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Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

AL a meeting of the Executive Committee, held in Pres- ident Barkerus office, August 25. 1915, there were present Messrs. rdelen, Terrell, ` rown, Johnson. Nichols, Brock and Stoll. he minutes of the previous meeting were read and. approved' Whe reports of President -'arker', bean Anderson and Dean La~gferty were refported, read and ordered to be recorded. they are as foll ows:- TO THE EXECIUTIVF COMMITTEE STATE UNIVERSIrY LFXINGTO1N KY. Gentl emen: 6everal of the projects drawn up by Professor Mutch- ler for the purpose of carrying forward the Agricultural work under the Smith-Lever bill and the contract between State Uni- versity and the United States secretary of A rialture. ha3e been disa-poroved by Dr. Kastle, Dean of the ollege of Agzi; culture, and thework -o be done under these projects, is at a stand still. he Federal authorities nre insisting that we forward to them some written proposal for the work in question, and as I have not been able to harmonize the differ- ence between Dr. Kastle and Dr. Mntchler, and thereby satis- fy the Federal authorities, have concluded to bring the matter before th.e Executive oGommittee and place it in your hands for final settlement. I have invited botI, Dr. Kastle and Dr. Mutchler to meet you today, and you will hear the respective contentions as to the merits in the matter, and decide, as in your wisdom seems best. I also bring before you a list of the names of the new instructors and holders of fellowships who have been appoint- ed under the authority of the budget es you0 In the selection of these instr-ctors a) ---,a of fellow- ships, I have been guided entirely by the wirsdom of the dean of the derrrtment in which they are to teach. and have no doubt that he has done the very best that could be done uvnder the circumstances and I therefore, beg that you ratify the appointment of these several people. Dean Lderson of the Gollege of Mechanical and kIectri. cal Engineering, desired an increase In the salary of '?rofessor Duncan, an instructor in his deoartment, and also an increase in that of Professor Cassidy. I desire to have rofessor Anderson heard by the 0ommittee, so that you can fully obtain the meritsof his claim. If there is any way possible that Professor nderson's claim can be granted, ' hope it will be done, as Ibelieve they are entirely meritorious, and his department will be seriously hampered if something is not done to relieve it. Since your last session, I have been taking my vacation by visiting the various farmers' chautauguas that have been held throughout the State, and have made speeches at several of them. I have six or eight speeches to make beX'ore the season closes. I mention this to show you the basis of the statement that Xenttuky is makin.- greater adv)nces along the lines of scientific agricultural education, than over before

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