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Image 2 of The News Enterprise April 11, 2012

Part of The News Enterprise

A2 1lIE NEWS-ENTERPRISE W DHESDAY, APRIL 11. 2012 E L OCAL N EWS A ND N OTES F ROM A ROUND K ENTUGKIANA DAILY BRIEFING LOOKING BACK LEXIN G TON ON THIS DATE IN IN 1814, Napoleon Bonaparte a bdi cated 3.'1 E mperor o f the City to receive 21c Museum Hotel French and was banished [ 0 the island of Elba. IN 1921, Iowa be<: ame the fi~ s tale t o imflO5C a ci~;,l ­ reUe tax, a t 2 (Cllts a pw;: k,,&<. IN 1910, ApoUo 13, with astronauts j ames A . loveD, Fred W. Haise a nd J ack Swigert, blasted off on illlllfated mission to th e moon. IN HARDIN COUNTY 3D YEARS AGO, the second a nnual M s. Buff-'Olla C onles t w as h eld at Lincoln J amboree in Hodgenville. A rea m en participated in the female impersonation c ontest, raising $2,500 f or LaRue County schools. The winner was the Rev. Ken Barbee, minister o f Barren R un Baptist C hu rch n ear S onora T he evenl was the b rainchild o f G le n Rice who acted as coordinator for the conlest. 20 YEARS AGO, Bob C ooper a nd t he Rev. D onna O wn, b oth members o f t he Board o f Directors of North Hardin H O P E, b urned a c opy o f t he b uilding's $70,000 mort!,' in a c eremony. FI'OIII NtIIJIoEt,urpriIe wire U I1t/(t, ~1Id # aff ~ru TONIGHT: Mostly clear. LCMr: 34 .mll,' l UI C UI 61/ 52 14/61 Mo stly Parlly s UM)'. c loudy. Pattly dOlldy. AROUNO KENTUCKY -- --------,- .. M " ~ ~ ~ ~ M ~ ~ ~ ~ ...- " "" ~ ~ _ FIRST FI.lI. QI.WITtI! MOON QUMTElI MOON ~1J ~21 ~1'J ~6 . ~13 a Jn. TodIoy' uu,wlse ToUy' lI. .lSet . . .. ...... t.,. HGH S/ lOWS I HI&fVlow , .te«liI1 • .• . .••.• .$lIl1 ""_NW$~_ .. omede~rpri$e.Q)I'n 1f)Oll h65· 176:1. Appeals court reinstates Derby ticket lawsuit A lawsuil that allCl,'I! s a f onne r Louisville assistant b asketb a ll c oach b ac k ed o ut o f a deal to o btain tickets to t he K entucky Derby a nd Oaks a nd k ept part o f t he m oney h e h ad b een given h as b ee n reinstated b y t he Kentuc ky C ourt o f A ppea ls. T ic k et b roker S cott Davis filed t he l awsuit, which W illi t hrown out in D C{:ember 2 010 b y J effe rson C ounty C ircui t J ud ge C harles C unninghanl J r. , w ho said s calping tickets was a criminal act in Kentuck y. But Th e Cl}uritr:/l}urnai r eported t he a p peals court ruled Friday t hai D avis ' business. D e , is b ased i n I ndiana, w here scalping is legal. 'Ibe r uling said t here was n o e vidence tickets were b eing sold in K entuc ky for m ore t han face value. Steve Masiello, w ho n ow c oaches al M anhattan College, and his a llomey d id n ot r eturn calls seeking c ommenl. From N tw '£ N W"priu II.'ire ~ --- - _-......._ .. 1U PlACE A DlSPUY AD . , phono: 769-1200, Ext. 8354 PtJBUSH£R R. CIvis ~ (270) 505-1466 EDIT OR Ben S herom, (270) 505-1764 -~ ADVElm Sl NG DIRECTOR Larry.lobe. (2 70) 505-1409 IIE'ISIIDI (210) 50&1151 HEWS EDIt OR .leU D·AIessIo. (270) 505-1757 SPORTS EDItOR Chuck JQne,. (210) 505-1759 podIao.oIMj . . "'~_,lt!Ipise . com I UUS( ABOUT ntE H.I'£II n.. ~ IUSPS 1 72'960)" . . - ....

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