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Image 9 of The News Enterprise April 11, 2012

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THE NEWS ENTERPRISE ... . WEDNESDAY, APRIL 11. 2012 Study: Tax deadline day can be deadly on u.s. roads By U NDSEY TANNE R AI' M odial W nt<' BASKING IN BLOSSOMS A man ad mires c he rry bi O& 50 m pet al s fall1 ng Tuesday as cherry blossoms are In fu ll bl oom a t Ueno Parll in Tokyo. THE NEWS IN BRIEF SYRIAN TROOPS FIRE OYER BORDERS WITH LEBA NON, TURKEY AS CEASEFIRE SEEMS DOOMED TO FAIL Syrian forcCll o pened fire across two tense borders Monda y, killing a TV journalist in Lebanon and at least two people in a refugee c amp ill Turkey on the eve o f a deadline for a cease·fire plan that seems all but certain to fail. Across Syria, activists reported particularly heavy violence with more than 125 people ki ll ed in the past two days. The O bama administmtion outrage at the vio ence spilling over the frontiers, saying the Syrian governmen t appeared 10 have liule commitment to the peace plan tlmt was negotiated by former U.N. chief Kofi Annan. exr.ressed CRISIS_ T he federal government pl3.J1S to propose new rules on Tuesday that wi ll give homeowners more ways to avoid foreclosure and gel a n accurate ac· counting o f their monthly mortgage payment s. Congress man dated changes in the n!les covering the mortgage servicing industry in tlle wake o f tllC 2 008 financial crisis. T he C onsumer Financial Protection Bureau's proposed rules would reqoi re mortgage scrvicers to give all b orrowe rs standardized m onthly statemen\:l and warn borrowers aboul interest rate o r insurance c.hange. l be mortgage servicers would also be required to make "good-faith efforts~ to contact borrowers at risk of fo reclosure and give them options to avoid losing their homes. There are also stipulations for improving r ecord-keeping and providing foreclosure counseling to tllOse who need it. 'THE LION KING ' LEAPS ' PHANTOM OF THE OPERA' TO BECOME BROADWAY'S AUTIME lOP EARNINGS kiNG _ Very quietl y, almost stealthily, a new king has been inaugu rated o n Broadway. Box office figures released Monday show that " The Lion King" last week swiped the title o f Broad~ way's all-time highe st grossing show from " The l'h3.Jltom o f the O pcra" T he cumulative gross for " T he Lion King" is $ 853,846,062, a ccording to the show's nwnbers. 1\:1 chandelier-swinging rival's cumulative total is $853,122,847, according to the musical·s publicis!. T he " Lion Kin g" surged past KPhantom" afte r netting over $2 million at the box office for the week ending Sunday, while "Phantom" pulled in about $1.2 mil· lion. SCIENTISTS PREDICT PAYOFF FROM $1 BILLION WORTH OF AUTISM RESEARCH; NEW DRUGS SEEM AS POSSIBlE. More thall $1 billion has been spent o ver the past decade rC!learc.hing autism. I n some ways, the se(lrch for ;\:1 causes looks like a long-running fishing e x pedition, with a focus on everything from genetics to the age o f the father, the weight o f the mother, and how d ose a child lives to a freeway. That pe rception m ay soon cllallge. Some in Ille field say they are seeing the beginning o f a wave o f scientific repOits that should strengthen some theories, jettison others and perhaps even herald new drugs. The effort has been infused with new urgency by a recent federal report that found autism disorders a rc far more c ommon than was previously understood, affecting 1 in 8 8 U .s. c.hil· dren. C HI CAGO - The two certainties in life - death and taxes - may be more intertwined than Ben Franklin ever imagined: A study found deadly aula crashes increase on Tax Da y. D riven recklessly rdcing to the po st office to meet the deadline might b e o ne reason. O r it could be that stressing o ver taxes distracts motorists and contributes to human error, researchers said. T hey looked a t 3 0 years o f data and found 6 ,783 traffic-related deaths on Tax Day, o r 2 26 p er day. T hat comparCll with 2 1 p er day 3 on one day a week before the deadline day and another day a week after. Drivers were slightly less likely than passengers and pedestrians to be killed. T he traffic death rate on Tax Day - whic.h usually falls on April 15 - was ( j percent higher tllan o n o ther April days. T hat doesn 't sound like a lot, but lead author Dr. Donald Redelmeier said it means an average o f about 13 extra deaths p er day a nd amounts to about $ 40 million in annual losses to .society_ l bat estimate includes loss o f life , injury and property damage costs, said Redelmeier, a ph y~id3.J1 and researcher at the University o f Toronto. T he researchcnt analyzed d ata stressn ll for taxpayers, than in othfrom t he N ational Highway Traffic er countries. Safety Administration. T he results T h e study e xaminl.-d data from a ppear in Wednesday's Journal of 19l!O to 2 009. Electronic t ax filing t k AmtTicaR M~dical Msociation. started in 1986 and become in- Russ Rader, a spokesman for t he I nsurance I nstitute for Highway Safety, said h aving m ore motorists o n t he r oad a nd d rive nt taking routes that are not in their e veryday r outines might m ake Tax Day riskier. O the r research has said those factors, a nd s ometimes a lcohol use, m ay c ontribute to increases in traffic d eaths O Il o ther days, including Super Bowl Sunday,July 4 and El~lion Day. R ader says studies h ave s hown thai driven; a re safest o n r outes t hey k now t he best - for example, commuting to work or taking the kids to school. Risk increases when routes vary - like d riving to t he JXlst office to mail tax returns. T he nonprofit group is funded by car insura.nce companies and studies ways to reduce car crashes. Dr. Mark Nunnally, an associate professor at t he University o f Chicago who studies patient safety, s.1id while il mighl make sense to conclude drivers are more distracted on Tax Day, that is just speculation. Reasons for the increases seen in the study are unknown, he Mid. Redelmeier, a Canadian, Mid h e studied the United States be cause the American t ax code is so complicated, a nd probably more creasingly p opular during the study period. But it appeared to have no effect o n Tax D ay deaths, which also increased, Redelmeier .s.-ud. Last year, about three-fourths o f the 14 5 milli on individual returns were filed electronically. Eventually, everyone likely file will online. Redelmeier said filing electronically C aIl be stressful, too, and it might even encourage people to wait until the last minute to do their returns. tor those reasons, he said it's unlikely universal e-filing will result in fewer Tax Day deaths. A spo ke swoman f orthe Internal Revenue Service declincd to comment on the study. This year, the I RS has postponed the deadline by two days, to April 1 That's because April 15 is 7. a Sunday and the neld day is Emancipation Day - a publiC holiday observed in Washington, D .C. Canada's tax deadline day is April 3 0. Redelmeier said his own lax return5 "are not quile ready," a nd added with a laugh, KIt's caused some friction in the house." T he C anadian Institutes o f Health Research helped pay fo r the study. Mississippi has highest teen birth rate N EW YO RK - 'Ieen births feU again in the United Stales in 2010 with the highest rate once more in Mississipp i, according to a new government report. Nearly every s tale saw a decline in teen births from 2007 to 20 10, with the biggest d rop in Ariwna a t 2 9 percenl. Rates stayed about the same in Ihree slates: Montana, North Dakota and West Virb';nia. T he Centers for Di· sease Control and Prevention previously reported that U.S. births by mothers o f all ages had dropped in 2010 for the third straight year. Ex· perts think the economy is a factor. The rate for teenage moms reached its lowest point since record-keeping began in 1940. T he rate fell 9 p ercent to about 34 p er 1,000 girls ages 15 through 19_ T he decline was seen a mong all racial a nd T he C DC report reethnic groups. lea se d Tuesday fo ,"~d 0 0 .~" figore._ T he authors say the teen declines have been attributed to pregnancy prevention efforts. They note that a recent government survey showed more use o f contraception by teens_ Even as it leads the nation wilh 5 5 teen births per 1,000 girls, Mi ssissi pi's rate has oc'Cn falling ike e verywhere else. It dropped 21 percent over three yeiU1l. New H ampshire h as the lowest teen r. birth rate at just under 16. Since 1991, the overall teen rate has dropped by 4 4 p ercenl Without that decline, the authors c a lculated, there would have been 3.4 million more babies born to girls b y 2010. Kentucky placed seventh with 46.2 births per 1,000 teenage girls. I 5300 1~:~~~~~~~~~~i~~W~~~J Cc".'~.',rl N ick L. Pearl AttomcY" Low 270-737-0000 25 Public S qua. . EliubtthlClWn. lIT 42701 ~O 35"~OOO www.nick;> 1>< _ _ oIdOUlllou>tl ". VU TI>Io~.,.w _ _ ", Windows Deck. Doors & Morel T he A Modated Preso SPF:("JAI. r .1.r.cnON T O 1Ir. H 1n.o I N O OUNTII.Y u ua P KF.QN(:T O N I .Y Only.1>oo8 who Ii . . in . he Country Club pl"f!Ci","- will be ollgibla.o ",,'a in . he Spoc lal Eloc1ion hold on April 17. 2012. VOl",!! ' "",, 11<>" , . : KY H lgh"·. y I Jepl . • i )!" . 1 4. 634 t ;.i)!xle HW]I. • ICiI...oot.h,,,,,,,. P I_ CODloci u... H udin Cowlly Board o f E lodions ... ilb a ny q "",lion • . ome. " "mbe< I I 27Q-76 ' ·217I1l7Q-76' -t;761. I' STA'IT -O F-THE-ART A sSISTED LIVl NG lI'hero your Cflre Is "Sin I e·oJ- I be·lien rl " ;, fuII«f'Yr-lIrnui (:onurudlf~ ' QIOO.o~ , ».lIl1l'ii " *"'I . .... ' ~_~O'iIIbIlq _ _ JIII(WII l """ ,---------------------, : Move In Dnrln!! i March or Aprlf , and receive 112 Off 1st Monlh's Renl! , 'nwst present ((IUpoil Upoll movt'-In. , 'tJD. 41»'12 ' .......,... ' ,~wiII~ll~ -Independent Living • Basic Living , -~ ~ ~.- ' T~iI" "" IIru _ _ m im 0 .., P "II. ..ioNl n d " 'ri'W "~JJld., x...... , p riM I. ...i. .;~ _ • .... /Mo . . • '1I,nlab'· ",'JwI'.'. ._ __ " ' . - "" . "'~_ _ I (; ._ . . . . , . . _ . Senior Housing I ~~:;;:=:;;;;:;::;;;;=====T' -Secured } Alzheimer 's & Dementia Unit ~---------------------~ 1071HRUWAY DRW! , BARDSTDWII '11111 R!O!HCY WAY,HllABnH1DWil 502·349·2026 www,bluegrassassistliving . com or 270-234-9440 PURSUANT TO KR S 424.290, " MATTERS REQUIREDTO BE PUBLISHEO," THE FOLLOWING QUESTION WILL APPEAR ON THE VOTING M AC HINES AND PAPER BALLOTS IN THE COUNTRY CLUB PRECINCT IN HARDIN COUNTY FOR THE SPE CIAL ELECTI ON, APRIL 17, 2012_ O FfiCIAL BALLOT FOR HARDIN COUNTY SPE CIAL ELECTION HELD ON TUESDAY, A PRil 17, 2012 QUESTION "Are you in favor o f the sale o f alcoholic beverages by Ihe drink at Ellzabelhtown Country Club in Ihe Country Club Precincl?" CJ CJ YES NO

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