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Image 1 of The Adair County news., April 24, 1901

Part of The Adair County news.

THE ADAIR COUNTY NEWS i VOLUME 4 POSTUFFICE DIRECTORY 501 KILLING OF WITCHES Russell Postmaster Office hours week days 700 a m to 93i pm J M Clnausessions in January third Monday third Monday In September SommonwealthsAttornoyNIl nSheriffJ W Hurt a yearThird In nay and AN INTERESTING AND TRUE STORY W Aaro- j Coffey B ¬ DIRECTORY COURT ClerkJno Thrilling Account of the Trial of Hote ma the Indian Chief A Lawyer and an Able Minister JJY J ate SCOTT rAms TEX I CcuBTFirst Monday In each wont hIkportedtorTbeNerea Judge J W Butler In a beautiful valley six miles County AttorneyJasG rnett Jr North West from Grant I T a snug ClerkT It Stults 0 JailerS H Mitchell little village situated on the Frisco Assessora ABradshaw Railroad thirty miles north of Paris SurveyorR T McCaffree School SuptW DJonesTexas Is the home of a noted Indian CoronerLeonard jurist and preacher Solomon Hotemasecond Monday I n the witch killer who was tried during 3KT CoOBTRegularcourt ach month the present term of the federal court idgeJ W Atkinsin Paris charged with murder orneyGordon Montgomery COUNTY Fletchery UMBIA A v AIR COUNTY dy and brought to Paris and placed in jail where he has been ever since On Sunday before the tragedy Hote ma preached to his congregation about witchcraft and declared in a deploring manner that his people were going back fo the sorceries and practices of old instead of conforming to the ways of Enlightened people He told them that while he was praying be had seen witches coming through the alriin the shape of balls of fire Mrs Hotema testified during the trl al that their only child died a short time before the killing and for two weeks after her husband spent mos of his time in prayer reading the B and interesting passages about witch ¬ craft He would cry quite often and prayed that the witches might bebver come He interpreted the turning of Aarons rod into a serpent and other KENTUCKY WEDNESDAY that he had a right to kill as God directed him to destroy those whom he believed to be witches In killing the witches he claims that be was doIng the work Godcommissioned him to do and that he is not criminally responsible for the killing During his confinement Hotema has written a bi ography and sketches in which he makes copious citations from the Bible to prove the existence of witches The trial continued several days and was given to the jury on the 10th inst It is believed that the jnry will acquit or disagree witchg Do you Know The Farmers Home Fire insuranc Junction City Ky 200000 That no woman is as pretty as she strong Insures all kinds of property except steam mills hemp and tobacco sometimes looks That it you want to be successful Rates reasonable Insures against Fire Lightning and Wind dont squeal but root That the road to success is pave A MURRELL Agentwith good advertisements A N WELLS for many years with That whether life is worth living Continental General Manager depends greatly upon the liver Do not leave home on journey wIthThat a bright smile is a womans out a bottle of Chamberlans Colic molasses that catches the flies Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy Ills That when a man marries he halves pleasant safe and reliable For sale his rights and doubles his duties by MCravens That a loaded pistol is a bad thing The News now nas the most complete to fool with or to have a fool with assortment of Stationary job material never occurs to a boy that and equipments it has ever had We That it he will some day know as little as his can please you 11 you need any thing in line PRESBYTERINi nightv PTISTS nightJ ¬ fatherC1 ye i 1GOV stand my two fine jacks at 7 to insure a mare with foal money due when fact is ascertained or mare removed from neighborhood The jacks ¬ alwaysbring 0 forrthe GT ATJOTIO O itt ri w- tc AgenlSt goodhealt1l IIjrr Lle 4 1 tllh te j trqiF ui t w r- l tJ or lt 1ST Sc CO DAILY SALESMADE PROMPTLY REURRNS 1119 to 1125 W Main Four Mouths Free Storage St KY LOUISVILLE a Mark Your Hints INDEPENDENT HOUSE 5OOOO v For Nearest Correct Guesses on the Total Vote of Ohio on November 1901 will be distributed to patrons of the Weekly Enquirer tI tI II II I U II Ie II FourthII rr ThirdIe FifthII Sixth Seventh N II II II 11 Ie f1i20 8h100 II 60OO a 25I 5Ie 200 10 1000 3060u prizes A total of 4387 861625 835604 776819 846996 GueSs what it will be 2OOO OOOO 6OOO 10OOO a guesses prize equally divided Contest closes November 3 1901 The Total Vote of Ohio in 1891 was 1896 was 795631 r 1 500 300 4OO 15300 ithigto50OOO In case of tie 1892 1893CI 1894 1895 3000 1500 1000 r1 amounting to S as follows For Nearest Correot Guess For Second Nearest Correct Guess Ie Ie tI in 103010 M 1897 864022 793169 920872 1049121 4 1898II 1899II 1900tI 1901 6OOO An additional prize of 6000 for any person making an exactly correct guess If there be more than one exactly correct guess the 6000 to be equally divided among them The Conditions areS100 for a years subscription to the Weekly Enquirer entitles such subscriber to one guess 1000 for ten yearly subscriptions secures ten gueaBOS 1000 for one subscription ten years secures ten No commissions or extra guesses For further particulars see Weekly Enquirer Send all orders to ENQUIRER COMPANY Cincinnati O ¬ fi IIWOOD S COUNTY BLACKLEY HURST dingle dnyo hr IX Independent Tobacco Warehouse tabland aslihr KENTUCKY BLACKLEY PENH 0 Spj aso keep a large stock of ELKHORN theI JT IX I have a nice line of MILLINERY on hands adill 1 Gradyville CLOTHINGwhich It Lebann Steam Laundry pr 1 tbeI > 1dents Dry Goods Notions BootsfShoes thet > I DEALER tort 0E ST JOHN AND JOE I will Q Propt r thelState W T STEPHENS flancock Hotel S twentyone blues several of them be ing in model riogs If ou want some ¬ ¬ thing that will bring fancy prices breed to Jordan Peacock Mr Bascom himself to be one of the best breeders Garnett of near Columbia owns three in Kentucky His colts have been of Jordans colts that cannot be pur chased for less than 150 each His colts have been sold to my certain knowledge from 100 to GOO I OTTAU ANTEE his colts to be sound or no pay apa = t moneydue neighborhood W L GRADY ¬ riJj inI to Gradyville and breed to the best stallion Kentucky at 1000 sell the Chicago Fertilizer at everything in the way of Dry Goods 125 to 150 hundred When in Notions Groceries Hardware Buggies Gradyville and want the Lestgcods at i Osborne Machines Corn Drills etc the lowest prices call on inc I handle Give me a call 0KB 1 I I also fat I Uo Company I Peacock That the averge man counts time by pay days Directord ¬ Jordan Twelve years ago J W Sullivan of Hartford Conn scratched his led with a rusty wire Infiamation and blood poising set in For two years he suffered intensely Then the best doctors urged amputation but he write I used one bottle of Eclectric Bitters and 112 of Bucklens Arnica Salve and my leg was sound ono wen as ever For Eerptions Exzema Tetter Salt Rheum Sores ahd all blood disorders Electric Bitters has no rival on earth Try them T E Paull will guarantee satisfaction or refund money Only So cents A man of rare abilities and ownin hundreds of acres of grazing and farm craftThe killing of the supposed witches ing lands Hotema who is a full blood choctaw became the leading man by Hotema is but one of many such Walton BCBHTIUB STUEETROV T F Sunday in all his country His witch killing killings which have occurred among pastor Services second and fourth m evelY Snndaysehoolat9 each month v feat wasa great blow to his paleface the Choctaws in years past One of the bath Prayer meeting every Light friends It is a striking instance of most striking of these witch execu METHODIST the force of heredity and early instilled tions took place in Blue county on Bog TReTW P Cordon belief He is fortyeight years old is gy several years ago Stephen Belvin S BOBKSVLLB month pastor Services first Sunday in each Prayer well educated is an entertaining con- ¬ a member of the national council had Sundayschool every Sabbath at 9 a m meeting Thursday versationalist and a good writer He pneumonia and was being treated by a for the ministry in a Presby- white physician Being a full blood B terian College at Roanoke Va three and unable to speak English Mary STRBETRev GBBKJCSBOBQ each monthJ After his return he was elected Folsom a beautiful half breed girl was astor Services third Sunday In at 9am iandayschol and held the office a number of sent for to nurse and act as interpre meeting Tuesday consecutive terms He also was dls ter and see that the medicine was ad That the sweetest girls are seldomest A Testimonial From Old England OHBISTIN district attorney and was a member of ministered properly Belvin did notIi because they are at home busy at I consider Glumbjrbi a s Cough Rem L Williams CAMPBKLL8VILLK P KElder Improve and dismissed the white doc work Iri each the national council eight years cdy the best in the world for bronchi Pastor Services First Sunday at 9 am tor and called in a Choctaw doctor month Sundayschool overt Sabbath At the age of forty Hotema took up That the best thing that can happen tis says Mr William Savory of War Prayer meeU ng Wednesday nighknown as Blind Isom who was the ministry and became a power in a man is to nave a wife who is also rington England It has saved my mous as a witch doctor He examined the church He had just returned his chum wifes life she having been a martyrtDODGES the patient and said he had been shot from the general assembly of his That those who make hay while the to bronchitis for over six years being by a witch ball and that the girl who church at New Orleans when be kill was nursing him was the witch He sun shines are the most liable to get most of the time confined to her bed MASONIC She is now quite Well IRegue the Witches In Ills early boyhood declared that Belvin could not recover sunstruck It is a great COMTUBIA LODGE No 98 F and A meeting In their ball over bank on Frt he became imbued with the belief in ar That to go through life with no pleasure to the manufacturers of unless he killed the witch with his own each witchcraft lynlghton or before the full moon In by hearing his father Capt of humor is like riding a buggy Chamberlains Cough Remedy to be VM hands and hacked her to pieces Bels month John Hotema speak of it without springs Role to publish testimonials of this STULTS Secj TB vin consented to carry out the sugges Ilotema being asked why half breeds tion That good advice is good for the character They show that great good M No 7meets CHAPTER R A COLUMBIA and was provided with a long blad¬ and pale faces were not molested by first Monday night In each month ed knife which he concealed under his wayward boy but it is nothing like a is being done pain and suffering relievJ U MOBEELI H P good whipping very often witches replied that the witches cant ed and xaluable lives restored to health bed cover While the girl was bend W W BBADSHAW Secretary shoot balls into them because they eat ing happiness by this remedy It is That you cant always judge by over the bed administering medi ¬ so much salt the balls wont penetrate pearances The girl with a sailor hat for sale by M Cravens cine Blind Isom siezed and pressed her History shows he says that when thee DS SS C a7S down until Belvin could stab her probably never saw a rowboat pale face came to America he discov CO MOSS That a mans friends often know of PARSON She was literally cut to pieces No ie ¬ xed witches among the Indians andI punishment was engagement before he and the girl ever inflicted BLACKSMITHS that they bad been among them ever this horrible most interested are aware of it crime WOODWORKERS That a palmist may tell all about There is now a law on the Choctaw sinceThe Hotema case is one of the most KENTUCKY statue books which makes it an offense the human hand but when it comes COLUMBIA 42r F celebrated cases ever tried in the Uni ¬ a poker band they have to pass punishable with fifty lashes on ted States being the first of the kind bare back to say that any one lsa witch That when a woman is in great t since the trial of witch killers in Newc We are prepared to do that any one has been oewitcbed trouble she cries but when a man is t He was the pastor of a any kind of work in deeply distressed he gets bn a drunk Despite the law however the belief Also Dealer in church near his home and was veryc That much of the trouble in this our line in firstclass order We have exists among the full bloods and witch FINE STETSON HATS AND ALL popular with the Hock whom he guarde in the business for 25 years and country happens because men take toob ececutlocs arc frequent in some beauOTHER STYLISH BRANDSCI as carefully and tenderly as a father know how to do work ties Let the report once get circula much time to make money and too would care fur his family Two years Remember the place 408 West Market Our prices are as low to enjoy it ted that sonic old woman is a witch little atf then were several deaths from and terms as reasonableand in a short time she turns up dead That the reason why BO many people Meningitis swung his flock and he be The full bloods believe that the live beyond their means is because of as any firstclass mechanics We will take country produce lievtd that two women and two men witches shoot their balls in an invisa the credit system They buy more at market value Give had placed an evil charm on the strick- ¬ ble manner The victim does not feel than they are able to pay for us call Shop near Columbia Mill Co en persons He accordingly called in a any pain until the spell begins to work STREET witch doctor and Sam Frye and began The witch balls are made difIerentlyI BURKSVILLE Best Remedy For Rheumaan investigation The doctor after In some are made from a grain Columbia Ky tism of and I Columbia 4many burning lots of roots another a blade of grass or may be QUICK RELIEF FilOJt rAIN it JUNIUS HANCOCK herbs told Ilotema that five per¬ something else but the bullet or ball AIQD All who use Chamberlains Pain sons were implicated In bewitchlnghis alm for rheumatism are delighted h always very minute Wneu in fSTThe above Hotel hits het n rir flicU and that tht y should be gotten diaguois of a case the doctor discovers with the quick relief from pain It hit b- Gampbellsville Stage Line rta f hi way or other deaths would that the patient has been bewItched it affords When speakingof this Mr D N Sink of Troy Ohio sts w fiiii retired tsihisfttudy he bleb to work to locate the witch Sonic tmn ago I hid a M verc attii k jiuot Tabli supplied with flu belt arm p ag and earnestly that his He makes a fire with red of rheumatism in my arm and shout- ¬ oak the uiarkei affords Rates runsomiblu duiWight be revealed W him by the sucks blood from the patient bark d er I tried numerous remedies but GOOD STOCK Toad room Feed stable at and dtiampiti Great Spirit He spent the night in spurts into no relief tache COMFORTABLE STAGE it the lire This will they got Messrs until I was recommendedby Geo F Parsons Co reading the Bible and religious works claim cause SAFE DRIVER the witch to become vio druggists of this place to try Chambe- ¬ T henext morning he announced that lently ill with colic o Of course when rlains Pain Balm They commend bis duty GOMMHRGIAL HTHJ lid would had been made clear and that a person is bewitched suspicion rests ed it so highly that I bought a botte Courteous Attention to Passengers rid his country of witches upon some particular was soon relieved of all pain I have individual as He called Frye to accompany him and JAMESTOWNiKY5 witch After having gone through since recommended this liniment to Liavea Columbia a m and makes conn c nany of my friends who agree taking his breach loading shotgun beLeaves the incantation with the red oak HOLT VAU6HAN musbarkn that it is the best remedy foe withIIvllle with Louisville train arrival ofCampbells Proprietors atarrrdut oh a murderous mission just afer Lostlile the party suspected hi watched and if cular rheumatism In the market For train 32J pm lit first slopped at the home of the he fails to become sick thou the doctor sale by M Cravens Diliyeicpi Sunday Calls a farcum ao above named hotel was recently opened Toad hoe had fine run from the stunt Mrs tel promptly attended to Exp ess lOt Beedj D Greenwoods and finding Mrs Green and his assistants mount Boltlookaaner their horses Aiiller sees that the The Plagueand scour the country until some oneGEORGE LEE Prop very best the market affords The woodat home said Sister Greenwood with the proprietors arts attentive sad very poUt to my folks all die soon have no church i s found sick with the colic or some Notwithstanding numerous denials me g nng ro kill watches Doctor say otner ailment When lound the doc the plague exists In San Francisco data livery attached to the Terms Ver teusoni u witch anal me kill you The wo- tor puts a spell on him in order to re and ten cases have been officially re ¬ Drs R G Goldstein man begged for her life but the red lieve the person bewitched or kills ported tiloce the beginning of the Skinned Gospel wjout deliberately rais him Beside this there is another Year al of which were fatal The ed his gun and blew her brains out way to dispel the evil charm A pit disease liar been confined almost ex He then proceeded torthe home of is dug in the ground a little fire wade elusively to the Chinese quarter The the GSrmans Mrs Coleman was sit ¬ I n it and a kettle of water set over the- prevailing type is of the bubonic form LEBANON KY ting lu brr room with thn baby in her fi re Into the kettle different roots mildly contagious hut may at anv o arms when lie entered the room and are thrown Sticks are then placed time assume a virulent nature rFIOROUGHLY equfpne 4 ijKlerri I called henijrtitdi She sprang up and across toe pit a blanket stretched Viintunios measures wp at nc e Optic cia laundry nantVcrinducf iliVexri r tufted to runhUk hrfdrr she could a cross and the patient placed uu the taken t eradicate It Th has 1 fenced workmen aDd di inj ach rbe4lo r It shot hi r twice kin biauKet In this souse lie io thur existed t4rrrGvtrtrtng t offlii 544 fourth We Louisville Ku grade work as can be turned out uu > iiil hr ifirittfhily IUd WunrtliiL thN ou hly steamed white theu witch due P rlri olnce listen 6 h lOiX Tor place io the c entry Painmizti a bab > an111tHirdrwturcdttlt + brnty fur suck one uioutuiui or oKod after two case hoer g rwn pat o u d home Institution Work or Adair T njN Pf1 rf uiiOlli1i ex tnrrlNui ijig here hrmrtGrru auOiher uutu thewiuh uali to extract- puiIU > IItJJ hi Ui bftiiMi Russell Tapl r aud Green sullcit d r0 UI ill Ill tllKK o u fie1lUVt and of hits first victim ed While this ptoce sis guiuguu the to January 1st 1900 all flf VCjl l wtre yr intl idtlsatfim Near his home hq foo- fttiuiiyuf the patient furor a circle fatal The dlsdase may 00utymlld WJOHNSTOJtSGO Pro Thesu getcuien are Professionals o leag ttarusherman whom the witch doctor around the pit and chadt It the lll ly contagious but as much cannot ho REED do MILLER ezperlenebtln shnspt thola e A Goldstein hallmarked upd would have killed him Men t survives lJe must pay tots doctor S aid of Its fatality F rtyl wo rawft who was JsO nas ane ticfati iliruughoat Columbia Kentucky then and there but the man plead so WLiHt 110 is able to pity or be will re during the last f arteen m0uthsaud Restock Th fines Glasses GaD Be farnUbtfd earnestly tnathe told him togu home lapse and have to Suffer many lioMbto all fatal Btatop it out Oriental da abort notice he would not kill hint Ml nHXtdav horror s stir a w ctfe r guest rhinos the Liveromach and Bowels ii OriGVt H Ors GalUstei1i EiIi71o y NotuaYbn leys TUitWlUvMt Pills for SMrnis lco Th NSn t This JM r JiI l It j n pie iBufirOoAt One a doss Sold by filCh 11 at wa tItCUSo PitAad U tilt att8 Ii iUOV r > ruN 2N CHURCH DIRECTORY NUMBER 24 He Kept Ills Leg says tSay APRIL 24 1901 Set ists rTvooeom 1 I I I thVProlits Thejobbee Under our plan of selling carriage 1f o aee4Bncs uo- V X wU loathItsartoe WP bug youtake X fullest assortment t Our plan of I t3t n our r One OBBiffetB JUtetrattd atg cauiecM enstM l d Sol ling Carriages Direct tow res MM Nia p Setif only the cost or rltb bei anufactureryoupap gsr > ttiait ebsuhar YSQsfeech irAde tHE COIUMWC CARRIAIE AW 15 772 Miimlre 4 fcs i rt J t r rt

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