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Image 1 of Interior journal (Stanford, Ky. : 1905), August 6, 1909

Part of Interior journal (Stanford, Ky. : 1905)

THE INTERIOR JOURNAL YOLo j XXXVII STANFORD KY FRIDAY AUGUST 6 tt J 1909 46 MO s MARKSBURY Mi s Jennie Swope is vIsiting in Lex ¬ 1he W MIDDLEBURG NEWS NOTES HUSTONVILLE s M W will meet at the Bap Wets won out after en exciting Mrs 11111 Spalding of Louisville Is list church Saturday afternoon for the localoption contest In Delhi 0 a sub spending a few weeks with her father ingtonBro Shouse la holding a meeting near transaction of business All members urb of CincinnatiDr Alcorn W P Lawson of Lee City died Harrodaburg but will be homo In time are requested to bo present The handsome little son of Mr and George W Drye and Miss Wesley from the effects of injuries received in Mrs Jess Carpenter we are sorry to to fill his place at the Fork Sunday report is seriously ill Mr A J Rice who has malarial drove to Liberty Saturday and were a quarrel over a game of ball A meeting will bo held at Lexington Myers fever la better N II Bogle Jr of married Mr and Mrs McClellan Mc Vaughn shipped Tuesday to visiting John Royston Jr Aninch accompanied them Lexington September 1 to form an organization Cincinnati car load of lambs at 4jc Sam Sharp Q R Jones John Coul of the commercial clubs of the central and a car of butcjier stuff at 31 to 4c Farmers are all through with wheat now Into meadows and hemp all those ter Joe Elliott and R M Sharp will section of tho State Josiah Bishops suckling colt out of who can keep away from Danville fair leave Thursday for fe weeks sojourn on Charles H Moyer was at Denver Bishops Queen and by Dignity Dare II M Stansifcr preached his farewell the banks of Green river ut Neutsville reelected president of tho Western took the 40 stake with nine entries at sermon at the Grovo Sunday having They will camp out do their own cook Federation of Miners This is Moyers tho Lancaster fair eighth term in that office accepted the work at Berea for his full lag and have a general good time The thanks of the carrier on Route 1 McCormack are about the Adjutant General P P Johnston was is tendered to tho happy owners of time May Gods blessings be with him Coulter llvllest stock dealers we have had in held over to the grand jury in 100 for Helmwood Heights In his new work for a generous Quito a number enjoyed the hospital this section in years They arc on the caning Denny Goode editor of tho Fo supply of good apples Ity of Mr and Mrs M F Rout Thurs move day in and day out and there is cus a Louisville publication Matt Reynolds killed a large spread- ¬ day when they entertained In honor of nothing too large or too small too fat The report of the expert accountant Ing viper snako in his garden that con ¬ their daughter Mrs It A McGrath or too poor for them to buy Besides who examined the books of Hiram tained by actual count 69 young ones they seem to pay good prices for every Smedley who was County Clerk at from four to six inches long and son Richard of North CarolinaM F Rout has bought a farm near thing Paducah alleges that Smedley Is short James and Cecil Dye and Mrs Dye A protracted meeting has been in 15771 15 Lexington and will move about Sept 1 of Oakland City Ind have returned We give these splendid neighbors and progress at the Christian church at Yo Tho Varderen family held a reunion homo after a two weeks visit to their Rev Joseph in Harrison county The event was parents Mr and Mrs James Dye With semite since July 27 friends up with much regret them much success in their new home Montgomery is being assisted by Rev held at the old house built by Bainey A bumper crop of hay corn and to ¬ and are ready to welcome them back at Z T Williams of Columbia Mrs Vanderen in 1790 Eightyone members bacco is seemingly a certainty in this Williams is with her husband and us were present any time vicinity There never was a more flat ¬ Mr Will Anderson of Alabama Is alsts in the wag service which Is quite James A Flaherty of Philadelphia tering prospect and the horny hand sons visiting Mr Josh Kemper lie preach ¬ an Interesting feature Luther Tomes was elected aupreme knight of the na of toil may be happy yet ed a fine sermon at the Fork Sunday united with the church Sunday which tional body of Knights of Columbus in Miss Katherine Elizabeth Blain a If people would only take some of the is the only addition to date Tho meet session at Mobile M H Carmody of rare little 10 pound beauty arrived at ¬ I I I I ¬ y S 4 ¬ U T- t r ¬ N> 1 hadies ¬ goodadvice how much happier wo all would be Sowing wild oats we will never reap pleasures Mr It A McGrathof Greenville N C will arrive Friday to spend a few Codays Dick travels for Belknap at Louisville Ky Mrs Mack Elliott and Miss Eliza lion will join a crowd at Lexington Wednesday for a trip to Buffalo Cleveland and other of Interest The crowd will be chaperoned by Edd C Gains of Lan cute Miss Allco Henderson of Florida arrived Sunday to spend several weeks with her cousin Mrs M T Robinson Ing will likely continue through this Grand Rapids Mich was elected dep ¬ uty supreme knight weekWilson Jones of Moody Texas ar ¬ Tho strike situation at McKeea rived a tow days ago and is shaking Rocks Pa assumed more serious pro hands with ins friends Miss Bessie portions when 155 of the men sent by Winfrey of Pellyton Is visiting Miss the Hudson River Company to com- ¬ Bcasid Lawhorn at Yosemite and tak ¬ plete a number of cars for use In the ing In tho protracted meeting Clay new Manhattan subway joined the Vest and family of Burneide are via ¬ iting his father John Vest Little strikersLumbermen representing all parts of and Irene Kclsay of tho South met in Montgomery to work Misses Ida May Burnside were guests of Mrs Jason against the adoption of tho forestry Colfey and other trlendi at Yosemite bill now pending in the Senate The Miss Bessie Lee is with her grand par ¬ bill would restrict the cut to 12 inch ents Col and Mrs Miller at Kings trees and tho lumbermen claim this ville Geo P Fogle of Venito Oklu will reduce tho output to twelve or More About The Kings Mountain is with his mother Mrs Martha Foglu fifteen hundred feet per acreGraded School Kentucky Fair Dates POLITICAL In a letter last week to the INTERIOR Bluegrass Fair Lexington August Pulaski county democrats will nomi ¬ Mur ¬ JOURNAL J W Acton and M 0 days nate candidates for county offices by a made tho following statement in Tuylorsville Aug 104 days convention Aug 28 to Kings Mountain Graded School At a regular meeting of the TrlState Fair Middlesboro Aug 1- The Alabama house passed the bill agreeing to an Income tax amendment board of trustees in May when wo re ¬ 1I days Dr to the Constitution of the United States Harrodaburg Aug 123 days tired as President and Secretary The Carmichael bill providing for Lawrence burg Aug 174 days Acton Informed them that the tax had Statewide prohibition was passed by to be levied in June and that Murphy Richmond Aug 183 days the Alabama House by a vote of 75 to urged the secretary to see that tho tax Perry villc Aug 183 days 19 was levied in fiscal year This was Barbourville Aug 183 days A company of women suffragists never put before tho board in that warl Brodhed Aug 183 days started by trolley from Boston to make Shelbyville Aug 245 days but wo were Informed that wo a tour of the State in tho interest of plenty of time to levy the tax and all Elizabeth town Aug 243 days votes for women members of tho board were willing to Springfield Aug 254 days C L Scarcy has retired from tho levy tho tax at any time but thought London Aug 254 days race for the Democratic nomination for It not necessary to mako tho levy so Somerset Aug 314 days Representative from Madison county early Wo did not have a copy of the Frankfort Aug 314 day 4 school law and failed to get one and leaving a clear field to L B Herring Nicholasvfllc Aug 314 days wore compelled to depend upon the re ¬ days Bardstown Sept tonThe Georgia House killed a bill to tiring president and secretary who did Paris Sept days insert an income tax in tho State tax havo tho school law for information days Monticello Sept In their letter they say they retired altKentucky State Fair Louisville Sept measure The bill fixed a tax of one tonth of 1 per cent upon all gross in ¬ 4 president and necrotary In May Of 136 days comes over 5000 which was equivricers of tho now board were not elect ¬ Washingtons Plague Spots alent to 1 per 1000 straight tax ed until tho 4th day of Juno In Mur- ¬ Democrats of Russell county In a de- ¬ phy statement ho said ho urged tho He In tho low marshy bottoms of tho secretary to See that tax was levied in Potomac the breeding ground of ma legate convention put out the follow ¬ For County Attorney Jfiscal year On or about July 10th laria germs These germs cuuso chills ing ticket County Superintendent when Murphy was asked If ho knew the favor and uguo biliousness jaundice AI Meadows time had passed to levy tax he answer lassitude weakness and general de ¬ W II Barnard Circuit Court Clerk Yes I know it had to bo levied bility nnd bring suffering or death to Edgar Johnson Sheriff U T Selby ed in Juno but didnt think there was any thousands ellrlUuL Klectrlo Bit ¬ Jailer II T Bernard Assessor A L We ters never fall to destroy them and FoleyGov uso saying anything about It Willson has appointed Homer They are tho are sorry tho tax was not levied but are cure malaria troubles willing to boar our part of the criticism best tillrouud tonic and cure for ma ¬ W liaison Judge of the Jefferson Cir ¬ and expect other members of the board laria I over used writes R M cult Court Common Pleas First Divis ¬ to da the same James of Louollen S C They cure ion to succeed tho lato Judge Emmet W F LANE President Stomach Liver Kidney and Blood Field Judge Batson s tenure of office W B Snots Troubles and will prevent Typhoid by this appointment lasts only to tho MoRKia WALL Secretary Mr Try them 60c Guaranteed by Pen ¬ regular election in November Batson who is a son of Mr R H Bat ny a Drug Store Tho bill for a prohibition amendment Is the republican son of Lancaster BECAUSE Denny Good referred to to tho Constitution came up in the Ala ¬ nominee for tho office to which ho has bama House It provides for an elec him an Peacock P Johnston in his been appointed tlon on this amendment on tho first paper Tho Focus Maj P P Johnston Monday after tho cjcplration of three adjutant general walked tote tho lat Twas A Glorious Victory months after the present session ends tars office in Louisville and struck him Theres rejoicing In Fedora Tenn The bill forever prohibits tho manufac over the head with a heavy cane The A mans life las been saved and now ture sale mid keeping for sale of alco ¬ Major hadnt called out tho State Mili- ¬ Dr Kings New Discovery is tbo talk holic and malt liquors and other Intoxi tia to assist him in quelling Goodo up of tho town for curing C V Pepper of N eating liquors and beverages with the to tho hour of going to press deadly lung hemorrhages I could exception that alcohol may bo sold for ho writes not work nor got about For Indigestion and all stomach medical scientific and mechanical pur- ¬ and tho doctors did me nogood but poses and wino for sacramental pur ¬ troublo take Foleys Orlno Laxative after using Dr Kings Now Discovery poses under such regulations as the as It stimulates tho stomach and liver three weeks I feel liken now man and and regulates tho bowels and will post ¬ Legislature may prescribe again For weak tively cure habitual constipation can do good work lungs Coughs and sore or diseased No matter how long you have suf ¬ Sold by Now Stanford Drug Co Colds Hemorrhages Tray Fever La fared Foloya Kidney Remedy will ¬ you tics S L Bowen of And Hen Wntterson still feeds Renti Grippe Asthma or any Bronchialaf kelp fection It stands unrivaled Price 50c suf- ¬ ly oh so gently from the hand Wayne W Va writes I was a The Courier Journal and 1 Trial bottlo free Sold and ferer from kidney disease so that at John Whallen urging Louisville Democrats to stand guaranteed by Pennys Drug Store times I could not get out of bed and is indeed a sight for the whoa I old I could not stand straight firm and true The Stato rested its case at tho in ¬ gods and goddessesGlasgow times One I took Foloys Kldnoy Remedy sanity hearing of Harry Thaw at White dollar bottlo and part of tho second A tickling ordry cough can boqulck ¬ Plains N Y nnd rebuttal testimony It will cure you ly loosened with Dr Shoops Cough was begun Mr Jeromes last witness cured me entirely Sold by New Stanford Drug Co Remedy No opium no chloroform was Dr Carlos Macdonald who pro ¬ nounced Thaw a paranoiac of the de ¬ Sold by generate type Calhoun Harris secretary and assist ¬ nothlug unsafe or harsh ant cashier of tho Orr cotton mills at Pennys Drug StoreAll persons are recommended to S C was arrested and Anderson Commissioner of Agriculcure Rankin take Foloys Kidney Remedy for back Expert says that the wet weather has greatly charged with breach of trust and Ktdnoy and accountants who are going over his damaged wheat oats and tobacco The ache rheumatism bladder trouble It will quickly cor ¬ before the arrest that books announced is especially large this year rect urinary Irregularities which If f 0000 was missing Harris said the corn crtp apparent shortage will be found to boI Directors of the American Tobacco neglected may develop Into a serious errors due to It will restore health and Company declared a quarterly dividend illness contracts fell to 99i of 2i per cent and 7h per cent extra strength Sold by New Stanford Drug December wheat on the company common stock Cot1a Chicago tipoints Iphy ¬ ¬ 96 14 74 74 lo ¬ Jt l y1 r its n n tho homo of Mr and Mra John A Blain last week to make home pleasant while traveling down lifes Western slope Mr and Mrs D H Cullen and son Cecil loft Friday for Danville accom ¬ panied by Miss Alice Lyon From Dan- ¬ ville after a few days stay they will go to their home at Wichita Kansas their future home Ray Horton of Mitchellsburg sent for Lairs human trailers Saturday An old Negros house had been broken into They trailed several miles to Gran Cecils on Salt River and caught the man Thomas Cook with the goods on him Ho was placed in jail at Dan ¬ OxfordsRE- I IJI GARDLESS OF i c > s rI Ii j In Order to Reduce the I villeFrank Vaughn tenders his thanks to friends and neighbors who so kindly and patiently cared for and with willing hands gave aid in the dark hours of his Also to Messrs Dinwiddie distress and Surher for their generous dona t The Lord giveth and tho Lord tions Blessed be His holy taketh away Stock + 4 ++++ nameAt the beautiful homo of Misses Rose and Margaret McCormack on West Main street a most oleaslng social func ¬ Lion was enjoyed by a number of young people on Saturday evening No ef ¬ fort was spared in the entertainment of those who graced tho occasion and all were glad to have been guests of the Misses McCormackDr Carl Wheeler and wife and two friends came over Sunday from Lexing ¬ ton in an automobile and took supper at tho Emporium flats Dr Lee F Huffman wife and daughter of Lex ¬ ington left last weekon a European tour to bo absent until October John McClure and sister Miss Francis were guests of C K McClure and family In order to secure a large circulation and thereby many advertisements a weekly publication of Tennessee made a price of 25c per year and secured many subscribers on rural routes from hero Two to three months before tho the + + + + ++ + 11 Wearel1j Lincoln County national BanK Of Stanford RcnfucRy SHANKS 0s PAXTON J B j 5000000 4000000 3400000- Capital Surplus Resources W PRESIDENT VICEPRESIDENT H C BRIGHT M CASHIER- J W ROCHESTER ASST CASH- CARPENTERBOOKKEEPERHVYS DIRECTORS J B Owsley Stanford S H Shanks Stanford Geo W Carter Stanford John B Foster Stanford W H Shanks Stanford T C Ran kin Lancaster J B Paxtou Stanford W H Traylor Gilberts Creek R L Hubble Lancaster W H Cummins Prcacbcrsville Lilburn Gooch Gilberts Creek MaQe Use Arnolds Han Busies rhero are plenty cheaper buggies but there are none better Buggy ncconlpainting firstclass work 810 phaetons 812 surreys 814 and 83 OJ3Jggyi ing to the size Per set buggy steel tires best ri Buggies recovered and relined tops recovered in 30 ounce rubber at 88 Rubber tires Buggies recovered in leather and reliued for 825 at 810 the best on the market and the lowest pricey Goodyear and Kelleyat 814 Jest Goodrich at 810 We solicit your trad- miltat eR 1 1 bl overturned kettle cut bruised by slummed door injured by gun or In any other way the thing needed at once is Huckloas Arnica Salve to subdue Inflammation and kill the pain Its earths supremo healer Infallible tot Bolt Ulcers Fever Sores Eczema and Piles 25oat Pennys Drug with a knife + STANFORD KENTUCKY With A Hot Iron or scalded + Cummins stoppedi Inquiries abont the stoppage and a U S district attorney has been notifiedT L Carpenter bought of Geo Din widdio the livery stable lot and is ar- ¬ ranging to build a large barn Ho will also build a nice residence on Main street just West of tho Wheeler flats Adams Bros are preparing to rebuild a much larger twostory brick building than tho one recently burned Rev Mills will likely closo a deal for a good brick building on the lot adjoining Ad ¬ ams Bros Tho building fever is epi ¬ demic and tho boom will cover more than the burned district and vo may bo happy yetFollowing is tho program of the lIus tonvitlo Literary arid Musical Club which was to have been rendered at Alcorns Opera house last Friday evening but was unavoidably delayed un ¬ til this Friday evening Recitation Blanche Barnett EssayMabel Mc ¬ Clure SoloKatherine Warriner Current Events John Back Denver Neal James Hall Orestes Floyd Wm Peavyhouse DialogueRose Sandidge DuetMargaretand Mattie Lipps and Mrs John a Rifle Recitation HumorSadie Eads Ama Barker OrationPaul Willis It is a lament able condition of affairs when young of such an intelligent communIty will neglect such an important func Wm W P lion as this ++ + f Storet M ARNOLD DANVILLE KY RURAL TELEPHONES Make your home as modern for your family as a city residence and place yourself iu a position to get the latest market quotations Tills can be accomplished by means of our telephone service time ut which ou and your neighbors can get for a sum that is small compared with the beuefitsreceived Call or address our nearest office or write direct te Farheadquarters Ndshville Teun for Information regarding our special If you are not at present enjoyiug telephone service we mers Line rate Our liner cover the States of Kentucky can immediately interest Tennessee Mississippi Louisiana aud the Southernportion of Indiana and TEL CO EAST Illinois MR FARMER INCORPORATED S i

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