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Page 8 of Mountain Life & Work vol. 34 no. 1 1958

Part of Mountain Life and Work

A TEN-POINT PROGRAM FOR.. FORESTRY DEVELOPMENT ~ Many counties in Appalachia have 85% of their area covered by forest. The author, a pro fessional forester and leader APPALACHIA °f the Forest Research Center, Berea, Kentucky, has pin-pointed 10 areas in which work needs to be done immediately to develop M. J. WILLIAMSON our forests for the benefit of all our people. THE FUTURE of the Appalachian South and its people is closely tied to its vast potential for growing high-quality timber and to its opportunities for manufacturing and marketing wood products. Over two-thirds of the land area is basically timberland. Maximum benefits to her people and communities will be attained through the protection and management of the forests not only by continuous crops of timber but in quality water, better soil protection, and more abundant wildlife. In view of the need this region has for raw materials to support an expanded forest industry, to provide more employment, larger community payrolls, and a more adequate tax base, it is important to develop the full potential of her forest resources. Some 200 years of mis-use and abuse of her once abundant high-quality forests has lowered the present productiveness to about one-third its potential capacity. The restoration of these forests can be brought about by the application of good protection and management. However, it is essential that the program be implemented on the basis of sound, well-planned, and steadily progressive action. The Kentucky Agricultural Council, realizing the importance of the forest resource, developed a forestry platform for making Kentucky's forest fully productive. This platform could be used as the basis for a sound forestry program in the entire Appalachian South. The platform, with a few revisions to make it apply to the J region, is listed below.

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