 143, granting iamis to Emigrants, will ccutinus to give acres of land to families, and IliO acre of laud to single ir.eo over 17 years of age. until the i n day of July, isiri. conditioned, g that the family shall pay $.0. l the single man A 10, for the fees. A Umily,as deti:ied 111 our Contracts, must consisl of "A man and his wife, with or w itho-r- t children. 'A widower with two or more children; if males under 17 years of age, if females, unmarried." A widow with two or mors children; if males unJ?r 17 years of age. if females, unmarried. " "'Two single men over the age of seventeen years, each one being entitled to IbO acres." On his arrival in the Colony, the Emigrants should forthwith apply to the Ag?ut of the Company, Mr. Henry O. Hedgcoxe, residing at Stewarlsville. in Denton couii'y, who will at all be ready to assist him in the selection of his land, aud enter the S uue on books kpt for that purpose, ai d give him a ceililicatd theretor; which certificate will be evidence of his having settled :n the Colony in due time. Our Grant lies in the North Eastern part of Texas, between the l.Jnd and H4th legrees of Latitude Nortn, and I'jth and '.2nd degrees of Longitude West, from Was hi :m.Iou; beginning on the south sine cf Kid River, at a point 12 jniles east ofthe False Ouachitta. ruining theivce due South ItiO miles, thence East 1GI miles, th.nce North 100 miles, thence West )i;4 miles to the beginning, having a fronton Ve meaiiilerings of Red River of nearly 3oo tiile; and includes within its limits the upper and lower Cross Timber, and ths heid waters of the hrasos and Ti i nit y, the Trinity being navigable for Steam Boats of lislit draught. from the interior of Cue Colony to t : Gulf if Mexico, into whi h it e npt ics, some 23 miles from Calvestou. and Ked Kiver, tothr Mississippi, affording an outlet for the surplus productions cf the country. This portion of Texas is peculiarly adapted to tie growth of wheat, experience within the last two years having t.sted the fact, that it w ill produce 4 bushels to the acre, w tighiii: ii. to '.0 poundsto the bushel. Indian corn, rye, barley, oats, swjet an Irish potatoes, peas, beans, melons, garden vegetables of ill kiiirts, cotton, hemp and tobacco, and the celebrated muskeet si ass which covers tne prairies and upon which cattle subsist. ud keep fat during the ind require only to he occasionally salted and kept together, to rear them in great numbers. The planting sea wii commences iu February and continues . until July. Colonel William Myers, who removed there froj-.Garrard County, Ky., last fall, says, iu a letter dated eth May, 147. "I will not venture to tell my friends in Kentucky that the land here was better than the best land in Kentucky, because they would iut believe it; but now I asstit it. for the soil is deeper, being in many places five feet, aid the ki.idest land to work I ever put a plough in. 1 verily believe that around the forks of the Trinity, lies the largest body of rate land iu America." Let in) Emigrant looss sight of tbs important fact, t.iat our contracts with the Government of 1 exas expire un the 1st day of July, lSiH, and that he must not oi iy le iu the Colony, but that he must have selected his iaiul, built a house or cabin thereon, and he residing therein witS lus family by thtt day; on day after that date, and the Opportunity cf getting lands for iiothing is, perhaps, lost forever. Persons desiring additional information, by addressing the undersigned Trust'.-sor either of thum, post paid, shall receive prompt attention. WII.I IS STEWART, JOKN J. S.Ml'?H, W. C. PETERS. Trustees of the Teia.i F.migrafivn and Company . Louisville, Ky., Nov. 16, Is47 rt LOUISVILLE VARIETV STOBE K3IOKY LOU k. CO. COODS FORT THE ARE now receiving many ofas their of tie firni is resMling in TRADE, and, one New York, they will be constantly receiving, through ?he business season, Goods to assort tneir stock, direct from .Manufacturers, and of their own importation, from Sheffield and Bir mingham, which w ill keep their stock one of Uie largest in thir tine. Ourstock of HATS anil BONNETS is now the nd comprises a greater variety than any other in the West: ami having been nearly all manufactured with great care expressly for us, we can warrant them to run uniform, good sizes: aud w will be able to sell as LOWT as a much interior article can be bought at. We invite all our old customers and the- trade generally, to call and examine our stock, which we are to stl! at prices which cannot fail to secu.e to us the best trade comes t our market. A lull stock, at all times, ofthe fo'.'.owing articles will be fouml at our store, on MAIN STREET, th Uiuk of Louisville, betweeu Third and Fourth streets. Redding and Dressing Couk s. Palm Leaf Hats, Ixghorn and Panama lla'i, Rut'ons. a !rr?t variety; Cloth and Hair brushes. Fur. Silk and Russia Hats, Reaver, Wool and Glazed Hats, Shoe ami Her-coi. Bonnets, a great variety. Cotton and Wool Cards. Ribbons, do do. Scissors and Siears, Artificial Flowers, agreat vari- - Pocket Knives iV Table Cutlery, Table and Tea Spoous, etv. Green Braze, hutts and Scrtws, Jaconets and Muslins, Trace Chains and Hoes, Laces and Edgings. Licks, a great variety, and Lines, Ladies' Dress Handkerchiefs, Linen C amhric Pins and Needles, do. Pongee Silk do. Files and Curry Combs, Black and Fancy Crav ats, Cut Tacks, Sewing Silk and Twist, Hooks and F.yes, Spool Cotton, every vari sty. Knitting Pius. 1 hiuibles, a great viriety. Linen and l oltou 1 bread. Violin St rings. Cotton Cord and Binding, Suspenders, a great variety. Cap and Letter Papr. Gloves and Hosiery, Gold and Gilt Jewelry, Perfumery, a great variety, Marbles and Jewsharps, Bonnet v ire. Reads and Necklace. Looking Glasses, alargtstock. Dress and Bonnet Whalebone. Shav ing Soap aud Razor Strops, Slates a. id Pencils, Shell and Ivory Combs. Ri. ling Whips. Horn luck and Sole Combs, MACHINE CARDS for CARDING WOOL, very good ami cheap. EMORY LOW v CO. .Mam Street, near the. Hank of Loutinlle. bet rem Third nd Fourtk Streets. Office, 214, Pearl Street, New York. larrt tlt rar HATS! HATS!! 1,066 pa NAMA HATS, assorted; 3,130 dozen Palm-LeaI.'at" I'.VO single brim Leghorn Hats: do; 000 double brim 100 dozen Silk do; 120 do Angola do; 2.0 do black Russia do; Ml do drab do do; do fashionable Brush rfats; do bioa-- brim do do; 00 do bet fashionable leaver Rata. 30 do Coney Hats. Together with a large stock of h'ack and white "Woo! and Sporting Hats now iu store, all fresh goods, aud will be sold a; the lowest Eastern prices. Merchants coming to our market are particularly solicited to examine our scck befors purchasing. EMOKY LOW & CO., 4JI7 Alain street. Louisville, January 24. If 4H. 53 :!0 Taylor's Celebrated Female Bitters, A Certain and Innocnt Cure for Suppressed, Painful and Excessive Menstruation, Chlorosis or Green Sickness, LeucorrJvea or Whiles, Barrenness, . have been used by Dr. Taylor in an twenty-seveyears, and have recently been proven in many parts of the country to be the most valuable Medicine ever known for restoring ftnuale health Females ot every age will fiud them to be a never failing remedy in all cases of Deranged Menstruation, bringiug about regular, easy, and healthy menstrual evacuations. In the critical periods of life, when there is an effort of nature either to set up or arrest the monthly sickness, taey are essential to health, warding otf Dropsies and Consumptions, which are so common to those stage of life. Ths general health is so improved by their use thai Barrenness cannot exist undci their influence. Th Proprietor of this Medicine is confidtnt in the belwtfthat in every curable case, thU Medicine, if faitly tried, will effect cure; and all he asks is a trial. a jr",3 Hundreds or Certrkates, from bo'.a Mala and Ftmale, can be seen by calling on tae Ageuta. Prepared by S. T. Wilson. Greensburg, Ky., aad sold by numerous Agents throughout. the country. ITpFor sale hi Frankfort, Ky., at th e .Vcdical Empo-iuby the Agent, A. AIL" NtfLL. THESE BITTERS practice for February 4. Price On Dollar per Bottle. d 1848 To the Farmers. LVSANDER 1IOK1), ROBERT C. McKEE, land for THE ana v CRITTENDEN. ATTORNEY Advertisements. Texas Emigration and Land Company! LOTTEHY OFFICE, 1, BROTWAY. IIOITSE. KY. CEORCJETOWN, Subject to the inspection of a HOARD OF VISITORS, appointed (by the EXECUTIVE : the Adjutant General being Piesident of ti;e Loaid. are now receivin; ami opening a slock of HARD-NWARE AND CUTLERY, bought lor cash, and selected bvone of our firm (luring the p o t summer, at the m inufacturers tant. Professr Hopkins Lectures here to the Senior Class of Young in B1K.M1NGH l.M and SHEFFIELD, an I are now piepaicd to Ladies, every day, mi a very tine Chemical and Philosophical MECHANICS, mid otfei extra inducements to MERCHANTS, BUILDERS, who may favor ns by calling and examining our Apparatus, belonging to this School. Professors Wye he and Swili attend to the classes iu Latin, stock aud prices, as well s the styles and qualities of our goods. French and Mathematics, whilst the Military Exercises, in Ourstock will be kept full, by regular receipts during the Fall which they take no part, are going on at th other Institute. and Winter, from the niduiif ictuiers. We have now in Store T. F. JOHNS, IN, Principal. as fjllows: January V, l'l-?.T0 gross Table Cutlery, assorted qualities; 1,000 dozen Purket utlery; Hi!) do Wade A- Butcher's Razors, very superior: Rogers v Sun's Pocket Cutlery; 140 do HY I). F. WlilftHT, 17 do Gnu Locks, flint aud percussion; G"0 do Padlocks; SI, Clair Street, nearly opp.o-.iilli ."Mansion House, 70 do Carpenters' and Imitation Knob Locks; FRANKFORT, KENTUCKY. B'O do Butcher and Cook Knives; HAVE . WHOLESALE AND RETAIL Ohio Flour; Kuck wheat Flour; Sup-rfi- Sacks Kutkuhcit Flour; M Kives liaisii.s; '.ti Half Boxes Kai-in- s: :t Quarter Boxes Raisins; for sale .VI HARD W ARE, CUTLERY, &c. large (JEORCIE WELBY. TURNING IN WOOD AND IRON; FLOUR, BUCKWHEAT, &c. Just Rereived. jut Steamer Grey Easle, 1 118, midersiined respec t fully informs the citizens of and vicinity, that he has taken the shop formerly occupied by K. A. Bohann k, o n Hith street, near Wm. Lyons' Blacksmith shrp, where he is pu pared to do all kinds of BARBER, 2-- 1, THE STEELE, A'erel Hintding$. , OFFER FOR SALE BAGS Rio Co'lee. M iili s. prime Sugar, 11.0 barrels Molasses, 1 30 " Mackerel. All kinds of Country Produce taken in Exchange. Louisville. January 1. ISIrt. Notice. A: r ui;ht,nt r Frankfort, January FRJ3XKFORT, KY. Januarv I. J vrJ- onpoiiie tlie WrNigcr Ilossr, ;ivc P,it!i at nil huurntday ";7.HIS COACH SIKP may be found at the State Lot, where he do.-- s all kinds of Can iage and Coach repairing. HIS WAGON SHOP is on High Street, next door to Mr. Lyon's Blacksmith Shop, where he will be pleased to se.e all who may wish work in his line of business. Au'.ers and Gimhlets. Knives and f.iiks, Pocket Knives, Shoe Knives, Screws, Fil s, Curry Combs, 15rijiy, Wh.skey, &c. lc. Molasses. Syrup. Ploughs, Hoes, Axes. Spaiies, Kice, Cheese. .Mackeiel, FRANKFOI T, KV. AND RETAIL. KJ-- "T7"E Januaiy m WESTERN MILITARY INSTITUTE, oor oOU now on suit purchasers. K. D. HASSE1T, HAYING Bacon Creek Leaf. 150 boxes lb. lump, manufactured from Missouri Leaf. l.Vl boxes half lb. lump, manufactured fiom Missouri Leaf, l.Vl boxes 5 lumps to lb., Wholesale Grocers, FURNITURE pil1 lie are iiifoiuied lhat the suhslibei s have recetitlv a IC. laiii'at Mul ( uilir lliUflii this place, which t n it ness ol lixtiires. and completeness of arra ri lenient, not eo i!. : in ti.e Yel. Their Liquors are of the 1 hoirest is is always supplied with every ttescriptiun kind. Their That may le called for. of e.,l jl 1 hey only tewst their fin mis and the public to give them one call oil, cis wi.i follow as a niftier ol cruise. .TOLGHTON V ELLIS. Frar.kf.irt, January 1. B K O A D W A Y, i)Vl Til THE iia-si;- tt Manufacturer, 474, .Main Mreet, Louisville, Ky., ' OEEERS FOR SALE, BOXES lb. Lump, manufactured from the celebrated No. vv II ALBERT, HE Corner of .Main and Third S'rrc'f, Lousril!e, kllis' AND ANN SIS. Edward Holbrook 2)0 boxes lumps to lb. Merchants and Dealers would dn well to call and examine his TOBACCO before purchasiug elsewhere, as he feels satisfied they January 1. 148. can be suited. Fi h. N. s 1. 2 and 3. srorc.irroN OF Copper, Tin, and Sheet Iron Ware, i'o .liva it. 1. Molsbs.8. ho:s & BAXTER, MANUEATURERS do n 4th and o'.l, Louisville, Kjf. OF, AND DEALER IN Stoves, Grates, Castings, Copper, Tin 148. F. A. KENNO.VS l.his prime Snear, HI :0 1, SONS, Trunks, Harci: Auction and Comnr.ssion House, AND WARRANTED PURE, PACKAGES contaicidi 0 Gallons each, of superior DKAND V i.n! WINE, of all kinds, imported direct. s,( ks CM January Nl N G II A M Main Street, Frankfort, Kentucky. 8. 1, Frankfort, Kentuelf. 1 JLUU Al.o. ,cr fame lhjat, direct from Xtw Orleans: :.0 C EN Street, licttrr. MANUFACTURE!.' Kentucky. MANFFACTl I!EK OF TIN, COPPER AND SHEET IKON WAKE, And Dealer in Stoves, Grates and Ifollow Ware, Iveceived per (irev ivdle this day, ff C. B. COOPER, A"o. 4G4, Jifain Fa?ii'y Articles, &c. MILTON BURXHAM, ready-t- 1, 1, erv, Franlfort, Pet" AJin Street, Fran! fort, Kentucky, constantly hand a articles KEEPmanufactured on in their full assortment aolcall before you line. Give us January 1, 18. purchase e lsevvheie. EISIGEU HOUSE, DV MERIWETHER, Manufacturers cf Saddles, ness, &c. NLLSON SHIELDS t.1111 cv- St. Cluir S'reet, .MANSION HOUSE, all who may favor G KOt'EC ES ; and in fact every Give lis a call. January 1, lSlrf. CONFECTIONERS, CORNER OF MAIN AN i) ST. CLAIR STS.. FRANKFORT. now 1M. ment of NOTIONS ; FAMIi.V artii le in their liiie of busini BOOTS AM) SHOE. V'l were boi-- lit at the lowf 1 fash All of whi sold at puces 10 suit the times. Sfr prices, and will Ai'i. a cod stock of Gentlemen's tine ('ALT HOOTS nml HROG ANs uf my ow n inanufact lit.) together with a large nock of II ATS AND ( APS, ' Of tli" latent ! !, s. The p'il.ic invited to call ami uic!taMiig elsewhere, as I r,i fx amine mv sI-- k before SK I H KKhKS. ictti mined m s. 'i lov f ,r csii. Fiankluit, J ji.uiv 1. f- - receive and HARDWARE AM) CUTLERY, S'reet, Franlfort, Kent inkij, ciiistcntlv 011 hand all kinds of FKI'ITS, PICKLES, Ac A No. a ceneal assort- KEEP ti e attention of his s, ttf. ily r lenci ally, to I. is large stock of mm AM" l.'KTAII. K AI LOUISVILLE. KENTUCKY. T7"EEPS constantly on hind a well selected assortment ot JY American and English TABLE and POCKET CUiLERV, all styles and shapes : Mechanic's Tools, nil kind-;Builder's Hard vvaic, ( ahinet Maker's Hardware, Fannin-- ; Utensils of all kinds, Cotton and Wool Cards, Castings, Spades and Shovels, Mill, Pit and Cross Cut Saws, Hand, Sash and Circular Saws, A full assortment of lli'llaiiia. Together with all articles usually kept iu a Hardware Store. All of which I am detei mined to sell at such prices a.1 will be "n inducement for those wishing to purchase for Cash Luuisvil'e, January l, 1818, AJ(W lilt visitei g and well coustiucted HAS purched this lylar;epaired and refitted it, is ihoiou-- l it 1, 1848. MAIN STREET, FRANKFORT, KY. Hiy Loot.) SPRINT; TKKH of thin TNSTITI TION will on the Klh'SI' MONDAY IN MARCH next, before which period arran'.ements will be completed which will enable the Institute to accommo.late jO Cadets mure than are now in attendance. Applications f r the' vac. iriesare invited. R. T. P. ALLEN, Superiutmu't at. l is. t'.kvv' Frankfort, Ky. Jan. The Louisville Journal and Courier, an Atlas. Levimton. insert to amount of jfilt each in weekly p iper, and charge this otiice. THE nml Dealer, iiinl .nuisrillr, Ky. 41, .Main N'rc-'the attention of Mercl ants and Consumers to his well assorted stock id RAYMOND, II. H. IIONORE. Importer nml Dealer in Foi ein anl American Confectioners and Fruit Dealers, r.iAXKFOUT SHOE STOKK, everv uesi.aV tPrrtA Kentucky ),..!. tli 'n l.- oilar iiieetin-zEvcninc, at their new Hall, con r of Main ami Ann streets, un- mediately opposite the Weishrcr House, at o'clock. l'rausient biethren aie inv ited to visit ns II CU.TNER. N. G. January I, Wm. M. Tonu, Secretary. Hats and Caps, viz : Family Grocer, and Dealer in Produce, 1. Machines, it. Jr. Lirge .nul ueiieral Heaver, Moleskin, Nutria, Silk, Au'.'ola. Russia. Coney, and with an immense variety of Cloth. Glazed. Silk, Wool HATS Otter, Beaver, Nutria and .Musk CAPS, all ol whicii he offers at the most reduced prices for Cash, or approved paper. Louisville, January 1, 1848. JAMES IH'RCELL. January SIIF.F.T JRlKY H ARK. IV Tinman's r. Kentucky Military hjstitate. Tools, WllOI.KSVt v. INYITES L ROADWAY, FRANKFORT, KY., 011 hand, and keep constantly a ce teral supply of every in their line. Give us a call. Frankfort Advertisements. THKsti'cinr a. l P. M. A. M. HAYE KenturKy. i. o. of o. HATS, CAPS AND FURS? WM. II. GREENUP & CO., Wholesale anil Ki'tail liraeers mid Produce Dealers, Arrives M.iti 'ays and Thnr la; sbyO o'clock, P.M. Depart Tuesdays and Fridays, at 7 o'clock, A. M. (Sln of tbe January . , o I'll (EN IX LOIM;i.,No.2?SI.O.of O. F. under jKTthe jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Hie state of OF a assortment of the which vve will dispose of at WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, at the lowest Cash prices. Country .Merchants and otheis, a;e irsiei"lfu!ly invited to.eivc us a call before ptiieh lsiu.'. Louisville, Jan. 1, 1, 1818. P. M. A. M. Kj. Mail. ) VVCt.iOU GROCE-K- I Casli paid for RAGS. fr Horses. iu , cl; k. at their Hall oil Si. VV eei .dO.ND.W Clair Street, over the Store of Geo. H Gin .V to. All nan- cordially invited to w .il lis. sient hiothersare must By order of the Lodge. K. GILI.ISPIE. N. C lbs Jan. 1'J. C. G. Or ou' I. Sec'v. . DEALERS IN ALL KINDS OF PAPI'.K, S. aVc, .Main Street, Franlfort, Kenturkij. M;I, via lLirrndslinrgli, Kt. I will WEabove keep on hand named ailieles. E. & S. STEDMAN, o'clock. A. M. o'clock, P. M. Shirt-Iro- 'i Tin-Plat- e, Hand Sells cheap for Cab ! ( all and see ! ! Country Produce of every kind taken iu han'C, at the market price, for any article in his line. Prank fort. January 1, 1818. 10 2 Copper, OPPOSITE THE MARKET. a general assortment of DKY GOODS AND on hand 77.V .1X1 lit U LIS AMI Dealer in Diy Goods and Groceries, E.fiern 3ni!, via Lexington, Ivy. Arrives D.ily by Departs Daily at SAD 1RO.VS, COPPER. G. W. OWEN, HAS Lniii-ville- LODGE. CAPITAL , 1. O O. V. meets regularly P ITA L LO I (. I., No. IIOLLOW-WARE- , STOVES, GRATES, lH;'. 1 o'clock. P. M. o'clock, A. M. 1 1, 3Inin, nnd .'( Pcnrl St., MANUFACTURERS R. SHIELDS, L Alt RANGEMENTS! Western Mail, via Louisville, H'.IO A y Wallace & Lithgow, CHEAP STORE! Denier in Fancy :ml Staple Dry Goods, .Main S'rcit, f ranlfart, Kit. An J to fun insertion of tt.e s tine advertisement, over 10 and not exceeding 20 lines. JU'Lunger auvei tiiei.i i.ts will t.e inserted on liberal tei ins. YI A 1 satisfaction. A lire proof STABLE. conveni'Mit. is also ready Louisville, j.muary 'js. 1, 1818. 10 .. t L L E. Iv E N T U C K Y, them ih:it the Sprint; Trade AND here, and a heay business is anticipated, as will soor our Mer chanis will be richly with Goods now receivim; and or the way. Therelore, l e is prparin-- for belter accommodation; and will find Mr. than ever. All may come U...I are TK A HUE, sole proprietor, ready, willing and prepaied to givt II. KNOTT, DEALLK IN FANCY AM) STAPLE DRY GOODS, St. Cliir Street, Franlfort, Kentucky. January AT ' OF LOUISVl if. 50 For in lines, An I for insult ion of the same advertisement, after tlie til St. of ten l.nes or Fur any i.umV-- of lntsover 10 and not exceeding 20, first j 11. 1. I? ...(.a' in tik THEIR MBKRAL will now remind : DLL!. Alt i TAILOR" J. main street, fr ankfort, Kentucky. .. - January TRAEUE. TO His KKltNns FOR KX('MANE HOTEL, 48. 1, ) Le- - HIS THANKS Ruir, St. Clair Street, Frankfort, Kentucky. : during the Session of the tlkm or a n tnTisiNC : who are i); ilv subscribeis, For 1ft lines or les. tth-5ICO during Sesiuu of the legislature. And f it each additijnal l' hue, to Daiiy Session subscri10' - Merchant Tailor, Sirijcrt's A'o. 3, glsiatuu-- . SI !'l a. lvalue. U t.iM v Cm onwi ai.tii." printed on a large mammoth The t. Mibscri'rs at $2, iu adrurt.Mie.-wtil vance, or 0 at Hie expiration of six months. ThC'V,:n,."v C,hi,v .vui ih" will he furnii.eJ to subscribers during Hit Session of tt.e Le.isl.ituie. fur 50 tents iu advance. bers. D. RETfRMS Miscellaneous (Jeneral Advertisements. Advertisements. Louisville Advertisements. WM. LUIDOES, A. G. HODGES & CO. Frthe- - NO. 46, FRANKFORT, KENTUCKY, FEBRUARY 23, 1848. VOL. 5. price given THE highest market(Feb, 12.) HAMS, by I anddo Collinsbest sale BOX do 1 ed for by in C.irocenes. for LARD and TODD & CK1TTA"NDEN. Axes! Axes! Yankee ! Pattern: Kentucky pattern. exta heave, just rereir(Feb. 12.) TODD A CKFTTENDtN. Negro Man for Sale. A LARGE sprightly kaowledge ofthe at this and some Enquire January 12, DJ48. - NEGRO MAN FOR SALE, having us of roag tooi and tha Steana-EnginA. Office.

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