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Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

-7- President Singletary stated that the University has the highest dormitory occupancy rate of any institution in the state, and said he was pleased that Mr. Clay had commended Business Affairs for its very good operation. W. Voluntary Contributions to Fidelity Group of Funds, Twentieth Century Investors, and Value Line Securities, Inc. Pension Funds by University Employees (FCR 6) The Finance Committee so recommending, Mr. Clay moved that the Board authorize voluntary contributions to Fidelity Group of Funds, Twentieth Century Investors, and Value Line Securities, Inc. pension funds by University employees as recommended in FCR 6. His motion was seconded by Mr. Black and passed without dissent. (See FCR 6 at the end of the Minutes.) X. Meeting Adjourned Mr. Sturgill again indicated his pleasure in holding the board meeting on the campus of the Paducah Community College, and said he would hope that one meeting each year could be held off campus. Mr. McBrayer suggested that the next time a meeting is held on one of the Community College campuses a report be given on that particular college. Mr. Black expressed appreciation on behalf of the people of Paducah to President Singletary and members of the Board for making the decision to meet in Paducah. He added that this is something the people of Paducah have wanted for a long time and that they appreciate the attendance of the Board members. Governor Breathitt and Mr. Ramsey also expressed their appreciation that the Board of Trustees held its meeting in their part of the state. Mr. Clay asked the Finance Committee to remain for a short information session following the meeting. President Singletary remarked that the clear sentiment expressed concerning the location of the Board meeting underscores that UK is the state university, and he proposes to hold one meeting each year away from the Lexington Campus.

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