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Image 1 of The Adair County news., August 19, 1903

Part of The Adair County news.

rIy- 11c TH1i ADAIR COUNTY NEWS y I c7F VOLUME 6 COLUMBIA POST OFFICE DIRECTORY ADAIR COUNTY KENTUCKY WEDNESDAY of the house Morgan was shot through tho heart Withthc death of their leader this II T DARER DEPUTY POSTMASTER sketch of the cavalry which bore his Office hours weekday 7006 m to 130 pm name will close COURT DIRECTORY The long lines of railroad connecting the army os the Cumberland with a yearThird CiItCUTCOUItTThreo sessions Louisville its base of suppllse were BY J A TURNER vondny In January third Monday In May and the lawful prey of the daring leader TUrd Monday In Beptember OlrcuttJu lge WWJones and his rough riders while many an s AttorneyNH W Aaron Commonwealth outpost slumbering In fancied securety SncriffP W Miller Circuit Clerk JBOofley were awakened at very early hours by WlUTTEN FOR TIlE NEWS his summons to surrender The rapid 40000N10NN NNONNO 0100N100000100 00090000N100 Ity of his movements the boldness of JudgeT A Murrell County Attorney JaiOtrnettJr Cull Rchard Morgan Ward and their way to Dixie Gen Morgan and his attacks and the audacity of his RSiuIU 0 Hoffmen with their regiments about Capt Hines went to the depot where raids will long render his name a JailerJ K P Conovcr 800 strong came in and laid down their Hincs bought tickets Astessor K W Burton for Cincinnati household word in his native State BarToyor R T McOaEirte arms Cols Grigsby and Johnson and andwhen near the city pulled the TIlE END School Bnpt WD Jones Capts Byrnes and Kllpatrlc with some rope applied the brakes and sprang off Coroner 0 MBuisell BOYS WHO SUCCEED 300 made their escape leaving about the train A boy was found who for Those who generally succeed in CIIT Oonrnt Refularcourt second Monday in 800 with Morgan Col Clark took 1200 set them across the river where each month their undertakings are the ones Judge T O Davidson charge of one brigade and Maj Webber they were among friends In Boon who stick persistently at any task Attorney Cordon Montf omry the other and the column moved In a county they were provided with good they undertake The youth who rJMarahalOTFlowera southern direction and encamped at horses upon which they at once set out stinks at his studies or at his trade the foot of a high hill with his pur ¬ for Tennessee Alter twelve months CHURCH DIRECTORY until he masters the problems besuers in front and rear When night of confinement in various military fore him is the one who makes the had fallen he formed his men partial ¬ prisons Cols Duke Ward Thomas PRESBYTERIAN best scholar and the best trades ¬ ly ascended the mountains and before Morgan and Tucker and Majs Webber BoRxaviLLM SrIlBBrRn man and who succeeds in his con- ¬ fourth Sundays they were aware of his flight pastor Services second and he was Steele Higley and Sheldon were ex ¬ flict In each month Sundayschool aUa m ereiy in the outside world Neither Gen changed at Charleston S C Jabbath Prajer meeting every Vedneiday far on his way toward Liberty are the best workers always those night Shackleford was on his track at early Col Adam B Johnson who escaped who possess the greatest strength dawn and at 3 oclock on the 20th at Buffing ton on arriving in East METHODIST of body and mind or the best op ¬ 8 M Metcalfe caught up with him and a fight ensued Tennessee under instructions from BOBKSTILLB BTBHBTReT portunities These qualities are pastor Services Ant Sunday In each month While it was in progress Lieut Col Gen Buckner issued orders for all men unquestionably every Sabbath U Il m Prayer Sundayschool an advantage but Adams was sent with his regiment to belonging to Morgans command to meeting Thursday night neither of them is a necessity to take position on the only road by report to him at Morristown Many those who have the spirit and grit BAPTIST which Morgan could escape Morgan had been left behind when the Ohio and pluck to achieve great results HOT J P Scruggs GBMitiBcaa BMBBI pastor First and third Sunday lneachmonth- retired to a high bluff and there re ¬ raid was undertaken on account of Some of the best work of the Saudayaehoel every Sabbath 9 a m Prayer ceived a flag of truce from Shackelford disability to make the trip and others most distinguished persons has meeting Tuesday night demanding his surrender which was had been sent off in detachments been done while thoy have been in OHBIBTIAN accepted by all bnt about 600 who while passing through Kentucky and feeble health and strength and CAJtrBBLLBTILLB PrEBBld W K Alblll with Morgan started at once on their found their way back to the confeder- ¬ have had to atuggle against those Pastor Eervlcer Second and Fourth Sundays way Gen Shackelford now called for ate lines These were collected and In each month Sundayschool every Sabprostrating influences Many at 930 am Prayer meeting Wednssday 1000 men from his oommand with theI organized under Kilpatrlc bath and Dartcb whom the world deem great have night best horses who would stay In their with the understanding that if Morgan not been able to work long at a saddles as long as he would without should ever gain his liberty they LODGES eating or sleeping until they captured should be transferred to him These timeTheir greatest deeds have MASONIC often Morgan But only 500 horses could be detachments took part under Gen been accomplished by Regu and AM COLUMBIA LODOB No 98 their having Col Forrest in the battle of Chickamauga a single lar meeting In their hall over bank on Fri found fit for the enterprise aim and by putting into day night on or before the full moon In each Capron with 159 add Col Wolford In March IBM Gen Morgan was sent force every ounce of strength and month W A Colley WM with detachments of all the regiments to take command of the district of every hour of time they were able W D Jones Secretary made up the column which started in Soueh western Virginia including a to work into the tasks set before COLUMBIA CHAWM R A M No 7 meets immediate pursuit The hardest ride portion of east Tennesseethem Such never scattered their Friday night after full moonJ on record now began MuBBELt H P In May Morgan organized his com energies but kept steadily at work W W BKASSBAW Secretary This chase began on the morning of mand for a raids into Kentucky His in spite of continued illhealth the 21st and continued day and night division consisted of three brigades and of long intervals of semiin evening 9t the 24th when 1800 The column reached Pound validism YETINERY SURGEON until the Some of these did great Capt Ward came upon Morgans rear- Gap on June 2d and captured a small and enduring work and left the guard Morgan made a stand a mile party of union cavalry pushing rapidly impression upon the world of ¬ further east in a dense wood Shack ¬ toward Mt Sterling The town was sessing extraordinary energy an elford formed a line of battle and easily captured and Morgan pushed working capacity Success is rare Morgan retreated two miles further on forward to Lexington Gen Bur ly a matter of accident but always crossiug a stream burning the bridges bridge in command of the district of one of character The reason that behind him All through Friday night Kentucky was absent on an expedi ¬ so many fail is that so few are pursuers and pursued clung to their tion against the Salt Works In West willing to pay the price of selfde Flstulo Pollevil splints spavin r jaded and famishing horses which Va He entered Lexington without nial and hard work which success any surgical work done at fair prices I could hardly be urged out of a walk opposition burnt the Government exacts Therefore our boy guarantee satisfaction I amfixed to Daylight dawned upon both columns depst and captured sufficient horses to should always bear in mind the moving upon parallel roads a mile remount all his dismounted men Col it is the one who sticks persistant take care of from Ateens halt mile beyond the Glltner who was hit at Mt Sterling ly at the work in hand and no 8 D ORENSHAW road formed a Junction Sbackelford had a severe fight in which the Union the one who scatters his brains 34 mile from Colnmbiaon Disappointment pressed on and gained it first Morgan loss was 14 officers and forty privates and efforts at every whiff of the turned back and sought refuge in the killed 80 severely wounded and over wind or listens to the idle talk of s From Lexington Mor- silly companions who succeeds woods Maj Way joined Shackleford 100 captured WITH with fresh horses Ex After doubling gan moved through Georgetown to upon his track and practicing every Cynthlana where after a short en COWQUITS HIS PARTY ruse known to the skillful raiders 1 gagement a garrison of 400 strong sur HOLESALE New Orleans La July 30Drrendered Gen Hobson in command GROCERS and COMMISSION Morgan surrendered to Gen Shackel ¬ with the remainder of his com- ¬ of 1500 men on his way by cars to reo H D Guidra member of the Lou ¬ isiana Republican Committee and ntorce the garrison was met by Gilt mand on July 25th Iioulflvllle When Morgan found that captureI and held until the arrival of Mor party leader in Lafayette parish today issued a signed statement was inevitable he surrendered first to gan when his entire force was captur to Louisiana voters denouncing a militiacaptain with whom he was ed g Returning to his old headquarteriding and who overjoyed at the pros r peels ot capturing Gen Morgan offer ¬ at Ablngdon Va Morgan collected a Republicans to support the Demo ed him any terms he might name force of 1600 men and on the 28th of oratio ticket in the coming cam promising to parole the entire com ¬ August set out for Jonesboro to assume paign He reviews his negrolov SPECIAL attention given to mand Shackelford declined to ac command in person for an expedition ing policy in drastic terms re- ¬ Gold Filling Crown and Bridge counting all the recent negro knowledge the right of the militiamen against Gen Glllems cavalry division work and took his prisoners to Cincinnati then posted at Bulls Gap Reaching cases adding OFFICE over Russell 1¬ Murrella Store Columbia Ky where Gen Burnside sent the satiate Greenyllle at night he went iatocam stamp Roose ¬ ice in men to prison and the officers to t heMorgan stopped at the house of Mrs 3 penitentiary at Columbus Ohio Williams A daughter 1nlaw of M Morgans men who were not captured Williams an ardent Union were collected by Col Johnson and determined to apprise Gen Glllem of ery freeborn American and a deadly insult to every Southern Grigsby and marched through western the presence of Mrogan and the pos i¬ Virginia to Morristown Tennessee ilea of his forces This she did rdln I am ready to do Black Smit-h ¬ where they joined negro vote through the confederate lines and on the command of ing of any kind from horse shoe n it through the darkness to Gillems cam ng to the repairing of the fines own thoughts of the prls ten miles distant where she at one vehicles I will make a specialty oners naturally turned upon the sub- communicated with that officer who either case the results are t of shoeing horses with diseased ject of the most available means by lost no time in putting his command same and are having the effect ¬ motion for Greenville Leavt ° hoofs and guarantee satisfaction which to regain their liberty AtterI consequent Gap at midnight he reached the groes My shop is located back of livery canvassing various methods they final ¬ Bulls vicinity of the town before daybreak lynchings as daily occurrences and Gi vely determined upon that which proved ask Barbee do Robertson 1¬ efficacious to the hands of Col and his men being thoroughly ce me your that the Almighty never ¬ Straight and his comrades in Libby vesant with the topography of thoity workJ them to have and whio prisona tunnel But to tunnetIcountry he succeeded in eluding Mot OOFFEY in the ends is going to result in n says Duke through the stone pave- ¬ gana pickets and the first notification train of evils that will take a ment and immense walls of the penl the latter had of their presence was eration to rectify Under Mr M tentlary concealing the work as- It given by a party of 100 cavalrymen Kinley there was no negro quesI progressedrequfreda bold Imagina- ¬ who dashed into Greenville followed tion under Roosevelt it is a black tion to conceive such an idea W M WHiHOBE Prop by Gillems whole force It was the cloud No selfrespecting SouthBold as it was in conception and Gradyville Kentucky hazardous In execution the work was party that came in first which rode at ern Republican who loves his race once to Mrs Williams house M place to stop actually accomplished and on Novem can longer affiliate with THERE Isno batter named hotel ber 26th Gen Morgan and Capts Garrett of his staff and Gen loots at the aboved a4party that stands for social qua Good sample rooms and a firstel ass Hines Sheldon Taylor McGee Hock left the house together and sought to ity with the negroes it matter table Rates very reasonable Feed ersmlthand Bennett emerged from make their escape but every avenue notrwhat his views on economic stable attached their prison and started In couples on v as cut off Taking refuge in the gar ¬ questions may be J101 RUSSELL POSTMASTER Moruan6avalru den xr ¬ II r PO TAKE ME BACK TO OLD KENTUCKY I monthx AUGUST 19 1903 Take me back to old Kentucky Where the crystal waters glint As they dance along their borders Through the fragrant brds of mint Where the lasses and the horses Are but terms of grace E il speed And the whiskey and the satesmen Both are noted for their bead Take me back to old Kentucky Where strong waters flow so free Where they cool oft In the summer heath the spreading julep tree Where the high balls and low balls t Always hit the center square And you never have next morning Rheumatism in your hair Take me back to old Kentucky Where the blue grass decks the hills Where they have no use for water Save for operating mills For they scorn it as a beverage On that dark and bloody ground As they claim ore since the Deluge That It taste of sinners drowned MERCHANTSj KentuckyI ntginrs C S GRADY DENTIST 0 ¬ iP ng Ie 1 thet whines It he is hot He whines He whines at this he whines at that he whines at every ¬ or isa 0 between 1st and 2nd Opostte Music Hail young men think it is smart to LOUIS VELLE be considered dissipated and fast do that that Some employes have a habit of sor ¬ ing the last hour of the working day by watching the clock Dont do that Solomon spent the most of his time saying wise things and the rest of it in doing foolish things Dont do that Some people wast so much polish on the toes of their shoes that they have none loft for the heels Dont do that A whole lot of people work over time trying to frame up some excuse for not doing their duty Dont do BIG junta habit he has fallen into There is nothing the matter with him It Is just a habit parents lay aside their compa just as soon as they are alone with their children Dont do ny maners be set to work At real hard workmen l or physical Some work that will interest him and engage his whole attention and he will not have time to whine We know two women One of them i s Summer Tourist Line MOUNTAINS NEW YORK AND BOSTON The Travelers Favorite Line Chicago Pullman Sleeping Strictly Modern 4 J Qsnl Pass LYNCH W P DEPPE Ticket Agt Asst CINCINNATI SJ Best butchers Fair to good butchers 4 354 3 75425 Commontomediumbtchr 3 253 4 GATES 0P A TA OHIO o General Agent Louisville Ky iNNONOOOONN01NNONTRY OLD PORT i i JAVA COFFEE f NNN000000N OOOOOON FULL ROAST and DELICIOUS tablespoon reputation Ask your grocer JG HILL P IMPORTER AND ROASTER Louisville Ky GO 50 ¬ The tablespoons NEW BUGGIES HOGS Choice packing and butch ers 200 Fair to to 300 fts 605 good packing 160 to 200fl s e Good to extra 605 light 120 to BELLS HOTEL KuFrank yBEARD JACKMAN- COLUMBIA KY M 1r DST0N E I have an Excellent MAD which has been tried In about one hundred cases of hydrophobia and snake bites with good results I can cite you to many of the cases Write or all on me at DUWVORTH KT STONE J A DR B06B1TT 1 Depotthe tenNewly 0 = We sell the Fisher and Pnoenix Buggies We also have a nice line of Buckboards If you are going to buy a vehicle this year it will pay you to see us and get prices before you bu- BULWo R TH THOUSANDS SAVED BY 0 RINGS NEW DISCOVERY positivelycures ¬ Colds BronchitisAsthmaPneu- moniaHay Fever Pleurisy La ThroatCroup NoCure Trial bottle free LLCRRY Attorney and Real Estate Dealer Buys and sells Real Estate Writes Deeds Mortgages Wills Lenses c and neatly furnished makes collections and practices in the best feeders a half Durock Jersey men > rc Courts half Berkshire or a halt Chi terivh ire I Tradeof Adulr and adj lnltiK counties is best to feed fur market respectfully solicited ANDINY KY accommodationsa aruyws > I < rY f 0 t f V bookWARREN 604 90 35460 This hotel is located opposite the L N Depot and is a splendid place at Twentythree men were killed and which to stop Good meals excellent en attention and the rates very reasona ¬ cir in the pads of the Grand Trunk rail ¬ cer his air HOTEL brakes would not work but officials of LEBANON KY J the railway after an examination de ¬ J D BOBBITT < SON Prop rieton dare they were in perfect condition Railroad Street Within Fifty 6etwl Cars Indianapolis Peoria and all points in Indiana and Michigan Unequaled Dining Car Service Modern Equipment Fast Sched ¬ ules Write for Summer Tourist lished Extra shipping Lightshipping ndnl the best hog raisers in LAKES FOREST AND SHORE alle ag no 160 fts 6 05 note It is a pleasure to be with her SHEEP AND LAMBS a good wholesome tonic to watch her good to extra shipping 3 754 00 The other womon Is so situated th atSheep 3 254 75 she does not have to work Nothing Fair to good 1 752 to do but to amuse herself She has common to medium no rest in life no interest in anything GRAND ARMY REPUBLIC She is a bunch of selfishness and whines at everything Whining has become such a habit with her that h era most casual remark is tinged with whine She is miserable herself a makes everybody else In her presence miserable She is a weakling a parasite A drag a heavy weight on someWill follow the flag to their Na ¬ body all the time tional Convention San Francisco Get the whine out of your voice or in August Will you join the proit will stop the development and cession A glorious trip for a growth of yourbody It will narrow little money Special through and shrink your mlhd It will drive service via WABASH Ask your away your friends It will make you ticket agent or write the under unpopular signedabout the trip and for res Quit your whining Brace up Go ervabion in standard or tourist to work Be something Stand for sleeper F W GREENED P A Wabash R R something Fill your place in the 223 4th Ave Louisville K universe Instead of whining around exciting only pity and contempt face about and make something of yourself Reach up to the statue of a strong en One of ROUTE FLAVOR ¬ There is nothing the matter with you Just quit your whining and go to work Medical Talk FOUR MARKET WINE BODY LIVE STOOK CATTLE ¬ KENTUCKY thatSome Reported by the Louisville Liv Stock Exchange Bourbon StockYards thingItls II JEWELERS and OPTICIANS thatSome Dont + SON Dealers In Diamonds and Precious Stones sonHe it is cold WISEMAN Special attention given to work and Dont all orders of goods in our line 132 West Market betwehadjoiningc engino Wilmore Hotel r they are regular lady killers Some people think their mission in There Isnt anything in the world than a whining per ¬ life is to be always giving sage advice for others to follow Dont do that if M DONT DO THAT more disagreeable maP cvn poig adhe aquan fanatirs Scientific Shoeing 0 Some old men act like they imagine that TIt OTTER + A boy always makes a nuisance of himself when he tries to make people believe he Is older and tougher than he really is Dont do that PLEA FOR THE CHEERFUL taket S C NEAT Safe blowers at E eherwood La got 31000 in cash and negotiable se ¬ curities from one firm alone Other places were visited do Tako me back to old Kentucky Let me hear the pistol pop See the pigs and politicians With their snouts eyes deep in slop Take me back to those blue mountains t Where they argue points with lead But you neednt rush the matter Take me back whem I am dead From the Paris Kentucky Gazette petd stockj A tidal watcof prohibition Is sweeping over Texas Ot the 246 counties In the State 130 hate voted total prohibition fiftynine others have voted partial prohibition Icaviut fifty seven countiesonly in which liquor is sold without restriction There are young ladles who never think of practicing on the piano until it is time to wash the dishes Dont Take me hoes to old KentuckyTo the State where I was born Where corn Is full of kernels And the Colonels full of corn Where to disapprove that beverageIs to toy with sudden death And they have a bonded warehsuse Where they barrel up their breath ¬ NUMBER 41 t V

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