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Page 3 of Mountain Life & Work vol. 34 no. 1 1958

Part of Mountain Life and Work

3 ••••• IN THIS ISSUE .... PENLAND'S INTERNATIONAL PARTY Lucy C. Morgan 5 FORESTRY DEVELOPMENT IN APPALACHIA -M.J.Williamson 8 THE KING'S WELL a folk tale -Leonard Roberts 14 Recreation Material Available 19 "SHAKESPEARE IS LOSING" -Virginia Dober 21 GOD'S PRESENCE a poem -Mary Brewer 23 " . . .NEXT TO GODLINESS" -Chad Drake 25 SCHOLARSHIPS FOR STUDY IN HEALTH FIELDS -Willman Massie 27 THE ROMAN SOLDIERS a folk game -Richard Chase 29 MOUNTAIN READER DON'T SHOOT A FRIEND! 36 MOUNTAIN YOUTH THE EVERLASTING LIGHT an Easter drama -Billy Edd Wheeler 43 THE LILY a story -James Wayne Miller 54 THE WANDERER a Poem -Dwight Davenport 57 INDEX for 1957 58 COMING EVENTS 63 Fine Books, Free! RECENTLY a lady wrote to us: "God bless you for helping my boy." Write to: Good Samaritans for the 3 R's Admiral Ion Pursell, Director Frankfort, Kentucky jv#0VNC1#V6 Revised Edition of WD HERE TO GET WHAT The National Directory of Sources of Supply for all craftsinvaluable to crafts workers, teachers, occupational therapists, ~y vocational directors, recreation leaders, Boy and Girl Scout leaders, churches, schools, institutions, and hospitals. 35c per copy-in coin or stamps. PENLAND SCHOOL OF HANDICRAFTS Penland, North Carolina

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