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Image 5 of The News Enterprise April 11, 2012

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THE NEWS ENTERPRISE ..., Zimmerman's lawyers withdraw shooting case Boy,S, takes 50 packets of heroin to school The A. .od~.od 1'1 . . By KYLE H IGHTOWER T h. A>IOCiaIod S ANFORD, I ). . Fla. - Th e Trayvon Martin case took a bi7.arre m m Tuesday when George Zimmerman's a ttorneys s a id they were dropping the n eighborhood walch captain as a client, complaining that they have lost all conlact with him and tlmt h e called t he p rosecutor a nd talked to a T V host after t hey told him nOI to speak to anyone. T he lawyers portrayed Zimmennan as e rrat ic and his e motional s late as shaky, and they expressed fear fo r h is m ental a nd physical health u nder the pressure that has b een b uilding i n t he m onth since he shot and killed M artin, an unanned black Lccnager. "As o f the last couple d ays h e h as n ot returned p hone calls, text messages o r emails," aJlomey Craig Sonner sai d a t a news conference outside the CQurt- house. ~ 1 ' le's golle on his o wn. I ' m n ot sure what he's doing o r w ho h e'~ talking to. 1 c annot go forward s peaking to the p ublic a bout G eorge Z immemlan O IE,n lowe,l The,e has n e"", b een a b ette, tim .. 10 ch~ your h ome, yourte r m~. )'Qu rrate a nd now even you, d osing (Ost! lli< obtth' (:Mon ~ n 0 11\(. 1&)(1 N. 0 ;. ., Hwy [1<,01>0''''''''''''' ~ v ~2 ro \ .. ..........,.-,.,....~ ., FOO ' Kno>x V, .... ( I. 60 ' W. lln< "'" r ,"1 81 ><1 1Iod< 01l. KY ~ 160 /},ee's FLORIST & GIFT 1918 Bardstown Rd . · Hodgenville, KY 2 70-358-9897

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