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Image 5 of Frankfort Roundabout, May 27, 1905

Part of Frankfort Roundabout

Decoration Week f i NATURES WARNING tr 9 and Heed avalues 11J Panama It 450500600650700 r I ICJc IPr I THE PRES We show at lOc and 15c are rare bargains Lace Curtainsall new choice designs 150 200 250 and up Wo are showing a line of liens and Boys Bathing Suits 50c to 10Q > WHATS IN McCLURES human interest is the striking thing about the June Mc Chires The college man is the first concerned in the sensational disclosure of Tjie College Ath lete which tells for the first facts some astonishing time about the by which some of the stars are secured and kept at college It is a story that will be a shocking Wide ¬ noty intof i DE SOIE t UnderskirtI ¬ ¬ I Light in weight looks like silk rustles like silk all colors and T t hnbitIIual a washerwomans love story a tale of rare literary quality with a tender and sympathetic touch Inez Hayus Gilmore in The Story That Took has made an amusing story on novel lines THE S S McCLURE CO 4060 East 28d St N Y City The new long cars will be welcomed by the people when they wish to visit the Park A beautiful ride between the hills beautiful flowers to be had at Henrys greenhouse beautiful grass and shade at the park will make the trip a pleasure I workt charminglyr and4 morey PriceI50 theI ODonnell ¬ I j wEIIiII Typhoid fever Samuel Hopkins in one of his power ¬ Adams ful and illuminating articles IR an entirely unnecessary evil He GENERAL EXODUS shows conclusively hat the mil lions of dollars and thousands of lives America sacrifices to this Sunday last was an exception ¬ disease might be saved by a little ally fine day and large numbers of our citizens took advantage of has been so the excursion trains and took a marvellously educated in spite of days outing her lack of sight speech and Considerably over 100 people has written the story of went to Cincinnati over the F C excursion train C and Q About 800 people went to Nat ¬ conquest of her limitations It ural Bridge on the L N and L E excursion train is a vindication of her splendid I i COVE SPRING PARK I All the healing balsamic vir¬ tues of the Norway pine are con- ¬ centrated in Dr Woods Norway and take no other remedyfor A SCIENTIFIC DISCOVERY This beautiful spot will open Monday May 29 under new man Kodol Dyspepsia Cure does for Mr Matt Kusell sole agement proprietor of the Kusell Warm the stomach that which it is unable to do for itself Kodol Weather Circuit has included Dyspepsia Cure supplies the nat ¬ in his chain of summer itI ural juices of digestion and does The policy is a liberal one and the work of the stomach relaxing will be hard to doubt it the nervous tension while the in ¬ date the crowds that will visit park this summer There theI flamed muscles of that organ are allowed to rest and heal Kodol brand new theatre seating persons and Mr Darlington who Dyspepsia Cure digests what you is Mr Kusells representative at eat and enables the stomach and to all Frankfort assures all who visit a digestive organ red transform Sold blood first class entertainment of a high fobd into rich by J W Gayle orderThe first offering is Miss Ina Burns Monarch over pain Lehr and her admirable Stock Co cuts sprains stings Instant re- ¬ THE WAGES OF SIN lief Dr Thomas Eclectric Oil At any drug store r The sad sad story of an erring wife a heartbroken husband and ¬ OF INTEREST TO TRAVforlorn children was given another ELERS illustration in this city on Mon ¬ We draw the curtain day night over the sad scene and decline toIIFor the benefit of passengers to take advantage of low publish names Sunday excursion rates the South ¬ ¬ FORNIA Three Routes to Pacific Northwest Afforded by Rock Island System SanI to go Via New Mexico Colorado Wyoming or the Northern route Full details and illustrated litera- ¬ ture from John Sebastian gor Traffic Manager Rook System Chicago asI Islat tf Dont let the little one suffer from eczema or other torturing No need for it skin diseases Doans Ointment cures Cant harm the most delicate skin At e Louisville until 500 any drug store 50 cents Dr W Lee Crutcher has placed No 9 at us under obligations for a box of f reminiscent rCove Spring Park Theatre opens May the finest and sweetest strawber- ¬ p 111No6 of the at Lexington until 480 ries have seen stories of the oldtime country 29 Free to patrons of street car line The that we is selling this season p m Doctor these berries No 14 at Burgin until 410 every day in our city If you K M L COMMENCEMENT wish to preserve you can leave p mAll readers of McOliires carries the interested will please be We are in receipt of an invita ¬ orders with us and we will advise governed reader around the cycle of the accordingly tf Route be in the tion to attend the conimencement him seasons as they used to old times of not SO long ago exercises of Kentucky Military IN THK DISTRICT ov TUB UNITED CounT STATES von THK EASTEHN DISTRICT OF 4The Revolving Year will stir Institute formerly located at KENTUCKY IN BANKUUITOY II In the mutter of tender memories in eVtry old Stewart Home this county but Charles E Ellwangcr country boy and give him plenty now at Lyndon Jefferson county Bankrupt Slimiest Route On this 15th day of May A D 1905 on con We only wish it wore in our power to laugh over tootir ANsSir Walter Scott the prince of tc attend The following is the A D 1985 it is ordered by the court that a prose romancers is tHe subject of invitation DQuickest Scnefliile Prof George Edward Wood berrys ton in said district at 11 oclock in the foreThe Faculty and Senior Class second paper in the series ho is noon or as near thereto as practicable and of ono in that notice thereof be t writing for McClures on the great a newspaper The Frankfort Roundabout Kentucky Military Institute printed in said district and that master of literature No living request the pleasure of your com ¬ and other persons in Inter English author is better qualified appear at said time and place and show knownI pany of the it any thoy have r soy who have been the master to fID tioner should not bo at the Sixtieth Annual Com Witness writers Qf the world and point mencement Exercises Cochran SEAT out their preeminence tho sent k May twentyeighth to thirty first on said Five good short stories all pro ¬ May A D191band five nineteen hundred WALTER Q OIIAVMAN Clerk BIRMINGHAM fusely illustrated complete the Lyndon Kentucky By E H COLEMAN D CI list A comedy of snobbery is SHREVEPORT slat Old Boys Reunion icld by George Randolph Chester Nay thirtyfirst NEW ORLEANS Wheneer you feel impending ill in Bargain Day at Tutt House AND And need a magic little The exaggerated Americanism of SALE ANDTHE I II No TEXAS PO I one will fill other it will make the Woodrow hug has Mrs Wilson PACIFIC 8JlJnlt8Sunday May 19 Like DeWitts Little Pills EARLY Write for Rates and Printed Matter a now The ladies of the Methodist Thedaily trains The Famous Little humorous tale of life in m The evening trains to same points service a Colorado mining camp wherein Church will have on sale today 1010 p m daily carDouble dallySanFran RISERS cure Constipation Sick Through sleeping service G Headache Biliousness etc They on theuNew Missioner again ap at the Collins building next door taco Excursion tickets now for sale or sicken but One of New Yorks aasis- to Cassells 011 Main street pies or address- never further 4 pears T tant district attorneys Arthur cakes candy and other good IFor Pass R Ant G MATTHEWS PA Louisville Ey has written out of the ex ¬ things H O TOWNSEND ifc LTrain Gen Pass d4 Ticket Agt St Louis Mo Lexington Kentucky Open all day The Jail tf perience of his office 1Another v Are you going West this sum ¬ mer on that long deferred vaca ¬ tion An unusual opportunity is presented that yon cant afford to miss Greatly reduced rates for summer tours to the Pacific Coast fci THANKSI j TWO ROUTES TO CALI- ¬ ¬ bast Queen and 1 I Crescent I banltruptfor d I dayJunol 1 BETWEENRk II grsnt1I flcCINCINNATII ¬ t M Iu1NO22 Ijco r Successor to Weltzel a is the home M- I CHAS J l JE r W H Roberts grocer of 880 Being in the Todd St says Sold only by Grocers drug business a good many years and a graduate pharm cist my knowledge of medicine v as sum ¬ cient to prove that my kidneys C 0 TIME TAKLX were not performing the work which nature intended they No 1o21A SOUTH should for I sutlered great deal Pt from a persistent aching pain ILv across the small of my hock and the secretions from the kidneys were highly colored and so irreg ¬ ular especially at night that my rest was greatly disturbed It was not until some two or three LoulSTlllf that I learned about Roans Kidney Pills and I got a 1Lv SheloyvlLe Frankfort 1018 710 Lexington 1116 840 box I gained so much from the use of these Pills that I pro nounce them a kidney remedy of HOT WEATHER PILES unequaled merits My last sup ply was procured at J W Gayles Persons afflicted with Piles drug store and I take a dose of should be direful at this season thorn once in a while as a tonic of the year Hot weather for the kidneys A number of bad drinking contribute to the friends of mine to whom I have conditions which make Piles recommended Doans Kidney Pills painful and dangerous DeVitts have used them with great ben ¬ Witch Hazel Salve stops the efit pain draws out the soreness and cures Get the genuine hearing Co the name of E C DeWitt I black196 14 t JE Frankfort The Ladies Vests 1w c then to use Doans I Kidney Pills To ward oil Brights disease or diabetes Downs have done great work in ry > praisingit Frankfort painfulIts Black Blue Brown Gray Tan and White r the world is eating it ¬ in Readytowear Mohair and s the Flour that made Frankfurt famous All ¬ Dress Skirts E It Kidney ills come quicJdY111YS teriously But nature always warns you through the urine Notice the kidney secretions See if the color is unhealthy If there are settlings and sediment Passages too frcquuent scanty This week we will offer some attractive 5 JEMI- Frankfort People Must Recognize- New Fast Train I I I T- OColorado I = E I S l ty1 IIohildren IIT S 0 D y M i fi l i i J 7 IIr jj > LtfI r 1 < t NTSra pillI UTAH 1itself ATLANTAS CLARKE JIA t I

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