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Image 7 of Guide to civilian organizations. Spencer County, Kentucky

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

I -5- V, Free and Accepted Masons, Taylorsville Lodge #210 (Continued) . i %s Membership: 95. Qualifications, 21 years old or over, good citi- _ zen and able to pass scrutiny of fellow citizens. ` _Q Committees: None reported. Purpose: Fraternal. of Normal Civic Aptivities: Contributing to maintenance of Masonic . p Homes at Louisville and Shelbyville. at 2efcnse;Activitios: Interested in Red Cross Assistance, Family Y Social Service in Industrial Areas, Child Care. *2 Local Publications: None. ; FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA, SPENCER COUNTY (State and National Future l Farmers of America), o/o Robert C. Green, High School, Taylorsville. 2 Founded 1954. President, Ernest Bivens, Fisherville. Secretary, R E. C. Carrithers, Jr., Taylorsville, Telephone 8402. Executive 1 Secretary, Robert C. Green, Taylorsville. Terms expire May, 1942. Q Membership: 36. Qualifications, must be enrolled in vocational ` T agriculture and have a farm practice program planned. l Committees- None reported 5 g ...;.,........... . _ 5, Purpose: To develop rural leadership. i Ngnmal Civic Activities: None. _ 1 Defense Activities: Rngaged in Emergency Repair Service, Collecting _. i Books, Teaching Classes in Mechanical Skills Needed in Defense In- , _' dustries. Interested in Hospital and Clinical Assistance, Red Cross I Assistance, First Aid, Collection of Scrap Metals and Other Metals, I Entertainment, Recreation, Discussion Leaders, Typing and Other Cleri- . " ' ' cal Assistane> - it Lppal Publications: "News Letter" (semi~annua1). a T L _ GIRL SCOUTS OF AMERICA (National Girl Scouts of Amerioa), c/o Miss R Pauline Thdmpson, Taylorsville. Founded 19l. Scoutmaster, Mrs. Anne " g Tichenor, Taylorsville. Secretary, Jeanne Bennett, Taylorsville, } Telephone 9-2. Terms indefinite. V A l Membership: 16. Qualifications, girls between the ages of 12 and V Q 16 who know the scout by-lame. L V v` r(' A

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