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Image 1 of The Adair County news., August 24, 1910

Part of The Adair County news.

r t r lI j t2 VOLUMF XHI I 1t Sei PHI u i4 v STARS AND V AItt I Graded School Will Open f unnt ADAIR COUNTY COLUMBIA Ntr f KENTUCKY WEDNESDAY Married in Georgia AUGUST 24 1910 The Dixie Vaudeville Co The Columbia Graded School will be On Sunday the 14th inst Miss Pink ¬ This very attractive troupe of artists its second years work on Monday ie Jeffries of this county a daughter gave two entertainments in Columbia of the late Cook Jeffries and a cousin last Friday and Saturday evenings The to the Jeffries Columbia was Mortal Remains of Judge M C ers has been employed And that this married to Mr boys ofDavis a prom- court auditorium was well filled upon Grady Saufley Are Laid to Final Rest year will prove even more successful inent Southern farmer The ceremony than last year Every boy and girl o f was performed at Doublin Ga and the the program There are seven or eight Columbia should begin on the first day great grandfather of the groom Rev people in the aggregation ladies and With the stars and bars of the South and remain in school till the close Ev- John Wilkes officiated The bride is a ntlemen who were brought up in the theatrical business and understand periland enfolded about him a mass of ery department of the school is free t flowers piled around his bier and sur the the boys and girls of Columbia who friends and relatives in Adair county fectly what pleases the public The rounded by friends and loved ones who are in school age Mr and Mrs Davis will reside at Rock overtures rendered on a piano were came from far and near all that was The county High School will be Leage Ga The couple met while Miss skillfully executed and delightfully mortal of Judge M G Saufley was laid taught in connection with the high Jeffries was teaching in the South melodious the singing of the little to final rest in the family lot in Buffalo school work of the graded school The daughter of the manager winning the I Cemetery Sunday afternoon High School department is free for all comedy acts good and the imitating of Notice It is probable that no larger concourse students of Adair county who are in a band by one of the performers perof people ever assembled on any simi school age But if you live outside the fect It is a moral show one worth lar occasion in this part of Kentucky graded school district you must have a Sarah J Webb et al Plff f going to see than gathered Sunday to pay the last common school diploma or make spec vs r tribute of esteem to the memory of the ial arrangements in regard to you Every Little Helps departed jurist Practically the entire qualifications with your county Super ¬ To satisfy execution No 1844 which bars from Boyle Garrard and Mercer intendent Miss Hindman before en issued from the office of the clerk of That is why a man gets excited and were present as well as Lincoln and tering the Adair Circuit Court on the 21st day goes upon his property when you many from other sections of the State No new classes will be organized af of July 1910 in favor of the Master ask him to price it He will list it cheapand other State The old confederate mmissioner of the Adair Circuit er with an agent when there is no imcomrades of the deceased turned out in therefore be necessary for you to begin Court and against Romulus B Foley mediate prospect of a sale MoralBu a body and acted a escort of honor in September and remain in school the for the sum of 30542 Three hundred through the Real Estate man He don The family home on Danville ave nine months in order to get credit for five and 42 dollars with 6 per cent anprize you 422t was unable to accommodate the throng the high school work It would be near num irterestfrom the 29th day of Sep whichcongregated there for the ser ly impossible for one who has had no tember 1909 until paid Also sixty cents Tobacco Growers Meeting vices by Elder Joseph Ballou a long- high school work to enter at the mid- the cost of this action time friend of Judge Saufley so that it dle of the school year and do the re I will on Monday the 5th day of Sep- IThere will be a meeting of the tobacswept over the spacious lawn where quired work of a high school year B e tember 1910 the same being the first co growers of Adair county at th men stood with bowed heads while the present on the first day and get an even day of a regular term of the courthouse next Monday September brief service was said start then be present every day and County Court at 1 oclock p mAdair J or The procession to Buffalo keep even or ahead X thereabout offer for sale to the highcemeteryI was over a mile in length and est bidder on a credit of three months which time could gather closer enough to e For Rent the following described property ora final eulogy to the dead said at the sufficiency thereof to satisfy said debt bacco grave by Dr E M Green of Danville One house with four rooms with interest andcost himself an exConfsderate and close good garden good spring with J acre ladies merchants and bankers One friend of the deceasedStanford Jour lot barn chicken house smoke house land in undivided ninth of two tracts of Adair County Kentucky on the nal House 16x20 used as a grocery store waters of green river as the property The Best Hour of Life one blacksmith shop Nearly all kinds of Romulus B Foley The first tract Death of a Native Resident of fruit in garden lot and yard good contains 681 acres and the second tract opening for a country grocery store contains 40 acres and lies adjoining th when you do some great deed or Mrs Sophia Martin who was aI and blacksmith shop Nice place to first named tract and are discover some wonderful fact This the same two daughter of Judge Eli yheat who died live close to a church and school lying tracts of land conveyed to G A C hour came to J R Pitt of Rocky Mt near this place many years ago cross on the Stanford road joining and in Foley by S S Williams and wife by N C when he was suffering intenselyed the dark River of Death one day as he says from the worst cold I ever dead bearing date of February 23rd last week The end came at the home 3 1905 and now of record in the Adah had I then proved to my great satisof one of her daughters in Louisville for rent very reasonable Terms cash County Clerks Office in deed book 21 faction what a wonderful Cold and She is survived by three daughters and or good papers For further informa- page 71 and the same land on which Cough cure Dr Kings New Discovery one son Her Husband Uncle Bob tion apply to G A C Foley lived at the time of his is For after taking one bottle I was Dud Lawless Martin died at Central City last year I Denmark Ky death and to said deed reference is entirely cured You cant say anything The deceased was married to her hustoo good of a medicine like that Its band in Columbia in the dwelling in the surest and best remedy for diseased A Pleasant Visit which Mr J H Judd now resides in subject to a homestead therein owned lungs Hemorrhages LaGrippe Asth1863 or 1864 going to Campbellsville Mrs Mollie Jones of Exie c by Sarah J Webb as widow of G A C ma Hay Feverany throat or Lung Foley Purchaser will be required to Trouble 50c and 10Q Trial bottle Guaranteed by Paull Drug Co 3 execute bond with good security and free til about seventeen years ago in Danville Ill bearing interest from date until paid They left Greensburg June 17 and This July 1910 A D Patteson Last Wednesday evening Miss Mable The Tompkinsville News says that after making a visit with relatives in S A C Atkins entertained the following young 413t Judge James C Carter will begin a Campbellsville and stopping awhile in people in honor of Mr Bryan Baker new order of things in the manner of Pensacolo Fla who is spending a conducting his courts hereafter T a na clerk will be ordered to docket misd ws a le ago meanors for the first week and all t and during the rUn of a conversa ¬ kc criminal cases for the second week ofat the depot and carried them to he Jennye McFarlandBess Rowe my the term This will expedite of Ina Hulse e era handsomer inland town to a very great extent and save macr time and worry for witnesses highly delighted with the rich soil fi n crops and beautiful level plains Jof the very ry being neglected The sanitary coedPrairie state nd tcon of the square pavements and bat on the state as well as all litigants in After eight weeks stay with repast was d the courts Under the order of busi servedand the occasion very much en ness adopted by Judge Carter it will be toyedx possible in most cases that witnesses tives at that place a few days befo x will have to attend only one day This returning home upon Mr N H WAaron the wellknown J tal breeds disease and the old paper and attorney will be a very material improvement j has removed from Monticello rubbish should be removed These are over the antiquated plan of running pur The School of Music to Indianapolis Ind where he will only things lacking to make Colum- ¬ courts and will be appreciated by those the go who may be connected with the tour isPersons desiring a full course in Vocal bia a most desirable place in which on and Instrumental or Public School live In my town if a man were to in any way We pectorate upon a pavement he would he is arrested and made to pay a fine instant en Course ih Agriculture route nowonly taking a roundspecial information Address H H ly The above quotation is given for The Western Kentucky State Normal about way to get here Cherry Bowling GreenKy 412t the consideration of the municipal School offers a practical course of study board Anyone desiring first class accomo in Elementary Agriculture Demonstra- ¬ d at ions at reasonable rates during State tion and actual work done on scbo ngh Fair Races horse shqw or any time Secure an Education farm Teachers will have an oppo when visiting the city call to see tunity to prepare for teaching the su es The State NrmalSchool ate Bowling Mrs Rose D Starks ject Great opportunities offered your Ky offers an excellent oppor732 South First Stmen who expect to make farming an tunity to young people desiring an eduLouisville Ky life work Course begins Sept 6 a cation The Fall Session opens Sep Write for information Address H 6 1910 Write for eY Cherry President Green K a game was n Boone Miller two colored boys about 412t progress When the fight came up town were arrested Saturday and ng is a little amusing to read ti People have commenced to arrive for news items that often appear Deposit Bank has tendered his resigin the Louisville Post For instance a All out for the Fair grounds nation and W L Coakley who has There is a great deal of stock at the small robbery or a small fire occurs in long been connected with the instit There are only three shows besides ay Adair county which is duly mentioned tion elected in his stead Under by The Adair County News at the time the Fair entertaining in Columbia this Penicks administration the hank has iit occurs requiring four or five lines to week for a number of yearS paid a divide In about ten days af d tell all the facts of 24 per cent The retiring cashier Geo T Flowers hrs residers The ter said mention has been made in th home The Louisville Post will on Greensburg Street will soon be co 0nd icontain a special sent from Glasgow pleted c pie of Green county His successor telling about the occurance the writer and H H Collins of Campbellsville an elegant gentleman and there is no keep the land This is one of the bestIdrawing largely upon his imagination bought G A Bradshaw 111 sheep at doubt but he will manage the affairs of It is awfully fresh < news and the 340 per hundred the institution in a satisfactory manm or r The board of directors are financiers a 412t J A Diddle Gradyville Ky Every Fair bootleggers come in for the purpose of peddling liquor The I have an extra good buggy horse for 1 Go to the Fair grounds and hear the officers ishould keep a close watch and sale Also a nice lot of household and Fred Myers kitchen furniture delightful music rendered by Werhley r is street every man who they find yioI Columbia Ky b and Uptodate music is being ren ing the slaw tf ¬ be1lievesthat r exptelsingthemselves manyo I f Quarterly Conference I if Deftr eCo SpringsWill descriptionThis ¬ Iira Theylived MagiePyleon Eds oneGarnets yhaslihstandarrg Toe beattheColumbis Mabhe consirAlid ak ereato Montgomei GreensburgAug Columbiabe opportunities tr cuttiof Valleb 4 Ca thisI thatH 412tl manyjears dMr lapis 30eo I ¬ lals boyhoodhas ountyer havingI diS1trlljutedfr elgIven prpmfar notk daysr Only eight days from the date of this Persons who at one time made their paper until thee schools open All the lmein Adair county but who are now small sum of money 7 wi teachers will attire in the next few living elsewhere but are here attendj veterinarysrgeona graduate ing the Fair are requested to ise r jlndiana V twinry College will beat sews representative and subscribe AurJ the Fair grounds during the w aicr Th beWiwiUb crow id tHw week thi paper in order to1 keep in touch gust 30th anrtcontinie four days Some ready to do any kind 61 work in tiwi land if toy one > bould4i1 ito Mkure ithwhatia oing onInh iJ oldco ua = of the best horses in the S tewm h B prof twipn If yoa should need hw JSMN roothereare aeraral U1i1Wlu t oRa ty v 7lon exhibition I vices call him Ml take boarders v oft qu ° > YM r44- a i Zt v d h 1f I Rev BM L < I Leslie Mr H t is + at home for a 9 H Collins was here from Camplellsville a few days ago Mr EG Shaw and two of his sons attended the Burkesville Fair Mr E W Shepherd who lives near Russell Springs was here on business a few days ago TaylorCampn DCbverport the week with Miss Mary Miller Columbia and upon reaching that place their old family physician was called to al months ago and which continued Misses Laura Smith Cathrine Chand ler and Margaret Hord Campbellsville sr are guests of Mrs Rollin Hurt this to week or jdoubted Mr Leon Baldauf of Louisville son and Mrs Sam Lewis ined Mrs Balbauf at this place last inlaw of Mr he Mr Currie thinks the limb wi 11Mr L S Wilson and Mr MH Hale to be rebroken and then set Jr of Russell Springs werehere Sat The young ladies of the city have urday on their return home from Mambeen enjoying several delightful picnics moth Cave during the last week Thursday after- ¬ Miss Mattie Taylor will be in Comm noon about twentyfive met near Miss bia for the next week or two She is Tillie Trabues spring spread lunch and stopping at the home of Mr and Mrs enjoyed several hours together after Jo N Conover which they drove home in the moo R L Gowdy and wife who have light been spending two months at Burkes The Annual Conference will convene ville were here Saturday en route to at Russellville next month at which their home Campbellsville time the preachers are all placed for ¬ another year As we never know wh now Orleans is at will happen next Sunday night may be the last opportunity for the people here- j here to spend Fair week with relatives and friends His old associates were to hear ira Hulse glad to see him Half the land suits result from buying Mr Homer Cobb wife and children Macomb Ill and Mr S P Hudson who has been spending a few months in look up the title and get up deeds in Macomb arrived here last Friday en legal form Buy from the Agent and route to Russell Spring know what you are getting 422t Mr W P Janes wife and children We would be very glad to secure a- and Mr B G Roach and wife all of live correspondent at Roley on Casey McGregor Texas who spent a month Creek The country in that locality is visiting in Adair county started on thickly settled and to us it seems that their homeward journey last Wednes a correspondent would have but Jittle day morning trouble in getting up a newsy letter Mr W J Callison a former real each week dent of Columbia but now a citizen of d Middlesboro is spending week or ten ays with relatives and friends in the own light Dont be one but buy a sell your property through the Real E tate man He is a lawyer who can ex Mont albs amine titles and get up deeds in leg al Owen Miller father of Mrs T 42 form That beats law suits A Murkell Gaitsville Texas Mr Messrs A C Frodge Finis Strange Mr Otho Miller and Mr Tim Miller and Mr J R Garnett were made Royal Moody Texas and Dr T B Miller Arch Masons in Columbia Chapter No Goodnight Texas all brothers and for 7 last Thursday night After themet Adair county citizens are here for work a very enjoyable lunchen wasa few weeks spread Mr R Mont Feese who is foreman nMr r 7 i Columa withIou I r ¬ accompanieds yMTIw N y tMr l > departmentdid Mr H A Walker reports a speen Fair at Burkesville The attendance and meeting his many friends was good and there was a fine show of Mrs Bettie W Butler and Miss stock A great deal of the stock shown at Burkesville is now at the Columbia Annie Dixon after an extended visit to several different points returned home Fair Grounds last Thursday night Mr Scott Montgomery has greatly Mn Cosby McBeath arrived from improved the appearance of his resi Monticello last Saturday He will re dente A new room has been built and main during the week returning Sun varandas added Mr W T McFarland day with Mrs McBeath who has been and Mr H C Feese were the con- visiting her parents tractors Mr John Q Alexander was here last iI Judge M C Saufley who died at Friday Stanford last week and who was a Messrs W R arid R J Lyon G PM gallant officer in the Confederate army was buried with the stars and bars wrapped around him rbe t Miss Robbie Chandler Canpbellsville lier Mr Melvin White who writes from arrived Friday afternoon and will Lattimore N C takes an occasion to here during the Fair She is stopping1 payMr James Garnett who is a candi with Mrs Hugh Noe Mr D H Butler wife and son Wil liam of Owensborp arrived lastFri j day night and will remain during Fair In all upto date counties real estate They were former residents of Colum transfers are made though Agents bia and old friends were glad to seer The people of Adair county arecateh them j 422t ingon > MrMR Yarberry arrived last Fri Abrassband wilt be employed to f urA day A notification that his father wu nish the music all day while the big lot In a critical condition brfUfht him S 4 I > < 00 ¬ home Hon Gee Nell returned from Cose hoptqn Ohio and Evansville Ind last Friday afternoon He cut his trip short < > This week people of Adair Gas y > Russell Green Cumberland Metcalfe onaccountfof our Fair dates Hehtariit and Wayne are minglinget the Fair that Esaurhad reconsidered and bitf arid Wing a general good time K reeom inritaine to 1Nw i fielded to the f 4 Monday afternoon at 3 Gree bur againaf Columbia e rel E f f l 1 Baseball < alive > ° clot k > eaten and his jcl S x thr Monday afternoon GrWrc YsCeI < if i2 s 4 Allen C Parkaa rx i r P at the Burkes ¬ week or two Mr R L Marshall made his regulor trip to Columbia last week < w r + visited Mrs Fayette Davis last week Miss Lucile Neilson of Murfreesb ro Tenn is visiting at the home of her brpther Prpf P D Neilson Mr G A Smith and two of his sons Currie received sad news and Mr C S Harris spent a couple of d days of last week in Louisville Watnosday deretL crs r r crrrmrY ar thaKnoxe complin eMr r td nI Charln stealse r IIt tax w Mr Mr Millard Workman who lives near Green county met with a veryserious accident recently which may terminate in his death He was hauling hay and in some way was thrown from his ground with terrific force His whole body was paralized and he has been in a critical condition since Mr Work man is a brother of Mrs Henry Far leigh of this place daughtere eIs 42 Mr J H Young was ville Fair Gresham gJohnson 1 i jj hat doctt aty nthe 5thJr Jl if mot 01 PERSONAL The Fourth Quarterly meeting for the Columbia and Tabor charge of the Methodist church will be held at Tabor next Saturday and Sunday The P E Bro Hulse will preach at 11 oclock each morning and the business session will be held Saturday afternoon Bro Hulse will preach Sunday ningh at the Methodist church in Columbia This is the last quarterly Conference for the year and a very important one as all the officers for both churches are then elected for the ensuing year ¬ < r rx r t Ij

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