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Page 6 of Mountain Life & Work vol. 34 no. 1 1958

Part of Mountain Life and Work

They will discuss with handicraft instructors the production of quality merchandise and how these products are marketed. On visits to farm homes they will learn of the way families produce and conserve their home food supply, theirsourc of income, their problems and how as a community they work on a solution of these problems. The celebration of a typical North American Christmas will be a part of this two weeks' program to be participated in by men and women from many countries." These guests were taken to homes where weaving is being done as a home industry, where they discussed with the weavers what such a home industry can mean economically, socially, and culturally in a rural community. Through the co operation of the county agent, Mr. George Con rad, they visited farms, orchards, and chicken ranches. They visited a hosiery mill, mica, kaolin, and feldspar mines, a wrought iron maker, a wood shop where chairs are made. Although there was no plan for giving in struction in crafts during these two weeks except to allow each person to Visitors from Pakistan and Jordan make a small gift, such learn about feldspar at the mine. as an enameled copper ashtray, we found, as usual, that crafts are contagious. In the two weeks, a very handsome carved leather handbag for a wife back home, some original and beautiful silk screen curtains by the Cambodians who spoke no English, and many pieces of enamel on copper were made. In fact, some of the guests worked on crafts morning, noon, and night. People throughout the county accepted this foreign Christmas„ family into their midst with a warm friendliness. The Rotarians of Spruce Pine met them at the train twenty-six miles away at 7:08 in the morning. Civic organizations and members of the various church congregations furnished transportation to the many points of interest,

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