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Image 2 of Kentucky gazette and general advertiser, August 27, 1805

Part of Kentucky gazette and general advertiser

leJfd the habit of Jr.' king freely, the lop, part of jlP rfl--P fr;H re such fright d.-- r krs o have tU:r parts of the human mains, on which rr,nC., tcUp renown itcordcd Forevf-rbut v ho'V Philosophical Magaiiv:. Dotty which had molt generally tail- - nyerogijpiucs ; ns piiacic is jbout'aihei are dilperled like those of of improving the art would be, re- - ed, were the teeth. Some of them thirty - ards fuuare, wJ,id, theWbeir meaner lubiedls, and of whnfp AN ESS AT ON LONGEVITY. qjuing all physicians to comniuni- - had no teeth for twenty ears, and French Savaus once 'ined and, name hi (lory retains no trace. Am- SINCLAIR, Bart. By Sin JOHN which was now continually croudedjbuion ma) hence receive initruction had only good teeth. cate to the college an account or ' (Concluded. nv case that seemed to throw light inac tne organ ot vinon was witn lMigiun. 1 ne names otvuce. and mortified piide confutation. upon the mode of curing any parti- impaired in about one halt, and the ot Algernon bidney, Volneyarjo' Sixty yards to the right of the IN a book publilhed on the cular disease. Honorary premiums organ of hearing 111 about a fifth ieveral others, were carved on he great pyramid from the eastward s of longevity, fomecircumftan-ce- might be given to those who make part of them." stones r and it does them no fmaM fiont. and facinsr Cairo, is the r.rU. are ocrafipnall mentioned re- any ulcful diicovery ; and it is to As Dr. Robertson promises pub- - credit to have ventured, as folitary'.brated Sphynx. This enormous garding the food and habits of be honed, that the munificence of hlhinga new edition of his interest- - travellers, to the top of this gloomy gire is carved out of one (lone, and who lived to a great age. Parliament to Dr. Jenner, will ing wors on the Dileafes incident pile. The view from hence te tht French have uncovered more of : rr r ' t r.i! these, the following seem to be (hew what may be eXpeiled by med-- J to aeamen , it .. .n w for centulumcueiiary 10 irig;ntiuiiy- oarren ; uu lmiusaiura thejorm thanhadt-beethe best entitled to notice ; " i. ical men, who make any improve1 touch upon that branch of enauirv. ble vvafte ofdefertis only interruut- - ries the exprefiion of the face is " John Huffey,of Sydenhim,in Kent, ment ot real and eltential impor He has very oblisineU, however, ed bv the narrow slat of cultivated teminiifte and JMubian; but all her who lived to be 1 16 For above 50 tance, communicated the following additi- - land which separates the deserts of feature have been mutilated bv bar. sc years his breakfast was balm tea, Iihall conclude with Wing, onal observations, connected with Lybia and Arabia; nor can tjiata-th- e barous fanatics : the feet are not vi- sweetened with honey, and pudding that man has been CO mpared jaltd subject of longevity in'gSeral. rid soil, and the wretched villages liblc, me has ho breasts, and the rock for dinner, by the use of which he with some truth, to a machine ; but seems only to have been cut 1. The number of in the valley, afford any scene out so acquired long and regular health. he ought not to be considered as a a, 410 and the number of those, turefque or gratifying. The eye as to mark the back of a lion, which 2. Judith Bnnifter, aged 108. She machine that wears out by mere'ufe, who are from eighty years of age can only rest with any pleasure on is said to signify that the Nile . lived upon biscuit and apples, with without the pouibihty of being re and upwards, being when the sun naffes frr,m 96 ; the proper- - the waters of the Nile, the island of milk and water, the last 60 years of paired; but like one whose- move tion ot the aged to the whole, is, Rhoda, and foine sine orange trees Leo into Virgo. The height is 26 her life. 3. John Riva, of Venice, ments may be improved, whose only as Icfa than eet ; the length of tne back is rmc .in the neighbourhood of Giza. aged 116, always chewed citron wheels, aster being disordered, may 2. Some use tobacco for parties-'Thef- c only can refrefli the aching exactly ascertained, but from what bark. 4. Elizabeth Macpherfon, be again put into their former, and lar complaints, which they think sight ; and yet this view has so fafci-ar- can be ieen, is probably (So feet : the of the county of Caithnefs, aged perhaps even an improved state, and relieved by the use of it, or use nated, as to make Savary believe, top of the head being hollowed out 6. Her diet was buttermilk and whose frame may be long preserved snuff; and the rest say that they that the poets from hence took savours the supposition that the greens.. 5. Francis Confit, of Bu- - by care, by attention, and by the cannot do without it. (their idea of Elyfium.f and so en- - pnefts, concealing themselves there rythorpe, near Malton, Yorkfhtre, ingenuity and exertions of skilful 3. John Moore (the oldest man raptured him as to excite his re- delivered these oracles which thZ aced ico. occasionally ate a raw artists. in the house.) says, that he has had grets that he could not remain miserable rab'e believed to proceed new-lai- d ese. 6. Fluellyn Price new tore teeth wishin these ring life m this garden of bin's from the God direct. Others have Herb of Glamorgan, aeed 108. five years; one of which he has 'But Savary has proved himself a conjeclured, that there was a No. Ill, teas were his breakfast, meat plain On the Longevity cammunicatioi between this $f tie Pensioners lost, he knows not how. This is bad judge of the beautiful, in coun Iv drefled his dinner, and instead of commonly counted a great mark of try and women ;. his paradise placed and the pyramids, which idea improin Lrreenviicb Hospital. supper, he refreflied himself with a Being convinced that much light old age. in Europe would be deserted like a ved to be erroneous, as the ne5k a pipe of tohacco, 7. Val. Cate-by,- would be thrown on the fubiect of . .iiic uruuoiwon 01 agea. ma- - viniderneis. ami his liouris become to be solid. The Sphynx cerFrefton, near Hall, aged 116. health and or of the wliolcJ antiquated virgins. tainly has been hewn out of the longevity, were accurate rines is Hfs diet for, the lalt twenty years returns made trom hoipitals and oth number ot perlons above etghtv rock, on which the figure fpptr.a The ascent to the top is verVdif- was milk and biscuit. 8. Edward er public inftitUtionS, of the diet, years ot age, in the holpital ficult. and reauires resolution aria Tiow to recline The karned Mr. ' Drinker, of Philadelphia, aged 103, age, and other particulars regarding 5. 1 he number ot strength ; each ltone is at lead sour Bryant, has, therefore, proved He lived on very solid food, dranl: the perlons who rehded in themI CIS IS aDOUt 2,?00, tO Wn01ea?eS fPPt- U,h ,nrl th nnl,r Hcn! are fectly correct in his hypothefia per. - -r- ...v h. tea in the afternoon, but ate no sup- was thence led to apply to Green wnsn they were admitted, the num- - madc ...b...,each fuperror one receding its formation. by per. 9. Lewis Morgan, of wich and Chelsea hospitals for fur ber of years they have been on the to form the pyramid, about three To the north-eall- , in the plain of He lived chief-laged 101. ther information ; and it is with hit being added, it appears there are feet. The Jefrent i mnre unnlea- - the cultivated country, and about s on vegetable diet, and drank fre much pleasure that I fubiom the sol only 23 from eighty of agelfant . the soldiers went up and mile from the pyramids, are seen quently of the famous rock water of lowing important facts, with regard uuupwarus; a lumtienc proot 01 down yet of Saracen architecture ; for without any accident, pcrpe 10. Mr. Smith, of to Llandrindod. Greenwich holpital, which Dr. 11 r uir.11 ,tirriiTriiiTmin r n r m ri 0 1 r n tually. At the base of the north what purpose these were couftrudUd Monteomeryfhire, aged 103. He of the Robertlon, at the desire of the at this excel' front ift a door, over which are many cannot be discovered ; as the afford was never known to drink any thing Mailer of that most excel lent institution. 1 his btrabo allures at present no advantage of commuhieroglyphics. but buttermilk. 11. William Kid- lent institution, (Lord Viscount 6. The number of ruptured men us was originally half way up the nication at any season of the year; aged dle, of Selkirk, in Scotland, among the la pensioners, on the 3 Hood,) tranimitted to me. and that the drifting sand one bridge is considerably larger 1 6. For the last tW6 years of his I lhall insert the tables as prepar of May, was 161, or 1.15, the num- pyramid, 1 han the other, and the archfcsof 1 hi has covered the bale lo high. life, his chief subsistence was a lit- ed by Dr. Robertson, and (hall offer ber being 2,410. Among the story would be absurd to credit, is both numerous. tle bread Infused in spirits and ale. luch oblervations as may occur on ambunting to 2,500, the only lubject to the oblefvation, that 22. Honorable Mrs. "Watkins, of the results to be drawn from each of number was only about 50, or near- luch a quantity of drifting sand mud By THE PRESIDENT Glamorg'anfhire, aged no. For them respectively. ly encroach on the cultivated country years, (lie subsisted entire,thelaft 30 k OF THE aiio, which it has not done evident ly on potatoes. 13. Rebecca THE PYRAMIDS. Here is annexed a list of 04 Pen- ly ; but now the French, bydiggTng of Monmoutbfhire, aged 100. fioners upwards of 80 years of age, Extract from Wilson's history of the at the sour corners, have ascertained WHEREAS by the 7th fcdti ,n Her chief subsistence for the last hewing the places where they were British expedition to Egypt. the base, and sound that no such al two years of her life, was brown born and educated, is their families To relieve the ennui which the teration has taken place, since it is of the act entitled " An act to the act entituled, sugar' and cold water. 14. Charles were how long in the present indolent state of the army erectid on a solid rock; and from " An act making' provision JVlacklin Esq. of London, aged 107. King's for the produced, and particularly as no the excavations around, there is evi .service, whether they lived For the .lalt 40 :years at his lite, his in cold or warm climates, is ever permiffion was given to enter Cairo, dent proof that the bodies of the py. disposal of the public lands'in the ...t;.. ...: Indiana Territory, and . . ,. . . . Beverage vy. w,..- principalit f ........ the Pyramids, distant only about ramids are conftrudted of this rock ; purposes," it is enafted, "for other , -nri nrA VVdLtK mlrlA TNYtt7 IWAPf """f II1UUW 11 That all sour miles, bad become the constant tsftwvvr 'ivwi, maffes of porphyry and the sections heretofore unngtobac aster he had lost his teeth, his food Ico freely, intnenabitot their organs fubjedt of occupation . and the ve- the hugeused case them, were the suture disposition reserved for the state of fik to granite . of Congress, principally confuted of nm, eggs, 3nd, and the state ry soldiers in going there, seemed brought from the neighbourhood of and lying within either of the puddings, and riavingi - mental faculties, V. . By this table it ap- - to find a recompence for many of Cofhr on the Red Sea. By the ot their teeth. . 1. j 1. - f u.VA G p eftablilhed for the disposal of ,Ti ueeii atiHi ' llav.l r. a11 Mlnn.rta their toils, to exult mort in their door on the north front is the tllnt'"' public lands in the State of Ohio the rheumatism, he discontinued the triumphs, and feel the enjoyment moderate-"nd ufeof fl,eets,andflePt in blankets. !f.6'na- - been 3 married, and He which travellers must experience trance into the interior of the pyra with the exception of the section, mid into the sanctum of the wonder No. 16, f the 13 used to be frequently rubbed fait springs, and had that 49 were m the ha- - on attaining the ultimate object of of the world. The paffaee at first lands reserved ,wu ., ff:n -- for the use of the Fheir minds were is very narrow and low, then aster same; bit of drinking freely, and that the their retearch. and of the other se&ions or (which seems to be a good practice remainder drank moderately that agrandized with honest pride, and wards enlarges. At the extremity tracts of land, for aged people,) and occasionally otherwise heretofore chewed tobacco, 10 fnufTed, and honorable reflexion. of one branch is a well, the depth fpecialfy appropriated, fliall steeped his feet in warm water. It 57 be of Pyramids which are The d of smoked, the remainder never used which was never ascertained. fered for sale in that district within was his custom not to sleep on a fea- 5 from the most remote anti Another paffage communicates tobacco, and that only 4 had good to which such refervedTtctior.smaylie, ther bed, but on a mattrafs, on a teeth. GAZETTE EDITOR. quity, as forming one of the seven several chambers, in the largest of on the same curtains, placed in couch without terms and under the wonders of the world, at a distance which is a ltone cofhn ; the lid is same regulations as other lands in the centre of the room, upon which impose neither awe nor any idea of f Van itt. ii A 4a.a..a1 OBSERVATIONS the same diftt i& : Provided, y That ha reposed whenever he sound himON THE ANNEXED TABLX.t stupendous magnificence--; they are have been made to break the such sections fliall previously be f" felf sleepy. Instead of attending to situated on the immediate borders ; fortunately the hardness offered to the highest regularity, he observed the dictates at'pub- Bodtor Jamefon, of Bloomfbury-plac- of the desert, which elevates itself of the stone refilled the gothick vio- lie sales to be held bidder of nature, ate when hungry, drank has made the following re- like a cliff aboye the cultivated under the fu- lence. The Arabs pretend, that the when thirsty, and slept when nature marks on the table : country; their form, is one of the corpse of a man, with his fvvord and perintendence of the Reg'fter and Receiver of the hnd office;, seemed to require rcpofe. " Dr. Robertson certainly de- objects of their construction was to to which they are attachAmong practices which wight be fences much praise for his attention excite surprise at their grandeur lome gold ornaments, were fojnd at of service to aged people, I should jn tranfmittingfo particular a state- - and altitude, was the worst which the first opening of the coffin ; but ed on the same terms as has h'een vague to provided for the public thele imagine mac ruDDing tne ooay wnn ment ot the longevity ot Green could be conceived ; but when ar collect traditions are too sales of t' e any positive information other public lands oil would be particularly useful. It wich hospital ; and is fomcthing fi. rived at the very base of the great of the United from. The only certain fa6l feelns States, arid on might tend to preserve the ikin in a milar could be procured from other ryramid, then its wonders such day ot davs as require soft and healthy state, and to furnish pujjlic inititutions in Great Britain positive vifian to credit. The mind to be, that therein reposed the man, Dy a public Trocia inationot. corpse of that prince, for whose me the body with that undtious matter, and Ireland, it would not&e difficult is lost in the calculation, and the the President of United States.jbSJ r . .i.r. which very old people seldom have to form an arrangement ofVafts, eye, unaccustomed to such maffes, mory this stupendous structure was ueugiiaieu, jor tnat purp ole ; And , erected,. t 10 tne extent mat is provided also, Tht no (uch would altord imnortant conT.ln. cannot imagine to itself such dimen-fionThere are two other ver,y lafee hence those wrinkles whichwaccfo fions concerning the lives of rnai feftion (lull be sold The vastness of the granite pyramids, one of which Murad peculiar a charaileriftic of old age. kind. . "w" blocks, the quantity of labour which Bey attempted to open ; many stones either at public Zr private sale for less that eight dollars per acre.'' I am also persuaded, that in re" The table communicated, by mutt have been employd, the lever gard to various disorders, particu- Dr. Robertson savours an opinion, which must have been ntceffary to were dug out, when the labour was Wherefore I Thomas so that avarice President of the United Jefferson, larly those with which the ajjed are that thfe watery element is not un- - raise such stupendous maffes of sound States, "m apt to be afflidled, a great source of trundlytp the human frame, cfpe- - rocks, its original beauty, from the wa3 obliged to abandon the design ; conformity to the provisions of the benefit ltill remains to be explored, ciauy wnen it is amea in advanced various colored marbles, porphyry and thus this Uncompleted work of seventh fedlion of the act aforesaid, in the practice of electricity, by the life by the comforts of Greenwich. and granite, with which the sides deitruction remains as a Do hereby declare and make known. for the preservation of the rest that sales for ufeof which, not through the medi- holpital. the difpofjl of the have been cased, impress with equal Th,r, nr th r u... of violent (hocks, but by gradu" The list of ninety-simen;in sentiments of admiration and mentioned lands fliall be held Imaller ones, numerous cata- - at the following ally difTufing that important fluid that hospital still alive, in extreme ifhment. When, however, reflexion times anr nlnrp!. combs in the rocks, in manv threughout the whole frame, the old age, is uncommonly great; and. directs our thoughts to the furpri-iviz. t which, the colors of the body is reanimated with freftt vigor, At Cincinnatti, Chillicoth'e, and appears from the tabic, that there sing works of genius and learning and rendered sitter to go through ia uik man mviuk aouve an uunurea.or tnoie ages in wmen tnele were on the walls are preserved perfectly Marietta, on the 22d day of Octofrefii. From these circtimftanrp. its various functions with renewed years old, and thirteen above nine- - conftrudted, and contrasts the Ple- ber, 1805. th rnrrpfnnnilinn ...... : - ..r cv spirit and strength. At Znefville, on the 29th day ty years of age. entabjea race of their poftenty, arah, and' the pi 7n 'Mummie There is certainly nothing that " That the greatest number are the mind cannot but lament the of October, 1805. can of thefJ"' n would tend more to preserve health natives of bcotland, and a large gradation of such a portion of hu- At Steubsnville, ontthe 5th day tic piles having been intended to and longevity, than improvements in proportion from Ireland. of November, 1805. nature, and consider the Pyra- - clofc th bodies, and perpetuate the medical art, which, though it " That one half belonged to "a- Given under my hand the tenth 'holy fain e of the Princes, who hoped in has made considerable progress in ged families, many of wjiom had " day 0f July, l8os. some particular departments, yet both parents very old. or the (Signed) tevery honor of Bruce itshnuM v...m The height of the large Pyramid that continues deficient in many others. .'. circumstance twiHi tr ,Ur,;.ul. Thnt morp tKnn'r" m1 , TH : When, it is jcoufidered the number been upwards ol zo yeas, O!qoi French to be six hundred feet ; Ste or able' men who are employed in King's service, and in various cTT- - the length of its base feveh hundred J mq 3d, 18J5. TAKEN up by or.n Hamilton, the medical profeffion, the impor- mates sott. TkdninHm As M..t,', rAni c the canvan?. rfmrmhrnA .n Wcqiford countr, en the waters of Glenn's tance objects to which their J?vel'J,Srtcan.a!s.WchsepCatadMem. - solid ltone. is bv them eftimatedlto crct!c, twj and a half nflcs Com Versailles, a is directed, 4nd the attention e ried, and sour of them aster eighty contain a fufiiciency for the build- - pG Brign Bay Mare, '' of cases which are daily, and years of age. ling of a wall sour hundred and fifty' ers, Acheron, Cocvtus Wl Ltthe "bit it r,,; hich been scrra rt bv fofli'.n , ., -- uie . l cars old, ne litrand cr llcsh g, aixjutappr&i- even hou lv coming under their re rod Sann" That they almost all used to- - L,',!.. :.. cAkcui.. .u ni-- o 'v iJiai.mwk i Liircc iet:L m 1.iKipnt tunti a wcmt cf view, would think., that hardly bacco, 3nd most of ism acknew1- - nd five inches in thickness. Near suio JTW Jf0' j T as. Assiard. a circurn.tirce FROM ffUy c uld hap- - liutlhe f. irJeen per, that might not guarded againtt. rcrhap one n.oce THE L KDQJJ air ..",. . - -- 1 fub-je- fi- per-so- g .. - . . 1 ' V pic-bein- 'i g - 10-9- 5 e n du-fo- ur fubter-raneo- us of 12-9- 1- -8 lo-l- id Out-penno- n- ref-pecti- Rad-norfhir- two-bridge- s le 1 0. Jo-fep- h, UNITED STATES. long-live- ILL ..,..-- irot-A- .- - ..-.- -. , spoon-mea- . t. dif-tri- ds . r" all,r8 u,J, '":"'- " confe-crate- ......? m farco-phag- J e, 1 necenarw-wyiaitha- . hcato-wfeferv- s. hydra-heade- d, - x afton-ifP(M- 1 bafs-rcli- ef J- en-ma- n "" J,....:'.H. - ot-th- 'X1. i-- : e nul-titvd- " 111 ..:..; tldTrfl&W .. -- -. . a- . "- 1 h- -; .- hV J ed

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