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Page 5 of Mountain Life & Work vol. 34 no. 1 1958

Part of Mountain Life and Work

more. PENLAND'S INTERNATIONAL PARTY LUCY C. MORGAN FOR THE TWO WEEKS of the Christmas holidays, Penland School of Handicrafts had as guests sixty-six people from eighteen foreign countries: Bolivia, Brazil, Cambodia, Greece, Guatemala, Indonesia, Japan, Jordan, Korea, Lebanon, Morocco, Pakistan, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, and Vietnam. Among them was Mr. Jacques Sabbah, Minister of Communi cations, Morocco. The others were all educators, most of them attending colleges and universities in this country, who came to us through various agencies in Washington. Washington officials have expressed appreciation for the warm _ spirit of friendliness which their participants enjoyed in Mitchell County, where they found things they can adapt to the work they plan to do in their own rural communities when they return to their respective countries. The Foreign Agricultural Service wrote about the project: "Object: To learn about home life in a section of America where handicrafts are an important industry. ' Opportunities will be provided for participants to discuss community life and programs with representatives of BrS schools, county government, medical profession, church N. C. and other community leaders.

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