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Image 3 of The Kentucky Kernel, February 24, 1916

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

THE KENTUCKY KERNEL 8 "Very good, Mr. Jones. Mr. Brown, at dat roostali, ho big mid proud Hush chicken, Lawdy, you holler bo do you consider tho text corroct on Tlioro'B azuro in yon cloudy sky Dear Doctor, from whoso influcnco do tho subject of the llncago of tho stuloud! I shrink, If I could flco. dent body?" Twonty-onright chlckcnB Jos do Tlicro's rosy dawn tho wholo day long When at examination tlmo I fear "No, Hlr, I think wo havo Irish and sizo And in black night for mo, Tho worst, then seek for wisdom as GcrmatiB and French and ScandinaTo give dom chtlluiiB a slio' nut sprlBO, If I could sco. a seer vians and Italians and others hero in Of yore, and with an effort do I think. LaV8y me If It ain't n shamo addition to tho Thy tests, more flory o'on than Hell's To take deso chickens when doy's Jea There's music In tho molting snow "But why do theso eminent speakso tame. bright glow, If I could hear. ers always refer to tho student body Sweet whisperings in tho shadow fall Send chills of terror through my Twenty It taln't no uso or bollovln' as persons of puro And every lake so deep and clear, feeble brain Dat I could lcavo a chicken wldout blood?" And novor moro will I bo qulto tho If I could hear. grlovln', "For one of two reasons. Elthor same, When timoB 1b hard and llvln's to thoy think that tho other nations aro Thcro's volvot on each llchonod rock Though timo moy work a chango, alcomplimented by the epithet of make; beit slow. If I could feel. or perhaps that is tho only It'a Jos for dom chllluns Jos for dcro There's softness in this horny hand Thou pratost far too well of analine, nationality that attends chapel, and sake. And soul throbs from a heart of zeal, Too well, thy carbohydrates hast thou tho orators aro trying to stand in with Chllluns, chllluns, got out or dom taught. If I could feel. thoso who aro present." beds, R. A. F. Ah well 'tis gono, 'tis o'er; no moro "Mr. Brown, you aro flunked. Mr. Wash yoro facos an comb yore heads; I ween, Johnson, will you tell us why the us Ho Good Lawd's blessed I got a C; what more could I have Do THEN I'LL REMEMBER YOU. speakers refer in theso terms to the sho'ly Is, sought. student body?" years to como though we bo miles In Methinks, in vistas dim of future He's sent us vlttlos, an' chicken t'ls. "Yes, sir; they think thoy have a apart, D. H. scones, soporific effect and will induce tho stuI'll still remember you. More lambs to slaughter, e'en as I, dents to remain till the end of their When life's Buccess Inflames my eager PHI ALPHA DELTA. God wot! lectures. After they have been lulled heart RUBY, '16. The Henry Clay chapter of the Phi with the magic of these magnanimous Yet will my heart bo true. Alpha Delta fraternity, the law frater- words they can be swatted at leisure But if by fate my dreams come tumbIN DIXIE. nity of tho University, gave an Initia- or told unpleasant things with safety." ling down tion smoker at the Phoenix Hotel last "Mr. Johnson, you are impossible. And cover me with black despair, Twenty-threchickens in de big back week. Governor A. 0. Stanley was Mr. Jimpsou, what does the text say Tho mem'ry of your soft warm hand lot, the guest of honor. The smoker fol- of the subject?" ' in mine Twenty-three chickens more'n I got, lowed the initiation of Addison Fos"The book says, sir, that all stuWill always strengthen me A nice fat hen fer a dumplin' stew, s ter, F. H. Rlcketson, Jr., and Reuben dents become on enAnd I'll remember you. Sho'ly Old Marse, he won't miss you. Hutchcraft, a professor in the Law trance into the University because M. J. R. School here, as an honorary member. that is the finest race in the world. HAVE THOSE PICTURES MADE AT Twenty-twchickens roostin' Jes so, The active members of the chapter The elevation to the high rank of A great big fat one right by de do', HUMPHREY'S. are F. L. A. Eichelberger, L. S. is attained automatically Moore, J. M. Morris, Y. E. O'Neal, J. by the payment of an incidental fee COMING IN EVERY DAY E. Torrence, F. S. Ginocchio, W. H. of fifteen dollars." s Berry, V. A. Dlnkle, L. N. Green, A. G. "Who says the are Foster and F. H. Ricketson, Jr. the best race in the world?" s The initiation exercises were con"The all say so." Made The Best $2.00 ducted by George Herold, city attor"I have at last found some one who ney of Bellevue, an" alumnus of the knows something. This has been a Call and inspect Our Big Line of Fall and Winter Tailoring chapter at the University of Cincin- very unsatisfactory reclt"'on. Take nati; John W. Welch, of Berea, of the the next chapter and study it for FriYale chapter, and W. H. Bronston, of day. Good morning." Lexington, of the Northwestern Uni"Before we go, sir, we wish to state 145 EAST MAIN OPP. UNION STATION versity chapter. s that we are all of the F. S. Ginocchio presided as purest blood, and hence do not think and speeches wero made by we should be marked for poor recitaLyman tions." Judge Governor Stanley, GRADDY-RYA- N Chalkley, George Herold, Reuben B. "Very well, all of you are excused. Hutchcraft, F. H. Ricketson, Jr., repre- Good day." INCORPORATED senting the initiates, and Joseph Tor"Good day, sir." FURNISHINGS, SHOES, CLOTHING. rence, representing the active chapHATS AND TAILORING ter. THE SOUL. TO DOCTOR DANIELS. Look THESE LEXINGTON FIRMS VERTISE IN THE KERNEL. AD- NUF CED star-beam- s Anglo-Saxons.- " Anglo-Saxo- n School Books and Supplies. Tho University Book Store. Lunch Counters and Restaurants. Kresge's 5 and Store W. F. Oldham. Metropolitan Restaurant. Martin & Stockwcll. University Lunch Stand. Amusements. Orphoum. Anglo-Saxo- e Anglo-Saxon- o NEW FALL "LUBIES" Anglo-Saxon- LUBY & ALEXANDER Anglo-Saxon- toast-maste- r, THE TOGGERY SHOP CO. 140 W. MAIN STREET Show Good Taste in Xmas Gifts Miss Holladay's ttj Candy and Belle Meade Sweets are Unequaled LEXINGTON DRUG COMPANY "Lexington's Bigger and Better Men s Store" OFFERS TO THE COLLEGE YOUNG MEN The World's Best Clothing HarU Schaffner & Marx You pay no more for these good clothes than you would just ordinary clothes. TRANSYLVANIA FIVE WINS FROM CENTRE Centre College suffered a basketball defeat at the hands of Transylvania here Saturday by the score of 33 to 17. Centre started with a rush which sent them out ahead by a small margin and for a time it seemed as if they might duplicate their stunt of a week before when they defeated Georgetown on Georgetown's own floor. State defeated Centre 38 to 5 at Danville February 15. Byars, Sheffer and Barnes played best for T. U. and Turley and Diddle played the most consistent ball for Centre. OUR CATECHISM CLASS "Good morning, gentlemen; how do you feel after your long vacation?" "Quite well, thank you, sir; we have been living very vlrtuouB lives." "Good; I think wo have the student body as the subject for discussion this morning. Of what is the student body composed, Mr. Jones?" "The student body consists of 1100 young men and women, all of tho purest blood." "Who says so, Mr. Jones?" "All spoakors iu chapel. Every speaker begins his address with tho statement that beforo him sits an aud- that race which hus conquered the world." Anglo-Saxo- Won't You Come in and Look? Kaufman Clothing Co, Colonial. Ada Meade. Men's Clothing. Co. Graddy-Rya- Luby & Aloxander. Cluett, Peabody Co. Hardesty's. Women's Clothing. Purcell's. Barber Shops. Eagle Barber Shop. Leonard Barber Shop. George T. Martin. Soda Fountain and Confectionery. McGurk Brothers. Calagis & Co. Phoenix Fruit Stand. Photographic Work. Franz Josef Spengler. Humphrey's Studio. R, L. McClure. Jewelers. Fred J. Heintz. Sporting Goods. Calloway & Co. Shoe Store. Special Shoe Co. S. Basactt & Sons. Shoe Repairing. Chicago Quick Shoe Repairing. Drugstore. W. E. Stagg. Lexington Drug Co. Fayette Drug Co. Insurance. Joe M. Robinson. Hotel. Phoenix Hotel. Tailors. P. B. Robards. Railroads. Queen & Crescent. Printing. Welsh & Murray. Fayette Drug Co. Florist. John A. Keller Co. Dentist. J. T. Slaton. FIVE YEARS AGO (From the Files of The Idea.) February 23, 1911. John Fox, Jr., lectures in chapel. State defeats Georgetown 47 to 22. Washington's Birthday observed by a program in chapel, consisting of several orations by students and selections by the Glee Club and band. Meeting of students called to consider presenting a University play. & Graves-Co- x Kaufman Clothing Co. Anglo-Saxon- Hat PHONE 903 Bon AH. Music. Lexington College of Music. Taxicabs. Tho Taxlcab Company. YOU ARE ALWAYS WELCOME AT WILLIAM E. STAGG, Your Druggist PHONES 2871-91- MAIN 3 & MILL THE PHOENIX HOTEL RESPECTFULLY SOLICITS THE PATRONAGE OF State University Men and Women Special Attention Given Fraternity Banquets and Social Funclions n C. D. Calloway SUPPLIES & Co BASKET BALL KODAKS 146 WEST MAIN STREET

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