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Image 8 of City Charter: An Act to reduce into one, Amend and Digest the Acts, and Amendatory Acts, Incorporating the City of Lexington: and An Ordinance for the Government of the City of Lexington, and Regulating the Interests and Concerns Thereof.

,' i‘·}··“'F·¥~4:#` ‘ ···"` `~·· ’* ·· ··= »·»——»~-~`.-- .» -.,, » .. r. ,_ ,,_ _ _ , _. . _ K _" ._...- ..- lv li J C iiiziry ir . y 6 ‘*' l` =. * I . _ ji {CITY CHARTER. “ i . \ T " ` L · E: _ 0¤|y •M¤¤ 8¤¤· as .may_be; but such alteration shall not be made F J ; ,en1_oep•,¤r. . . . . l ; ‘ t except on a general census ,of all the inhabitants being Vprevi- . l i l “ ' lously mkggl o1·1{Y ELECTIONS. ` T I ·SEC. 4. That on the iirst·Saturday in January, in each year ’ * succeeding the first election, the free white male inhabitants ’ 5 ‘_ _ _»;¤::¤¤;;‘¥Ek:!|·;: over twenty-one years of age, of said City, who,_at the time V, ll 1 ` ;Q,,,,,,,_" "· beingnare citizensof the State of Kentucky, andlinhabitants of . 1, ji ‘ AQ““6“,,°n, 0,-said City, and have either paid their poll tax to said City for tho V i· 4; “ ».?¤!¤¤•· [year next preceding the election, at which they claim to vote, or F ”·. l ave arrived at theage of twenty-one years since the last assess- •· , A ment of tax, and who shallihave, bona fide, resided therein for · A thchspace of six calendar mcnths,_pre_vious to said election, shall _ _ » meet in the VVard_s in which they respectively resideand vote for l ’* Q ` ;the·Councilman or Councilmen, and Nightwatchman or Night- ‘ V To von fcv~C¤¤n-watchmen, such ward shall be entitled to elect, and for _a May- " V , ` ·‘}ll':',f’,'Q;,,,,h_ or, City Attorney, Treasurer, Trincipal Assessor, and Cap- - {gre;-mm tain of the Nightwatch; and ·it shall be the duty of the Mayor · Tmaiurer, "` nnd,C0uncilmen, previously elected, to cause an alphabetical _ V V . $;;;;:*;fmKm_llst pf the voters each ward. to beinade out ten (li·l·}iS before · F wares. t e irst Saturday 1n_ January, in each year, and to appoint three · ru.; of wm. wsurtable persons in each ward as inspectors of the eleet1on, and · é j ::.{{‘;‘lf[ to furnish them with a list of voters, and a warrant directing tl l ’•¤n. them, or a majority of them, to hold the election in the same · t [flow sonauma. manner as other elections are held in this State; notice of the p Ei i time and place of holding the elections in the respective wards A » shall be published in one or more of the public newspapers pub- lished in said City, with the names of the _ward inspectors. The ay election shall bc held during the same hqurs, to be directed by _·the_Mayor and Councilmen, in all the wards. The said inspec- A V -· · tors shall exhibit to all persons claiming _the same, the list of * x’¥:l¤ll*::P°°'°"·tl1e qualified voters respectively; and, on closing the polls at the I Q e.m.,su....}._.1ss.;l101ii· mentioned in the warrant, they shall declare the same, and 5 ‘°"· the three pcrsonsdiaving the highest numberof qualified votes L shall be declared as duly elected Councilmen in each ward. The ·· ‘ _vote given for Mayor shall be added up by the inspectors, and H i ` _, returned by thenito the Clerk of the Board of Mayor and Coup- » cilmen, with the list of the Polls of Councilmen, which ·~list Q, · shall he certified by a majority .of said Inspectors, and sworn to ‘ Lk, 0, Ounohq as just and true returns ot` the election; which oath shall be ad- _ Q 7;m\rn•i•lif¤nn·1émninistereflnby the Mayor or slnyl Justice .of the Pslace. (gfthp ri- _f I ‘ ' turnof t .votes so.madc s al be received by t e sai er _, ‘ i and duly recorded in a book to be kept for that purpose. And F. l _ |;1•·;`Q¤H*¢s¤l*i¤¤{ it shall be the duty of (thc Mayor and Councilmen to add up the ' . fi".: 0iF,§d,,i.lllii. votesfrom the scvcml wards for Mayor, and the pe1·son having I , 'Jd'l°°'°‘* °l°‘°‘l· ·thc highest number of .votes shall be decla1·ed to be duly elected 5 » Mayor of said City, for one year from the time of his election, l l {mm mn], mw and until a successor shall be so elected and sworn into office, ly ~ , ny Mayer, Mu! andthe Mayor and .Councilmcn then elected shall be notified j 5 •Wl*"°`l°·l’°·l°d' immediately of` the same, by the Clerk of the City then in ofiice. py t . .#· ;— ·. ~» »‘e* ···~*--‘* =·i it _ ____ iw- 1 .

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