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Image 3 of Louisville daily courier (Louisville, Ky. : 1851), April 15, 1868

Part of Louisville daily courier (Louisville, Ky. : 1851)

t rMnumn uuojir. i. If Eililllll Uiinillillll Uil. I An Affiir of uuu. Honor nnd a Woman A Figaro's Dictionary A Mnsicnl He Dncl Proposition ady A l"ari. Atlantic Cable Telegrams the thomas-s- t a!VT0 dinahe liloodlcs Mutual Satisfaction. to Fiht mn Cat l.nckytUdlloiv a ITtacbcr it Oat I aiioer Ttie Kokomo (Ind ) Tribune April 9, ptilt- ocu li .t. $! lstjc 10 t u4 ne m kecs. Hir.ev a iiel aif't asd prices declining; the demand ! oi a mw tie e!er llles 1V. 0Jr- re a,.,il ,1 : IV IM .oroe luU l i i s tiki-; Mr m m. a p. pn.iv i, uci lis.-111, to 7C. As an Applicant for the Position of ruredb tms declined linn dull and in gnml de1 W ( ra al. al i- '.ra ..ntil.t opened In due form. Tbe court 10l. tins . ...II t.j.. B...ll-- Ilk qaie i.l Hlea to SiUW. for anildling. of War. mand and advance NEB offered the following order: Secretary Mm SUM a c, nd rona I . ,ort rin l the Wonicu. litusht ll.ty steany; l:al. SI IT. e and d. nd aoinlL in 1... we. L Oiaered That In toiter lo tbe motion of l'lslies a long account ol a duel tliat place, corn, 8.91 o.'nat, bl at 00. .tkeet piea.e'l haina D' 0c4 ba" rir.ARo's mctionaht. l.v the mansger io lo limiting of floal lard, and l.J ndv and firm aid n a I"''. Irom wbicb we extract tie followinc: P1 urgument unless otherwise ordered, such The dictionary of Fii;aro L'rw to Help Restore the Old baiea eottor; tierce of cotton si.iwu BUee. le. .C inn lie Tromi-c- d r EM.rL.ATUI.'' wn ,n l, .n gr I - t - ' " loner. metliaia of slock A tut; parties wen' hot!) young tit-!- , ; mm cotuia- -i iuu t'.r ittlt. l; . r .n.i 14r from tini"' to time, and this week there are Democratic farty. ST I oris, Awtl 14. .. Sergeant Rates Received ly tbe iii. :s mr o lo t nice. u i .uj iuu TT1P. HFJW-print ltd tic lonr rnu. tor iu- AkKFT RACES. ar ciiniuuus wonu iijoiin", tn-it unfair huve all the particulars, but pork t'-nrtehanfeil Me Iird t7t,e. Bicou Urm: clear k't IlirliriLI-Mirflifl I n-rising argomept r lonr ikhqt,! ixix.v April 14 The winnci. on the ut ooh mm. I' Iwilv lo mention , r nuiio Sidi -s 17117.r; aboalder mu s f ir ni -iriai io lair, Aiid as Chicago Times. The CUIEU JlSlKt-- ll mere l DO ou-- Wond neeriI Correspondence mt ihe beat firmer. Cornell p. fAl iaurf A bachelor who lia become pos and prices unruang d Newmarket Cntn rare Until ot t lie gentlemen nnd paying utten 7. . ' . the WITH I meeting were jeetioo it will e no ottered. Oats TuaTlc. Barley uucbac-dU. 8. Morris rarson, who won Washington, April 9. tion toiler. Let this siilliic. There bad been tes el of one idea button-- ) on lm shirts. I.. nr. Mil ' y"- envy. a 1 tbe sweepstakes, t.lood Liverpool, April 14 100 sovereigns each; i.'S live h Earl, tor tune. Litter iinuielert:iutiu iTo Stive on the part of the most fanatical Radd; li i,I Lincoln which rchultid in the following miiiiu sjiouil- - 1'i hle Thealiput ry of ;, iu.m A Mi flMMK I Cotton in rood demand and erlre tenrpol iiiclintd plane, at the hot n' r.n.n corn Iidw-- ! under wbtt rnle sueb would rrrvcctftiTlymade. h ical members of the S.nate and their immediobjection can be mlites . on. u. bune:s sates of J?.'J0 J:a,-i.-. torn of which wait arrogance and vanity. m.diin!: upiaudi rlini(. 0.,.d iiv Sir nce: ate clacquers, the ttPiiug ia cainiug ground aju.ia-iles. Wnea' lis. Corn 10' mi. Purkios. iktf CHIEF J I S I ICE replied tUat on scv- Tbe IH foaiSTtX'a THB CHALLENGE. t'if The cimlt't of hariiiony. nd neck and divided tbe biennial stakes; crttlc Cbvc tlion. that there is yet a sufficient conservative elelje. Pacun 17a SI. Lard tils 3d. AerO eral occasion be bad decided tue rule ol tbe aud Montngtr, owned by Count De LifJrange !'ilry The indiscretion of dexterity. iriho V nay. . aim ' K(iKon. Ini , April 4. lM. ment in the Senate to prevent such an outLondon. April 1 11:15 A w. Wrwiev yrv ariHe thrcp.-bw- i Si nate to be tbe rules ot the court as fax as and Mr. H. Suviile's IV nureeaoie to Hrite rage as the conviction of President Johnuon, fin a word extremt ( n ARl CT I admit Hie laet that we were both Bine Skin, who slsn .; .1 Consols, MV: Ene, l'; Illinois Central, , ' .fee 1 a a 'ur-- . '', urn' tea Me. wroiirin our comiuct ttwari)s eieh at the end of a hot k, ami t read there. from Stanton to Cameron cawc in rveu. and divided the Suffolk Handi 5 J bonds, 'W,. on the flimsy evub Ben prrseulcil by tlis man."i'!. 71 x. r. M MtK mo- - a heavv via o ret teesidext And from Chamuri the Ihrcu lollowin; n roame. tt is not for me rap Make. The rniM were very fine and tbe otiier. I am aininir to lorcct and .trive a1. but agers. Tin' Hon. John liak r, a few evenings BoETART. you neeiii to be- a li:lit'-- l aut wisn a liuslilc niC' 1 brg leave to re : to aphorism-tbe bat of contest created great cxciteiucut at Willard's, stated to several gentley y. rtiy yp.i l. Tt' Jyfnt IM V!f E FCOTOT. lutrnu'. 1 will Mirs to y(in t ii.rli Tbe bain market miy hi rrpored iki nd tbe Chair of tbe rnlee under wbicb. the and enthusiasm. reliance imposed on all those who since, ritiz' ns ., fv th- - I. mH .n- t- ne ,jenl 1 AV.two,eoliJia men, He will Eetire as Soon as a Successor ion niu-- t aiMlo;iz.- to may of his own Stale, that he Voted order wa made. he l ntV. pprcan be disionnted without mnrh name the puce, time. have not kept fie carniv il. Vou Ciirrud tel. or you peith or a rtr.n. lor impeachment, feeliug assured that the as tood jrST-F.T- t coiuparnve y saT st t4 The t'.im F lie nr J ran It is Appointed. clititteiliox who "IJU "' and i.uu. iiiy iricuo. anil dansrersA (or the s.ikc ot r incur a ttimi- - managers ou the part cl the House bad sut- - difficulty. Cantions specnla'or ran ohiain money 1 (To the couuaeL) 1wnos, April 11. Viscount Cranbourne, Tbe count-e- l for the. Trei will niaKe inn ner sarv ar- I aru iin I. W . .l ie '. Uitin. tliein to tidicnt evitleuce to prove tlTTTYAS EIFOEE that the President for a short tim't from th hankers on reaninaMe Oi.fl. 6kX. I ai.d hrinirnie yui reply. Prfrsofially ot Salisbury, Stcretaiy of State lor Marquis peonle who will not believe theru.' t will with the delink. r.iiifeni' iits. IiaiI entered into a conspiracy with other . CKWA I r ire nothing acout iu llpnued aA I ternir, but they do not like to run that class too aildir. bat In otiier ru to ,.nut Jttivlutioii The fete days cf the rurisiaiis. aURdEANT BTF. IJ&.rX.A.Uil.X.AJ. F.V1RTR Hid that it wa the mifor- - India, nnder Lord 1). rhv, is dead, ilia eldest or parties In order to violate the do. Also I bad hoped to avoid this, but long. There Is not much disposi'ioa to tamper Cranbourne. member ol ttie tnnf nftlw PmidenCa raurcJ lo be ohlifed I mid H WA'HisoTOt. Aiiril 11 Hcrixeout Iiatt s, fueciJ rnm-n- t. A BRIDAL OUTFIT IN PARIS. Iher. la M'b-- r b- - b'O law; but tbat he did not see that tbe with real eststs or mor'gsije seearrtias, oai oc- mn loired me to it. snc- an I ll n.irsel ti e to tate to tk conrt that amee tb adiouru- - Hoti'C of Commons tor Stamford, wbo carryiuu the United Stales fl it, arrived bt re Amidst the lamentations uttered over the mtiiagi rs had been able to produce a scintilla !"'- late this a I o nirT.,-- 0 U.e sntl. X' I and the e,tateot made of real estate paper, when I heary yeterday Mx. and wag met at urnii; rcfpeCliuiiy, iiivniii a. llmwai, ' extravagance ol New York ladies, il sa'e to of evidence to that elft et. HilTMtiraOET Completely VmdiCatei 1 ment . n ilViA that Stanberry had been aeiaed I ted to the titlta Mr. Baker is tbe ea.ional u'ri are ';ii- - . I I aarQUlfl. ,,k nn.VfnlMl hi tlenllTiee " b a committee of citiccn. and escorted by a iv. !' y;.n-ablest lawyer in the Uopso from Illinois. Ai liven by aoeiceptiooable men wuh a good quote the estim ite made for a modest I this forenoon vublish larcc crowd to tbe Executive Mam-iou- . the Fekideat. -. l y Loudon Journal TITK ACCLPT ANCE. He He Evartl bad ecn 6 an-- I " morclne. .i , van lor a This est imnte a.lmit.-filt- y to a coiispii icv, it wi l lie proved lo' the de- - portion oi ca.n payment. u was met at the portico bv I'resiileut .luhnson. ol iSul ol est h. im berrv tbia morDinc, and learned that in the ciaoomio t.intuaiy u.iV. MP. IlAnnr A. I.inpat: Sir Your note Is t use that, instrad ot the-- e bcin'r one on the on commercial piper is not torie; wben m e It is I f .ad nai a l "pen- ' w1' " dozen p'eees ol liuen,, pettiI i reply I ili say I have no ai(olni;ies to who invited him into tl.c can room, ami ,.pr.' oi i oe imvkician ue wiiuiuynuuuui- e .. hy .,.ltD put of Mr. Johnson, there etc; was one on easily met at from will of , ami to 12 per cea.t. Tha reports Iher- imn.-wrl.mria nothinc TV far 1I u he able to reaume I, bi dutiea within 4S I tke Houe Lord Craiibonrne tom'tain in the there iravc him a hearty welcome. No Fpeech makemetoasMiss honoiaile ttierelere there accept the coats, etc, dressestwelve miruinc dnss.-sTrial twelve silk lor waikinc and ilrivinir, Itie part of Mr. Stauton aud others; and that from New York quote money clo'e at 7 per . mttn oDly to au the Uon-1,1 i"i of ni.ikimr was indnlccd in, the occasion nciiig lett ti.m minhi Kmn hone lie eonld I t raiiSle t of (lies-eLater II wa six visitinc tlri.-s- . hereto There is ican-elfix nnlris bad been Liven to the troop cballfiure to flatit you. My placa IB out on the six ilinner ibe i any thing doing in Government .Ifvoid of loruialitv. Allcr a few moment i" in vhw ol lue suaoenne doo lei in readim ss to carry out the scheme. It ' bail drcsies, six oui rare track. Mv time Is six o clock this r I conversation, the 8erj;a.tit, aoompanied by r the rRiceB or w alfs, DErxRTt" .il the occurrence and tb ir arrangement!- in are uu liny pisiols; my ulftatice is witn ns, but the demand has b- en very hve'y in My weapons AN ODtl UEVENGC. Wis bciuae be had b en waiue of the con pre wue ' t .. rvirw nfard to t lie prool. It would oe. Tery uitn- - I . . . . lUrtir. :th tiieOm i n lare ct)iieonri"e. lelt the Ii ne of inarch, bell ton paces. H one of his. cabinet. New York aud consequently the ntfs are im tr.l ll ,. PI a eTt,-- r c t. While ppeakinc of rauie and otera I am spiraey bv Mr. Welle-a rrau-eI per Ceni avenue. nts will be mado Anv other rece-nr- y the Prime and rnnce. of down tliut the President sent for Gen. Emory; and proved. Al (jild bond jhow an advance of from rk S'il lAtfk tffHWd Idmittaiirf it thf I ri'miiuled ol an odd quarrel ami odder I am, sir, ve li o for me by Mr. Dick E. l)aliuff. to jto- - i .t . to un by tlielr respect've pints. DEDICATION. lie ouly consented lo send for him apon the per cent. C. 11. bKACll ttikrn by the musicians of the orchesJ. a a i la.uriJVteiMcal Ir they aappta an , to day, and wed CsjiUil. 1 Um(Joa oa ( vibi, t0 Ireland. They most urg. nt solicitations of Mr. Welles. The dedication of the Lincoln monument oeca-io- n tra of tbe Theater Italien. On-aGold bas abon a tendency to advance, acd not Cnnihertnd. Si t?? at least lor to oay would . prx-eBoth are younc men of about tweniy-on. .' Cn'c.n. induiceoce ,raln lor HoH rood, where tbev II rpucu. .i .. the citizen of hava no doubt it w ill tie susceptible of proot auiut:iou . a years, aijd "are over fix feet in hL'lit. The of extra repretentation, the orchestra claimed tliht the tenore withstanding the depressing effect of report that the rhunrin nf lorrer rrof ras1i-- l law was a scheme t front ol the City Hall, will take place to wri:cr couvcrst d uith Mr. Liusday at the rail- - the extra pay due under such eirciuii-tancewould bear inl.w. Senate Tbe ,i, c lmhle the most reck lew among the Radital it tha Government was telling, it closed ', per e nt morrow. Mayor anacii to aav aaares.-e- u ieM r.' 3S.-a- . M.lp' ... V. brnlce. He was a little nervous, but in But M. B icier, who, like M. ljusmann. to I bat they will land in Dublin at wmi rnncn i twit s compromise the as to jusitty above the opening rwte. ,' I n. y relti-c- d comniuuication to each memlx r of the Cubi ic to : cheer, quoted Shakspeare and lauched wishes to bcciii retrenchments, tbe present ttowledje of Mr. Stan-- 1 m in using loree in his removal. TO TEX THrA8UHY. Mr. as.aa: New The lollowing report show- II conrse durlnj leutla 1; net akinK tbat the departments be closed m eaily, rerettini' that be had not put ou a I r,v At this the musicians, irstead of mak iHry, and not witbin that ot bia araoeiates. tHtiton has far more ol the elements of a employes on tbe street it opened with sales time to allow the clerks and other the day: At ing an open strike, lormol a secret and conspirator in his c mio-itiolean shirt, lie taiKen ireeiy oi ttie ronibat It waf, of eoura. unpleasant to them to in-- I M r. John- IRFI.AKn. than nniMtrluuit v to attend tbe ceremonies ot regretted its necessity, nut was anxious to deadly resolution, which tbey carried into al 11 regular hoaril, it soldatn-';- ; t stlf1: rwaonal They played yiiiiiiVi.'ii.i dm ing the en- - tni, and has had his spies in t very direction i rb'Ct. lie Will Itelire lrna FaiMic lAfe. tro1 ace best lodgment Itronmderation, to dedication, winch will kc place at :'. o'clock have it over, as be burned up the arran aod cloned at aa waa oeceesary 13a: PREPARATIONS FOR TnB PllINCP in their p. if. The monument will be unveiled by the incuts. Mr. Leach was more reticent, calm of the ever since he ha. been in the War officii. Tha tiro eveiiintr, to the treat motion to tbe discretion ot the is yet destined to rue the . publican party ubmit tbe 1)1, April 11. The preparations ol entirely spoiling the and dedicated uy tue Masonic ira.- sinners and at the , aud ouly conversed when he waj atldreiis- senate, wbeiber the indu'eeoce should be wlucu bavc been made to give a Hr W.i. . i dk I'a. Buaahera Ac. district. piece. Correspondence New York Evening day th.,. it took to its councils sin u spirits as I vrrected bv itlortan. Si. In. d. St. .1 e rtrelerr-.l- . linntvd to t bia day or extended to the time eelat to the visit ot IhcPriuceof Wales are tcrnity of the tuiiton. Butler, and men of that kidney. o. L'A west . iriifr. Post. aliJ A.l.m,lJ; M.Aikiimi I's. I TATENTS. Mr. ttao-of for the restoration 1 bey are working D ON TIIE GROUND. lor the spoils and power Ibe castle has been about completed. A 1.1CKT OLD LA nr. aorst. BeO'tr rrv. whom be bad aeen laat evening and f hiittn-cdull; SmitU and Piruie ae.ilS; QWar'B aitogctner, aua are reckless of all eonseFor Ibe wrck endinc the 2lf inst. 'JX, pa into roviil tiflluee. for bis a ronimo- BoM f.hor'li-neThe cround was stepped und the imrties ot the Loo 1:1. , Special Telegraphic r,. An old woman of the middb- - class recently qaeuces. H I. noli in be would b able to co on thla ri.t voe. the Patent Office. I tents will be issti-L.' auM'0ed fnm Butler is the cliit fmana Cuthtdral has bceu St. Ptr", I '. plact (1 in position. Mr. Dick Dayliull, Mr. a did Mr. Blanbcrnr, birn-Paris, and cor in the impeaclinient of President John SllT- -r - and V,. ( l.'tJf morning ac Ke most supt rbly decorated lor the coin:n' ct re- - I In the past week 4'.a ai'pncatiou? nave otiu la ach a second, examined I lie person ol Mr, a inn ared in a a jew eller's shop in snver val dluiea aa.l hull dime V i iienia lo- - iy '"J nag oi cold and BtKrora rca rRnnprxr, corns. produced If. He bad only learned thla mom ng tbat inotiiei attemiinc tbe initiation of His Koyal tiled and f5 caveats entered. .Now, no oue uou'tts that the reason ot ..'. linsday to see that no weapons were on or which she wished to have made into buttons T). April M. You tmWft Mr. Stanberry wonld be eannoed bia room Uiuhuesa a Knii;ht o! bt. I'atrick. 1 he quays 1st impeachment is on acennnt of the allcctd iaiuiwTc. rilSArrEARANCB OF Cnc'iI.ERA. CLSCLNNATl SAKS alt At tlio same tune, tapt-.nIns person. about Revifw of the .Market. lor a birthday present tor her daughter. by direction ot hi p(iyiciatl. tbat a Movement dileetion of the President from his iwrty aod rtTiaed 1u ttii" erreptid'-tpH. and public buildings are lavJjly omameuted Atrfl C1!l OurConsnl at San Juan, Porto Kico, savs Jack, .Mr. l.iusday a stcoinl, examined Mr. VI hear, said she. "that such tilings are its Lsj.icy. ent tbe fo'lowing to the wnh nays, streaini ra, mottoes ana oitn-- ore- "Mr PRAKE A. it what will honest onr onot itrnn ' tha Price., rV'.iTB V . and is io i. tw ..l. miea oi and honor- rmrt-rt s -rosM be ndf in connection with tie purpose, dislor ri informed that the i- anr'IT lire I l.iw-- a Iniirei .: i . CbairandJt waa read: innot this oay i Bl)d t(tia,jn tnuraplnl arches that he is from tt. Thomas. cholera has Kico Loachthen the smieto each. Mr. ibe pistols wprn nowadays, ami- - I'm determined tbat iil people av when I tell them tbat. at this ..all lie.lers ale iwh-frcts. h.r'.er. asu rre. f wMe renerl a Linsday ob In Porto were handed i j I' tlon of the DDnrrarie Cooventica for tte P.eai appeared itu .ianeit to ' shall bave as Sue buttons as any moment, the I resident has a letter fiom Geu occupied by tbe counsel lor reepondenl in llBTe jn the principal streets r ne. I ao ta de- orilers. wiib the tawa ar Ude l u las ina ai w ill be fornailf ttiaagnraied in Ptjt'.a oi jeeted, saving they were not the kind agreed body good bealtu generally pre yanea. ouol-kfleocv. evidence? r. a etvinir in .c.oti-ietolMra.i.1 fin tier in bis iHiss.ssion, askinif to h in- Inmclva tbrouirh which the roal visitors will pass. BAOllINr., ROPK AID TWINK-Wsr- ke arthquake continue to be lelt almost every upon. 1 lie oilier was iirourtu to nun io snow ishl r . me I .aeai.le ''But, madam, perhaps, does not know the poiuted secretary ol ar delphla o xl week, and will advocate (.en. Han Mr. EVARlft Jt cannot as we underttaud van.'-- 't In tins letter, to--.l .y,;b noi.l'.rs re nrn. attT we nu .re ej The iicople ol the aurroundin!; country arc day. fl one . JK i..r,iii.i.i..i.i.llt I that they were ooin aline and ue was asked value ot these, .TTi rcplm! the jeweller, who Gen. Butler assorts the President that he will r l .om niin ai. tbe aature and condition of tbe proots. U nam fce. Il ba karen aacenatned i.iB.i' cock pouring imo tho city, ai.d crowds ot Uioila: kaMdeia a r icoasnr.J maald la 0H act lo take bis choice. ''Let Charley choose was both honest an4 learned in coins. IRRIGATION. On motion ot Mr. Howe, the Senate sitting are hourly arriving Irom Euland to witness wi'l pr cnt bia the office in helping bim to restore tbs . tbat tr. rcflDpylvana , r flrin. . itts e. and hind--T- t i'te lirsl," was his reply. So one was given to Indeed 1 do," sa'd the old date. "Folks old Democratic party, to which him-ladioumed antil to morrow at 12 tbe cereiuoniea and paritcipaie in the tepti Vi .mn anl the nm and Hope, maetin The Secretary of State lias instructed Hie Lumh and the other n turned lo him name. an4 otber ftau. It ia claimed, w U1 iadarae a a court, Mesars. n I. , an small lalea p.iiti. twin- - 11 l'omeroy only tus of the reception. wtnted me to In Heve they were rufy eop- - the 1 resident ouee bttlougu 1, to power. o'clock. tumuer BnyT L'uited States Consul (ietieral at Alexaudna if z ttae iu ,.is The Captain then addressed tbe parties, re p.ji, and ol no account, lint I know they're f ill raml nrtraa .i tie.i nai.-nitinc no. were n,' y en. Butler denies that he wrote such a let ew hnl to furnish the General Land Office with such hearsing tbe cause of the meeting and asked d! B VTTINO-he- id rupmi a.. r idiaka. roR wv rmr;rvT IB loll a: 2c lo returned tbe chair and The President liny ter, the President is ready to produce it, FRAKt'E. information a' may be in bis power to give if a simile Hie, in ease neither were hurt, or good cold, nave couidn t cheat me. uh-- a I .sit. 7 Ivmocraip Irttm a'l aeclitti'. iacladmc three ai i.. ,c kt liirnn au additional value as cuHut liiey cal'ed the Senate fo order. l. 11' fnrta-M-I'relative to the ty.tem ol irrigation oi lue ttotb, should be considered a uual settlement. W thoiizh InAetire. as to'tn .n.i I. Bt l K MFATS-Flr.! ' ' 'f tut uie-- a fBASCE teaceablt riisrosr.n riO'ities," persisted the good man. And he Mr. DAVIS rave notice that be won'd move t'rThf nf the luemlHva oi Coucre.are oademood I clear md. 13 Lrd He for prt ' lands in the region ol tbe ile. TnE Late Ltnchi-vNo reply coming, the question was put again. Affiir Elsewhere shonldera seles explained to her, of which she had no idea. lollowing additional rule to tbe rules ot U iLork'f name aod d. the clear to fitvor tbe pre, out on of Tari". April 11. The Journal des Pcbats, wc mention the lact that on fridav night S.I aod M'tiN Trade lather more qni t now, the other It in t some coins were worth twenty tini When there was no or ho, mk elpripgk. red S't unlet. a B in an editorial artiels to day, scouts the ap tbat ot Heatneks, of Indiana, or some other I practice and mceedmca in cases of impeach l -!! q ii second, Mr. Day huff, said "silence gives cou- - tlu ir intrinsic value. Hearing this tuccood insr. , tbe btirtis and stables of Mr. .lames .ubiers mi 11l'ei a ilea of Scrtreant Bates proceeded to the Metropoli l II. ment: iwo-rair- as oi me oenaie present auau prehensions wbich have been raised ot an Ot I line.t d-a rlanrb Western IVaaorrat, lor Vice ,l.v. Booker and Rev. Mr. Doss, w re burned bv sent, "1 lien, said the Captain, "it yon Klirril- H rhe.l ai.d VI at lij cler i..- 11 f lie necessary to rule on any question of vlemail produced a large number of brooch at ;it V c. irl.ed aeiapproaching wjr, ana particularly denies I tan Hotel, and, having ascended lo the por .k.i has been den lop-- d to iudi ate thai Hin From fhe return of U?.iLn htijmj. ' f in y tninsaltJ lasns and other ornaments, w Inch her an unknown inc .ilc ol o deneeor law acamst the party impeached any danger of war with Germany. In t co, the Hon. Chas. E. Eldridge delivered maiutdin silcnc", a single shot shall be com there is X be formidabie m toe colu t for the Dom- tiere-- a fao y bam, cnv e plete satislaclion. cock Ho then directed them lather hail di'intcied from Merovingian tlK- ury ot iuqtiest held over the body ot r. LOflsi WAHKSll. asale 01 Mb ANTIiONi. from the Committee on proof oi this, the Journal sap, France has the lollowine address: pi lit) ham iCrte.l. at t't c, jo I ole if 1 tier.-ehe count ST. una. April 11 r. a. turn their Printing, reported favorably on tbe resolution inalMn. e roves in liurL'undv, an. I which sbe bail not Henry t .tzpatnek, it will be seen that the already refu'ed to enter into a close alliance Fellow citizens: It is owing to the fact toone," "two," b.uksand when nndaim.und breAA..a.t. Lacoa. su .avis at -- 1' neh tn-- ed T"R has tie., n caught and pumstierl. tthey should turn to print five thousand additional copies ol the with England and Austria uuiess Prussia is that 1 am a citizen of Wisconsin that I have rwwBWAji i. hitbcito dared to sell, Irom a current beli cured. - ilc.,e. r tbk aa.l Brta u .t a. tie, Dum riaira nee eiicift d ty the jury ol in vond tbe at 'thne they th.m a lire. sir. Linmiav flint they belonged to tiie government. - hear of no to-impeachment triBL w hicu. on bis included. W 'e KY A nP M M T R ..rt.The been invited lo appear here on this occasion, T manager oi the IrapeacLmeot examined report on it. 1. aril limiting tint adds any and Mil Kaai it il.T w ,V- - ilntt. any narkani;ial. rpi..te barley n motion, the prnate proceeded to consider. collection, winch was ol immense value, was qde-- t we c.iu und lor a tew bru t moiiu nts present lo yon asked that the directions be made plain auu 1.01 ai - . FttTai stocraaaii for snoot two bout fMlay in l i jht to the mysterious aunr. ihe news ot MB Mi.itMA in apriin a: rv asked where these doca the guest of Washington, the youthlul son of lteywtre repealed glow iv and careniuy, iue i r,urehas.'d from her at a lair mice, and now DESM ARK. fb comnil'we room toucbiic b' interviews wlib i the tires sent a thrill ot horror through ai" Were heme printed, adorns tbe museum ot Count de V He, tinainrr names staiiuilltr iu ivmuiuit. Wisconsin, Serjeant liates. COTTON; Y AF.NS. ic -- Waqnt'e st na trd hrsnda tin- entire community, because it rcvtalt-THE CZAR IEC1.INES TO IN'TtfcFEKE, tbetVeettJent when be was trrdTcd !be War O' Mb. A NTUON T At the Government No wa. popular error cxibting in the Stale ol seconds Ibe louutiiu begin. Al "two both A FRENt'IT C N N I B A L IV iter- a. picim-ityhriw every man's and for that I. a: No. SH al nl Nj Ace. Bulla, woo proNbuficd tbe qoesiioos, was jiriLtiuir offlce. Copfnhagev April 11 It i nndersfood Wisconsin like that in every Northern State, stood erect, hall turned, the right arm of aa i An ingenious Frenchman proposes ai matter, his tile, too, is ill lue mercy ol every IU pet chain, tao.lle-thai seemed MB. lih.r;MAK reicrred to tb immense here that the Emperor of Russia baa declined Ihat the pecan 'c of the Southern extended holdinca pis'ol in anil lherewasa met as a laink. In aiieol Iota Ss. lenndy against limine that the eanl ivvarillv villain, while und black, in th i be directed with piecision. ripens ol rHinime, rspeeially in connection t'j interpose h:s jroid oflices aa me. itor be State', whom our cominenmr anus sahdocu l -' thi rarsiDUT TiKDirtTrn. CHINTKY PHKIil-rreeti liitmliers of society be induct d to kill a bazi n l. While the presence of the d inger wa bnirbt with the Concri'fsionel tlobe, where this re t aeen DcDtnark and r"niii for the settle e Itiiyer-il- l ire host lie to the flat.', undertook to canv it t In u cloud over the prevcuted moon andscrn'iny selves, nndthitthe others I induced them It t nnerUX"3 Ital Strtnaa'a tcsumm y comr to eat thus brought out into relief, the conviction MArket. lot. lRiatORitu mc-nness iu the air Ihat aclose port waa prmtel, and ol wbicb additional peel ,1 q Prtl.'tt aft tint In m Vicksburg to Washington lor of the rnntrovcrsv I it'll', ..e r pletely TUMHeaU-- the Trekiuen:. whs. Beh. ws also developed, that there is no legal pro- h .Iv sn. tiiilves Pe I wi h ilea a uiueu less exjense. I ,chieai ig proviuraof the parties, bul they appeared, as well us IIb m " Persons who arc not ncceas.try f cop eicouio or pose ol plant inn it on the dome ot the Capi I" tin- welfare ol socn 1 lie he savs, "as, lor in ac'ed ror.aciri.lout. ai.d wita rrf remcc 11 icquirt-- wuai iuc eAieiis wo-ul tion nor any legal means ol punishing could b; seen, calm ami detcimined. .11 hl'IHrl-Hor'- -ll ie. tol. He lias oeinonstrateil to the people l.....q. ii'in B t.n.tiel stance, celibates inmates ot eouvc nts. vg-.Ids or any ot her crime. The entire commuwere deeply excited, aseveiythm; spectator inal at l l per V ANTUoNY npiied probably about solely U tse ioti ret of th wLole cotin'ry. lie li am ill .a.Vaol calli Til AIILatK A. Hi this coatitrv ard the world that no such be bonds, poets, journalists, and other infirm nity was thus made to Icel that in elf-'il ,c. ITn'Tinr i'v IC. i. lecse prtine lota. ,lve, at tihty exists; but, on the contraiy, that the indicated a shut lor both. csplicitly staled Uat bo'.b be ma Giant cuccatrsd 110 000. . SMa Ho.i.-- , SJ aacka wh at. 7J: .' at mdl people, might be im summary vengeance would bave to be exeeu aii't good ki at Hit ISertiae n.te.1aor.en. r TUE WAR ON THE PARANA. MR fHEKMAN thought it time to atop people ol the South submit to the fl ig of the n THR PI RING. bii-- a o a. corn, aaa in the pmpnctr of uLtub l;. molated il they consider it plcasaut aud glo tell on some criminals. To try thein and (ini.te.1 al r puuuu. a: In the distribntieo of noniin.ii at II aioft preTai Union in good faitb and are determined to i a ia waste of mone ICindo. April 14. Telegrams from Lis to thi tbe EkAvas'a vmmmami In ten seconds, the word "three" was pro nous.'- L.ct him set tue example. at battle per pound end them to tha penitentiary, or sentence ka. Now c.uuuy sua Tery if m- ascnnients to their constituents when they bon announces the arrival ol a steamer from muintain their allegiance, and expect ns of nounced distinctly ny captain jack. IlKUEll. of I Snpplles re lalr.wlh sal Hu nt to be bun-- , would do no good, since CDFFKs A PARISIAN CAT FANCIER MSX'UIS IdAiiKT. (Applause. 1 cou'd buy them at tbe book stores a they South America with dates irom Rio Janeiro the North to n aintaiu onr bcy- :5c. with marl a l a lo, tatr to pri e, al i most simultaneously with the word the pistol TVntattwi slecbBeal werwes-examibfuwniow. trie last ineaa ot every thief, murWuwrwi. Aonl II. 1 uuderetand Sereeant Bates will now pro Theie lives at present in the Quarter L wanted them. tr.e. a- - to quality. J its coiltse rauaea iruui a. y w the C4th nit. The dispatches slate that Mr. Leach 8 band was discharged and thnre Ptpiniere. Pans, a man who is the most a Cotton -- tiniiit an I 3rm: reeeipia H9 uaiw; et porta d'irer ami iucendiary, stands ready to pardon maii yesiercar. to nrier to eati bim bclore tb id l.iU. Mr. BUCK ALE W moved to add tbe fol slar bnngs no war new from Brazil. This feed to place the flag on the dome ol the in liietn. Hence it is, that the Inghtlul late that ye aud piactical member of the Animal to saerta'n if sryihiig eon'.d be rile. ted from lowing as an a men dm en': And the distribu- bads to the impression that the recent move- - capitoL Bui I will no lorietr detain you in ws a click but no rcwort Irom .Mr. KN'M H f, -- We rlii tlchin-.- l. tie w is out ol d who, lug befallen Henry Fllzpatrick, out raged no ai l is.s per bhi. ti. '.tl v7 t abootirera lb--; tlear b m wbictt con.a oe itr-- i against the Prenaent. tion ot tbe same to Senator bhall be in ac- rrjeuts of allies on the Jtio Parana have not this lurther than to say I cannot and tbat bis antagonist bad lost his shot,inger, Fflend Society, and yet w hooe singular gen iepsc ol justice jColumbm ( leno.) Herald. C )At. P.ttabnrr aUoal llai 5c I is I ardlv known to the public. Th ago, wu Tbey are now satisCad tna ter'imory will sot cordance with tbe population ot the (States hsri. resulted so Iivonbly sa the Braziliaca ex lorget the day, lust scveu erously threw bis pistol npoit the sand, only isteuee made bim.-rl- ! isles at Jlle per busbcl, del.T. ic I. i general guardian the our flig wa lowered in humility and sonow complaiuiut; that U bad "snapped." His uin has r" actively. serve tbv'ir pa,raM. pected. from the batthments ol Fort Suiuter, and second examined it aud expressealau opiun n and feeder of cats and dogs w ithout ow ner Mb. ASlBOM denied tbat tbe expenses At a public Fchool exhibition in a Michigan , f i il!N -- We h if of no larrain aloak. to. "it. Nnt l 1 t.ti jo. and dinuerless mongrc Iriendlrss on- - to nttiite prime rejoice tbat it ariss in tiiumpbunt filory. priming bad increased, and v illage. One iif Ibe visitors made a brief ad of hu Fl A NCI I. A Nil t OM n KRCI A L. that it had not been "snapped, but that the leap lor joy at bis approach. Ab iut lo'clot to Ma wi'x from Viclsburj at-.met Kar cui a ami tnclud.iii; ;aeaa a: t claimed that tbey are not as much now in dress to the pupils, on the necessity of obey 'rraa vje. narn, the pistol, being a si TUB FLAG. trigger pul'inc bulk. the uicriiing, whin it is hgh 'than: rvery place bat at tb pneenbseks a betore the war in eold. HALT IHO'll! M AUI KT. with s osniwl peoep-iow. ing tut ir iwaeders and growing up loyal and Lonook, April 111:20 r. y.a .rti nominal cocking one, bis flucer had slipped the trig I? .. 'Ic. ia among the of Mr. Michler. ?; The w ritten permis-io- n l and eats are boldin ' nrtmpeirisnt. t'msoi Me Ht.MJKKKS thought, irom an exam citizens. To give emphasis to bis re dooro.' tbe Capuol. Ee proposed la aecordaocs closed a B.i ger, thus making the snapping sound. Mr. i la. u.i ol Publ c Buildings, to place tt Sat hoid- ir bails aud other reunions, he comes mit k. he pointed to a large national fla". and piue. a(.pl-ract'Tv i.v.ei..' .ora t'tf bnt mot inon in' han-Illinois Central T3'4; tue TS.'itiTi','. was 03 - .lc lu aiualllols. ination be made last aesaiou, the Ui vara ibe f ae from tbe wnh prufTsaoinr flag on tbe dome, was sent to Mr. Brown by Linsday was satislied when his second, snap totth 1 tailed witu such provisions as th 4ft. expenses bad IxiMH-T- ll - Factor are preaJ on one side ot the room, snd inquired. and w f nnt, STl sn-- aneSanji-1- . ping il, it was uts.cua.rgcu in the air. dome, but u r!ucil admituiace by tbe Chief ot Diistakeo. Thswag desirable to aireadr in CAlling iu the ten. It rest voice. "Dttt. liHe, it a policeman, aud Mr. Brown indorsed it, civ an.l FRANRroBT, April 11 r. a. iJ'iys, whai U that flig for;" A little un hiu atamiard bran a i.l w I -- si I.': yellow creased. Il it circulate the .it i. NEW TROUBLE. and 1 he paper wa the Cajmel Police, sciiof aeoer orders ot the reporta of tbis trial, it would be much f ob at sc. la Inla u. a hale Tin y catlit r round him with tiantic mg the icquired jmtilissiou. Itited States hooar 75. pibiuplly answered, ' To cover up the dirt, or more. ecaud utiali y al leaping-- , floiirishin Ktdlral oScrs yho oiiIro( the buildirg. Tkis served I t adtuittinga reponerol the Aasoei-atrthen batmen to the pulieennn in chaii; This lieing oyer, Mr. Lcacli drew hisewt Mow, Lrvr.nrooi.. Aonl 14 1:2H p. FLt'l'l.-T- he mirket v a tittle the door, who would not let Bates push itito and saiil he would now whip Ins eii.tniv in iheir tails, und rubbing again' him. HapiH f tbe saesrs rxbtbitin ol pctiy partisan spile Press to a a at on the floor, as bad been Cotton closed flrnier and Drue s Iraciemi bifh n n b"Oier, with aa ai l.r. - a - .r'e.l brj I nder lavorahle :. .ml ,'' tr a A No. at : lie Vi. the eapitol without ibe further itidorsement cai who is nif Iingnu-het- l at tiue Iuiiiaiia style. Hie seconds of both i u- proposed, without aey expense to tbe conn-try- , er: iniddiinz nplanda eitaui. 1 tie hcrgesm Our the H,j to tue I.L .S V PAI.s yrin t m i; , ,j v- for Ordway, ot the tertt red und prevented an attack, while Mr hi touch, of t lie Sergeant and proud, indeed. five thousand copies would add consid- - acvir. ltiOirom Manchester aalea were made Sneil T Irom ttoe V aahictrton tconumccL. ( orn declined o.i: II T -- lloMer firm, and we quota prime tlmothv Hou-- e Not waitmir Liiisday stood his gronnd e.ilinlv; Mr. Leach slic w hom he picks up and pi ts. More join . f )!., n, ol Kt preseulativea. Prrttot r crablTto tbe expense of print ing, and eve of lz at bales. Hn sdstufla HI o tile wllart al .a aaa;ra per lou, ad iu siors al Wheat steadr at IU' tor white longer and tired ol the delay. Bate, with bis was ninindt il that he ousted WrsBO CAKPICATI. s ell I.e.). II bad agreed that the him as he goes along, until they reach the a very small additions circulation. nancy a in. $ .5 ai iU per Ion. i;ali onna: HI a I tor rea western, P.OAKO op Tbao Uoie . extra family Roows, ae.ieia O. JL. klortuL. tero Ait tular of ibr CHivee-Iioand here there combat should be a hnul settlement of the Boulevard Male&herbe, Mr. ANTHONY asked if the rVnafor bad Oats la. Pci s 47s. Flour STProvisions closed friends, lelt the Capitol to plant the fla HOPS Prime rre.r, l.j ac tree. I0' d we qn '. Wl. Tcesdat tvssiNs, April, 14. ) tbe W ashmelon Monument, liat s was es .. Cats are set ancoouces bimsell as a candidate lor'i-ai-account, and Air. Linsday wasaddressed as to I wuderlul party, indeed. and at Ml prtc- : re I Cotis. n in atore at 'it at jo,lT'e. II VM-c. iu 1'ure figures to show the increase be claimed. ant ruined. It- -r 12: uoik 85. Lard b .a u u. - a.; a There wa a very mil ((tendance at tb 'Cbariga uz riery wuii, cciuiug out oi every al 61. gress Irom tu First Virginia District, OA I S Th- - mark- -t la fry tlrm, with aruall aalea Mr HfcMKlC)v could ot recollect them. Cteese 53t. fid.Bacon 4i 45s CI. Pronuce bucnr corted to a hotel, the proprietor ol which en his own wishes. Hi? reo led iv add r.n ni I ciiino.yelling .'i and nriu; aal a ..I . arrl iiii.b Tiin al maeting y, a lot ol d d aac Tallow Petrolenm la tertained bim gratuitously. and with delight witn. the adoption ol a iTiol lore.lQr-luhis eucmy. Said be: "Charley. I am willimr I 'ej, W but tboucbt tbey showed tbe Increase to be steaav at mile. al I. lvl . Oaia duil a N afyje for the lartAcjiaEirr tbjal iou,.-aca-s uiciuderi, al sat, wnu a saia ui Sd loc renued; JOd lor spirits. I jumping in diabolical sarahamN, and keepia, We.r-rresolutions asking the to forcet all that ia nast. and to forp-idouble. of all 1 1am- - sin.iil COINAGE. ss smwicht to a rorttieii close by the ill Faoviaiox looking p. Aktwerp. April "nothing else w.ll do vou. I will meet I up a match conceit internal. Tne heuevolent brs of Coinmerc; and Boards of Trade in pett Mls. AM HONT Ibe (senator is mistaken. - Petroleum closed nominal; standard II. Iffc K3'i1T5 per ton for Official Stute6 but it reitorts from the United Bess of Mr. S:anhfTy, and will bard'y be B ST. IN CATTLK MARKET. wuite 42 you again Davis, Bayard and Jo in son cpaud place, and iiin opeus ins bundle, and then a scene tioLing for a modi&eition of tbe tiiating taxes on I rotiaa lreaaed. aLd Mmj leU- - prima at SiVa mint at Philadelphia show the amount ot under inch at your own time you may Anr.t tl. before Tsnrsday. beggars description lat circumstances as the ami ml ment, tbe latter anruing tbat francs 15 cent mica. choose hcirtns w hisky and tobacco. )l,f'.il, of money coined durine March was Receipt P rTT' le.l; mr!et iot atrpr''. I trn Uirk-- t itp. tr anit hol.ler. 1m. in. nrim. arrange where we may alone light this The big cats dash in furiously and snatch from st as Tow To wmHi ot pi lies in this tue eqnai . rsstic USB. r nv- - V low-- r; and wbich there were cold coius to the amount . c in ir, rccs, AU'l n,ai.'-- : lu m g- eeverai uew uieiuoer? were ptoiosea ana elect- - I leal at l RICHMOND. miagrelets millets or starved kittens; and qn-- t the I& ai. body has been tbe mean of preferring the Secretary f'amon, bivlDff been as qaalliy iv S si'ycr and the balance in matter out." Tho commiiteo of reference, tueir rapacity, the growling ot the lull-leol iv., .;. 1..M thir.l on ,lit cd, as follows: Messrs Pet keupingh A. Ouer- c lusisaug oi tue seconds aud Dr. a. C. Cole, o fecreary of tke Treasury if Wade become Pres l Bon on ems lime, ji uas operated s s Tbe Convention Children Born a. L.a-ipta 1CS lead; njarse copper eoiuage. the scoldings of the cat .feeder, the fightin . ami batktr, J. L. Deppen, Kjbt. Fergnson, R. if. hhl--VOL ssksi es- or tin ite plautntion i at a V the surgeon s. lecled by the parties, who other branches, tie was opposed hi'ck a. nl nr le ia ria'i re be ident, toss written a letter to Simon Cam- ron CONFIRMATIONS. pittiug, inc growling and yells, a nitxed Iu i Oil, as lo quaiiiy imp r nve on the ground with a lull "kit" of surgical Webb, and Peter aantb, Maveivto Inherit the I'roppily of saytc; be has ao rack amibitios. snd be will mlr to any proposition recognizing inequality in of packs- -. rre New City Council and lerocity, devotion tier. the Father l;iil, restoratives, &c , decided scene oi tenderness The Senate in executive session confirmed instruments, The and resolutions on the question PtrTsBLi; OIL MVKKKT N I t.r d'a salt tls inccessor to be aj poitted aud confirmed this chain Negro Candidate for Congress. Ma. CliAGLV indorsed the statement of that tLe challenge having come Irom Mr. Lins and pillage, lit, perhaps, by some transieut of taxation, as adopted by tbe Beard of Trade, are wuhAl Ls Steady at la,SUand oilier In lota ot nocorre- the lollowine among other nomination "r tl. itiii anieaat $i al by the Seoala hra be will retire Irom public Me Mr. Anthony ra re card to tbe comparative ba Commodore Jas. Lauinan, to be Hear Ad day, and tbat the agreement understood by moon rays of a winters night, all aake Kicbmono. April 13 The convention spuurlinir rates. as follow: il qn et. traadar I expenses oi rrintiig, sneaking from bis ex ordered printed fllteen thousand copie in miral on tbe active list; Maj. Cba?. G. Auley the parties ju-- t as they were placed in posi scene wort bv ot tallot. the worthy cat PwT.TKi- Mirket (inret. with e .'; 'oi" op Tne tax on Pes. htii .aaal l .i.l BSxoRiAi. row a Rrnrr-riobid. an I tiou being would be diniionorakle in feeder employs contimally iu his house poiicnceaa a member of tbe Committee oa tntli-- b and one thousand in oerman oi tue I iieui. coiom i in niarinc com-- ; Alex, opmn C&IEO. M bhi Iou a o WHIS&T AND TOBACCO. (l .Hi. I Fnniin? ol the other House some years aeo. Constitution of tlieSt.ite. dine. Collector of Internal Hcveuue for the Mr. Leech not to accept ihe firt paragraph ot cook expressly to prepare looi for Lis cats at. 1 dy. ttionvh tnaetiTe. i llh tiie names ol bia lloek, w uom Board or Tkai.b H xm CONN ESS was in Isvor ot t oe resolu Mr. Liusuay'a proosilion. Altei a little cen- lie tnj An article was adopted fixtnz tbe lecal rate I F.iubth District ol New lork; aud Killain V RcsiaVace llararsl Trml for Mnrdrr Of I" b ill me al U. Lr.Liavii.La, April II, t,s. ( r lie thouiht the documents should be ol inteiest at b' per cent, but allowing special Wbalb v, Collector of Customs for the district surable delay, Mr. Leach accepted, the parlies feeds, pets, cimnii.iinls and rules. tion. !(.-cia- l bhi. For omer qa iiitiea we ht ar Oiepaicb Ui the Lonisnl.c Courier. 1 i rnKTs Al a called raeeliuc of the members of the sent to tbe piihuc libraries. ntraets to lie made as Inch as 1 per cent. ol Brazos Santiago, Texas. shook namis, ami ail returned to the city. FRENCH IMssijnKI'IENCE. o: Pt.tol,m (aibo. Apr.l 11 Tbt ti Board oi Trnde. the lot loir In; prc.iTihle and sob rr bocfs oi r?i tcbwt Ma. 1 Alt. tnouctit eii tbe Hate were An article was adopted allow ing children "TANTON WRITES TO CAMrRCiN Tht re is a story ot a celebrated Kre Is r, ncai 1 brtevtOj street, was duiroy d -r son. Pup otTered hv Julius lioru, t h tirmau of ine BY rallon. c oal o equal, ne wished the people were. Enough b tn iu sltivery to inherit the property ol the An Untoward Event. I iiinmittee on prea'ber, who, on delivering a sermon outl malum, were - titoice. The following letter was addressed by S' f NCI V N IV. ss;. orl. by Drs last I Per A Tiefe-in lotcroationa lueuied ra ol these documents iu bis opiuion, bad leeii fsllirr. The article on militia was adopted; it ,s uru rea to tie ietil to me tlinereol 1 here nsidis in a certain city ao old gen K VK Scarce, and pri rue in tore r ne troui i to eri, unu Li.)rir-duty ol wives, said- - "I see opposite me 1 pSjr- - c 'tnja. ill ix.t- rctary Stanton to Senator Cameron to day aiidf-'V- i In Tlonir. Onp!c ol the Are ni knosn already oroeren. v rifi per is the same as in the old constitution except I bartiDero of t'ommeroe ami Boards ol Trade in I1 a pat?.-- i iitv it. n. roil ra 01. .n n.a w a woman who has be tnis congregation tleman, a merchant, who has an only daugh I I ue t nioD, aua aiso to 4 pav Mr. MOKTON denied the amendment that the word w bite is stricken out. War Department, at Van Kansailer Jlall was W e quote baled at our Svuators and Keprepqt upon trial per ton oo the guilty ol the siu of disobedience to her bus ter, lossessed ot the highest uttractioas, hr.ia i d w ne. At t'tri.ttire. Da t. The convcution will probably adjourn toWashinoton, April 14. for tbe scurdcr of TUoodore Marion. Tbe boml- - rcconiued any inequality in representation. baud; and iu order to point her out to oui h a i.jii..r. t tin oiai-eouiorai, and pecuniary. Mic was ta kii bas, 1 he operation of the Internal R. To Hun. r'tinwrt.n.- He thoutrht be recognized the inequality ol morrow. In STARCH We lots at aato r..a a .. Ir rail rS'ill. a Srra I .1: ea gaged lo a young man as well oil in worldly versai condemnation I will nmg my breviary nue laws re':itiP! tuiiisiillcd spirits, and arucles brand, ami mal. quote at ; ronnd14c ride occurred Dear thi cfy one year ago. a nee the imputation, whieb bad been recognized in Scboficld btis issued an order making In Ibis miming Gen. Deak sir; 1'eiceiving ir. I..4 Sta goods as berselt. 'lhey w ere all in all to each at uer neaa. lav uuea bis uook auu every inniiuiai lured lioiu totiacvo, is ucb as to Inrite t In SI C.AR-tiro. aee.l. I iKliea r'as-- qn ite the marV't qu'et, w th al cht other ways, A strong feeling wss growinc the convention certificate receivable at the t hronicle that a coniiiiuuical ion Las -. Iran ). and baa destroyed almost all 1. gttimate other, and Ihe day was fixed lor their union, icmaie ueau was apples, Wt hi a uucked. toek of raw. anu priTrT it'le N.11. In flr- hints, :hr up witn wnicn ne aid Dot symtbize sgainsl treasury alter May 1st, and redeemable by the Governor of your Stat sicned EIVLS LSD WEATHER. - quote N. i at ir,., pora.a aare. ac.ce r. p . 1.1 4 eine naaines. ado cause.i a wide stiread lor eoanr m. id 11 , to Some two weeks previous to the time ap- l. at NEW STVI.E OF INVITATIONS iy". the ininstK-- ol aiiowme Ue iaware, with 100, the Republican snd of it 1st, rtai members the poinieu ior iue in. tn,.a. 1 tion. wi.ile but a acauty revenue i yielded to the like p.r lair 10 prime, an-- choree 15Y isc. in ..fa. fiaia.a. - - h .is t d wedding, tho espoused at I hai-- a eaat- - eoT-.A lady who occupies Sal-- . .11 ta. rum inhabitant a distinguished posi .imp. 'pedal Wspatcli to '.he Louis vi!le C'ouriert nth the same representation on persous, other The new City Council met this evening and Legif lat lire, aud ask utiverniili III, sna Hll Si tended a soiree, at which a quarrel occurred pt.a m ise, ivi paa aundiie. i.a. busT, I ion in Parisian VS'hercaa, The time for determicinj tbe lax on to llr- 11 llfirl , aa to quililv. society, bas adopted a new vour this floor as New York, aith a million, and it received a communication from Gen. Scboficld mg Caibo. April H. recommendation lor inv oetween consignee. IHher qua'.ltb ranv; m eoiistinieuce ot his paviu distilled spirits lU tohuceu by CoDnress. is last Utter at ll'll-.- -. PPIa. desiring them to make recoiumcudaiious to transfer upon a certain contingency to the more attention than she thought justifiable to eastern ot sending out invitation, which Weather warm iedfeatin; rau. R var roe was crowine stronger everyday, MAritnNPT Mo 'l G ar 1 St. mr, It? Sale approarmng. we oeem H our cnry as a commar- - iuS ALT in 10M in ikelv to be gent rally iniilut. d Instead of w qnote at toe rier hnshel, e: head of the Treasury Department I hasten to a youug lady with sparkling eves Mr BUCKALEvV thought the criticism fill vacaDt les. IT. h a .r'-- d IT Hi fJinj. w x,.!en ware. IS tihw for ronnd foor locbea. rate wild those Serstors and inimita I te.I do atrVaieSl e. V). '1 litha. i hlela t.,iw;.-opompous card "requesting the honor" o! the eiul b "d to pi on bis smendmcnt uncalled for. ly t hat no s the request C. M. Norton, a colored member l'a tbat bar taken an interest to inn 01 c nio river auu a..inawiia. ble ringlets. The gcbtltinau retorted, and presence of Monsieur or Madame raw. It bale airaw. . bt.ia p. t'p S'tHp-o- ii and Horner. Dosn Absona.Keo made proposed an equitable distributionIt cisnvention, has announced bimsell as of can- tion be earnest Enough of uch rccomiuemla conaisn-e- a. SP EIM- - No denmn l. eieepOne in a merely my lite has been spoke slightingly of a lota, for made. i. a tax Ts n we qurrie a' G!:FSN KIVE ItPer Fa Talis-nan- , s CU- T- IA hf certain cousin, whose at dinner or ball, she writes on the bottom saen ihefl?ure oa both these articles reduced to ia per . Darlinc, Indlssa, ynickttep. amocg the people, a as would yield the Government a devoted to public duiioe. No consideration didate lor Congress from the firtt district, so m an co - Jia b luioiiiy $i cora. U U r ulMar- l- J Ja la. Dana waistcoat was the admiration of the assemblv. ol her own la. card, "Ball ou Ihe 2'J'h larger revenue, restore the trade in those articles can induce me to assume those of the Treas Minnie. Marble Ci'v. scd Swal'.aar. The amendment was rejected and the reso P.irnjOND, April 11. wiwjL Pn qnote and which, it was hinted darkly, had been "Dinner ou the b;h, ao the ca-- e d at n i'Sc. and 1 hia n io a icjritimata name, acu at me same time, pre meal. I Nil 1,'ni. .r.J 'bafa corn. urv Department, or continue in the War Diuuv be. oui lution was then adopted. KeiiVou, Aleeoua. std lDQiaui deep'y ltd ti l..r wa.-d. the article was a a collon. ,. loela lo aer o. 1 ax soap, 13 JV balr, luthe Couvention embroidered by the fair band ofthe heiress it into an atuvelope and addres-e- s it to the vent iue present wuoira ne iranila, now so abame- - fife Mr. CONNLSo nflercd a resolnt ion, wbich adopted prjvidine that any amendment to partmcnt loncer than may be required for the iu question. WIIISKT-MarMe Ciiy t obi ;C. ip ISOU. COUqnote ( Pa liut-aIr1p6. Ta Dt,. He added, in conclusion, that ninr practiced, wi a IB- - knr.wlengo of l.oT-rcrfou sin- - wai ts tonciive. In that w I" as adopted, askir.g the President lor copies the constitution sliall first be adnptbd by the appointmeul and continuation ol my sue NsVf 01:1 K VN- - p..r 1.0I on ttie l.overnmenlaud ihe bones! aasn tr"ucht for the East 5'l rbds 'O'liiCCO, 60 crate aLd ii wouio ne tune enough Kir tiiin to tie scold she saves hersi It a great Ka.liill. of trouble, and iraiie. otniI iaia. , jrr-- , 1m o any ipvrs in the Uepanment of state re 1 ours, truly !reiore be it Legislature and then referred to the sueceed-ired, when they Were married, and (bat h bale cot Loc, 4 JU sacks corn, S tune for UIOt(to any applirai ion lor exclusive pnv y. tfit'i, l. I hat tin makes m r invitati ui m ire coi'lial and EDWIN M. STANTON. -J Hoard o' Trade rpectSSI aeka which may refer it lo the thought she had adopted a ctrtaiu poll ion of lul by stripping it ol a still an. I aolemu t Ft. Louis ana I budt lobarcs to resUip tonth. iBctloa Sales. t'luy r. iMicine enalore and Keen senfativ. lit ers to private parlies and comoani s in people for rat.ficatiou, A couvention shall ui ne autre a nine loo (oou. THE TIIOM t9 STANTON TlAMAGE 9CIT, malily. Ins Spits lo une tb. ir mltiiince In be ha ol ? ABV'I.T e Antll 11 conneciioa with the purchase of lands in our be held every twenty years. The market was ex.'tted and ailT ineinj thla eve Alter supper both tho loveis had become rap div. wub isentv-iiire- e R ver tion in tin- present tax un distilled spin's aud Iii the ease of Gn. Lorenzo teet n recent purchase irom Kusia, and for infor Int. a ..I l.rtTeia ipp- - rr- to real, -, ah. Thomas more cool; An article wa adopted declaring that all cits d thitmpaigiic and cold chieki uci irom tottacco. Judge Curtis mid Judge Curtis' Spree lisr)M-is)fkM. No. ic at In- Lo.ii-- t lie cotton wareimri-tstr s'is pieaasnt. co, 11 p - 11 .. L.lhOW Mr. Stanton, in havinc caused his hud against mation rt lalire to auy acts done in relation izens shall possess equal civil and political , a. That ciM Tience ha lully demonstrated thai IA m. ua Arrived-fclim-ustri accepted OU done their work; and leave was taken by Ifroui Ibe Wistim-ti.lea. i.ii- -. imm Corr-( the the arre.-- t lor all alleged violation ond net BY tLV!LKir-Ae'- :i. tenure tl. a high lax ou distilled Spirits and tobacco canuot b iloa at the lollow I IP r c umbcriAuu Jji ritd J yi one awd thereto. rights and public privileges, tbe bridegroom in ClliClllllirtl ..irllir.-::.iin kindly and am c- . act, by accepting the appoiuttneut I.iit ttt r Heexplsioed that a rcfort to that effect Meetfta , N.e.n. P a r. so ne to riimiel-- b the tenjou- ittiil in md-MlrlilPPT the State for Tbe report on j ue opening s'cceu ior iue aeienso was tion to deiraud, aud to eiture a larpar reTunue by Low snd attempting lo exercise the duti s of tionate, it not in such enthusiastic terms, as considerable leelirg in bad created I ran Coneressuien, and making one Congressman April 14 nun previously lermin.itld ttleir UHetln Sp.e.l. ( qniet and grave reminder of a sort of 1. sl Drdinsr.v iue Secretary ol War ad interim, the damages priiuairiniy oi collection, we recomP tiouoy ho ey saris; river cawo. elective by the State at large, was adopled. mh On the next ruoriiing the swain thought mend Itij rvdnctton on the tav on distilled niriia oruiuajn eloquence that was trite forty years ago. i ,b 01- .On molion of Mr. M rton, at 1:30 the Sen uti'inc. ion rescinded the resolution to being laid at tloO.OOO. Mr. A. G. Riddle The wiih to ul leaal b.iy Ct Jits per iiroof jallou, lo be as- t. i;ion- -i c or,,.. periods, di entered his appearance lor the defendant and had some r morse on Ihe angry leeling "be brought to mind, in its I. Irled Molllo Able, lor New O lesn.; pan ate went into executive session, and subse admuruConvent -. Li.n io day. It n.lea Satcrx. CI ? scceri uu'i paiu si uiesiin. exhibited, and on the cutting sareaam passionately, fr.n y iui.iu a. vitb i. qscnlly adjourned. rationally, concisely uttered Lonlsvllle Tabicct .Tlarket. Itue srroii. lor hi. Ivuis. aa t.aa oala, I W Sno 3. That we kniiily invite ail boarda of trade and kcpubl;can nominations are being made all bled a plea of Dot guilty. Geu. Thomas bi.e.c t on. v, E t: w bales ol cot-vTbe Magetla lor 'it.ciihai Messrs. Merrick and Cox, have wilh of hirU he had liivcn it vent; and as a Ihe days ot Marshall, Kent aud Story. counsel, eori. I ear ato oiher commercial bod e in tbe I nited Sti'es, to Tie martte' la acttee and fully ntained for a'l J SavCO wUeai, 4 erwonl At oyer the Slate. In Caroline county a meetpart the uounde bouorable, packed up haie Saa. rracon. Is sa pii ass up amm dutui iot Mr. Curtis is a mau without a smile tbonh bnl few food conditioned inv. au-im mediately HOUSE. wita ns. and rcqu-tnn o ing nominated Uawkhuryt lor Governor and ioiDed, snd possibly the case may be placed with gnat care a magnificent satin dress, trifle. Somber is his vesture, purnle isorhi hi-- . I c il tone. I aan.plea of cnot.-- Pal ate hem r rec PlTTt-Bwih a na.e RU, April 11 r. a m runsi mi survicej oi tue Kspresenuiive on tue iiay calender oi tue circuit Court. wly inquiry for en ttnjt: leal, rsir. 3na tj it eea, ao in. a truii, 1 ao eed. the ofT- loz A' lb oue one black man for the LegislaLeave which he bad previously bespoken for bis color, lie is very like Daniel Webster in tnia important movement. epDgree oap, auraea, J warelu-oiieWss'ber cloaidy snd cool. H avy rata ia tbe memoers of absehce was granted to several ture, white and 115 tbda, catiic, taA oaa, eua- were four anction V. BONDS. In Hanover county, Va., James has beloved, and which had been sect home to stature, fare and manner. He seldom walks A true copy. C. U. CLARKE. alneea. Dl ceprc-e-. i review, wttb 21 rejecllns. Mr PEBHAM, from tbe Committre on been nominated tor Concres and odc wliite him in tLe interval; and transmuted it to the iq anybody's company, but with a slow, debecreiary. The Controller of Currency has informs Tbe Hinn'H Et.b' la is risn.p torlv. with tw AV7 ) i paaj LonavTTt FKAisroaT Rvrr sad 75: Prices ranged as follow- - hhd at i': J at i li.r;i ma 1. re; n a) few io tee cr.ainc . 1 lc ::. The question of regulating the yaiioa era los ? at ai Jiifr h 11 t t is twelve et Pensions, reported a bill re lain g to pecsou. and one black for the L' cislature. at ba :v: i.', t.ii'ii-- r. A lion that three hundred eavintis bnks in the la dy, with a cote to the following clTiCt: .it vs. liberate stride, leaning; ou a cane, he coines 9 rp-hd e Ilnponi a ea ra;- - i r a Sis lacur at General Sboficld appointed TVm. New England States and in New York havi u rsiij. . "Dearest, I bae been uuahle lo close my alone to the Capitol, ponderously mounts the of rlonr, so. to bve standard samples of Ihe d:f- it was recommitted t 4 iArd. s haa 5 do meata. hnrl ru.bacc.-ibutiaaat active oa the ms.a Isnaine. N. Berley Mayor of Alexandria and a full set one million and seventy-seveMr. TABER preeecled a memorial of Hen p. a I hia or. eo, I car bouaehold thousand de eyes all night, in consequence of thiukiug ol steps, wipes his loreucaii in the ante-roo, , aa la at it . IM. furent grades, hsa hannilv met with a eior. I a aiKel.-- , ry Ciewa & Co., Rutus Hatch April 14 r. Oitxa .linrrs, a. Co. and other of city officers and couucilmen lor that city. positors, hold one hundred milliou dollars of our loollsli misunderstanding entering the Senate, sits in a condition lst evening and, arrangement tbrotigb tbs efforts ol this Board, WVstrier cloJidv s d com He elso appointed a new Ciy Couucil lor United States bonds, and fifteen million dol Jti.r riaiiir Pi ay, pardou me; and in tokeu of your for mercbanta and capitalists ol New ol vigilant retirement, like a turkey gobble Tbe America srnveo and tbe iuoa No. I left lor lavorol a nauocal railroad between Vl ork. in Fredericksburg. Tobicco Sales. tbe following standing committee on ashing giveucss, deign to accept ihe aecompinviug lat National Bank stock as investments bottling up his rage aud woikmg bis craw, and Py Smith A Hutchintva. at tbe FTchirre, c ew lork. ton and flour Insp-etlwas appointed: Robert Far Keferred to the Com dress, and wear it for the take of your oc the laudiijg tliiiLi-He exchanges no words w ith his legal breth a. a. ir.bia. LAND GRANT. Til r', T- - tin., ior Ihe we- s euUiii,; fralurilay, April la. niiaox. route on Roada and Canals. CANADA. ." reu. If he is inrroduet d to anybody iu auy son, J. Bank Atcllvain, and Wm. tirnbb. ot ss niraa, sa lollow-- : EVASsni.iE. Api! n A patent basbeen prepared at the General Mr Having wri'.ten thejnote, hegave'.it to a boy pause or i eci s. of Illinois, offered a MEDDIS, ' 1 Cere was a beavy s:n-- u shakes hands with tha Mr. Armstrong, the President of the Board, au- . . ol nt.ui, u.u, luibt I, as.10. r 13,;s.itr r.15is an.IS SI, IS ,. IS SO Stock Laud Onice under instructions from the Seen resolution cailiLg on tbe ot Mate .Mcf ice's Funeral Bishop Denounces to .deliver. But, as a pair of unmentionables .. i wwii rmiii Miriirr laei LlgDI. gravity that V, ii t, r to revel iu. 11 aoJ BonJ Brokers Krai E.viale noimred Ibat the remtlns ol the late Ja. M we t is n, 11 Ti. II 7S. n tary of the Interior in favor of R lert Mvei 11 7'.. 11 '). II 0 il 75. 11 lor the n ion ol rreemac II. Morse. United H ver li the remans The Crowd Cheers Is irj' bes. watited repairing, he scut them to his tailor weighs ahou' a hnii'iitd ninety pounds. bad bceu received iu this city, to an. in 5, in ii is and on motion the ii su. in ". sti . ;, in su. if) Shoemaker, trustee, embracing 15.S55 acre I on lit s iv.r I'.iwi,, Memphis u Cincinnati States Consul at London, on the mercantile l;rntv aoii Idftiouff Mike Marpby's Body. by Ihe same messenger, ihe inevitab e cou s more. .Nature give hmi a goo f ;u. vt ai i 71. 9 si. li , in. la 5., 4 in 01 Hie L laware Indian lands, in han-a- s u v. !inis, fa Buy Jtian marine ana commercal policy ol Oreat Britfollowing resolutiou, ofTvrod by R. II. Wuoliulk Araasotou, rnu-wirj-; The treiemps the- rcR'icr will ut once anticipate. yi I r.. 3 ii. S 10. 9 It), a 95. a tal. a so. a an. a a V Toronto, April 11 The body of the notofTteiC-N'large, Websteritm hetid; and hi face is a tine 1J MAIN stt:r"T. over Moroi iu c .ceo i. i, a i. a tin M, S SK. a t'l. Hi. t SO, 7 iLt. .jm.m.ii: , ; M. 7 .i. i ain; also, lor a copy of a. deu.itcu irom Mr. rious Mutphy arrived Irom Butl.ilo last eaid lands aeciumsr to the Uniou Paeilie Railwa adopti'd: Yes, the hoy made a fatal bluiidei; he kll the old liver color. He rcis;urcs w ith gn at Ire. packet. l;.t-Mo-sMay 12. Wyt road Company, Eajjtern Division, or its Adopted. ll.ii.Hi.1 A", a .1. S ;.s, 7. in, 4 ;a, t ju. j x, satin tlrcss with the tailor, and Ihe note, That by sn, a .U a M, 3 :il. 5 w. I .a. H of James llewelt mchl under the auspices ot the Hibernian Ap- 'linn, but inver through excitement. Pt. Treaty ot Alav 110, lM'n). and under the The H'EAKKK presented an address of wilh Ihe dilapidated hatpiluuent, at the pun uch is stately; ins ciotii gaiters are ctm lis- ineHitiers i1 11ns aaaoctaiion deplnre the bts eH'ty. Arrved tiilrer riouc1. Ilut.un.'; O.ive lirai.cli 3Lc. HvTnrnley A al the Fts'na . tbe members of the Chsmber of Commerce tr, residence of the !ajy. Her indignation was iH'iitly h gal; no gold seal disturbs th i'li' oftiie oldesi meieliatiia. ol ourcitv. who. dur- - vile. lenn. Sir H- i- week txwiK, Meeting continue to be held iu various Jaly i, lVil, with the Delaware Indiaus. trtlav, . is; ei.ry ot (Jmeva and gsriss citii ns, complimenting lie comni A'Ses. New Clrleanp. ol ia is lollow.; neither lo be desenbed nor appiaed. So luureliess ol his V st; Ins Mite eves t'tg a long career, reresenieil sections ot the country condcmuiBti the airo only ol tbis city and Stale, hut llititkreresfs nut ITK hsre in fore. .m w sell, by dr if or Pjtl: Andn w Arkler tue ccnea on tne abolition ol slavery. emus murder of McUee, aud s mpathizi ug t xispeiad'd lKiri. issHca. was tin- at what she considered a into his brows, aud his head into his standing t'3 .'3. 14 4tf. 14 I). H 0. II Sn. ij 10, 13 Sh. li CISCINKAII. wiioie foiitti and eon ftcptor.. W. J, Lewis, Oiaba; lfisunk. est. He ail tbe The l: m. u ri. -- 1, u i , r?. i;. r 11 11 " i , n "v 11 at reduced, prices also presented a comnjuni-catio- n determined but deliberate affront, tbat when collar, and he listens like a phosphorescent H w on. Ans. tributes thst eonsntnte a man. a merciiant, and a 11 '0. 10 i), 10 i. 1) in 15. 9 nil. 9 ), 9 , I from the Navy Department in reply to witu i ramity. pure reruTiaa Guano; 2t),0OO ; 75. 7 v ber admirt r ca'led, sije ordered the door lo bull dog in a dark cellar. s sr.. a ui. s su, s as, jh. i 50. s m. s Annual .TTcctingof the Son of River aiswrt sanflrmary. citizvn, irje aud iionoranie. Montreal, April 11 At the conclusion of W resolution some days be clostd in hi mult, and waa knowu urn am il uier inirtit ot 7 40. 7 ,40. 7 40. IS.; 19, 1, Su, T5. 70, ( Iu, M, 3O,0!H face, refused to listen to auy Tse wis ber V r the Kobbcry In Krntiicky. A.I p. una or Lhb4 Plaster; twer iy lonr - n a has Mr. in Such is Judge Curtis, with the addition that portion of theetilogy on McGee in the a, : 3 A, j iv. :nce, ! vrry s (k ry ra itia fiviif laiit-and resolutely lu bia kinw Keferred relerene to the steamship Atlantic. 15,(KH) Cincinnati, April 14 The Grand Division explanation, re many weeks broke oil' the of straight, bcowu hjir aud, a lace smoothly die missoneof ibe heelof ourc .nniry. society, loea atbolie cliurch, where the remans were de In llfTeren. Groaad Itoae; Break firm. Ow.n to we to the Committee on t ommerce. r t ou-!- t dur:i l' I at itmc, accomnacied nh members ef an Bel. were claps, d, "paven, nisjt. Ihimoer rd tbuio.g. Te ram oas been aa hni rH uio: and, he a token 01 respect 10 Li bar. h weath.-r- the aaiea very The Hou resolved itseli into a Committee bounced, lhaiiishop was greeted with cheer, ot the Sons of Temperance of Kentucky lO.OOO 44 Super-pkopha- te means were louud lo make her acquainted' of Liae. Rising to speak, there w ere Newport georra. iijr..u.-boii- i memory, therefor- -, u.e We-- ,, and resolved. bat weattend eoaioerah of ibe W hole, and proceeded o tbe Senate or A tew people were badly crushed and one hold theirandannual meetingtheat delegates to with Ihe history ol the obp ctionible present; twenty books ot reference before him.abont Itte luiiirai tbis eveningitat tend lor ctrcul ir rsrtitlcAteA, dlreetloa for rit-He morrow, on Thursday ARSikTS B, two luu over iu the ereat crowd. will t ut she, nevertheless, adhered linuly lave iiill cemeterv is hn riser ss h Xeitd. chamber, from vLich it aoon -v Tfc ijk to hei' put his hauJs oa the baize table, looked In CONDI X TODD. iwrre wiik S"0 tons at Secretary Sewai 1 sent a telecrain hoping have a grand procession witu their brethren 1 be general market was 01 1 quiei ibara. ,0-At ball-paug Jtwelre adjourned. KKW YOKS MAKKCT. Rock Ha t'd linage on ber last trip. niure, gloomy grandest, and began witu the matin of the three cities of Cincinnati, Covington resolve, d.cnly lament. the the be murderers wonld Pi- - arrested. day, with, however, raiher mote firmness mam. aVi-ru-i- ilt ui-j- aI nut detciiniucd to let burdeu ol the ridiS)w Via. April 5. His yjice is not stron ol a, oratiou. CiscmsATt. Apr! 14 Ottawa. April 11 Uou. B Weir, Senator and Newport. CorTON-S- l, cule st upou ber unlucky lover. nh morlerale VI On. het. Th'r aa irsted lor hredstnn, with light supplies oftjtaln nihl llf F..nrth. cnravir. Ii. Wea'Sier clearar i arm. lint Ilaluraliy lr.iini',1 py tin- len.peiaiiieui John II. Stevenson, of Bosfi n. Clinton ol from Nova Scvtia, ditd ssdJenly this morn 0 iiloul n np inOr. eb i of all kiuds. Flour was a little suffer in New nrm, some holders reiu Tee river bt r ns"r. is in hi s dume the past 11 the man, und pitched upou the same SEW YORK. couuty, Ohio, was robbed ol i'.'.OOO by two inc. hours 1 sere are St n wao-- r id iik cisiiuri, wbicb imparls moretooeto lb. mar un in a 4 VI h,.i.yotiirther d vcloprut nts have transpired Oicu to day in Kentucky. The robbers bave Singular Suicide in I'orler Couuly, key, it ruches the ear y. ry aLimo, and Yi rk lee: uud r tbe br.d.e lor ar tl.e: RS.A1 h ila at Aa pi, sod i Indian;!. Tenement House oa Fire A Number it lives to do no more. As it earned so its ket. not In en arrested, bievenson was looking iue .ice- - assassmaiion case .n 1 .'"' ta.e and W '..r ot Person Injaied. A thir'een year old hoy, namel Admns, rc nt an equal pact burdeu ot argunn-n- i :30--or for a 'arm to iuvist his tapiiul iu, aud is now af lor miri W tern. Tu irnit rois-d- c.f the rcC.:'ar pk- - were Cotton has a decided upward tendency. , t ol ll'Jtn t'l r roiled hoon lt,:n.ll" Nrw lelt tw oi pol iroin V, cently suieid iu P,frier eountv, the minds ro.-- a'l ot us le,t the doiu-ui,,,m liOn-- e York, April 11 A Cre io a MEXICO- continued meaner supplies, and ijmi w ...ns, .:.I5 a f. e with t's catlenc s into the at it ics, and oo lumtton aueet this morninir (. Nanivi liUUl !L an d both foresprrrt and to fld tbe orders of mantitac- six miles smith of V.ilpami-o- . I'ittisiit,; kai Blt.iOD. ir'int The Repubfi t Lat aud t ne m inoepln-rboring l in diitf some Modification . al ; ol lav. Inseiin lily we ail Ircga hi of tbe Traitor I.a w 4n. CHARLESTON. ofi. tor St. 1 ti.,: Id. Rreae ten thousand dolisrs wor h. Bobert MhIt Co., ttirers. can g ves the lollowiug account ot the atl iii: to tel lint General i'.iitl.r's s pet-efo For; H iitou. Kmint No 3. iw other lUvoluuou Itailway I'rojeet salr a !M ar . I.uuis. Cjifca-jcM'cuitantk of a room in tbet-neat.d w WII.Lll iill IMIl .WC I In tue prnvislnn market supposed A glial there w. lot M I'.ui. On Wedm sd.ty ot ist w, c'i a little bov, Improvement Ntw Yorc, April 14 VoraC'rua dales o Radical in bad Iteeii ni nt bouse, were taken out by fir. m-- n slive. pel Im m. un e, n.t iiene than little 'ir, yet bolikia in .i.iiesta tonttnui d firm hu.ti he ag'-ilnrieeu year-o- t ,1 su.ctde i, I'liees ol .Mi u I In-- ii Securl tUeo.UMa Havauna, stale I bat the severe a em in nut are D .'t iiecira io live. A Air. fciiv audacity. t,, bang ng hiiusell iu the nal 1, ess, aud are not pressing their stocks on tbe of bis lather, intin, never in a hurry, never 1 his al address .1 iiusiilunoiial Il.U elion. VI. VI. KII'iKI K. KreaaViirn. I mniv r. tbn w bis bitj out ot the window, which wui lenal!ie ol theliw ot January IU, m re' Mr. Ralstou Adams, nx uiile south of this Hiiusell to ihe supji isifioii in Ins niark-t- . safely caught. His wife then jumped out. to I raitors, are to be modified. Charleston, S. C , April H Mr. Ashley place. auditors A rrvoiu'.iou ullirt-aleuc- d iu New Leon aud addrif-e- d Wo noticed a mod. rats rupply of ciavl from OBGiy iraciunng ner lees sna arms, another Radical meeting this afteri he man geinlc- was the only child of Mr. Adams, wi re an icarne.i aim -. i The boy d wnh rywane t 5 I. noon. juni d out saieiy, and three or four others Coliadi. rittsbu-g.anin. ii. r.vcry nine he said ,"Sniatoi!" Inseveral targe loadit have been sold ro io arr'vi ALE AST. noied lor Ins iu by his fii st wife, and wa General Alatorrc has been orde:cd by the ..,, 9A Pari qti g tlirnuv.h the Sen m ide a e.ria are reported badly burned or partially sul At a large auction of Southern securities ii state at to dealers aud lo mnnuiarturere, bnt tbe prieea dustry, doing, us we are intorin.d. nearlv the during the p eniii courts in Yucatan to release all bia .on 50 Ton AmmoniateJ Roue- - Sapor t ) day there was a noticeable improvement mail rpilel. Keeeipt- - cr.ra Sr,S.S) hn-ist l located. weeks the S- na on his HiUii i's larm. a man, have not transpired. Several tngs, with rood sup- some tois have torgot'en their Railroad ia ibe Tbe a ha.e rt nter huf e o ed dml Phosph ite of Lime set tpts. in the prices. the ilest sail The average advance on ail work ol Atwater, Berhsni & Co.'s furnishing good rank. 1 venture the sale-5'3 ni weeks ago Mr. Ada ins bought some stryebmue piles, are due, aud we learn that abont oue mil ern atl.r noil r!A.m alii 11 el. JS.-- ior eld o.i April 11 In the frnste Congress Is taking into seriouj considcra Ai descriptions of stocks was fully ten per cert. supposition tliat lUi- - siav cli got more warehouse oo Pearl street was damat'ed ten heiest fertiliser im nse. it, l.i'. ornsnn have been started to this aLd mere l, l is , ror white ar h l1 tbe r.ris lull esw n in lion Him lilt mi ui " lanwav to l ie I'ai'illx A large number of Northern bidders were for wolves, and Ibe boy iheu remaikcd to in i of the tb 'usand do lara by rre this mornine. Senator's silent mind than any inter in atore II Vi ilelrv.-rIt con I to the best catiaea -- .ifsome of his companion- Ihat if the poison aa wesi-r- n Indiana. it -r im whole. Mr. t bspman nioved a for present. ol his own hu& bud lor a year past. betwemtii Southern point, on the rise. and does aot cost hull' a much. It rtohtrt Milleyand his child. Josephine, yic-- t and a Mexican la- in southern. TePow. liec. ipt of out. S hn was good tor wolves, h" thought it would lie aicenot lollow it y the fret section. tihM-t- i l.tslird the ten milThe voting on the new constit nt iou be enough to ft II y,,u t;. by Tt humph lo the Posnl of Trade. lort6 on thai oceau. ket a bade tinner, ailr a ol 43. Or) mis ot tbe Ririticton street fire, died al 36 will relara lo Ihe Irirmer saore iha. good for bin), and he guessed he would take iIll ct ot it as an argument. The tulJowiuc is section 1st; lions quietly to day. The anniversary of Jtllir-ou'- s b But it did tbuNr.w York. April 14 ltttts p doable il ripenie iB tbjet larresiae birth was i lli.-for l a 0I1 t; seine. No utti.uliou was paid, however, to which IsutPT, St ant., riy, Wil.-o- n "It shall be law ul lor the Ene Ha lrosd celebrated by a ba iiqnet on Monday evenmp, Dry goods steady; cotton in moderate demand: and bis crop. Il ia ua durable a. aay ler - 1.10 AUGUSTA. 1.3) a ttS'llAC private Cutf.-tbe remark, und no suspicion ol his design hum had lailed to do it leinindi-- the Biuj Coai iidi to use the niou'y really d Irom the and that ol" Henry Clay by a 'jancjuct last mn iinr uplands at .11 ao. retroleum siea.lT a i e. Mol saaar in lair re.i'i-- l at I's-- . nt.a My I'rtce pa--r lua, liiuer Hsie-biico ever entered the minds ot his lamily. tin id in boit.i. Ltneed oil nticharg-eby s;;jd cominyof evening. t.c lor coineruble bonds Bin ih s.1t: l ..r I'nli, lucoTa.lo iswaic. and ol tbe occasion. Kvervtbin per l(0 pound, $J Hail Storm Fruit and Irritation In Prospects for a Wednesday even. ng, alter plowing all day, I Olive n:ut, autl a ra'r oil" ntss-- oni ng. f Mosautii-i- . at bi.. ic r..r im.-the Hb ol and bi of Mairb. Full Fruit Crop . Tayor lie came to the hou-- e and was requested io lb it had been said before grew little and mean nothcr Order from Meitde He Eri cases were np to day in the Comjnred lor crude. refined in 10O It r re Is Laaal Plaster. 'a tirrga tor lire; Par - L:ai vuiet at A at fj o'rairj snionutinz in ail to ten tun ion dollars, lor mon Pleas Court. Judi.-alter Curtis talKcd an bour. In all that i O' U l ead. Flour iu good demand aod I1I1I.V noie Ham Storm-Barrett dismissed tie '"reserved at the Com 1'ence to He did so, and hia step-mo- : split tome wood. of com Mr line. tnrnuhin?, and tbe chares ot contempt a Pork - Te irsrket dntt and In tha he never changed his place, never Palh idler: iouwd botio Ohio at $ Id 25ill. airainst Hamilton Wbeni m St Lotis, Aprd 11 Reports from compi lag election. her tlicti cl in cted him to g ) to the marsh lime tul ; lor new tr eaa, .tn. the ruiiioad tini for Luolucrpur-l,ra lj.DliOll 11 I"b'. a '! 00'or oil rto, rir ro.,,1 uem ma acn a lose higher; IOO b).g fine Seed Cora. o. J, ft 4.". lered lor a wuid, tor Used any undigmti llnrris, and issued an order dirtclinz Jay t.SIQ ca-AcGtSTA, April 14 A sen re hail storm t' Ht judg s and advic-- a from tbe surround alter lie cow. It was supposed he had goue, expression whatsoever. Judge Chase heard orn closed dail snd beSTv 00. j" Kir prime and I 1 , reirn:ar: t'-For .iie hy Gould lo appear Saturday. The trstiinouy ft t.t.0 rfm- - m. a: occurred yesterday afternoon, injuring fruit lug country are to the chVct that the fi uil h.i but considerable time haviiskV elapsed aud he the argument with the gravcr care. It was Ptocress was ri poilt d without action. lower: new nd prices mixed .o J. Va) Ifjl alea rem barrel at a was resumed before rtleree Harktn, on the and yccetutiou Lot been so badly injured as Was expected IIARIIY A CO.. " lle- -f returning, some ol the children weie flrm 1 be debate on (1 J'al 5, old st (1 xlnl 2o In store. Uns Urm I iA..'.-M. not A:. ham. April tbe charge of contempt against D. C. Bancroft . a study to look ut the Chief Jus'ice and tl II SbTncwrvn and tliat the fruit crop will be qulle ahuu and I Ai l.oaiayillr. k y. 3u lor new pi un ne-an important order Euleriug Ihe barn, st sn'aMi. Ilea pork dull and lower, closing st pres.ien. Meade Ln scut to look lor bun, F.m Kaalroad was continued nuiii 7 o'ciock ISO ics at f - lor o and taking his time to tremenold pleader, mea. one dant. assisting anl tian ana prteea nominal, hoi. it1 . f eauuiontirk to provide they found him hanging by the neck in one solid hama .1,1,1 a ol IrreKuLr. wbn without actioa proi:rf was reported' Iavis, issue ot the Erie directors, mstock, but to the military lor the preservation 'or in the dousiv, Heavy rains have fallen almost inessautly ask lc lor prime. Tbe cable new regarding lard 4? ..r lnrl'a ol ten million ol Ene 15i) hole and quite dead. umal foe t fair vote, and of the or me ol the stalls, Picon flr'ner: aale Si d tbe fsenate sa'tseq uent ly adjourned. tbe examination waa not finished. at Liverpool is noi credited nere. pasi iwciitv-tou- r ber, and cat. 15, x!5Sc lor short nh. u .ciSc for hours, accoinpaiiled peace during the coming election. No in At the charter election tLe Demoil appeared flint he had deliberately fastlout- clear, IS a lAC for ah irt cletr. Tbe Inmae steamer City of Paris, tying at timidatiou ia to be allowed on cither side Cbicabo, April 1411 30 a j witu a grc.ii deal ot thunder and lightning ened the rope to a beaiuahovi; his haid, Iheu Keniains of ft Mastadon at Bntavia crats elect a their Mayor at d a majority of pier No 45, North Drni iales 110 pn al IJayJc for hoiii.ler. ii:7, ; auu me rain snu pours Qowu. Whrat firm and higher, with silea ot No. river, was slmhily damare forbidden to carry amis tale, oei 1,1) Prom the Rochester (M. Y.) Uuiod.J putting it uround his neck, he jumped Irom tb city ticket by about 2 000 major, ty. aged this veoing by a Are, caused by the and ail persons faring at $1 lal '.H 1. receipt 19,0o0 hash, lorn li.rhiuiA. Larrl rlnll anil Ihe storm has been general throughout I. or at the election the mangel aim choked bimsell to death. Mr. Haskell, of B itaviu, wvites as follows Tlae Demorratie melority for Myor In tbis lit lair demanit, and Hie maraei la nrm at 'i.c. ignition oi some wsste cotton In the engine at political gatheriip.s this order are to be mis anu surrouudiuj; State;. All violation of The Coroner's jury bruuglit iu a verdict iu with reierence to a remarkable uiseovery retor new: receipts In.) bushels; new in. 1 is aei! Sr,.i room. The cargo wa much damaged by polls. by military conimiesion. The canvass cits rejiclte iieaaly s,Oj0l and at 11 .e. tried me at Ma-4hidais h ive declined to 57c: re- accordance with the above facts. cently made in that town. He says: water. ar cm lis 19.ihi Dushils. lol tverirooi ineu'i As7-- annnaemen k KTeisbfidst fl giai rs is heated, and both pai tie are strainiug every INDIANAPOLIS. l f..r orn, at A lew days since Mr. R. Terry, a fanner of enta for Iw.'iO - WEST ISDIES- 1.C.K) bushels. BiirlrT is hi Id at H tv ts nerve. .1 lot voru per The New York Citizen says of Commodore this town, in prospecting lor a peat t d on a are quiet. lot wheal, per sail. 400 bushels, 40; Mercantile Failure Man Killed. New Jersey Eiecttoa. "Penurious to the tenth ol a swampy portion ol Ins (arm, at the depth of Ale-- s riceipis held at fm 00, wnu mi aaies. Lard Vauderhilt: Latbst. pork is Krfuaed Itarr Cholera A bat. I.ndiakpolis, April 11 Jurlson . Dood, cent when the pockets or bellies of his poor a lew feet found a remarkably well preserved rtiiia meata ar- oire red nt 17c. without rmy.-rNewark. April It Tie KZMPHIS. Flora fioae.! 3e better on low Tatented October S, '.967 es1 The Haunsb Urant Affair beU Eastern Nt w Jersey and K --town t lection. are to be pinched arrogant, tyrant.aaiB -- W beat tali ly actire audd in betterrer,eit 'x ...noa.rLiatjilitiegju couee and apicea, lailed urairrs f he eu- - LoJd at previous prtees, buyers bommg back. tooth olau undoubted mastadon. coun'v show home Uexl Aasencaa th a lair rlemaml for eip .rt a Blx Distiaet CaIbs faleBted ired Oa. tlNCrHNATL April 14. nical, and exacting when the public purse is amel is as beautnul and well preserved oue hundred thousand 9I ror the hcpablicaos bave elected twenty Policemen Fired 1'pon by Xegrors weale Q. Oala on let and rWile an.l nrm at tr ' weslma anoal, auufl .1) lor vdv al Eatasa. April 13 General Baez has been assets sixty inousand. Flour In good demand and pricaSoC bibber. and the be laid under tribute tor bis private benefit huge minster bat buteujoyeda One Seriously Hounded. petmw-w aiern in at pmar at Uracob, on the U. tj. Kepuotican gain Demccrata fourteen. The Memphis. April H About S o'clock in the An unknown mau was run over and killed to utterly reckless ot uny human comtoif or though the mkle s'ecp, instead ot having lain faairy mid ai. .iii . ow. n.iurionoj;. neat is st" one in Cujtoii. Rni Van U steady hut Fa i.iala- - Pork rather moresell, ra w'th lu. ai anoc nigner. torn Saco, to Jana,o by Ihe Bellelontaine train, at the Uniou De any humau life that is not hia own, or i j posal . sa at 01 low Heef reit'ilar, and iu oblivion thousands ot years belore 'God firm; ear, Mn; anl rvsc. Uds nrm; held t7 wu ,ou niornio.', poi.eeujeu HEW JERSEY ELECTIONS. Ibe fl oating ot Ibe kloouL'ahela at Santa I and tea y. t ut ineata veiy nrm with abair pot, It ba af rr-earrmsnll anal atarwMlltT. , session ol his l.iuiily or toadies we hereby said, let Ui make mau ailt-- our own image." and in good to iiiat,u ai ic less. Kye firm; I il. B kno n:e and Srta at 14.: for t aeo. -- 1. Vera llaki Sraauhl. i witt attt willing protest on behalf of the peo Ualaie iw earmewa-Tiaw- mr 11 in"ceo Cmi Ttie charter cbc mj.ted New Yoke, Aitril uaiiy. enter our held t laCloy, al tl 85. lao.i cut. Lar-- in lar.rr of bu.c wan a aaoderaie Mr. Terry would have pursued Ins "tliggings sales 01 N.i. lat fi w; a. 11 a I aa aas 1.1 l.rry iir .i.t nr..i,.ra ti.,. ,.r.t a Conservative The Hji nab Gr.nt alia r bus kiS r dull at ior fall. aaa. a a eaar I rrl law At I. y dml; Hi 1.1 etltied. lion io oay in the eitiea of New Jrs-y- , oor- at 17 s i:7e lor lair 1.1 errme team. n ra mat paainl. Mcctim; at Wilmington. ple, against any action to endow this df per," but lor the filling of the excavation tw llllt whuu tu m l;roe res,Kiuded to - oil Ptwaw. .10. Mess pork quiet at L(iu uolhy no in- - i ii'hm ca rs tavai e meer lul V lusll-te- d Market rattier mora steady at 21 with any further .., raiar. had old spot, and as rkantrl la a .Mil nwa re .raaiSe all rewa-ay Wilmington, April 11 A large Couserva-r- e er over the lives aud libeities. the trade now- - with water. He blazed the will call uponsoou t :1, uvcrs li lesa. ft baaal t')C Ultu , T0!h y ot pistol shots, sei louslv wouLd- Lard quiet al All .il 7 v . by fbe Ven'EOflun authori'ieg. CHICAGO HAKin. the aud as the dry season appears aod B rtea, were cam. d by the I. uaocrats. im; Sweu'L. was held in the theater this allle. tlMtrriiil waal wwraaaaai,.bia an Iwaa Kob- rlson eouimenced brum. quiet hut firm; sunoldcrs, li.ati'.e; Tbe Ainericaa trijj K'liow Crest ABIOAAO. April 14 P. w. wwal 4 arraA purses of the Empire Slate." yield up ilss.crct, it Built Duals elear nh. l.iVe; clear, 1t",c Hier ti ak re jersey city is cio-,- e ana aouoitui, put omii, ,Dd succeeded in biincmg oue ol thein down evening. bra. Il km kltSlv sra-bowels, of the earth to des. U V; Ihe building was crowded and FLoea Market steady; aalea ol apno The exiraa at tlraltr nl.w. ceoliy luwl bdob from the lort at fct, T omaa. ixnaocrat, u pioojibiy cuo.u Mayor. It any ol our savans ilr l sun easier; shoti'ders, lSVal.'I.c; clear rib t not its treasures. ar see ur Plow, oi xu.1 kr cue seiurs but :u( M: were nude hy Col. A. M. Waddell rut oiher. fled, aud Hohcrison approacbiug w neat active anrt arm: no. 7 aaraneert . . bam Rim ' the wounded one, ue Bred upon him, grazing Adjournment of ihe Pennsylvania, Leg. sin, ill. I fcelsiillicieiit interest iu the inatier to irk s. ItiLe: clear. Wasbibotos, April 14. Iemocrmtie O'Neill, tlia raudidate lor and Hon. Geo. Davis. Dr. Purcell. snn-enl awatl 2'aC, sal. a al ; aJ s ft 5 ior Na 1, and lor Our consul at Porto hicoiiport tiic ceaaa-tio- n Mayor of Jersey City, it probably elected by I hie Lead, whereupon isiaiure. look alter it, tin y will lie ireaiau w it n an iue; at 1'ij'le: plain, 1 ic. & BARCLAY shot him 8. A , was oue of the Vice-- Presidents. a, cioair c at seller o. t ai fi-e..ra ac "'"ioODOE New Orlians. April 13, p. . I again. of cholera at Si. Tboma. . Sou' majority. hii!h-- r; ii .ooisnt r. Anril 1 Tb,. Pennsvlruni. emisiiit ration and politemss in the power of He proved to be George Harris, who The name aa'ea of No. I ai ai,ac. N. F. Frauk. commandant , tive anil I1 "ola Maaatactararw. v. Fliiiir dull: s nprrflne $: 51. Mesa pork dull ami c.iac. ann re.eeted al e3 - a .e. new el fjirtbquakea are cf dai'y oenrrence al m .o Ttie ret urn from Hobokro ami Hudson stated the oth'.r belonged to thecrtw ol the of Ihe pott, was received w ith tumultou. Legislature anjonrneu having, been iu I our cornsirouu. 4 yc lot per Panel, closmg at $."7 a Sue, clciu al 23 yc lor No, 1. and 31 L Btsla tr o. tees declined fl 09o-l- lT llic.JLy, J. HASKELL. bo'UUJ 1 forto Kico. Notorua, CVy also show IxiaocratK. succesMt. ytrjuuij, applause. etaiou ciuee January i,t. IIAIIA' Courier's Specials. 40tb C050EESS FIRST SESSION. ...... Wire isicTO, April f F.NATE V UU I iv i niwmiiurnug rmident. WASIIIXGTOX. ,, Lr,.j rrtVtklf ,i,i.ll.M.ii Dedication of the Monument. .' .h j a3 an. Aa '"'"'" Letter mrwi m nmm irp TiE nr.d ii, 4,1. iei. u iuiuru'ira...j uio. Coti rrfsrtt. m', CT?hmrS VtTt sTurroif xors noT Aerzsa ce, . ... riw irh .. r,ri,ii' - tb'e Ac. !.; li Ac. ;.. r; li.l nol, lt "' lTt. - ,.n j.tcd ... rt ' u ... ' .hiT,ni.r. tit;r,ll pe. uicru. "".'I rett .t itiautt aTt. lg, r( Tt. lSltv. Commercial Matters i1 caarna. prd ro til ji tU Voi pi f rtil rr4) rttn Hnri. nil '. .t. t PEARSON tt Cuono, Plaster, f. lb, ' pt RIM AVrlioHar, !. riro brick. laster and i.,, LonisvillcCrTncnt tlll. Power Water .lecting. Press Dispatches. to Igilalarr. Iie bat, tf t "I ItlouiT jr. Seed Corn. o;r UKHirT, Hf Iastf eat t Dodge's "". It vHe. ..uuu Perfect Plow i.l ii. jn.

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