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Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

-2- C. Dr. Donald Clemens Recognized Mr. Sturgill recognized Dr. Donald Clemens, Director of the Paducah Community College, and thanked him and his staff for their hospitality in hosting the meeting. The Chairman indicated his pleasure in having the Board meeting in Paducah, and Dr. Clemens was given a round of applause. President Singletary thanked the members of the Board for their attendance and noted that one meeting each year would be held off campus. He praised Paducah as a "good University town" and expressed his appreciation for the support of the local press. He indicated there would be a tour following the meeting for those interested in seeing the campus. D. Minutes Approved The Minutes of the April 5, 1983 meeting of the Board of Trustees were approved as written. E. President's Report to the Trustees President Singletary reviewed briefly some of the items in his monthly report to the Trustees, calling particular attention to (1) the commencement ceremonies at 4 p.m. on Sunday, May 8, (2) the award recently received by the Kentuckian for being one of the top five collegiate yearbooks in the country, (3) the Niles Folklore Collection given to the University, and (4) the naming of Thomas A. Chapman as the College of Arts and Sciences Distinguished Professor for 1983-84. President Singletary recommended that the report be received and filed. Without objection, it was so ordered. F. Personnel Actions (PR 2) After noting that the personnel actions in PR 2 were routine in nature, President Singletary recommended its approval. On motion by Mr. Brereton Jones and second by Mr. Farmer, the appointments and staff changes recommended in PR 2 were approved. (See PR 2 at the end of the Minutes.) G. Supplemental Recommendation of the President (PR 3A) President Singletary indicated his pleasure in recommending the appointment of Professor Edmund Lambeth as Director of the School of Journalism, effective July 1, 1983. Dr. Lambeth is currently professor and Coordinator of Science Journalism at the Indiana University School of Journalism. Vice Chancellor Blanton in the absence of Chancellor Gallaher reviewed Professor Lambeth's experience and credentials. He noted his extensive experience in news coverage and added that the recommendation follows an extensive search.

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