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Image 1 of Daily Louisville Democrat, April 18, 1861

Part of Daily Louisville Democrat

BAI JLY THE DEMOCRAT. ItlLIIlll rttlTIt IIIHUGHES ft EABJTEY, OtWaej"Eaa-- aisle TUirsd Btraat, ud Jeff M.rket IT CO. LOUISVILLE, Vif Ban VOLUME XVII. ELECTION. MAY Far t .natable. llUilt JOin M ti a candidal for rMwcUot OmmuM la tb Third District, (imposed ef tha lift ad Sixth Ward, at th enealnc May alacUoa. pl die V ere aatborltsd 14 announce 0 T. B1IUI at candidal Inr Constable to th First Metric, eompoeed af tb Pirn. Second aad Teeth Wards, as the euanlnc Mar eseet'ou. apU dtr We or antheniod to announce PICK WATTS a a candidate tor Coneia'de In tha lint Metric, cant af the First, Second aad Tenth Ward, at tba enaalaf at 10 4te sanvaAectton. Wear authorised ta aanoanca) J. M. E IIKUOX aa a candidate for C jaaUUt In the First Dtaulct, come at tba Fine, fiaaaad aad Taatk Warda. at tb aaaKnt apll Mar election, We art esthorrisd to anneenee fM. A. OOCBE aa a Third District, embracin-tbaneudau for Constable la th Fifth aad Sixth Warda. at tha Beulnf Mar apll 4U Uca. RILET WILSON it a eendMete for Constable In tha wards First Dtatrlct.compoaadof Iht Flrat aa d the ensuing Hay election. it f AUGUST ELECTION. Far Clerk ef Olabaaa Carnal r laart. WK..TALoH la a eandllat for Or af the Ota laib gtmocrai THCESDAT MORN'INO. ..APRIL 18. IS6L Deleratet to the Border Slave State Convention, Recommended by the Union Democracy, to be Elected Kay 4th, 1861. FOR TATE AT LRO IOIIX J. CKITTF-NPEN- , JAMES ta TIIRIR. t DISTRICT MiLI!ATF.3. DistrlcC KCFU8 K. W IUIAMB. ARCHIE DIXON. ecoad IMatrlct Third District FRANCIil M. BRIbTOW Fourth DUtrlct lOelll A F.BELL. CII ARLE3 A. WICKL1FFE Fifth District. .UEOKOE Sixth DUtrlct W. DCS'LAP. B. MOKKHKAD. erenth LXstrlct.CIlAKl.Ea Klrhtb District JAMES F. ROBISSOS. JOHN- B. IH'tTOX. Vlnth DIstrlcL Tenth Dteulot. ROBERT RICH ARINWX. rrat gsETcnt DEMOCRAT. JUJfliHV "All is bot Lost tbat is ia Daxgeb." Heretofore, Kentucky has been watching closely the course of events, hoping that time would reveal some plan by which she might heal the breaoh that has been made by the reokless policy of a Northern party, and the hasty, precipitate and rash policy of a Southern party. With breathless anxiety, like a true sentinel on the watch-towshe has watched the course of events. All seems darknees, and discard, and confusion worse confoucded, but a gleam of light is discernible a ray of hope is visible, which should Iriug gladness to every heart, and nerve every man to bis post of duty. Kentucky can interpose parties, and between those contending can almost command a peace. Let ber preserve ber neutrality let that be an armed neutrality, and seeing to loth: Our iiil is our own, and it shall not be dese crated by a brother's blood tbat no army shall march across its territory; aud ber warning voice will be heeded. KENTUCKY: THURSDAY MORNING, S VENERABLE PATRIOT C3ITTENDEN THE HES.DI MEDICAL. PUBLIC SPEAKING. JOHN B. UISTJV.' Union Democratio Candidate for a seat in the Border States Conference for the Ninth Distriot, will address his Congressional ns at the following times and places : Blnin (Sweatmbu's) Thursday, 18th, at 11 o'clock. Blain Mills, Thursday, 18th, at 4 o'clock Louisa, Friday, 19ih, at 11 o'clock. Catlettsburg, Saturday, 20th, at 1 1 o'clock. Ashland, Saturday, 20th, at 4 o'clock. Grayson, Monday, 22J, at 11 o'clock. Greenupsburg, Tuesday, 23d, at 11 o'clock. Tollahurg, Lewis eouity, Friday, 2iiih, at st o'clock. Cannonsburg, Saturday, 27th, at 2 o'clock. Mt. Carmel, Firming county, Monday, 28ib, at 11 o'clock. Fiemingsburg, Monday, 28th, at night. Sherburne, Tuesday, 30h, at 11 o'clock. Sbarpfcburg, Tuesday, 30lh, at night. Mt. Carmel, Clark county, Wednesday, May 1st. Let the friends of the Union spread the news of these appointments as speedily as possible ; and let the people be prompt in assembling at the hours appointed, ss that the speaker oan make his connections in good time ; and let all come, male and fe. male, and hear the questions of the day discussed. iisAPAiillM! HOUSE FUUNISIIINGS! The Approaching War! Immense Preparations!! TENDER CF K0PJE7 BY THE NORTHERN BANKS ! TXIR PfRIFriNtl Tllg B'n.D. AXO FOR THE : X rtlr"ty urt) or tl.l sil loine-wnetle of fccr.fuU scl t roiuloos Ai'. ctlons, ,.ui-- ariToniorii, Licit. Uoria, Kiui.rtoi'i. Pmpi.j, pustules Blouhca, Bonn, bUiU. s:ol HU esiu List-OArnn, .'h Jane, l.J'. J. C. Avt rf0 "te.Uo wh.u Tiilr ssr pir.r. a a, r..f'i.oii !!. Seizure of Southern Anna C'iucinnatlt at th Aura section. aarS dAwto bam County SPECIAL NOTICES. nwn FOR CAS II! Hit o Small, BY CARPETINGS; EICH CUETAIN DAMASKS; LACE DSAPESIES; ItiriH sti'l uv-- a!u'-to f..rm 'in lbs sca. ah-cMv turn I n.lvar. and 1 knaa th.' ,. YuU cui well br.irve I what I ainsivinrf a hi "i I I II y in th l I h..l I ousol Ibe apOjUta) of Uie aae, sn! reiasln svwr r;;t til ALkrtEl) B. TALLET. V..;i;s T Avnmwa Ffl'F. TMHR UK KRYIPKI.Ai. TKtTKK AM) (.AI itlir.l'M, oOALD Ht.AU, KINIi. r. VI. Preble WilK.M, t Ki anu-l.'tll 2 iv cnr.Nl sn Inv, wlili b th - ;ti- a!lir. t..eiiitl t.i .la-- i :" sitsrr. rSrpr!!ia,s-ot M d,nml sarnj, sys b cuies rvii 'ut by .'j .i is. ot m br it ci.n.tantly. bhummiiajelu ti jirsK on sack. M ai.o: t, .i.u,,; -- fi.w of yi.ur S:rssprl la cu.ej em from a Cil a ma ue. a which 1 hil ...Uored Lou oTsr two OR WIJlTFa, LICOI1KIIEA OVARIAV TCMOR, UIEitlMs Lla KkaI'M. FfcilAI.E iiijiKAXs i. ln J. B. S. e',. viiitn.', ol New Vo. city, wr l s: - 1 mo t clei'T'ii'iy con.p y K itii ti rni. .t of vo ir acrnt in vor a mont elc w.eiit ailcra Ivo uintriM c. io,...i!iU lor whim we en, pi ;v In ,j- - till CHAMBEE FLOOB MATTINGS, !r iinoff. !! )otnle t br. tw. m ru t eltil PIICENIXBITTjEKS n.jd t)rn Act n.o t n J luirhnaal in. Mdlulston hiuk r c. iut aplS Vt t lTocoiisti'uotlon Groceries, gfA if; au irr AT T .;n wood wiLsozr. It N E J. tn I ESTATE . w. f " E. utj . 100 I 'el V ..k." I''P' 8' ' "5 y"s 3 LIFE OF TWI3T FINE CTTLAET PLATED CAJTOM 8LA99, OOLOEED OLAiM. DAiXiSAT kr TAAIa. ODOA aoTTUA. FLATbD FORKS and SPOONS. PRICE . PTATTXTTKA. FACT DAT SERMONS. Price. SI 23. BAY AND !E tL. (2 ron.). Price. 12 Ou. ELSIE VBNNOB. (2 vols). Prb e. f 7A MY NOVEL. (1 vol,). Price, oa DTNNEa WAA2 WiU. GBAN1T1 tt TEA WAR. C0MM05 WAJtB. FRCTT JARS tiCEENs OF SOCIkTY. Price, tl J. THB CR04FED PATU; A Story of Modern LlV-- by Wr.kiaCollIus. Cvoh). Price l CM. CRITICAL. HIST JRICAL. MIdCELLANE JCS ES5A YP; by Macau lay. t ro's). Price. 00. DCSTEEA. IETS. ICE PirCHEIia. en Can and see Uem. a W CiEOAT S. Strawberry Plants SO. ate Ha. SCI (OLD XTTSSES 5t) MAIN STB IstWaP THAT NOBODY CAN BEAT.'! Don't Forget Broots' Tirleties! llXan. IIIXZEX.ROSEX& PIANO-FOHT- I WILL WARRANT TUB BROOKS PROUFIO TO be a petfe t pisnt. fcvrrv pisnt will bear frnlt thayaeed n.i fertlbs.n pian'S to male the It wi'l answer smon4 other vanetlea so fertilisers where the variety re inirea It People for.'et the B'ooka Prolldc nntll they see the delicious fruit ba BlaxkeL. and th-- n it Is too 1st to plant. The Straw v mar be set oil aav II ae dnrln th month of April. I can pack and ship with safety u any part of the Unit si Suites. M' Plants mar bs found at Miermia A Brother's and at Pitkin, VVlard A Co. 'a Airlcultaral and Seed Slnres. In laiulsTllls. AllorJera W1U be promptly a teuded to. J. C HKiMJKS. LouisviU' Poetomce. B. B. Anvbo.1, tbat can m- - In the Loi.l.vllla rnark- -t w.t.t Mrswberrlea, this season, can win th nnesttiod Wauh that can be bouabt In the city, and aa mu.-- money as he want to bot ou the back oi It. apu Jlwtf c. B. MANUFACTURERS E fJiiJ J Via iviAaairaT j 11) B. - in. a. ss&sst, BETWIEN SIXTH AND EET1NTH IDU'.SV'.LLE. KY. Alwan on hand a eomplet asarirtiasnt of PTBsT ANuj at re.jouable oCcea. dly NORTH fs TrttTiiIy a Ul4ntKv-- - CQACHES! tb of th ctTall public Kehri.y to- - aiASir.Pu? WAGONS ROCXAWATS; ROCKAWAY3 ; 8HIFTI5O-T0- P BUGQIE3 ; SLIDE-SEBUGGIX3 ; TROTTLNQ BUQQIE3 ; BULK1E3, 4a., Ao. BIX-SE- FOUR-SE- v for this Bn4 th Conntry. or Wvmt aT.aVl wlih iron axlftrtta. of dU4 Iron of tb bawt quniitr, wfttAar ha.i,iuid- - wiU. Imim Cowft o ckllLf. tnthrn liabV iTlag ft Foundery of our Own, A FINB ASSORTMENT FOB SALE CHEAP AT BrRR,llAIGUTatayiIEELu5:B'l We ara making onr several kinds of Center-Dra- OPPOSITE TUE GALT BOUSE, Plows, ft WITH IMPROVED PATTERNS, BOTH AND CAST 8HAB.Es. anSdtf cmmiCALs, &a I ctivHt, .ll, Weslao have for sale of all kinds, VlalUig lajUlsvllld aid pi, KY. drugs, WBOUOHT We wontd etrpectsTy en the attention of planter, and others to our new Si klKL PLOW, made of extra heavy with sharo separate from moldboard, whk-we warrant euual to the best made ta any uniitry. AM NOW IturlTTVIw mn1 voni I rf--a and WAGON Ac Persooe mU JT3T cttl NEW rvwrrirallj laXMa. DRUGS, CIIElICaVLS, aio s DZE-STirrr- j 5riCaC3T i nsv aiso in stir a vr-- y large and complete stock at VIRGINIA, MISSOURI 4 KEXTUCKT SIGHT DHAPTS FOREIOIST PARTS Manufactured Tobacco T) ON Vr HAVB MADE s on at low the princ'pa! r tles ot til AND. BkLOIL'M If SOUTH ARRANOMENT3 DRAW KMiUND, iKKI.AND.ani on tiEKMANY, FRANCE. BW1T-Z- t aud UuLLAND-- . also, oa AMERICA EDWARD WILDER, 514 MAIN STREET. AND AUSTRALIA, -- iprin-or Miis. WETrrawrj.' w.u cm. m MONDAT. FEBnCARY ant. Tn EAST SIDE THIRD STREET. Be(WMn Main and Warts. drf SCHOOL. EioN THE AT GEHMAX INSURANCE COMPANY, UIJLI,I9JE1Z IV 1S61. SprlnsStyles! 100 FOUaTH STREET 100 It. 3. 7J2 B. J. mrl7 dAwtf i. emus) rnnlr,, STREET. FOURTH fin. n. miller. F. FaVUEL k CO., SPRING MILLINERY. MANI FACTI RERS OF i STAR MRS. M. A. WEAVER, PRESSED 3I0LD CAXDIES! Ii). OXIDE. UMILY yo. 3M, Slrr-et-, Aolntna; I'.i LoulsvU'e Joarnal tfl1c, where deatrtot pa.risse the pure aruue wui oe sax. la dad It. As 1 warrant at! my ftooria ta be I hav afia ai my 'e wr,.. a I hav r s.'e. t.i L. K. Kt.y wid nvioentiv new tsoodss He will take commissions "or and other eitleai France. be ieft at tne store, au 9 dtnatf BE1TTIK F. FABEL. As, ill Paris lyiillinsry! Mrs. STWDoCl DtT - o: the very bast itoaitue. K Embrecini ail articles arneruiiilrue to th trade. Wl.'r-,he a. Ir.w for AsT LALdals' LLkSS U iTi made to order. BJLS T FOOK PIANO W aUliiVtn AH ef wh'rb ouanttty ol Tli PL bl . ooiumis ao.lei ni tT .uot ol IN F IRMS in receipt I. 3. C. fc HIS AOENT TTATH JTT KEITTRNED A A with a 4na xsM..ruuent i tXaiNlAC BKANDF. and LOUISVILLE K Y. Mrs. J. aTbEATTIE pKMPKCTFl-LLV .be i now TR01S C0ULEUP.3 ! AUX 1S61. OLIVE, GERMAN, PALM AND eOAI-SLAKD-lil- L klc. No. lis east side Third street, between Main aud Water, Louisville, ilsrlni entirety new machinery, with the lat-improvements, a lorg experieme and practice w;d enable us tnrn out as ftool artlcUis, and sell tbem at aa reas.nt,le prices any house In the West. A sollelted and promptly tilled at tb short-eimiKe. nirJI AND OFFERS Tl THE L Dissof A FINEMiiUuory, OkAEWs SpriU4 vtss ass..r'meut V IIEXRY DOUGLAS, Broadcast ctl zens of Lonlsvi U W "B anl skin ly si havlna closed bis a af in South, he haareturne I to this city wiin th view of the pronecnllon of his profession. Me may be found at the Music Store of P. PATLDS Main street, between recoml aud Third, or at hie a residence, oa Mala street, norm aide, first uoor above He won'A al announce that ha baa received an Agency s manuiactur.-of brtty. for the K, a ot and can otter oa- nsua1 Induce y persous uesiroaa f aecurins Instruments upon such terms HENRY DOUGLAft. te.llni' thJ II a: s. Children a H its. , F.owers. Ae. ih- - latest atyina. Jnst rocelTsd, d Ss, Psttr ill. st- -l or c AJsTEvery mr29 ic'ven t dress mskTi A Tetcher or Plano-Tort- e and Slnsln;, WOULD to RESPECTFULLYthe I I UlSa l Bonme his friends and Seed-Sowe- r, roa sowreo J wheat, o.irv. nEvr. ttxirr. gka-sju- li. 1 Looking-Glasse- s, Portrait & Picture Frames c. s. COOPER, No. 19 Third Street, betweea Market aad Jeffersoa, oast side. Business Carls. Ac. Ac Parties In want of suck would do well to can pnrcbsetnc elsewhere. lei ,ltf ber BONE MANURE. CHaiAfs.-m.KitiL.Uls TUB tue ar:d kar the oa a sua Bava. Tin Hum ,u Jtackhf m nrrm 1 l.MfUnaT,. aad toe seJUWIT .VovAAM from rot- -i to acre par hear. TAsr AYssraawPsmrsv From ta dotnf Lb work hi tb meet lev i manner. Sow pa. nana! see. they more Wan saved th ess af a tbe Machines, wb teatt. srs itessrrlbln w tbosewno Basel kam at as. meuiaisrrom can no had on appilcall a. Maaaieatarea and sosd sa tb. trsde v eKtsls A SPARROW. Na ta Third .iret. onlsville. BfmrTlcllnatf OF Tins EXCELLENT ad aad for ease by OCSf. A. BBCTBB. Cvrusrt af Tweoty-sss- t ind wrayioa atresia. A GOOD rVPPLY ALWA' beapeit awaare am sum TmLmsjuno.' nBI !l SCRRa ALL SrZES AND EINTSJ. BOI A.I mn.ners, nes raaaa. IMHOVkO rMRTtHI.S Ml 1,1 fTltb mlM TlBlllB BaresMnd on best Snow mo. M T MAC11IN ks Several Stnda. aai.v Iron, ncrewa, arraaa. BesUn. pisaaav Farm, aod', eie senerailv. A laree ack ea kaad. af AT lBsul to be toft with CHARLES MEYER, Northwest comer af Third and Market st recta. mrStiiaua N. LATHS WITH IMPRUvnn beat OtUlllT of Poplar Timber. MANUFACTURED and see toem. SS trf Lbs aUvsr. I l 'L R -- KCSITIN. baJ'M' Wl I a- - gritannls and V" rs. j Look" o . Cae M PopUr , lboroonly-eees.nes- l f ADDTTW aee- - jo Dressed Poplar Flooring, Manufactured So. UTnbM atreet. aa Mam nd t.'",."rt ."aid' SHINGLES. per thonaaad. Ho. I Poplar Bhlnaie. at - MEABEH1 "NEW I Cell ILatn woe mrten pes, itroci ann J. H. CUTTER wazsnis STREET 111 EL IAS HOWE, JR., ND- a AN EX TEA b i.ltj, just received aud lor msioHIBBITT k SON. AND ALB.-llllk JbsT RKCKIVKD a ol sju'.iiness' tu6:li. stout aud Youuser's SORTER r- -i sal by tiKKKN FKL'ITS, UAllkS ItRBI1 Strae ber- le. A orients. TouiaUw-ai.ree. Cum, tsreea Peaa. aieo Preserves. M ie. c , wr ssaa .. Tntrd street. Imrertees of Tess. AND IlKS. C TToH ISBNS AND DL'CKBrS aa e .y I HatUDf and Carpet Chain, In a;. .re and fe23 Hil k, tiAl NIoNS. Ma) HBIJI CUolt a. LJksUi Ia tor tuiti tut twit- - hr Odum !' SIIKlt ill o 1 1J ivY t amKD.H ft Kwiva J. H. MONTGrOMERY, TvZrclsant Tailor, ar, but. tiiikd j.vr iraite. which I In'ei: la bss. have evewthina In tbe way of" cli.uiin '. The man ol taste w:!'. reiumtv iv me n call, and 1 I I..-- , n.,i ih. utvl.,.nf. can do 11 .11 s sbot't U'us. 1 avs mi inaisl .. li setuul Cloths Cattaiuerfs aid Testis;, vMcl. 1 will l'!ijivvtQi4:r-,i'rIaa Nut Caailllaai tcLiUhir.K ! lrwi l.Atutiiri; Bloacii-b'rttncm i nep ny V umiii a. . K'tsI ins. t. VSW B1S1KS ajisiaiMi; volume a; so - nts JOUM F. MORTON A CO. Trumps, by Oeo. Cart's; lllnstrs'ed; 91 an. John p. MokToN a Oft 1n and Japan, by Dent. James D. Johnson, of Ky with coaxed lutiscrat one; JOHN P. MORTON A CO. The Orlesl of Ire Labor In th West In , by Wm. Sewsll; L JOHN P M iRTO.N A CO. Thoaahta la the Services; destined as an mtrodnc non ta tbe Litursy, by A-- c. tote; ; ren s a.1 In. .hHN r. Mi isvTON B COk lares stock of Military Books on hand. ap Moat TON A CO, JOHN r Sirva-ie- Kw roar ctm.niav l m Aivl r REDUUilU PRICES. CTT AND I ptT WI1M DOWN it til e.OTrrS r:.bostrr ea. at, b.iw.aa Jedars ens asms. made w tub wTl , e- ! Bl laniS ei.t st'S-Sus'. Ad hs.s ol averv descr.,.,., a mala aad kiinaj. eery Ma s a will be done in the nestnrvniaiiiVT aa-- l serai beat s ami is ml workout snip. Tb. at fcinan anw"! uie in b UL i IT Uci IMIT e t ootsierv e"r. el dim tittb st, be.we Jeaseaia and sbawi BBarrvVraaa. a.s FCRNTTTRS nap.u a as V tsniailel SI'B V.HB ! ee'w-e- g so tree J l.1ea le AN ASSUKTMKNTt FTUELUotCfiaT O LI E Ol - Jnst received aud rlor sate hy a Olive uus j. tit ta r.r1tT. HVCT DOWN AT A rtARPETi MAM-a l Cants If.ktbNKV ws r.n'e.1 IWCI w. .'imvasir-- .H IkVaolTS t .'hjsaary stun. F.itb su, beteeea Jc3eroa and tiieaa. ell deai fYnvntiw-cTRrAiVV Moij-- Importers of . . VIaa V jCIDCnaACr her. asltiMna ittia uy ami tut pnrra. jtmnnox UfcNV niThavms OsrtUkiitw'if-- mrie FIFTH ST.. ONE IXXIR NORTH OF MARKET. LllitVllLI. ICITKIf. PRANKS OF IftMiLY B CONSTANT- Iiuiu dsuvoisa la auy pars oi ina ncy pee of chsnc" frtl ni TBT OILCtaTTTIS - Sntrh l& rM-4 iavaw A fLBA.LSO.N. H. Ferguson Dealers Son,, ta Wh..eal.e and Retail INVITB THB ATTENTION OF FAMILIES, msiinfactnrera and otie-- s to th s sew and las-worn. .ntlre-roved Shuttle Machine, lor al kln.Ia new desiita evceeillnatv simple. Wheel Feiei of reater power and leverage thau any einer ; conaa- st laeutlv will sew a neater rarae. of erlat than beretniore aita.nanie wunoui cnaiiae of eoMon. aa a'l lis parts connected sra permanenk ailmlrsbly and InaeuioUBiy arrsujtea en e suaiaht line ao wlrea ehool It, sor anyviin to let ent sm lew aeaiiy anil older or caase annoyance. tronie. prolucina the most Ocautiml stit. B svs- - aean. Pleaee send Mr sample and i..rcuiar it ce s.a I. JOHNSTON. street. now HI Fonr.n ttT IV i. in II. ROPER'S FAMiLir m,OTjrit, PATENT! , . UlllsVmLS, AY. DAVID rtUGCA)X t5c asdtf UMJIHVH.I.A IsMdAwtr &V WHISKY, BHANOY, WINES, Marks "tt- -, abas a Braakv, aartb aid., MAIN AMD MA REZT, BKTWKZX a waoLKsaLB IM FIND sotjusoit HECOND & R. A. SHRADEK OS CO., 113 aaran asu & CO., DISTILLERS OF AND AST AIL DEALER 500 L Wiis'f.01" CHIN A. BOFTEMIAN Southern Rights! tl 1,000 sszixz?- ttc &c ; ros thsjb SPBINO SALEi atreet bet. Tulrd and Fourth. Main "tJCLLEB tt fnnnf rr nnt uw aad vartod aassirtmant of ENGLISH CHINA. &c, IIITB . STliLIa, "tswr a' do; IMPORTED IXPREiSl.T riRirY Vegetable Lifa Pills S. CASSEDAV & SONS LI5EN GOODS; PASLOS OaNAMOTS; There it t1j FOOM tJLs SblrM hl nnt1 i, Female DULECT Bt? R5 oFeERSD IN THIS CUT. Auction or Private Sal. T1?2BV 1 ovrrsl thr t,,,J i rtih-- ill nitirti rei!-tiom ix In I iry: K..r.e. pnnare-the thst yon tor k lrom yur s'lv snvthiri: yon r:n to n..u.t oo so.1. I snt to 1 ru- a'lsu.l cot it. and rv.1 It till tt In at Rii'HMoxn, Va., April 17. The Convention is still in secret session. Nothing has transpired. The current belief is that the ordinance of secession hr.s parsed the ConThe Governor withholds hU procvention. lamation till the action of the Convention is divulged Washington, April 17. It appears by a telegram published in the North Carolina Rough Notes newspaper of Monday, that Gov. Ellis sent the following dispatch to Capt. Creigbten : "Can you take Fort Macon with your company Norfolk, April 17 The excitement continues and the people are waiting for further news from Washington and Kiohmond. New Importations GREATER INDUCEMENTS Fror tlie'r new and tplendM stock of THE SEYOLVTWX IS' YIRGISIA ASD THE OLD XORTH STATE.' fast that follow each other Our policy in detail earn lie derieed. fixed pooition, from Si ate, howerer, h in Tar. Oar peowhich ah hif not varied 10 it is said, disobeys the rr.; f.i swelled ple da sot believe that a caum existed for Constitution and laws in refusing to furnish rinajM iIiiimi to restore; and W anil a tt. 1 Union when it vw troops in this civil war. We don't see tbat bretkiof up this rof WonCi Wertiaeoent. We kad no band in the suicidal Atiempted. a man breaks the Constitution, because he Confidential. Eot- Mis who bv Injured LUenuelv by todnl. aL We sppreciat the erila of a seo'ional refuses to volunteer ia a particular service; ta la oeruin Strrrt i.ihiU, a well aa AnafPe Affr4 aad part r, end the injustice intended the Eou'.b and the people of Kentucky refuse unaniOH Mm, ho, bf if any kind. Bare prodacee by that party ; bat Kentucky held that the mously; and their reasons for it are satisTRfcaTOH, N. J , April 17. debility la advance of llielr years, before kaiaarunf Gov. Olden, I ..1 11..' l,v it, v General Stockton and other were ia countbetr eacrets U anr one, should Brat raad Dr. Qottt South had power to defeat tbat purpose in factory to tuemselrej. Tiioee who have a .'ms wi,. li. eif of ,y the of tins Tret? rise ea fimml aa WMb AVdte-icil the Cnloa, aad that the wrongs tbat neede relative to oarrying out the The complaint .ilwad cuel pon mre.l. Nothln. uUrut. I nl eraii !f in aiy heart for oivil war can engage in it. If diLVo. Just published, revised, enlarge, aad Uhrstrsi k lOwleib; requisition of the General Government. tubals it !',t tuva Jiausiueuu.' to be righted were such as would exist in Kentucky had been called on for troops ad ay plate and nfrtrtnn. Those who bava read Etwarl 9 Marrow, of Newbury, Ala , wile "A Orders will be issued to the Major General vcarian fiii'Toti one of tt.o tem.ilei In my famxbr work o thess itlemea. ara parUcalarlr rsoueav- - the beat of human governments. against a foreign enemy, she would have at the head of the four military divisions of ily. wbich ba l U l all tt. i reuie.lie-- wo couM einoloy, ad ta act for tbs hook. Vice, Ira Omte,ar twent The people of other States hare thought br your Extract th State, to raiss in eaoh division, one hsi st leiiiit'i be- complete y furnished any number; but she will have eoptes foe l OS. Address: f our phy-t- i li'i th .inrr.t a thln regiment. The uniformed companies, called otherwise, and hare taken their own mode nothing to do with this fight. There are no coul.l erloril Ky J tilt In s tvln-- the trial of H 0. KILLEtCt CO, LoabrUla, I lapis aif your ara: anils ss th re ort bVore cnttlng. and by law, active militia, in the several divisredress. We bare remonstrated with laurels to be won in such a strife. it proved ertfctn.l. A 'ter tafctni; tour remedy eight ions, will be first enrolled. weeks uj sru.ptoiit ot the dia.- lemoiiis." The Pemale Organization hem In Tain. Our counsels bare been hears of these musterings of troops The Pocasset bank of Rhode Island has la arm aa frail aa that af a tender owr. Maar af 8rilILI3 ASD MERCURIAL DISEASE. pained by the people of these States, and with sorrow and indignation. tendered $25,000 to the Governor of that aex anUr luto coarrlaca relatloM vltaaat batas tba, 2Jth Atutut, RVk abla ta aadarc tha labor acd trials of agatarnHr- State, for military purposes. Pr.J. C. ip'r-H- r: regardleee of Any interest but their own. rherfui comply with the re. o ou iji.e.t of your aent. so l thta coaatry thousand of reanx aad bcantlfttl iromi .raol the fcjyA correspondent asks if tbe meating t. I have no wi.h your slar-they bare brought on collision cf arms. aril. Coscord, N. H.t Apiil 18. The State ara aacrlBoad ctctt rear troai tbla caaaa aloaa. BOBI have cured win it. In mv nf the comis intended for all the citizens ot Capitol Bank tendered a loan of $10,000 to plaints torn b:ch it r We hire appealed to Congress and the i l h ive ftwin TKTT'8 CELKRRATKD irokACn BITTIRi aril its eritictn rn'v the cure of lef.W ami the State, to aid in putting down rebellion. aaw anariT af this cla-- f t at an anumrlr grara. This Administration to grant a hearing of griev Louisville, or for Union men only. It is onecf.ii pii!-bad yph Hue ulcer atadlclBa baa ban aard irttb treat bsna&t by laa in his thr. at, whteti wore his palette an.l tba States, that intended for All ciiixens who have the weal Philadelphia, April 17. B. O. top of bis mouth. Y.or irilta, tea.!llv taken, tba ItcpaUic and the ance before the people of the aaailra of people th'out-hoa- t Another waa attacked by and L H. Arhmead, formerly Lieuts. cure.! bhu Inn. live week. no-atapititara ba. raca'red (Ta'rral aomaieadattaBj freaa something might be done to avert civil war. of theCommonwealth at heart. "Secession" se o:i.l.irv I O- - W. t..'n. In IfJLAr. in the United States Navy, who resigned a eaten sway ia coaaidera-i.- lila Kit ofin t. the that 1 be ha-- I v, all aactluoa of tbe coustrr. The B'.ture a ba fjond Whilst both sides mutually condemn each need not fear that Kentucky will be misCandidate for delegate to the Border State year ago, on account of entering into other tiie.l'sir.ler would o"0 reach bis br.n anl kill him. a ba ran p'eaaut to tba taate.creB aa a beTaraaa, and Rut It y!el ir to my adui!nKlratl..n of vonr Sarnaparl.-la- ; other, and propose nothing, they must come represented by euch men as Archie Dixon, avocations, though now wealthy, for the Sixth CongressionIn Ua effect aa a BiMlclna. It la have Convention roBpt aad tbe ulcen heaie l, aiel he was well ee:,ln not, of course, wlluout kouio U ll.'uratl,.ii ts hb, La. a. A wouna a lalo th frame, aad Kiancthane tha in conflict, and that Kentucky foresaw, and Nat. Wolfe, Judge Bullock, or James Guthal District of Kentucky, will address the tendered their services to the Secretary of man ho ha teen treaiel fir th lain illr.Jer by the Navy, prompted by love to tho Union. merenry wns suil. rlr.n f.otu this polavn !n ber boiiea. vbaat are am, aa that tromen who a tt a anallcd U so did the other Border Slave States. rie. They may not reflect his views, but Linpeople of said District at the following times Tliey wiUiOnt s I become so i'.lii ba to the weather that, on a It. vaatd a tarootrb with labors which. ilamo day, she ,ut!orr excniclstin ptu In her Joints they will reflect the wisdom of the State. Rxadixo, Pa, April 18 The Ringgold coln & Co. can denounoe the Cotton States; acrtala ta proatraM them. and places on national politics : Flying Artillsry, of Reading, Capt. James parllla In a few week. I know from ita formula, which For aaio by DnggtaU aad Seaiara raferallr a)r they in tarn can denounce him We readily Paintsrille, Johnson county, Friday y ,ur ai-gyt ni- -. t'uai t u preparation irooi your Mc Knight, 180 men, with four field pieces, apU Astronomical. Lieutenant Maury anlanorstory moat be a irnat reme.,v; couiieuent'y, theo April 19 agree that each is about as bad as the other received a requisition from the Governor truly remark- b e r.'ilts with 't hve not nrnn'sfl ras. nounces that the comet latoly discovered by Prestonsburg, Floyd county, Saturday Fraternally yours. Charleston News. no nse TzVking.n ti. V. LARIMER. M. U. says he is; bat their vices or virtues, their this morning, to set out this evening, at six RHEUMATIC-SIOulT. LIVER COMPLAINT. Special dispatches to the New York Times April 20. Tana Hea win b arTJd and - rack!: but H at merits or their crimes, we do not judge. We Mr. Thatcher in tbe constellation Draco, has o'clock, for ilarrisburg. IxPEritbtsc- - Preston Co.. Va. July S, Ki. Piketon, Tike county, Monday, April 22 then- root- la tbor abaald cbaaoa, tbr bapaaa to art been seen at the National Observatory. give the following items of interest conDr. J. C. Air r: I have a:Utcte.i with a painNew Hate, Cons., April 18. The Elm ful chronic if Whitesburg, Letcher county, Wednesday Ay, settle this matter somehow, and don't an aaaa Dr. Oatea. who will aztrlcato thata from tha i.,r a whkh Washington. lie thus describes it : City Bank has just tendered to the Governor tlienkili of i o.m.i..i. aii.l tu.Ion? time, In spit batted cerning the bombardment : a a rcrr abort tlsa. Kaad adrinliianat la fight; yoa can't light always, and can't sub k lo tue April 24. oi all the reme.iiea icoilld Bil l, until 1 tried onr comet is circular; two minutes In The aottiar eolama baaded "Locwilu Putati MiatRAt Hazard, Perry county, Thursday, April ot the State $50,000, towards meeting the One bo. tie n You have received my pre viouB dispatches ra In taro w. ki, and my so 'V ImpaaAV jugate each other; the end of the fight is as diameter, without any tail, condensed At the national emergency, with th liberty to draw reui rat health il meet: ih it I am tsr better ttisn before so 25. concerning the fire and tho shootiug sway was attacked. I tolak it a aoLdeiful medl. 'i.e. I Balr-Bjcertain as the beginning, and both aides center, with some trace of a nucleus. Iib of the nig-slaUlr-C- ; e I Eiir-Dre- ! Clay county, Manchester, Saturday, at sight. The latter event is due to J. FKEAM. daily motion is 6 ruin. 12 sec , retrograde will be worse off at the end than at the beAcqcsta, Me., April 18. Th Governor Jnlea Y. Of tth?ll. of St. Lonls. wrtta : " I have been Fort Moultrie, as well as the burning of the April 27. in right ascension, and by 40 mm. N. int. A. BATCRELOB'S EAI&-DT- 1. Knox county, Monday, has issued his proclamation convening the afE cte.l for years with au u rftclvn o the , liaer, Barbourville, fort, which resulted from one of the bot ginning. destroved n y heal:h. I t:iei everyLhiiia-- an.l declination April 29. Legislature on Monday next, to determine ObUsikax and 1Tft ih tbm woku failed to relieve roe : an I have tieen a n shots fired in the morning. Lincoln & Co. would do noshing to relieve yea.s from no men Williamsburg, Whitley county, Tuesday, The new planet lately discovered at Harmeasures in response to the President's call ifenmoemfTif for th I.irtr. My belovedoth-- r cause than Vk alF Baraaiaaa aid RaUabla Halr0 During the confl igration, Gen. Beaure-gir- d pasor. the Rev. 'if the country peaceably from impending for troops. He has received a dispatch from M'. me in try vo'ir , vard University by Mr. Tuttle, on the suse sect a boat to Mnjor Anderson, with April 30. - psi.l y r.n.t sow, imr ajAatban ara aaar tmit&tsoaa, and ahonid ba awatd London, Laurel county, Wednesday, the Secretary of War, stating that the trying. he kow bios..!. of tioi ti yhasmade was The utmost we could extract from evening of tbe lO.h inst., was observed cn ' ffersof assistance, the bearers being Cols. By bo cured me. ad If raa wlab t aatapa ndtcn!. Maine quota of troops is required at the baa purtfl- -l my bt ei aa to make a nsw mn of ard me. Sis Majesty was, that he would not oppose the following evening. It had retrograded W. P. Miles, and Roger Pryor, of Virginia, May 1. Vernon, Rockcastle county, 1 feel y.ui.s s.-n. Tin best that can be said uf you la BJU. ar EttrTT EAU drat BartaaUy b Mount UT. natural Thurs- rendezvous by the 20th of May. and Lee. But before it reiched him, a flag n.d half enough." Twobaaatlfal and bran or tiock. witfcont tba kaaat he call of National Convection. Another boat day, May 2. in right ascension thirty-si- x seconds, and ef truce had been raised. SCTIIRKCS. CAVCEP. TFM1R?, ENLARGEMENT Torosto, April 17. Agents of the Fedfary to aair or arJa. Lancaster, Garrard county, Friday, May 3. thirds of the States must agree to call one, had moved north in deolination three then jut tlT. containing Manning, tin Vl'HiN. CAUIms Jill kXr'uLIAl lO.N i) FXFTMBI UKDLLM aad DIPLOMA bar boat Speaking will commence at on o'clock eral Government are here, endeavoring to THE HoXfc.?. A (treat variety of rases have lieen re- M.ijjr D. R Jones, and Col. Charles Alston, aaaHid to Wat. A. Jaaacbalar tint 1991, aad arar K. otherwise Congress can't call snob, a body purchase the steamer Peerless. minutes during aa interval of twenty hours ire curea el lorm .lahlecemp'sJota She is an to arrange the terms of surrender, which each day. Ir.m tile nso of this, hut our ea Dado ta tba balr af the Wt appUoattoaa bava If one were called, we should then get an iron vessel built on the river Clyde, in n. t admit them. ime of ihem n'ay I on the 1 h aaaraaa af afala nuaona Pr. " Eternal vigilance b) the prlre of f.,und in n ricau Aloisnsc, which Iho .uenls Scotland, and is a very handsome craft. If yau buy a crying baby's silence were the s ime as those oHereJ ftatcd that appeal directly to the people, and see if low nsiu.-are pieced to iuroLsh gratia to ad who cad inst. Theso were official. They Thomas Jnfnascf. predacas a oola. WH. A. ATCKILOa'B HADs-DT-l (or tbe ,n. joAliee could be bad in the Union. The cold by jielding to its wishes, the cunning little ai! proper faeiiitiei would be afforded for Washisgtos, April 10 Solomon at aa ba AiaUnsntafaad froai natara, and at ai lulu h Publio Speaking! will beset you continually for PYSPrfay, HEART PISEA-52FIT?, EPILEPSY aat ta iDjnr an tba laaat, ho wore loof it mar ba coo acquiescence of Lincoln, in this policy for a hucksterbargains. is appointed Postmaster of Marietla, !te removal of Majvr Anderson and bis Hon. Arcuii Dixon, the Union candidate Mfcl.AM'ti.iH. t. N r.I'R A la, A Mini remirkahle similar a i ;.ri. of the-- e Mania, aad tba IB rfteU of bad Draa rataodlad tbs bavo lieeri l a le by the alterOhio. command, wi'h tbe company's Cnioa or a peaceable division, bad little or ative poirer of tn!a It sitniulaiea Ibe vital Mr BTtlaraMd tor Kfe br tidm aplaodld Dra arm aud prnpnty, and ail private property, for the Border State Convention, and W. R. FLAG. THE AMERICA! r act w, a"..l thus overcomes Moxtoomeet, April 17. General Pillow functions inl.i o effect on the States where the President's ataaa.aoO.or applied (la alca prlvaU raomu at U sup,-- l Kinney, Esq , will address their 'era w'ruh ita reach, to any post in the Unite i States be might agrees to raise 10,000 men in Tennessee in ejili i rrai,',lv ha le- ii re.)U're l bv the necesslFat IVaarr, l aVwd atreat, Kow Tor. from her mountain hlfht, tVhfn Free.!-party have eontroL Few of them have done e!ec. The terms were not, therefore unw., on the subject of National Politics, twenty days, if President Davis old la all dues iA uwu of tha Colt ad Butaa k L' sisnJir 1 .the air. willfnooett do lot tliempc ,pi,'. an Itiu ,e ebullient that this will alt tnt i conditional. She tore th uzur rove of ulnht, anything. If they had moved in the matter, of them, and there is no doubt but that he at the following limes and places: PrmcrUla aad Faacr Oooda Datlera. A d ot ttm of Rtoy there.'.r AaJerson s'ated that bo surren Prepare by Pr. J.C.Ayei&L'o.,LowelI,Mass. will. anoa The isanlna hat ta ttamt and addraaa. ay tbe President could have shelter! himself 8lie liiinlfd a i'h iti (tor;- "us dvri Owensboro, Monday, April 23. t j Gen iteauregsrd as the deredbis Tin- nulkv bahlrlc of I lie ski-aacrartua:. on aonr sldaa of too baa. aa a Hon. A. II. Stephens in Atlanta, Ga .la.'t ('alhoon, Tuesday, April 23- from the responsibility of inaugurating civil white, Afl slri!. IU pure i representaiive of the Confederate GovernWYL A. PAT03KI1K. Id Boad reH. Now Tart, and week, said that it would require seventy-fiv- e Yt Irh ii'i alilius of the nioiiilu'ii li;tit. Madisouville, Wednefday, April 24. aoxl br ftteaa. H Uooa A eiarblrd LioaiaTllM. Bo war. He could have said that the adjust ment. Ged. Beauregard said he would not Then from hi. mansion In tbe buu, times 75,000 men to inlimidxto the ear. apfdlr Hopkinsville, Thursday, April 25. Fho ci;-- her ranle bcar.-- down. receive it frotu so bravo a man. He says meat was in other hands, and that be would Confederate States, and then it could not be Arid gave f,to bis mighty hsml. Greenville, Friday, April 2ti. Mfijor Auderson made a staunch fight, and Uud. Drtht. TJiE BlaOOU. rihe symbol of ber ciius-The Great Enflish Remedy done. not disturb the peace by strict technicalities Morgantown, Saturday, April 27. elevated himself in the estimation cf every Of the .12,000 troops called to day, 5,HK) Hartford, Monday, April 29. The Defences of New Orleans. The true Caroiiuian. ef law as it exists bow. The President and MOFKATTS are from each State except Florida, the Caseyville, Tuesday, April 30. Baling the fire, when Major Anderson's his party did nothing. They have shown no Delta of Tuesday says : At this moment it number for that Slate being 2,000. s Hardinsburg, Wednesday, May 1. for emergencies is well to prepare ffigstaff v..n thot away, a boat put off from eal in the matter. They seem only bent which may Hawsville, Thursday, May 2. at any time arise for the ap- Moiris Ciacrsw&Ti, April 17. Chief of Police carrying another American EIK JAVES CLAECE'S en party purposes; flatter themselves tbat proach armaments for an fl tg for him to fij;ht Under a noteworthy hostile ef Dudley, this moruing seized thirty boxes As the election transpire the first Satthey have the Executive Department of tbe attempt, perhaps, to regain possession of instance of the honor and chivalry of South guns on the steamer Ohio No. 3. Twenty-threCelebrated Pllle. urday in May, it will be impossible for the IKD rHE HIOH ANTJ TV. CHLKBRTTT WHICTl Taa tnraiBabla madtdDe ki anlalrlna la tba euro Me boxes were marked, O. T. W., Little have ac. mired kit their overnmeat, and must execute their will. the Biouths cf the Mississippi aad of the Carolina seceders aal tiitir admiration for candidates to address the people nvu:ltt;-".y .a aa tto a which If.eT pTof-at more Rock; and seven were marked, L R , MemNo time should be a I rive man. city of New Orleans. ahaaa palatal aad dangeroos dlaaasaa Incident to tba to care, has rcuJercd luo usual Ksctlco of puinc bot They ignore the revolution before ibeir lost in adopting effective measures ot de ot Tuev are nil oonatiuitioa.arwas and romorea a abatrortlAiie eyes, tsrarv, b Tin scene in the city after the rising of than one point in each county in the dis- phis. Five boxes for Memphis, on the on'y Muncvtbeltt rutw it c.,ith wmki th known by It aaoratai all aad low talk ef executing law, when fense. Now we are almost rlfenpVse 'steamer Glendale, were reehipped from the aud Uicy vnrivs not;:ir laita oi the ttvttlfF fur tbeiu. th" t th&tthe frienda tiiiuo blu tbe surrender is trict. It is, therefore, tue ar battaad they are only inaugurating civil war. roai arbaterar caasa. aad a apaody cur Our best military authorities inform u. iudesct irable; ibe were pen'ectly A'.!. wilt exert themselves to have a of war could enter the wi.d. M;U on iiora:baclc rolei throurh the of the Union There is a rreat crowd on tbe landing. Cf Astbma. Acnte 1 '.'heomc A.TetUo They have the assurance to call on these that an enemy Ta MnrrVrd I Ad tea river, pass the forts, and come up to the i large audiences as possible, at each of me excitement :s very mga. ihe guss ot tb ilia.' lerai.t a' iey-- . Uteuraatliim, hi tne ets proclaiming amid the aceaBart, anltrd. It wlB. la a abort tlnM, brlna Border Eta tee to aid ia the suicidal course. city without meeting with serious resistance. the above points, FEKP3 were shipped at Parkersburg, Va, and are In BlU.IOVa anu V.e-- AND.j LIVER COMPLAINTr). greatest Pa BAoatblx period with refralarUr. th 5,u'.h the,, diseas-- s prevalL h-la this condition of things, what ehall we But a very little time and a very litf.a ex supposed to come from Harper s Ferry. On the arrival of the ullicrs from the Ca.ntlaa. lcr iruprbctical.c sialia Mat are foittliey were !t.aiohcJ through, the streets. rteat POU aaonld mot at totn b Shall we allow on side cr the other to pense would sufuce Governor Pbics, of New Jersey. In a A large shipment of powder has been stop- Wards be .th any euch movement. The n.ountiug of a t fight liowed by an iur.jsctue crowd, Uuriahing, raraanf. tfarma tat FIRST THEUM MOATBX ped. All the steamers have been prohibited bllitiniaCo...lcn i I.c9seneeaa ecent letter Gov. Friee er.yg Cue. Costlve-nen- s their battles on our soil, by joining few heavy guns, eight-incoolumbiitdd, at Oil. OSftai.' and 0..!'c tea an oarr ta brav on MtcmrrUvt; oaf at i'er ataar houtlng iiil ye'.'.iu!? with excitement. Ou.NsL'Mfi'ieiN Usui wliii ireatfcrces ta Lb la I say, emphatically, the thou! J aa with the lrom taking provisions South. Two steam. one aide or the other? Kentucky has r tbs forts, and ethers in buttery tt two or ou jVioi ris Inland jumped on The lai. 4 Mt ary QtVr cot, Vm art prrfiglp aa. ers have been chartered by the oity author txmRurr Lft'.Mor.rt. propsies. la ad ease af Ncrrooa and Sptoal AdrcUona. Pala ba aistod the cause that provoked the Cotton three points of the river, would probably e gnus every th t they received from South, from tilery Hue, ffudattial, and patriotic ities toact as police boats, thoroughly armed, done without ue PTSPEPrlA No frson with this d1sLrealr, ha Back aad Limbs, Heartneaa, Vatlro an atlrht axar rt frumpur wLne thus disabled, and gave reason, ine quesUOU. the resolve, riaea and will stop and search all passing boold daisy nslna these Mnlictnes Imaitsiiaieir. diaeeae 3tates, and she has resisted the Secession suuice. Ibis shouldweLeunderstand that ay. the three cheers for Major Anderson and groans ign above all party considerations, a, PalpMattoa of th Boart. Loarnaat of Bplrtta, 3ra- Ia tbe meantime all steamers. XKl'PTliLVS OF TUE SKIN. movement. She bad denounced any use of Montgomery Government is taking measures ogmas, all abstractions. rtea, Mck Bea.'lAcbe, White, atii all tb palntal 1X We are not now for tbe fleet. Three companies of troops leave ERYSIPELAS AND FLATCLENOT. aaaa acoaaViaed br a dtaorderad aroteco, tbaaa Rib force, as fatal to the patriotio course she for the augmentation of our naval strength. Col. Lucas, of the Governor's Staff, has to consider the cause of our disruption. for the rendezvous at Coiumbu. The FEVER 4NO AOUE For this sconnre a f the Western an other aieau hara falloA W effort a can when we are not to advocate secession; but we A commission has been appointed, oomposed just returned fruui Fort wilt be found a safe, speesly has marked out. Sumpter, and says home guard is rapidly filling its ranks. eonnfy these leave the syeten and certain remely. i dber mil directions la the pamphlet aroand each parka. may fairly choose between two Constitu of Commander L. Rousseau, Commander .uajor .tuuersou toi l mm ne sut.iect to a return of the disease a cure by tbeae medl pleasenter The enlistment at Newport (Ky.) liarHas she not a right to assume ,a neutrality. E. Farren and Lieutenant Chapman. akrb aboald be carefal'.r preaerred. The recollections of Ft. Mcultrie baa Sumpter. tions, alike affording a republican govern clnea laperaianent. Try them, be astbnea and be cored than racks is very active, and there are now A bottl eonUlnlct ntr Puis, and enctoried with tbe armed if necessary? Why should we join Commission has for its object the purchas un.y nvc men were F0CLNKS8 OF COMPLEXION. ment, wnicn we have happily enjoyed the over five wcunuett. one ecriuus'v. hundred men in the garrison. A osiaiaial etarap af 0raat Mrltala, caa ba aeat UkNKKAL DKBILlTT. ing or contracting for a certain number of the Cotton Confederacy, and thus deolare Major Ander-oexpresses himself much P1" ogoiy years; aaachiose the ConstituOor-t-. rat lar g i aad sir poaUd atsrnpa. Otddlnesa, Oravel. Mesdachesof eryklnd. Ined propellers of a 1,000 pleased tbat no live had been tion to live under in nost accord with oar large consignment of baoon for Charleston, JOB MOPF.a. ward Fever, lurismmstcry itheaniansm. Lnpure Bloo-i- , war against the powers that be, and invite gunboats, sacrificed, off the steamer FeaaaralAaeBt. via Nashville, was taken Kochaater. how kork. Jannillre Loss of AppeUte. tons hurdeu, capable of carrying at and sentiments. fas that to Providence alone is to be The excitement Glenwood this morning. When one 1 the armed force to our borders? UVfcR O w PL AI NTS. suns. These and four Mar Bold la Lontevtll br Raymond A Tyar, Bprlncef tmuti-- the bloodless victory. He ccmLAl'ltUOf. LiKWESKSa Brother, and an tba whol'sssie and retail Drossiota Tho action of our Sate will Drove influ? throughout the city is increasing. vessels are to be well built, of light drift Kentucky interest and honor are involved. MSKCbnlAL DISEASE limcutstbe firing of the Carolinians, and The volunteer companies are all full and aid in hew Albany bj Dr. i. - Aastin, Kever falls to eradicate entirely all the eflecta of If and ereat speed, suitable for our waters the large number cf exploded shells lying euuai, ana perhaps potential, from our more are offering than can be accepted. we are bound to take the oonsequenoes. ad? deoddwruw sooner than tha most powortu preparTheir plan of construciion is such that they nrouuu aucBis tne r eiiecuvenesa. geograpnicai position upon the adjoining this conflict had come br our advice, we will be able to cope with the Urgent ships, ation el Sarunart!:. of Gratitude. An IVMnty, Nervorti Complaints Night Sweats, Libanoh, 0., April 17. A large and and New The number of soldiers in the fort was Rica omies oi remejyivani. Taaan Taocasir Corm or a Mxnosi. Boos fob Ob. should wot avoid it; but to endanger our while they will afford one of tbe chief, if not kinds. lork; and 1 am confidnt that the neonla of enthusiastic meeting was held here last of all Painter'sOrs'anlc Adecllons, palpitation ot the Cholic. about seventy, besides twenty-fiv- e Heart. toorjB CracrrLsTlor By a $ujrrr. who bat been effac work the only protection to our city in case of a mono oiaies, wnose lierests are identical evening. Speeches were made by A. H. owa firesides, to sustain others in wrong PILES. d t l he guca. men, who His stock with our own aallr cared af servon t btuty. loaa of snesnory.and Dunlevy, of Lebanon, Judge Stover and to a ioneiderable degree. these medicines was enred Theortlnal proprlcTor ol by they have done against our protest, is a maratime invasion. which is now in New of provisions almost exhausted, howIniaiar of akrbt, reatdt;ri from earlr error, br fc'low yvars staudloat of Piles of tba use these Lata Medwill, when they havtto elect, choose also Durban Hard, of Cincinnati, andJ.D. WalThis Commission, an; ah bailiiii it lirea la a medical work, and wtio miserable weakness that no people of self Orleans, has already entered upon ill ever. He would hare been etarved out in to cast their lot icine alone. with he 8outh. And after lace, of Morrow. Pains In the head, side. back. Umbs, joints and orsana aaadan tt ba aty. In gratitude ta th aatbor, and for wo more days. The ship respect should be guilty of. them the Western ant Northwestern State duties with great alacrity. Resolutions ignoring party distinctions RHEUMATISM. af Oonsnmptlr and Korroaa aafferera, to ha In Ibe entrance to the fort is mined, and the win be round in and pledging an unqualified support to the ooad troe. the sane balance, which Bbflak tba aaaana ased. Ha wrUl Ueretor We entreated the Cotton Stwtes to stand builders of Algiers have b.ea visited, and Those afflicted with this brribla dlsetias win be anr Oioers were told to ba careful, even after would be easenliallva wmn,tr,irnnn nt ih. Federal Government ia tho present crisis. of relief by tbe Lite Medicines. specifications have been drawn aar address, on recrpt &f las sumps.! opy of tbe by us in the Union when e bad both plans and he surrender, on account of the heat, lest old Government! BLOOD TOTUE HEAD. KCVJRVT. 8ALT- adopted. ererytuing neceswere unanimously Volunteer RUSH OF KHKLM ftV'EI.LlN'tf. r ark. oanlsl mini arerr Inform sUoa raqnlrad. Addraaa Houses of Congress and the Supreme Court, up and entered upon, ana of the contractors it should explode. The fire in the barracks whether we go to Vita i. thn differenn T. SCROFULA, or hi. Nil s KVII,. in In worst lorma. Ulcer, sary for the transmission aa m. Pootamra. A 'hair. smmsit thtBaiih, or they come companies are f oi ming. was caused by the quantities of shot sent in to Us? I of every ussciiptlon. and nothing but a powerless P .resident, and bids to Montgomery has been arranged. would rathe br the magnanimous Philadelphia, April 17. The patriotio from tort Moultrie. Within Fort Sumpter Worms of alt kinds are erYectnally errielled by thee COAIiI CCAX! brother or friend toioU out the band of declaration of Oov. Hicks for the Union has meillclnes. Parents will do well to The Commission looks upon the situation tlisin a divided minority to sustain hint. They everything but the casements is in utter reconciliation, whenever their es'suuc la auopoctoo. lumf w'X be of New Orleans, without any naval defense, than it who. as magnani kindled great enthusiasm. Tho whole thing looks like a black. mously, Wo entreated this Republican refused. oartain. as a subject of more than ordinary interest, ruin. mass of reoeives the irofer. TUB LIFE PII.T .9 and ErUl Daalen lnOOAL.kecp constantly lfor volunteers is pro The enlistment ruins. Many of the guns are AND PUlENIT. BITTET19 party, in the faoe of the revolu tion, to come and we doubt not but a report thereon will ned hand tba be qnalltle at tbe lowest market Price. Fivo thousand men gressing speedily. dismounted. The Bide orro-titPURIFY THE BLOOD. the mr Omcee Well atreet, vest aide, and corner o ap to the work And save a distracted coun- be sent to the Government at Montgomery, tery of Cumniiags' Point is the iron bat A What abb th Colv-tk- Pimn., already been enrolled, which is more And tbns remove all diseases from the svatem. hardest requisition has beet aide by Provisional have rrestoa an w aKaiuanva atreeia. DR. t M. by Prepared lini e'ATT, try from the calamities of civil war. They than tbe quota required from Philadelphia, dealt with, ate wall looks like a honey No. m Broatwsy. (idutfait rt.iil.linr) N. T. President Davis on foilowtnr Is aoostract from a letter, wrlctee The EtiEOPBAB Powers ahd tub Union Forrsate bv all Dm! ai17 .lemi Aweow of oomb. Near tbe top is a breach as big as for three thousand he Itate of Louisiana while the men exempted by age are form Now all the consequences refused. y tb Rer. j a, Boiuie. pastor of th llenepnt-Bue- t The ing reserve guards for the protection of the The Times, of yesterday, has the following a cart. The side eppobite Fort Moultrie is system of enlistment flating men. 11 war, blood antlat Chnrrh Brakl n. ti. T, to the Joamal and revolution are upon tbem; civ hi fecial telegraphic announcement from its honey-comb- ed Frea.ii ArrlvaiH. extensively, as is that op proved a laiiure, and th. been tried and oity. .,aBl sneaka voromr lu (av MeaMDaar.H and carnage is the next etep in the provolunteer compacorrespondent at n ssLinetoa : miicli-- . Ms. kViaaUrT1 Intelligence uora iiarrisburg savs that Mwl voieiM,r posite tbe floating battery. XI nies of this oity, it voul seem, Biacr rue taiLnasN TaeTHlaa: or inc Notwithstanding the denial gramme. At this point, one tide calls on a an fir. rtivrtiiit In rour columns of Mai Fort Moultrie Is badly damaged. The to step in the breachto 11 up th will have more than 10,000 men have already been y Inv .t i the attention ot clsh and punctual deaisra requisite aooepted. arrasaow'i euorai tt- r. Now r aevr ratda warn Kentucky for troops, and tbe tether renew my assertion, given a week officers' quarters and barracks are torn to to their stock. cries to Herald. I the a favur at a psu-u- t ioe.llclfe iKfore In ear lifr, but w a"'isuueqiai,nrir. and uuiust. JAMES TIlAUiE a Ci. ans w Main St., Menator Digier has pronounced in favor great Powers cordially respond pieoes. Tho frame hrm-e- j on the islands W hy should ago, that tee' complied, o v to your resulers that this Is a feKdAwu Oppos'.lj Loulailiia LtoteL axow rr o aa isainc 1 as areoabiv uarot tbe most soocrsatul all r Kentucky to plunge herself into their con to the efforts makiog by Mr. Lincoln to are riddled with shot in many instances, the brunt of the pnhc Orleans bear all of sustaining th Government at all hazards. siri rue ir. le Lain. iWI the preapice secession moveECVIVED the and whole sides of boused are lorn out. was of the ar. mvstim It is one of the bcM. Aad dition; transfer th war they b Ave git up to maintain the iutegnty of tbe Union, Wilmisctoh, Del., April 17. Th seces ment, both ia fightngnen aud money. b IU) cases freah SprltiT Prlntie, thas of roar reader ati. ba. baUa can't do bMtei her borders. aeurmoes of fyuipathy and concurrence sionists here ar overawed by th prevalent ance-e- s Dr. Crawford, Major Anderson's Eurgeon, Those Fire-eat- iag lienlns. Coilonadesand Har tstlon Stuff. kaan ta lar in a suipe. uitikmd Session parishes 4 cases b Sheeuncs and noutlnits; and clear Oat npon such impudence; such cool As have been more positivediplomacy. than the s slight y wounded in the face. None of throughout the Siau th took so active a Union sentiment. 1'hey had planned th I a ea Outlt Llnnaa; Though the Carolinians are injured. usual language of WM. McwL If TON. Ounsbnms, Miiiili.j Sirioissnd Women's CottoaStrtpol part in the preoipib'e lovemeut, should seizure of Fort Delaware, which was taken and Plalda. and brown sn I Mmclied Ir hnirs. surance. Let these Border S bates arm and unofficially given, they are none tbe less Alsdjaob, lad. possession of by the Government, and thus fjirnish at least Major Anderson was allowed to remain now stow J A VI ta I KABLal a t o, w " M.en st, fight in their own cause. Th ly have acted reliable and aatisfaotory. the projeot was defeated. nupo4d uuulli.'llle tsotet W r22dJwtt & Co actual possession of the their quota of fighinpnaterial. t"p TI ' There is not a particle of foundation for with bis men iu so far wisely and justly, and they are able MrU . J.I. TlSersteamer PrB. RTNTl!" OF 1KIMMINOS AN this moment we haw noheard of a single FANCY OOTID, fort, while Messrs. Chestnut and Manning Produce, Forwarding and Com to maintain AIL this assertion. On the oontrary, as we are litis. N,l,-- s uU S,B Thr.l J- -. tbat position. Toot us say to enabled to declare from an omoial source oauie over to the city, aocompanied with a parish in the Slate oiade the parish of Spaulding whioh leave this afteraoon for nets, Lai ria. un.l ("urn' r ci. mission nercnants, Norfolk, will take bio troops. Their des Orleans, that ha terJerea single company, a cil t j W. Mara tt . ja ucs member of the Palmetto Guards, bearing these parties, fight your owa battles; but the great Powers" have very fc2S illwU tipi.slte LMibvu, HoteL PornTH EA'T KII, These were or a single man, tothe jufederate army. tination is laid to be fortresi Monroe. Tb the colors of his company. VMl siaia ai ioFTRKEr. Loul4 Hie. jvy. BETWEBN not on our soil, nor across our borders. The declined to take side in tbe controversy nier, by If the city of New rlas has to pay all remainder will etart over land n't preferring to remain in a state of "mas met at tbe Tier by hundreds of citixens Misa tate.sal af flaroa. ti vlard blood of brothers shall not be ahed in special tram. site the Louisville llo'- l to the the money and all e Ujra. liina sr. the aiui inactivity" and quietly await the and, as Ibey marchedtbeupcrowd street swelled State, the soonerdo tie y fighting for the JAMK.-- i TnrH A CO., uirs staiur. Ass kaa Kin, The Western bank has tendered a loan of nnloM it is shed in tie effort to pre terry was separates from Generals quarters, ii s vt Main street. fca dAwtf A. 1. Atvi. course of events. i.' l :r Vis araaiDt'T atteaAel In $50,000 to the State, and the other Boston to thousands, rent the air. and the the State the betterAO. Trui Ptlta. vent the crime. The bloody orgies to celett. toto, A Bre '.'J1- wildest j"y was manifested on banks agree to increase the amoun to of ' 'i y- aisnsirri Oo, MoorU-- s Zaoh Chandler has tne L . brate the funeral of tha Qo remanent left ua A Hool Patriot a- - u. nana a welcome tHinps. for the defense of the Government. JI Qt'ERT. If fourlog with sixteen legs, our Luion la not worth a ivam Arm, J., ob L. aytr. Opposite . nisi Uie U.iteL by oar fathers, ahall wot colut our landa proolaimr l aflX Alter the nag staff of An icrs.m w.o l,o Steamer America sailed this morning. without some blood oan catch forty-ni- r rabita, with eighty-sev- en Kentucky is th first bora t,t the Lnion, ana straw in his extimationpatriot away, Uoi. "lgta.l. Aid to Gen. Beauregard He LD A CRB CHIN A HEMP LARGE LOT. She take out $14,000 ia specie. our lettiofr. A similar exiits in legs, in fortoutninutes, how many BOOjE TOBACCO TfAREllORE i.y lisvld Iliinip'iTi s, of VVoodioid. and wsi- hall w allow it to find sagory bet on our midat. One high in Ketublican councils s re.pust, went to Sump aisramiiiatiiier legs Moktooxeet April 17. A gentleman of ranled pure, in tore and lur sal- at ter witna wniie nag, to cllt-- r atMntance in from must the sam'abtts have to get away ooil? M.AXS CT., VHKT. NINTH AND TENTH a fugleman and an proclaimed eight dogs legs, in this city has taken $125,000 of the Confeder lie approached seventeen minutes 1 ihirty-tw- o We have a polioy mt rkei out, and let us to us, and publicly, in the postofhee, a day extinguishing the tltmcs. a halt: ate loan at par, and paid the amount in gold WAftft-rviMUDIfWB wpfjc ABOVE LAIaGR AM for pursue it. Let as 'aire a Border State or two since, that there would be no proper tne Duromg lortress from Morns Island, bu.1 avaie tn he Solction. Ad Jgether the legs of the There will be from 75,000 to 100,000 men in h"Ut- Is and wuile the firing wa9 rttgine on all sides Fonrth street uudr .National liotei. baw rtiri In? mi.n-lT- i f Convention, and cub mit the A atter to the seitiementoi aimcuiues until "tncle Sam rabbits and the t&of the dogs, and divide the field ia less than thirty days. The gov enected a landing st Summer. He an saould lay out "Brother Coffee" with th U tn m vri'l pir the amount by thr big dogs; this leaves ernment is likely to get Urge amounts of States. Give them w, chanoo to settle, or cannon and the bayonet. mt,y ltifhtc-1- O IthllBitUlc rx The efforts of proached a port ho!?, and wis met by Mai, ia of brio 1 rout I he Luropeaa LOW aVll .j.IiH1 shipbuilders. t'l l tha aft O part in peace. Don't be Ulegrr.hed into Crittenden and bis gallant compeers t Anderson. The Commnndantof Fort Sumn four bushels of bat, and thirteen pounds money COLOR?, SrTLES AND he had just dUplsyed a white ting of hair. Take thcactions of the rabbits, Boston, April 17. A larre meeting of SOFT IIAT3-A- LL avert tbe awful calamities of civil war of ter KELLUUii'S. at folly by what Linooln or South Carolina tUMuc uakm tLKFr The mcicLuLiU add six inches of w, multiply by a dog Irish citizens was held last nifthL Patriobut the firibg trom the Caiolina batteries brother cutting brother's throat is pueril tAaWaaliJ. E CAI'S -- A I.AP.dE ASSORTMENT may do. They are awt with us nor for us fight. Then dividty a man with a bouble tic- resolutions were unanimously adoptrd. s1 celvedtbladaypercpreeast rrt.4 fiftwrun MVER A OO. child's play in the estimation of cur model nas kept up nevente'esj barrelled shot gunnd add a side of fresh expressing KBtLooaa Col. Wigfall replied that Maior Anderson uunin;niug devotion to tb patriot. There ia nothing worth having t f.fnn Tli- V wMaKBa A proposition was gSTThere is to k 4 a meeting at Bards a must haul down the American flag; that no beef. Multiply bjbalf a many legs as Federal government. that is not wrought out or tbe blood, groans VI WlaV threa limes a less ruber of rabbits would made to raise aa Irish regiment and tender pnriey wouu ne granted; surrenderor figh towa, next Saturday , of all opposed to the agony and unheard of horrors of a f rater of the it to the 1'resident. rd have had, and divi by ns.1 war, in the estimation of this brave was tne worn. Aiuior Andersun lhen B ES CM PTI OX O F B CSIXC8S! coercive policy of Lincoln and other bad Republican. hauled dowu his fl ig, and displayed only time it would takeir the rabbit to get Baltimore, April 17. Governor Hick halamaioo (Hich ) Gaiette. away from the dog le 17 J minutes. The was waited upon last night, at his hotel, by rSD'HMGNFb IWPORMi HIS ACQt'AISIT-ance- s things. This opposl lion is all very well, but that of truce. at.d Uie puhic frnmlir tbat ba lis. result depend upt the size of the dogs. a company of guards, who informed him tha Dry r d hiisittess again, and bss taken All fiiiog instantly ceased, and twoolhar what' to bo dona fjgrMr. Nesmyth claims he Las discov aoa of Mr T I. J.nrrMu' Cairo Uazette. stor, on Msraet fa that, look at ubout it, is the question, ered that the of Gen that they had come to sing the Star Spangles! Beanregtrd's staff Kz Senator atraei. uira noose aext at the torrr of lust, suul entire surface of the sun is Chestnut and i'.x th interest cf Kentutky; vte, where li t:as opod s (f uanner with mm. 'the Governor eipreus.d J"HN PNVDPR A 0. stock at the most Governor CLArpiMo or Hapsib came. composed of objects of the shape of ry sr li ar the Pabe-str- et li In his nna. fsrmrrs, arbtrb nothing else; for nobody else will attend to willow lear, these avenging about on over iu a i.oni anu stipulated Manning Major Ciiirch pleasure at the visit, and said he was loo fj'Hj .lid BSHd by with the arurie as are During.htdelivery of the Fast hoarse to join with them, but ho was still it. We warned 'South Carolina not to do to ell at t. b.wet market prtc-- s, and ha he ant-mat uia surre nuer snouid no unconditional thousand miles in length aud one hundred Day sermon of th. Rv. Dr. Stone, yestermy PHiru. i than its uiaiaul vs.ue. psroaiMta. fur what .iisrr Ol uie under the stars and stripes. The Star a lor tne present, sutject to the terms of Gen, she ha, done. She spurned our in breadth, crossing each other in all direc be vsry tuanklul an much NlK'K. WICRS A Ci day, and while thtgod man was warming apUdfcAait A. (1 CilKBT, Tho Lteauregftrd. advice. We 'rarnved Linooln not to do what lions, forming a network. Through th up with the idea ha New England would Spangled Banner was then sung. i HBljj OF No.1 EX- After the surrender, a boat with an oflieo Ira Faulty Fli interstices the dark substance or penumbral be better off, in tl log run, without the Governor thanked the visitors for their he AttempUd; and he paid no Attention to I.. S2SE1TIVXA1T, courtesy, and said be honed the Bong would and ten men was sent from one of the four company WHOLKgALB ADD RETAIL DBALCK IM noil of the Stales, there was a be sung on all fitting occasions forever. a. Either aide would be glad that we stratum is seen. ships in the offing to Gen. Simons, com. tumultuous burst if .pplause from a large The Union muBt be preserved. (A voice), considerable number of rich Arab maudingon Morris Inland, with a re.ini.oi number Dry doods, 'lLARrr) WINE. should tare, the brt mt of war for their sake s, The deacons Governor You have done your duty so far of personi resent. doien nperi. J M doien Pn.deaui Hnngsrlan Clarelt that a merchant ship or one of the vessels were do; and after it is don, we shall get about as chiefs have arrived at Marseilles on thei shocked, as wsllbey might be, and tbe flMdtf Tbe Governor tea, and 1 intend do of the I'nited Slatts be allowed to enter sexton way to Mecca. They are provided wit nROROB WRI RT. turned as ptlaas a ghost. "Is this much Unadtka for it lie we have got before for r rench passports, or whi3h they are very aim take on the commander and ng so. ZSztra XXeawy Gonnles. garrison o the house of God " lildly inquired an old BAI. a il uid T.I HTKICTLT KKx rltKi) PkK MAAMER a 4, Voices we will stand by you. similar Bervico. Consult the interests of proud, and which will be a protection to r.iit. cuii.jnrr. (Ml lady from the suburb. "Mann," was the le st reduced irlr Much enthusiasm was manifested. Gen. Simmons replied that if nohoi;iii;, them in the inhospitable regions through BKA.NLil&t A CKAHFURD. Kcniacky, and let others take care of them "eply she got frira he party addressed, we-- e Ststn and attempted during the ni?ht. an.l mt mtrMM Providence, R I. April 17. Tho Leg Stone." else. Wo have .performed all our duty which they are to pass. effort wis made to reinforce or retake Furt "this is the churtli if thi Kev. lr. islature has passed a bill authorizing tie llllliS s.AIH TO IK1UE ClOAd IN Sweet Potato Seed. Button Herald. Ikiy" Baron Hochbein, of Trussia, has numpivr, no woum give an answer raising of a regimeat. T aiTI MAI'E AHKAKtiEMEVTit 1 HAT KVABLB oasker the CooatitaUioa, and none has a It is understood at t tarnish tbe aod re alia one up tbe Nile to explore its sources, with o'clock on Sunday morning. right to complaia of da Wilson that $500,000 will be appropriated. f anl ltd" Last week Jajor Edward Aesiis.-t- r twm Poiava, Ukea freaa iron Uie (rtmnd six scientific personages and thirty attend w died at Elkton, Maryland, in the 75th year iriu mi, uo si pnomiosvlt Ut Washirotor, April 17. The Post officw T EPINEP FI'OAUS ?D Bfl.S CUCSIIED. POW. IKTHERW ants. He also proposes to visit the Soudan of his age. Major W.Isob was commissioned Department has prepared a circular of inh En If a NtXK. new t or Ib oVred. tlranoisteily Los! aud ion Cmshed Buuars Tribune' BtrTho cViiipntcaet are more and more where no European travelers have been. srfwiM vw,ii't to purctiSM a prltue artkril lor si an lad It to UiHr adtantace tt call ano euiutns as lieutenant in tha regular army, aad structions in telation to tho reoent passage lu store and mr sai-- r special telegraphio Washington correspond, AMI W ht.l tt 1 1 .1 1 Oil, xoiting. O'laoiAAAti is getting Irrepresii A m. heatars aar Poimv-be are Ml so iaraia erved in the last wr with Great Britain. of the postal laws, etc. Everything not sr.i st. forncr BP13 tw-Hunasn.n. M mx eoce uoutaiQR me iouowing: bardf Csviver, 1 nw't'j' aud Eta?" The London exporters to the Brazils ble, Mixing; boats, &tt. This will lead to Ho was at the George, in less than o ounees, and packages and seeds all kinds of w AAUA.V bttlla entire of Fort wounded are loudly complaining of tbe vexatious fl. W ttSlRSBT air. nous tninxs ttiee events will not hurt Canada, May 27th 813, and was retaliation,, aad will aiap Cincinnati trade or cuttings, not exceeding 8 ounce in rWd and Atrrlco'tirrsJ v areiionaa, details in ships manifests in the ports the Union cause in Virginia. apddwlf 2x2 M j There is to be in that action. He as also at Oreea Bush, weight, ahall be charge! with the postage lUDl IXMiiMVHM ilAt.L n tLFKRT A On. with th Soth. If we desire to join the that country. "Acres Jf paper are required a new bsptium ef the RepuMio, and the Buffalo, end other points, a part of the Urn at the rate of 1 cent per ounce or fraction y. ,,l:rli- - NAILS; water may bo reddened, but we shall Irrepressible, W oa., ia like manner, to clear a vessel. KEk!' n the recruiter service, and was present of an ouuee to any place in the United have T-Aa store O a' the bombarement of Fort McUenry, States under 1,500 miles, and at the rate luap7 ana lor sale br.MARSHALL HALPFRT A The remedy j AW, destroy the trade of . IffluMr. McLaren, an eminent geologist, - Although Sim (j.i.riuirent in the ven(1- C. . HouBina Baltimore. THE of 2 cents an ouno or traction of an ounce generally proposed for ihese crazy deeds ii gives it as his opinion tbat the South Wales month ago for !i.W assistance to sueuia tj i " coal-fie- ld tuiles, and to be prepaid by must have taken 3,800,000 years over 1000 to become) crazy ourselves. It is said one o as Governor of Texas, authority tkaTNews has Veen received of the stamps. he ha. for it production. feel awkward u be sober wben ail his com receutly written advisine-- atrai,.. . WOOD WILSOX, traveler Vgel, who ha been loaf All packages except see as or cuttings MAJt.silALL n.ALBKRT A Ol). 510 Warn et. troop, there. This change of froat mang. H, j, understood to b a prisoner mast be so packed and marked that their paay arm drunk r neVeriheU'eBS, it is best to flaf-Th- e French police Department pub A It X A OENT needs explanation but ,a th. meantime Qflfk B'XES SI) BAR SOAP; n the Wadai .i efforts ar . (smccaasoa lishes weekly a list of articles which hat and ereat keep sober. Peataaor), the policy i!.e, OUV M b es Palm true character may be seen. 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Dtar rmicouT Ve, $4, if paid In advaaoa, Dallr V H. or k:ty cent pes asonlb. WiiTir Dastocaav 1 oepr. tk tea eonsaa, B Bl aash -. slsoviealJa. DiHxsa Waixti. axht cool, ar aw any number anrler srtv. tl: Cry and aver ta on aliluas ss oaaaa. taaxnintry NUMliElt 23t. Telegraphic News. The Union Mnst be Preserved Telegraphic News. New York Times of Monday the latest contains the following special intelligence by telegraph from Washington: excitement has betrayed many secessionists who hold public cilice, and who could not conceal (Leirjoy at the reSeveral fights duction of l'ort Sumpter. Gen. occurred aui decided knue'd-dowNye, umorg otheis, has kuccked down a wiiuin the last day couple of secessionist cr two. Tbe fct is, Northern men have got tired of having; treason crammed offensively down lln'ir thrcatB, and are learning to resent it by force, the only argumeutthe chivalry penii to appreeUle. Hon. John M. Bot Is, who is here, U violent ia his denunciation of secession. He has been all day the stoutest disbeliever in the story of Msjir Anderson's surrender. He insists that the wbole siory is manufactured for the purpose of precipitating Virginia into the fccession movement, lie predicts that it ni'l utterly fill. Twenty men from the Peoond Cavalry were stione4 ail last night as a guard at the White llanse. Mounted troops me outside the city, with tta:ioned ratinn-- for their horsi s. They are guarding every approach to the ciiy. They are, st&t.oned four at euch point, and relieved every four hours. Figna!. have been arranged for lcoro ppetdy communication. One hundred and fif y men nie stationed iu the Fjstofh.;c Dei aelm-n- t; three hundred tt tha XrtfiBUry; two bandied .t the Capitol, and two huu'ired near tho White House. lbs Government bus no advices from Fort Pickens, but you may tely upon it that reli-.has bee use ill to ... licpaichea hence to i'enshcoia have positively announced the fact to Gen Bragg, and it is very probable that fighting his begun there also by this time. No apprehension is entertained on its behalf, as it has abundant men and supplies, and, if needed, additional forces caa be sent it from Fort Taylor and Tortugas While the Executive does not indicate his purpose in that respect, it is generally understood that the contest will bet waged At Chaibsion vigorously for the vindication of the fUg at that point and the recovery of the public property there. Postmaster-Gener- al Blair sent special agent Bryant to Pensacol last week to reestablish ti e poatofHe there. Bryant stopped at Mobtjornery on hi wiy, where Slates I'o.Mmter Heagan forbade him tofu'fUl his mission, but failed to give any reason therefor. The National Volunteers If st night passed resolutions tevere'y denouncing the m'litary operations of the Government, and expressing sympitby with the Secessionists. It is said that the.c volunteers aie several hundred strong. The APIUL 18, 1801. THE DEMOCRAT. ;ID BtPlKT, n...ii".i.l rNWAK.-JC- ST V-- of RKCalvkD, lor ). apll ANtlsiBA INVObJ I. RI. and Fruiter. j . Wholesale tPil-si m 's II ksmi. pnr- -s ....wsUa x si al see Beet sast do. Orders soultad aai as4 1 to I years s uretnrjttr s. Jvias) A. AtsL o

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