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Image 1 of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.), April 2, 1948

Part of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.)

' T " - i. CD Tha fatr of tha Lord prolong-idays but tha yari of the wicked shall ba shortened. h. r J OF CZHVICZ TO ALL K1 jEFFEncou coinrrv AN INDEPENDENT COUNTY NEWSPAPER ESTABLISHED JUNE 1907 VcL 41 Ho. 43 L' JEFFERSONTOWN, KY., FRIDAY, APRIL 2, 1948 Fewer Work Clalmi Being Paid In Stale Ck-n-Up foreign April 18-3- 3 Barnes, Director of the Unemployment Insurance Divi sion, reports that claims were paid to 11,178 unemployed and 13,043 unemployed veterans for the week ending March 19, 1948. This is a noticeable decrease in claims for unemployment insurance which has taken place during. the past several months, compared with claims paid during the same period one and two years ago. Some of this decrease, of course, is due to the 'act that manv vet" !rans have exhausted their bene-ai- d and. als0 because stricter supervision and examination of Be ilessred TcniLl Every Friday Public Invifd To OUR DEMOCRACY- - Lincoln Park Fcr Dad's Night 'April 8 For Eastwood V. E. Jefferson County's Clean-u- p and improvement campaign this year will begin April 18 and last to April 30, inclusive, an announcement by Annar K. Evans, chairman of the directing committee says. Everybody can help in one way or another and all residents of the county are to be contacted and asked to see that attics, basements and other parts of the house be freed from fire hazards. Proper disposal of garbage and trash will be desired as an to health. Correct informa-iflt- s nunnlipH hv h. rm. tion will mittee on zoning laws or rulings, permanent plantings, road con ftruction and sewage disposal. An information bureau will an swer all questions. Check sheets are to be given out at schools, women's and men's dub.,T .. . Ken-tuckia- ns I .. unfd In This Area April Eastwood have set April 8 for Dad's night and have the parents, who come. Doctor Charles Welch of Louisville will be the speaker and he always has a message to give that is worth hearing. The regular meeting of which is the first Thursday of the month, has been called off and an urgent appeal sent to all the men to come to this specLl meeting with even a promise of good food to make it more interesting. We sincerely hope to have a good attendance. Mrs. John Pope, Vice President. I P.-T.- Justly proud of its basketball Fairdale High School banquets tonight in honor of the 29th District champions. Letters and sweaters will be distributed and the "Flying Dutchman" award made. John Head is to be the guest speaker while Principal Charles W. Blake will serve as toastmas-ter- . The public is cordially invited to come to Lincoln Park April 2 through 11, to get a free chest The Louisville T. B. Association will have their modern portable y unit located in this convenient downtown spot to make it easy for everyone to check up on the health of their lungs. This is the same service that was given at the Jefferson County Armory last April. Due to the fact that television units will be on exhibition there this year, the must be done elsewhere. Those who had taken last year will remember how quick and simple the process is. It requires no undressing and is absolutely free of charge. They will remember, too, that a confidential report is mailed to each individual. This will be a temporary servicer operating from April 2 through 11, only. The hours are from 9 a. m. to 6 p. m. weekdays, and 1 to 6 p. m. Sundays. champs, il X-ra- y. i1 X-ra- III Two of Fairdale's champions placed on the N. C.K.C. team. The district champion awards will be pre- iiii. i IF .( IR II. 71 sented at tonight's honor event, The Goodwill trucks will ma!: ; their monthly pickup collectic i of Goodwill bags in the Jeffersontown area on April 5, along wl i any discarded clothing, furniture, rugs, bedding or other househol 1 goods that can be given to ail the employment of the handicapped and aged workers at Goodwill Industries. Residents li this area have been asked to have their discarded materials ready P.-T.- A 4 X-ra- when about 140 are expected to claims is in effect. However, a large part of the gather for the happy occasion. decrease is attributable, the agency believes, to the war talk Choremaster To Mako during the past several weeks, Debut At Home LlTbw since it is generally thought that thf Yt G::duill Trucks D: P.-TJ- L X-ra- y tt Z2Z0 Per Hals High Musical At for pickup. The discarded items contribute to Goodwill Industries not on!, employ the disabled in the repair and renovation of these materials, but also provide retailed goods fit reasonable prices for the low-waearner who cannot afford to j buy new clothing and furnishings. The money from these-salepays the wages of the I workers. 3 Goodwill Industries is an organizapercent tion where more than 100 handi- - ' capped workers are now em- ployed in reconditioning discarded materials. They receive training as switchboard operators, shoe repair men, ge Memorial Auditorium s Louisville Male High School f'OT Band and Glee Club will present The Choremaster, a precision-buil- t )A its annual spring music festival IVIIUIilllCCB BCi Will is being garden tractor, WASHINGTON IRVING colors. up for next Friday evening, April 9 at K APX.X7SS.-M16.I6S9 shown and demonstrated at the Memorial Auditorium. Contributions toward the suc- Suburban League Begins The proHome Show, April Kentuckiana gram will have many highlights cess of the campaign will be re2 to 11, at the Jefferson County Plans For New Season Armory. Joe Kirchdorfer, Jr., such as Gershwin's "Rhapsody ceived by Paul Jagielki, assistant 4. in Blue" played by Howard Wagcashier of the First National 922 Baxter Avenue, is supervising Bank, 216 South Fifth Street, The Suburban Baseball League the exhibit. the Year 1947 Gave County ner andband, Male High Band. Louisville. Most of this money began preliminaries for the The under the direction dry cleaners and launderers, upLodge & A production of be for the paper used in son's activities when a meeting Shipley Company's the of Roy Special ProdRecord Crop Of Babies eral E. Boesser will play sev- holsterers and material graders, printing and the distribution was held Monday night at the numbers including "My as well as various other jobs re- cost. The Parent Teachers' As-- : Jeffersontown Municipal fire sta- - ucts division, the Choremaster is Hero from Straus, the result of application of techLouisville and Jefferson Coun- late Soldier," 'The Sabre Dance" Goodwill trucks will pick 50 years ty had a bumper crop of babies and "The Serenade of the Bells." upThe the check sheets when ihey are lona, Buechel, Fern Creek and niques acquired throughprecision-typ- e donations in Jeffersontown, experience in making Jof for enn inurn woro nrflconf in IToiMmA rt iYa erVrna Mur in 1947, the March, 1948, Bulletin The Glee Club, under the di- - Buechel, Fern Creek, Hikes' Point machine tools to the garden of the Health Board tells us. -- The Homemakers clubs, the discuss and start building the rection of Virgil Smith will join and Taylorsville Road. Contribute tractor field. Original design has Irving' was one or the fisT litc rary voices in America There are 12,060 live births re- with the band in a group Farm Bureau and clubs will season s program of the articles you can no longer by refinecorded. This represents 29.3 per Spanish waiter C. Harris, last years been supplemented THAT HIS OWN COUNTRYMEN LISTENED TO AND OTHER NATIONS be invited to help. songs which will be use and let them do a second ser1,000 population, "One of the vice president, presided at the ments developed by research and vice at Goodwill that of emfRAISIO..IOMEEItlNtS TO LIFT AMERICAN WRITING FROM highest rates on record.". The dramatized in a Spanish setting. ployment for the "unemploy-ables- ". meeting. Following the meeting, engineering talent. PROVINCIALISM TO A PLACE IN WORLD LITERATURE, IRVING A special feature of the proThe Choremaster's utility is ininfant death rate declined. This gram will Death Conies Suddenly jHarris said that from 8ix to be Professor Schultz HELPED BUILD THE AMERICAN CULTURAL TRADITION IN ARTS from 39.4 in 1940 to 36.4 in 1947. teams are expected to enter the dicated in its range of chores per. and his AND LETTERS THAT CONTINUES TO BE, TO ALL OPUS, ASOURCE Premature birth was the princi- repertoireMusical Deliriums in a league, james a. luiaieman is formed by the suburban resident, To Daniel Hummel of Musical Classics. Institute To Hear Of PRIOE AND INSPIRATION IN OUR DEMOCRACY. pal cause for infant deaths, many manager of the Jeffersontown who plows snow in winter, cuts The program starts 'at 8 p.m. grass in summer and cultivates of which, as a rule, occur during Community Reports team. This community experienced a the first month of life. The crude and tickets are on 6ale at Time for the next meeting was the garden in season. This diversified list of farm, yard and garshock on last Friday morning set for April 8. death rate for Jefferson" County, High and by members of MaleReports on community im- Band and Glee. Club. Res.. den chores are handled regularly Shelby Hcaemakers when, between 7 and 8 o'clock, the report says, was, in 1947, 10.8 proiects will be -ervations may be made by calling by the Choremaster. compared to 10.9 in 1946, again the lifeless body of Daniel Hum- Penile School Presents the annual Rural on the basis of 1,000 population. the schooL mel was found by his sister, Miss extending a In Daffodil Show Mr. Leadership Institute at the Uni- t m i1 "Alex The Great" April 6 special Kirchdorfertoisthe public in Diseases of the heart continue to Margaret Hummel. When he versity of Kentucky April invitation be the leading cause of death. failed to answer her call Miss Meeting April 8 These reports will include com- this area to inspect the marvels The Shelby County Homemak The eighth grade of Penile of the Choremaster while attendCancer is second. Accidents are Hummel discovered that her ers Ninth Annual Daffodil Show At Jeffersontown School mumty religious needs, recrea- the leading cause of deaths of brother had not gotten up. She School will present a one act ing the Home Show. tion, neann ana saiety, commun- will be held at the home of Mrs. summonpd a neighbor, Mrs. Sal-li- day entitled "Alex the Great." Dr. J. R. Shacklette left Wed- young people from 1 to 14 years ny surveys, and farm income. - J Ben Allen Thomas on Friday, Jeffersontown for a month's vacation Prell, and it was found that Tuesday evening. April 6 at 7:45 me in Npwj April 2, and the show will be nesday tropical cruise. He will of age. Tuberculosis accounts for Association will hold their reg- Action" cnrisiian community the Bardstown Road the greatest number of deaths of Mr. Hummel had probably passed p.m. in the school auditorium. open to the public on Saturday, on a ular monthly meeting Thursday three-da- y will be the theme of 15 to 34, with acciThe part of Alex, a boy whose away about midnight or shortly session of ministers, Br Mrs. FUlden Frederick April 3 and after 1:00 p.m. on visit Havana Cuba, Puerto Bar- those from second cause. afternoon, April 8 at 3 o'clock at hero is Alexander the Great, 'and rios, Guatemala City, Cristobal dents as the after. civic leaders, rural teachers, lay- - , Sunday, April 4. school. the j Bro. Wayne Spangler brought Like his father, Daniel Hum- wno nnaJiy succeeds in capturing as his subject to the Newburg A round table discussion on men, health and recreation Work' Last year over l.uuu blossoms and spend several days in the a thief, will be played by Rayers and members of faculties' of Panama Canal Zone. His ship mel, Jr., casualty of World War Tr . tiniciDujituwu . euiiuiier recrea- a Christian Church on Easter morn- were on display. Each year the will land at New Orleans April II, died three years ago on Holy mond Braughard. in the Daffodil Show . tion program will highlight the colleges ana seminaries. inenrsiT . ing, 'The Empty Tomb". One interest Aaa, Other members of the cast inv 18. ua; d v51 om nm Thursday, March 29, in Gerincreased and the event is meeting. clude: Lnura Gertrude Rowe, lady, Mrs. Paul Thompson, came has many. s Miss Polly Bernard and Pfc. up after the sermon and placed known all over the state. Dorothy Schultz, Sue Baker, with the second day devoted to Thomas P. Bernard were with Delegations Mr. Hummel, who was in his Dorothy ing an investigation of the Vet- the community school and the Margaret her membership with the congre- counties and membersfrom many their mother, Mrs. Gladys Ber Florence, of Garden 74th year, was a retired ma- - .Tar If gation. erans Administration at Hunting- third day to the community Towif iv Harrv P iffcKif . Easter are nard the Two in song were ton, West Virginia That branch church. velre tiring heTWaS!Brandhorst, Lennie Wilkerson, broueht, specials the leader, Rich- Clubs throughout during state dis- - Guest for the this home was Pfc. also in expected to visit . the vC.jr one by serves 39 counties in Eastern 1....,,, u - Mari(? Garrett Dan McCormick, play. Shelby County Home- - Louis Ramsey of Sweetwater, lsvllleKentucky. His integrity and Leslie Stanford and John Alvey. ard Boyd, and the other by the Young People's Choir, which were makers have planted over 5,000 Ala. ability have so impressed his tie ana nis sisier uvea togeiner bulbs this year. Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Simp- beautifully rendered. in their Livingston Heights home colleagues that although he is There will be 30 classes in son of Columbus, Ohio will here. Besides his sister, Mr. Humyoung and a Freshman CongressOne hundred and forty were contests and daffodil bulbs 'rive today to spend sometime mel is survived by a nephew, man, he was assigned this impresent in Sunday School and the Norbert Hummel, of Louisville. portant mission. auditorium was filled to capacity, of outstanding varieties from with their sister, Mrs. J. R. TT TT' A National publication came ms niuiuer, 1 chairs placed for the late comers. West Coast growers will be given Shacklette and Dr "Shacklette. ivirs. nancy xiuin-meMiss Elma Dell Shepard, whose as prizes. They sold their home in Columpassed away five years ago, out with the fiat statement that marriage to Mr. Jesse L. Duncan Thanks are given to those bring bus and will purchase property at the age of 97. potted the next President would be is planned for 4 p.m., April 10, in! ing the six blooming CATHOLIC BAZAAR in Louisville. Vandenburg and the The funeral was Monday morn- Jeffersontown Christian Church, plants and four baskets of cut AT FLAGET APRIL 21 Mrs. Mayme Miller of LouisStassen. I polled the Re ing at St. Edwards Church. In- was given a surprise shower flowers, which added so much to A ihotitand frieidt or to Itm, m The Catholic C7 DiTti U. Ports publican leaders of the State on. ville spent Sunday with her terment took place in Calvary Tuesday evening by ladies of the the service. enemy U loo many. Associations will sponsor a ba- mother, Mrs. Arvie Wheeler. this and Jouett Ross Todd, Lou-Cemetery. Later the primaries and inter- zaar the evening Julia Reubelt and Come Double APEH of April 21 at Highway Commissionar Garrett isville leader and National Com- Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Hale and mediates enjoyed Easter baskets Flaget classes of that church. High School (Riverpark 1 All Fooli' Day. fp also Mr. Marcious L. Withers will have nine High- mitteeman, is for Taft but mostj Held in the church basement, and colored eggs on the church Drive and Western Parkway) New Masonic Building forCarlin M of Louisville, called in way districts instead of the pres- of the other leaders seem to want lawn. appropriately Richmond Ref, 5linic' the home of Mr. and Mrs. E. W. ent seven. The last Democratic an uninstructed Delegation to the In Prospect Here which wasforvery occasion, the Mrs. Mattie Shelley Bannon, 2ie,on!S f I ConiccWralMvacuortd by decorated 1861 the Chevrolet will be dispos- - McMahan Sunday to see Mr. El Administration had nine districts Convention, remembering how Banshower was attended by about aged 68, wife of Mr. Patrick ed of. Mrs. T. J. Carroll is Chair is still quite ill. but it was changed to seven by they were committed last Con-- ! Masons voted 35 guests. Jeffersontown mer Carlin, who non, died at her home on Chi- man, S First pony axprvM to last Saturday night to raze their vention they seem to think theyj J. W. Carnuchael, who under- Governor Willis and Steve CaUiomla IBbtt .:. ' chester Ave., Louisville, last for economy reasons, that will be in a better position to present building on Main Street went a major operation at St. week, after a short illness. She MAYFIELD-KALMEand erect a new Masonic struc U& dag adoptJoseph's Infirmary the latter part was during the war when there trade if they are not committed, Mr. and Mrs. Charles William and Mr. Bannon lived in this Hebron News ed. i8ia ture on the same lot, as soon as Mayfleld, Sr. of Finchville, Ky., community about fifteen years of February, has returned to his was a shortage of material and Off the record some of them be-- i Mrs. Ida Holsclaw Br plans and specifications can be home on Taylorsville Road and labor. Now with an expanded lieve the Convention will reach ago, where they reared their I Roll and Pocahontai is doing as well as can be ex- program the nine are necessary a deadlock between Dewey and children. Surviving them are two 1-"married 1614. their daughter. Nina Elizabeth. :, for closer supervision of construc- Taft with Stssen holding around The marriage of Miss Sara pected. to Mr. John Elmer Kalmey, son daughters, four sons and five Elizabeth Bell, tion and maintenance. The new a hundred delegates that he will daughter of Vershell. Mr. Milton Tyler who continues Army Day. of Mrs. George J. Kalmey and grandchildren. Funeral services Tentative plans call for a the late Mr. George J. Kalmey, were conducted at St. James non Bell, and Mr. William Lee to recuperate at his home, had district headquarters will be throw to Vandenburg and start and a trend when the time is right Crumbacker, son of D. J. $20,000 concrete building, of two as his guests Sunday his nephew, Pikeville, Elizabethtown, tsuppt of Valley Station, Ky. The wed Church and interment took place Bowling The was solemnized Friday Rev. Steward Tyler and Mrs. Flemingsburg. 1798. gam stories. One or two stores would ding will take place in June. With the open split in the Demin Calvary Cemetery. evening, March 27, at 8 p.m., at Tvler. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Eck- - Green office may be moved to ocratic ranks and the rebellion of be provided on the first floor, Mr. and Mrs. George Mueller the home of the bride, on Maple erle. also Mrs. E. L. Powell of Madisonville. The other offices the Southern Democrats, they with the second floor reserved of Louisville, spent the week end MUELLER-BURTOOF HIS KINGDOM Spring Di ive, Route 4, Louisville, Weissinger-GaulbeApartments are at Lexington, Covington, may be right in their prediction. for Masonic quarters. A' comMr. and Mrs. John R. Mueller, with their daughter, Mrs. Wilfred with the Rev. J. L. Lawrence, THERE SHALL BE NO EKD" Somerset, Louisville and Padu-cato confer with mittee was named and her Bible Class from iirst Jr., announce the engagement of Kaiser, Mr. Kaiser and family. pastor of Little Flock, officiating Street Christian Church. an architect, looking toward blueNazareth College Guild will Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Stand if ord in a double ring ceremony, their daughter, Miss Jean MuelI bcliavt that in the next few sponsor their annual card party Mr. and Mrs. Dean Spragaa before prints of the designs decided up- ler, to Mr. Robert C. Burton, son entertained at dinner on Easter Dr. W. F. Jstucky and Mrs. members of the immediate fam- Stucky who 6pent Easter with years Kentucky will progress Saturday, April 3, at 2 p.m. in and daughter Jean are in Miai, on. of Mr. M. S. Burton and the late for Mr. and Mrs. Fred Kraft and ilies and a few friends. Fla. for several weeks. their daughters in Louisville, more than it has in the last Nazareth Auditorium. Mrs. Burton. The wedding will Mrs. Lillian Smyser. The music was rendered by also visited relatives here before forty. One thing is. the road Mr. and Mrs. Orville Stivers en- Mrs. Eva Garr, sister of the URUGUAY OF HOLY SPIR-i- t take place at 5 o'clock Saturday THE returning to their home in Daw- building program that will lead U.N. Facts and Faces to good roads all over Kentucky. School have arranged a card afternoon, April 3, at Duncan tertained with a turkey dinner on groom, at the piano, and Rev. son Springs. party for Saturday afternoon at Memorial Chapel. Miss Mueller Easter for Mr. and Mrs. Fielden Lawrence, soloist. Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Menart, The impression that outsiders get URUGUAY J was guost of honor at a personal Frederick and Mr. and Mrs. Hugh (t 2 o'clock April 10. The bride wore a suit of aqua- Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Simpson, of a State depends to a great exshower given by Mrs. Paul Standiford. marine gabardine with matching Rev. W. F. Huddleston and Mrs. tent on the condition of that Communion services held on halo of veiling caught a miscellaneous shower by at State's roads. If they are bad, at side of, Miss Doris Leonard; Mrs. H. A. Friday evening in the Buechel with rosebuds, and carried baby Huddleston were entertained of narrow or dangerous, they beJames Blackburn, Mr. home Sunday in the I Charleston, W. Va. student of U. Moss was hostess at a linen Presbyterian Church were beau white iris. Her sister, Miss Mary dinner K. May. jr; come tired and disgusted and Mrs. L. of K., was guest for the week- shower; the rehearsal dinner tiful and impressive. White lilies Tyler Bell, maid of honor, wore Mrs. L. K. May spent several have to concentrate on their end of Mr. and Mrs. B. Stewart will be given at the home of the were banked around the pulpit a similar suit of pink wool and days this week with her 6ister, driving instead of the scenery. and across the rostrum, which carried white roses. Her bride's- parents. McKinley. hat was Mrs. T; O. Wilson and Mr. Wil- If they are good they can relax added much to the service. The of rough straw with and enjoy the scenery and are pink flowers. son of Ca'mpbellsville. house was filled almost to caThe best man was Mr. Cecil Rev. J. Leo Hall was a visitor in a more affable mood to meet Spraying for Health pacity. Gentry, of Shepherdsville. among friends in Jeffersontown the people ;then too, research has The Buechel Circle of Newburg After the ceremony a recep Wednesday. He was returning shown that when a highway or Church met all day Tuesday with tion was held with Mrs. Porter, of from Illinois to his home at John- road is greatly improved the Mrs. Fielden Frederick to sew. country around is improved. Mt. Washington, sister of bride, son City, Tenn. Those present were Mrs. William Messrs. Carl H. Hunter and son, People take more pride in the Fegenbush, Mrs. A. H. Gailbreath, acting hostess. ENRIQUE RODRIGUEZ FAB REGAT i ; The happy couple left for a William, enroute from their home appearance of their home and Mrs. Julius Hart, Mrs. Fred Kraft, honeymoon trip to the Great at Atlanta, Ga., were calling on business, ana lana values inMrs. Jack Kaiser, Mrs. Henry crease because of the availabilLentz, Mrs. Margaret Mills and Smokies and on their return will friends here Thursday. be at home at Maple Spring H. T. Tipton, of ity to markets. The present ad Mr. and Mrs. Miss Barbara Ann Hart. MONTEVIDEO Little Rock, Ark., are guests in ministration plans on the greatMr. and Mrs. Henry Lentz and Drive. Guests at the wedding were the home of their daughter, Mrs. est road building the State has son were entertained on Easter at ever had and will have the funds dinner by Mr. and Mrs. Roy Messrs. and Mesdames David J. W. T. Settles, and Mr. Settles. Great herds of livestock, grazing peace- - ' Governor Clements to do it. ylalsj, Bischoff and daughter on Bates Crumbacker, Chester Ray Crumfully on miles tt !l backer and children, Walter IMPROVEMENT CLUB OF with his background as a CounLane. furnish the basis of Urugruy'a Uvlrr-FroHIGH VIEW MEETS TUES. ty Judge and then State Senator Mr. and Mrs. Henry Lee Katz- - Crumbacker and sons, J. A. the wealth of her lands, $9 mann entertained at dinner East Tinnell and son, Robert Dever The regular meeting of High and Federal Congressman, knows of which is used for grating, traer Sunday, in honor of Mrs. Crumbacker and children, Floyd View Improvement Club, will be the value of good roads and has gus? has built a socially advanced, ttsl' and baby, Sam Bell, Forrest held Tuesday evening, April (5 the knowledge of the aid the Charles Hart. and strongly democratic nation. The sr" est reoublie In South America, her 2 V The Sewing Club which was Brooks and children, Robert at 7:45 p.m. at the Fire House. Federal Government can give. scheduled to meet with Mrs. John Farmer, Raymond Coakley, Ed. Recreation plans will be dis- Look for goood roads and better ecft people live in 72,171 square miles, sUgbUy amaUer tian Cr marketing conditions in Kentuc insecticide, is loaded aboard a plane at an airBuechel on Manchester Road last Bessinger, J. L. Lawrence, Mrs. cussed at this meeting. Britain. Although agriculture l Uragusy'i most Important oc: , Uflartr!-- r week was postponed on account Bland Porter and daughter, Mrs. SOCIETY .praying mission over b before Uon. the republic to making steady strides toward rt in . water power. Uruguay to perminrrfy " r program, Congressman Howm Maada of using her abundant of th,e death of Mrs. Ida Ziegler, Bessie Haefer, Mrs. Eva Garr breetog rronnd. The .praying : A NEWS ITEM: Fhoiw the Veterans Affairs Committee, ented at United Nations Eead3uarters by Dr. Enriiua of Louisville, relative ox Mrs, and sons, J. D. and Donald, and c::. ratregat ter tss has whit aad tlue siiitn wi'Ja Thfc JeJTcrsonian, ril41 Mr. Roger Holsclaw. BuecheL delegated and is mak has been .jj. . 0UV1OV1T ciass vi viuicus laueu io me t' , . M. , . sea-wi- ll i I 1 j 4-- H ! Shack-leton- 's ocaIF T j J7.i 8. : . P.-T.- , e Parent-Teache- rs j I i 'i Home-maker- week-end- i. . - j - , 11 . K T l, COMMENTS P.-T.- Vice-Presi- dent Parent-Teache- r 1 j j Wat-kin- s, Y j ?.TIL S-- US. Crum-backe- r, i N ' rt h. P.-T.- Kors-lun- d; brazil - r v Hi yy.- ; rm"iiiiii'tm'wiiii"i'iii'i'n flower-brighten- nt itHtiftti'iwiMiffli'iiMiiwmi"itiiwHittm"'"'ii rrr S . -- -- . IrfSSSl sa

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