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All-Prayer Foundlings Home lantern slide collection, circa 1904-1931

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Cromer,George C., 1869-1950


All-Prayer Foundlings Home lantern slide collection


circa 1904-1931


The Filson Historical Society

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Louisville, Kentucky 40208

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70 slides


This collection was compiled by George C. Cromer, founder of the All-Prayer Foundlings Home, and used in presentations he delivered throughout the region about their work caring for orphans and the biblical tenants on which their work was modeled.


The All-Prayer Foundlings Home was established in 1905 by George C. Cromer and his wife Grace to care for orphans under the age of two. They took the name from John Bunyan's Pilgrims Progress, in which the pilgrim relied on prayer to protect him rather than carrying a weapon. Founded on the principle that they would trust God to meet all their needs and take on no debt, other than carefully considered loans for the houses, the Cromers refused to solicit donations and instead followed the pilgrim's example and asked God to answer their prayers. The Cromers initially established the institution in their home at 1622 Story Avenue. In 1918, they moved the home to 2305 Sycamore Avenue. Mrs. Comer designed and had built a second home next door specifically to meet the needs of the orphans and mothers. According to The Golden Key, the pamphlet written by Mr. Cromer for the 25th anniversary of the founding of the home, in the first twenty-five years 709 children were cared for, with a mortality rate of 11%. The Cromers raised three of the Foundlings as their own: William and Louise, who were two weeks old when adopted, and Doris, a one-year-old. Over the first twenty-five years, Cromer spoke from pulpits in most all denominations in fifteen states to instruct parishioners how to live a life of prayer. The Golden Key pamphlet describes him 'packing up [his] lantern and curtain and slides' after just such a talk. (p.18) In another passage Cromer writes, "we have beautiful stereopticon views which we show and nearly always have some of the children from the Home along to sing and recite on the program." (p. 34)

Scope and Content

This collection consists of sixty nine glass lantern slides, four lantern slide boxes and a wood-mounted slide. The images include foundlings, adult caregivers, biblical scenes, teaching slides, and passages of scripture and hymns. The collection also includes a box of unused slide plates as well as several box tops and bottoms.


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Collection Inventory

Child in winter coat
[Box: 1, Item: 012PC33.1] browse
Group of foundlings
[Box: 1, Item: 012PC33.2] browse
Stone wall
[Box: 1, Item: 012PC33.3] browse
A Lincoln history
[Box: 1, Item: 012PC33.4] browse
"Come Thou Font"
[Box: 1, Item: 012PC33.5] browse
"Whosoever Will"
[Box: 1, Item: 012PC33.6] browse
"Where is my wand'ring boy tonight"
[Box: 1, Item: 012PC33.7] browse
"The Wondrous Cross"
[Box: 1, Item: 012PC33.8] browse
"Jesus Savior Pilot Me"
[Box: 1, Item: 012PC33.9] browse
"Out on the Mountain"
[Box: 1, Item: 012PC33.10] browse
"Throw out the Life-line"
[Box: 1, Item: 012PC33.11] browse
"Oh Worship the King"
[Box: 1, Item: 012PC33.12] browse
"Sweet Name of Jesus"
[Box: 1, Item: 012PC33.13] browse
"Jesus Shall Reign"
[Box: 1, Item: 012PC33.14] browse
"Just As I Am"
[Box: 1, Item: 012PC33.15] browse
"I rest upon the ground"
[Box: 1, Item: 012PC33.16] browse
"The Crucifixion"
[Box: 1, Item: 012PC33.17] browse
"Mother waiting"
[Box: 1, Item: 012PC33.18] browse
"Rock of Ages"
[Box: 1, Item: 012PC33.19] browse
"Esther implores Ahasuerus"
[Box: 1, Item: 012PC33.20] browse
"Cobbled street in the Holy Land"
[Box: 1, Item: 012PC33.21] browse
"Cairo and the Nile"
[Box: 1, Item: 012PC33.22] browse
"Primitive shepherd"
[Box: 1, Item: 012PC33.23] browse
"Evangelist shows the burning light"
[Box: 1, Item: 012PC33.24] browse
Temperance slide 'Some "Let it Alone," Yet Suffer'
[Box: 1, Item: 012PC33.25] browse
"Rescue of Lot"
[Box: 1, Item: 012PC33.26] browse
"The Great Physician"
[Box: 1, Item: 012PC33.27] browse
"Solomon's reception of Queen of Sheba"
[Box: 1, Item: 012PC33.28] browse
Mrs. Grace Cromer, matron of the All-Prayer Foundlings Home
[Box: 1, Item: 012PC33.29] browse
Children with goats on the lawn at 1622 Story Avenue
[Box: 1, Item: 012PC33.30] browse
Stamped envelope from All-Prayer Foundlings Home
[Box: 1, Item: 012PC33.31] browse
"Christian Climbing the Hill Difficulty"
[Box: 1, Item: 012PC33.32] browse
"The Slough of Despond"
[Box: 1, Item: 012PC33.33] browse
"The Three Shining Ones"
[Box: 1, Item: 012PC33.34] browse
"Passion and Patience"
[Box: 1, Item: 012PC33.35] browse
"Pilgrim knocking at the gate"
[Box: 1, Item: 012PC33.36] browse
"Pilgrim parting from his family"
[Box: 1, Item: 012PC33.37] browse
"At Bethel"
[Box: 1, Item: 012PC33.38] browse
Orphans at the table
[Box: 1, Item: 012PC33.39] browse
"Courier of the desert; Bringing out the music"
[Box: 1, Item: 012PC33.40] browse
Unidentified storefront
[Box: 1, Item: 012PC33.41] browse
Harned, KY; Texas, KY Learn Club
[Box: 1, Item: 012PC33.42] browse
Mrs. Grace Cromer, matron of the All-Prayer Foundlings Home
[Box: 1, Item: 012PC33.43] browse
"Where is my wandering boy" view of racetrack
[Box: 1, Item: 012PC33.44] browse
"Home Sweet Home"
[Box: 1, Item: 012PC33.45] browse
"Home Sweet Home" in the garden
[Box: 1, Item: 012PC33.46] browse
"Where is my wandering boy tonight"
[Box: 1, Item: 012PC33.47] browse
"Tell my mother"
[Box: 1, Item: 012PC33.48] browse
Negative of silver certificate
[Box: 1, Item: 012PC33.49] browse
Boy with suitcases
[Box: 1, Item: 012PC33.50] browse
Young child
[Box: 1, Item: 012PC33.51] browse
Drawing of church or school
[Box: 1, Item: 012PC33.52] browse
Boy in suit
[Box: 1, Item: 012PC33.53] browse
George C. Cromer (center) and other workers at the All-Prayer Foundlings Home
[Box: 1, Item: 012PC33.54] browse
All-Prayer Foundlings Home at 2305 Sycamore Avenue, Louisville, KY
[Box: 1, Item: 012PC33.55] browse
All-Prayer Foundlings Home at 1622 Story Avenue, Louisville, KY
[Box: 1, Item: 012PC33.56] browse
Girl and boy
[Box: 1, Item: 012PC33.57] browse
Family on porch
[Box: 1, Item: 012PC33.58] browse
Negative of child
[Box: 1, Item: 012PC33.59] browse
Negative of man sitting on chair
[Box: 1, Item: 012PC33.60] browse
Negative of man in hat with moustache
[Box: 1, Item: 012PC33.61] browse
Negative of child in chair on porch
[Box: 1, Item: 012PC33.62] browse
Young boy on patio
[Box: 1, Item: 012PC33.63] browse
Negative of child in chair on porch
[Box: 1, Item: 012PC33.64] browse
Negative of child standing on patio
[Box: 1, Item: 012PC33.65] browse
Double exposure of two women and a group of foundlings with their care takers
[Box: 1, Item: 012PC33.66] browse
Negative of man with beard
[Box: 1, Item: 012PC33.67] browse
Woman with child
[Box: 1, Item: 012PC33.68] browse
Negative of child with head in hand
[Box: 1, Item: 012PC33.69] browse
Commerically produced lantern slide illustration of doctor treating patient
[Box: 1, Item: 012PC33.70] browse
Eastman Kodak lantern slide box top
[Box: 1, Item: 012PC33.71] browse
Carbutt Dry Plate and Film Company polychromatic plate box top
[Box: 1, Item: 012PC33.72] browse
Carbutt's "New Process Plate" box top
[Box: 1, Item: 012PC33.73] browse
Carbutt's Keystone Dry Plates box top
[Box: 1, Item: 012PC33.74] browse

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