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Image 44 of City Charter: An Act to reduce into one, Amend and Digest the Acts, and Amendatory Acts, Incorporating the City of Lexington: and An Ordinance for the Government of the City of Lexington, and Regulating the Interests and Concerns Thereof.

Iii _ " s r r rr- A — ·*•••-v}»~•.,;._,;5·;`r‘ · y r£_X_¤_.é%;_;:;~b;: , , ,___l A gqyy -~U‘x‘ rw`! l ` . _ 'zr (_ ‘ ‘ M Z sw i ; 7* LW " ., S ABBESSOR. A up L up I . -.-...,. . . -__..-.-.-.--a.-- ,“.. ..-___....._....a.. ,--.s._,_._,__,,.....____, .5 A Q i ll shall be exempt from the nre tax, but all the property described Q} in this ordinance shall be assessed, and said tax shall be laid and: I ?‘ ‘ in ,, levied, as it was on other property subject to said tax before the { ,p_*,_ passage of this ordinance. 3 ~ *}. .2 ~ > l ~, · Negro Jczils. i l Sno. 25. It shall be the duty of the Assessor to ascertain all lx { A the Negro jails, or places for the purchase and sale of slaves, , ', ·i and the owners or keepers thereof, in the city of Lexington. j '· _ §no. {Xny lpersoin piho shalll hereagerl opienl and lite?} a g' a egro Jai or p ace or ic pure ase an sa eo s aves, s a g F a a art of said tax in ro ortion to the ·ort1on of the year ° if ; <,— a e same s a e rep , w ic proper ion s a e assesse i i V) ihyttli) hllb lt Ii Ph`h tp hllb d » . l i_ and collected by the collector. 5 l A Q _ Sno. 27. If the Assessor shall be unable to see any person E ' _ ·; hi_ holding estate in the city, or if any person shall fail to refuse tor 7 ; 1 Qlllltx :;:2:;;*** *6 be give in a list of his or her property, or shall give in a list which, } » ` in the opinion of the Assessor, is incorrect, the Assessor shall I A , {iq; estimate the property of such person by such means as shall be , ` fi wig. in his power, either by inspection or inquiry of others, and re· - b ` _ turn the estimate so made, I ` ii l', ;lli_;, Sno. 28. Any person who shall, when required, fail or refuse ` ' Y How mh P5,. to furnish the Assessor with a list of his or her taxable proper- ’ ‘· il fl ll ::>§;d*° l*° v°¤· ty, or any part thereof, or shall furnish an incorrect one, shall I ? 'l‘il¢l·=_ }~ ` forfeit and pay not less than $10 nor more than $100, in the dis- , 5 · ~ U3? if cretion of a jury. 5 V W. A, Sno. 29. The Assessor shall require the keeper of each house = ` , ; ff , M ~ T,‘;_“'°" D°g" in the city to state, on oath, the number of dogs,bitches and pup-- ° _ ·"° sg ..2 `ill pies owned by him or her, or any member of his or her family, E · ;· gg p i or suffered to remain on his or her premises, and shall enter the _ ` F i __ __ same in said book, in a separate column, opposite the name of y ` ’ yl j hd how mlm the keeper of such house, or the owner of such dog or bitch; and ’ t {sm. if any person shall refuse or fail to make such statement on ` 5 ill oath, the Assessor shall ascertain the number in the best way he r , { iii U ¥ can, and enter the same accordingly. , I` i ill ',`_ i .v To take the Census. A — ’ s `§ il li wm ,,,,,0,,. Sec. 30. The Assessor shall enter also in said book opposite i I Z V, lived wd hvw the name of each inhabitant, who may be the head of a family, 1 ` A ·‘],, _ the number of all persons in his or her family, who are inhabit· » 4 . ' ants of this city, including him or her and all slaves owned ¤ _ · or hired by him or her, placinglthe number of free white males j ·ji,.l»` over twenty-one years of age, in one column; the colored males Q ° ,'l,l\`; over twenty-one in another; of all white males in another; of all - ; ig} T white females in another; of all colored males in another; of all ;i 4 ’l§_ A colored females in another; of all colored persons in another; of 1 j, , all y all free colo1·ed persons in another; of all persons of every descrip- yr _;ll‘ tion in another; and in another of all births and deaths int e Ll' 5 family of such taxable inhabitant. V g j. ltr ,4: g @5 tr, iii, ·& \ IH -n`1l~ 32 "¥r.~». .1., f QL W ·_ _ L

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