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Image 66 of City Charter: An Act to reduce into one, Amend and Digest the Acts, and Amendatory Acts, Incorporating the City of Lexington: and An Ordinance for the Government of the City of Lexington, and Regulating the Interests and Concerns Thereof.

Y"; . y 1.· l».;lQliQ 3 { lil ll Z 30 HACKNEY VEHICLES. _l, I `i . HACKNEY VEHICLES. ·· { T l sr, A r I, T., ,,b,,,,, 1,, Sno. 157. No person shall, within the city, let for hire any l ,‘ § j l' °°¤*°· vehicle, which he shall not have previously obtained a license to i » f g+ 2 . r°“°"" let, under the penalty of $5 for each offence. l ilf fij Sac. 158. The Clerk of the city shall, with the approbation l 5 ` ii # ’ of the Mayor, issue a license to any one applying for the same, [ .,3 _ mm ,0 ,,,,,8 to let or hire any vehicle or vehicles if such person shall have { —l_" ' li¤¤¤*·$ WiL'*,¤P· paid for· the same to the Treasurer the tax or· taxes hereinafter ·. l probation or . . . . ij . .; · maya;. prescribed for a license for such a vehicle or vehicles, produced |‘ iq . the Trcasurcr’s receipt therefor, and executed bond payable to Q J the city in a penal sum equal to $200 for each vehicle, with ¢ - ` surety approved by the Mayor, conditioned for the faithful dis- ;. ,,°,,d_ charge of his duties by the driver, and to pay all such costs and tf. gg damages as shall accrue, or bc awarded to, or recovered by any Q p f person injured by the carelessness or misconduct of the driver, i < or against the person obtaining such license as a common carter. . , l §;t§—j L Sac. 159. Licenses for hackney vehicles shall be taxed as fol- _ l ·_ l` lows : For each hack or omnibus, $5 ; for each furniture car or l pf] KW *¤¥•d· other four wheel vehicle, drawn by two or more horses, $3 ; for 5 . pg every other kind of vehicle $2. 1 Snc.160. The Clerk shall number all such vehicles, and in- ; F . ,,:.j.·_, ser·t the number of each in the license ; and such number shall be 1 li _ jg; M} ¤¤•rk ¤¤ ¤¤·¤b¤¤· puintgtl Oi- otherwise fixed in legible letters in some conspicuous F ` ji b part of the vehicle, under lthe penalty of $5 for each time the 3 .; { if jpl. lil N,Q}';Ql:’,' uf same shall be let for hire, wrthout being so numbered ; and the _ ‘# I 1_ hide. . Clerk shall keep a minute of the numbers of the vehicles for ’ V v’ ‘l l which each person obtains license. ` _lil·°;l‘i,l Sac. 161. The following shall be the rates of charges ’ 1 ill to be made by drays, carts and hacks: For transporting ‘ {pj J , any package, article or number of packages or articles, not ' p i gy ( exceeding one load, to any point within the city, each dray or j ‘ f cart may charge twenty-five cents. VVlren the articles to be car- jj lp jjj {fj: rred will exceed one load, then twenty·iive cents may be charg- Ef Q WFT? ed for each load. Any owner·, or person having for the time _ *5 jg ¤¤¤w··· the use of any cart or dray, who shall receive or demand more { · ',i than is allowed by this ordinance, shall forfeit his or her license, ,` l cg and be subject to a fine of ten dollars. The iniliction of the ll r Will; ", fine shall of itself at once work a forfeiture of the license. And —V , j ·— should any driver or person acting as the authorised agent of S = i é ~? p ji the owner or person having the use, receive or demand more than i] rg `, is permitted above, the owner or person having the use shall be l ;· T subjected to the same penalties, as if he or· she had made the ’ if Til" 1 illegal charge. And in the latter case it shall he sufficent in yl'.}! = the warrant to state that the illegal charge was made by the _~ ij owner, or person having thc usc——proof of the offence being ’ i committed by the agent or driver shall be deemed by the court • gl · p 'fé as proof of the averment in ’the warrant that it was committed ~ ji rj · bythe owner or person having the use. It is also hereby pro- i je; . vided that, a dray or cart load shall not exceed two thousand g Q` j -Ve`1¤l is , ` ‘ l rl . i ·¢ ii? ,· ll w il l ‘ M . I

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