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Image 527 of Index - Board of Regents Meeting Minutes.

Part of Murray State University Board of Regents Meeting Minutes.

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418 ov hd » GU Q") . ` RR. M;. Fred Hughes Employed Janitor USNR Mr. Fred Hughes was employed Janitor " USNR at a salary of $70.00 per month, beginning February l, 1945. · 4 ss. Q. Herman Coursev Employed Janitor USNR I Mr. Herman Coursey was employed as Janitor USNR at a salary of $70.00 per month, · effective February 9, 1943. V TT. Ng; Vocational Education Plan Changed; Vocational · ·Educat1on Division pj Department pf Education Pays salaries @ Training Program » Heretofore the NYA Vocational Education plan for the War Training Program has provided that the Teacher Foremen be-paid on a split payroll basis, the college being reimbursed by the Voca- tional Education Division of the State Department of Educatron for the portion of salaries paid. Recently, however; this plan of management has _ been changed; and the payroll for these Teacher , . Foremen is now prepared and·subm1tted by this college and paid by the Vocational Education Division of the Department of Education as a 4 part of its War Training Program, thereby ‘ relieving the college budget of the payment of the following salaries, as of February 1, 1945: _ Mr. Norman B. Wofford $$100.00 per mo. I Mr. Truman E. Turner 100.00 per mo. Mr. William O. Jones 100.00 per mo. Mr. Roby T. Robertson 100.00 per mo. V. Q. §. Naval Flight Preparatory School · The U. S. Naval Flight Preparatory School has been ¤ . on our campus since the sixth day of January. since March 4 they have had the full complement of six hundred ' cadets. Everything is moving smoothly with this organ- ization. Of course, there are the expected irrltatlons; but they are not at all serious. Our commission costs have been paid, except those for which the work has not yet been completed. We were long delayed in getting our contract from the Navy, and delayed nearly ninety days in getting our first money; but since that time the money has been paid in promptly; and·from here out I expect no unreasonable delays of that character. · · The contract which we negotiated with the Navy, in the 4 main, has been satisfactory. On one or two points, however, experience proves that we are not being paid enough on certain items; and under the provisions of the contract, we have a rlght to re-negotiate this contract, which we are now doing. I shall not go into _ details regarding this matter; but I will ask Mr. · · Wrather, whom I have appointed to deal with the Navy, ` to make a statement regarding these negotiations. VI. Fine Arts Building . On April 28 the W. P. A. will quit work on the Fine Arts Build1ng.· This building, of course, ls not . yet completed. You are familiar with the various ` ` handicaps under which we have labored in its construe- . tion; and I shall not burden you with the details ln x

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