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University of Kentucky materials are on ExploreUK. This item: Item 2 of NCAA Basketball: Mideast Regional, March 13-15, 1980.

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Item 2 of NCAA Basketball: Mideast Regional, March 13-15, 1980

Part of University of Kentucky Basketball Programs (Men)

The Honda Prelude. Our idea of a sports car. Our idea is simple. We feel that a sports car should be nimble, stylish, economical to operate, and fun to drive. The fact is, we liked our idea so much we built the car. The Honda Prelude. To go along with the Prelude's bold, clean styling, we gave it a power-operated moonroof as standard equipment. 1980 HONDA PRELUDE 5-SPEED 25 EPA EST. MPG, 35 HWY. MPG. USE 25 MPG FOR COMPARISON.YOUR MILEAGE MAY DIFFER DEPENDING ON WEATHER, SPEED, AND TRIP LENGTH. ACTUAL HWY. MILEAGE WILL PROBABLY BE LESS. FIGURES LOWER FOR CALIF. AND HIGH ALTrfUDE CARS. That's our idea of fun. We also gave it comfortable front bucket seats, quartz digital clock, electronic warningsystem, steel-belted radial tires, and a 5-speed stick shift. Optional this year is our new fully automatic 3-speed transmission. Meanwhile, with front-wheel drive, rack and pinion steering, 1751cc CVCC engine, and four-wheel independent suspension of advanced design, the Prelude is one of our nimblest Hondas. Finally, we come to what may be the nicest thing of all about the Honda Prelude. Once you get in, you don't want to get out. And with a sports car, isn't mn that the whole idea? ^fcUUJLUtfci We make it simple. 1980 American Honda Motor Co., Inc.

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