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Photographic print, black and white, 14 inches by 11 inches. A photographic composite of the 1973 members of Kappa Psi at the University of Kentucky. The people pictured are Professor Richard Doughty (Grand Council Deputy), Tim Pence, Paul D. Mangino (Historian), Jim D. Harned (Secretary), Eward R. Leist (Regent), Michael K. Chesnut (Vice Regent), John B. Evans III (Treasurer), Garry R. Hardy (Chaplain), Thomas T. Manley, Cathy Riney (Sweetheart), Mark D. McMillon, James P. Fenwick, William G. Byrd, Michael D. Adams, George D. Shaefer, Kenneth E. Record, Dan M. Daffron, Raymond B. O'Reilly, William E. Adams Jr., Steve M. Cowne, Michael L. Binion, William R. Brown, Stephen L. Dawkins, Christopher Chambers, Robert P. Yowler II, Thomas H. Leach, James E. Garrett, Dale R. Godby, Robert J. Clement, Randy M. Gaither, Steve W. Compton, David R. Stultz, James A. Pettus, James R. Castle Jr., Steven D. Mallory, Douglas D. Droz, Kenneth R. Shaw, Woody S. Irwin, Ershal Harrision, William W. Gravely, Richard J. Fleck, Jerry D. Judd, Vaughn W. Payne, Saliba A. Shunnara, Noble H. Clark II, Darrell C. Perry, David S. Niceley, Robert J. Abel, R. Stanley Scates, and Thomas Ordemann 1973

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