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Image 1 of The News Enterprise April 11, 2012

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E Highlighting an unforgettable 'HIOWESDH Special magazine, INSIDE TODAY APRIL 11, 2012 • SEAVING KAROIN COUNTY SINCE 1974 • REACH SUBSCAIBIR SfRVIC ES AT ( 270) 505-1170 emorial to Saturday Tribute honors fallen members of II th Aviation Command unveiled Knox By MARTY F INLEY S aturday m orning at Fort Knox. mf'nl .y~_ n!.rpri". «)m A H o ll ywood celebrity will participate in ceremonies plan- A memorial honOring soldiers under the 11th Aviation Command and its s ubordinate units killed d uring the global war on terror will be unveiled in dudes the n ames o f those from the command and its subordinate units who have died in c omb al, said C a p t. M alisa H amper, a public affairs officer wi th t he 11th Aviatio n C om mand, an A nuy Reserve head- ned for familie, serving as guests o f honor. T he memoria1 features a bronze battle cross and a graJlite wall surrounding the cro ss that Twn lv M EMORlAl. A U SHUTTING DOWN DIXIE ./ , - "'1'IC""'{11!0 _ __ " """"", A helicopter t ake. off from A I", Road after pl~kln, up an Injured FI.ehbaeh USA employee In E /!ubethtown, t o tran sport him t o Jewl. h Hospital In Loolsvllie. The man was be ing transported In t he ambulance w ilen n was hn by a ear while going through the Intersection w ith North D ille Avenue . Man loses fingers; car hits ambulance Raymond C lark of Elizabethtown suffered non -life threatening injuries By SARAR BENNETT .b<1>""u@ ,hr""......".rp,.;..,_O)m A H ardin C ounty ambulance carrying a Fischbach USA employee wilh all injured hand was involved in a two-vehicle collision Tuesday afternoon al the intersection o f Ring Road and North D ixie Avenue in Elizabethtown. Don Howard, a H ardin County EMS s hi ft supervisor, said at 1: 13 p.m. the ambulance service was called to the plant a t 900 I'eterson Drive r egarding a n employee witll a n injured hand. Raymond F. Clark, 44 , o f El i7.abeth IOwn, sustained a serious bUI non·life threatening injury, Howard said. Joel Shoaf, Fischbach's Elizabethtown operations manager, said Clark caught his h and in a pi ece of equi pment. Fi schbach manufactures plastic pad rnging fo r sealanu a nd adhesives. Le ss than 2 0 minutes after the 911 call, Ihe a mbulance was en route to J ewish Hospital in Loui svi ll e when th e co ll ision occurred , Howard said. T he Louisville hospital houses a center speciali7jng in hand, arm and shoulder care. ' Ine ambulance was trav el ing east through the intersecti on o f R ing Road a nd Dixie Avenue Tum to C RASH, A l4 50 ~Inll Merging progress with tradition Without much time to plan, new events coordinator expects little to change for Heartland Festival By MARTY FINLEY mfin ley@ (hrn. "·,,,nlt,-pri. ..oo m ElizabethtoWll Eve n ts C o· ordinator Sarah Vaughn h8..'l little time to plan the 3 0th Heartland Fes tival. S he said fes tivalgoe r ~ should not expect drastic c hanges in the city's first year coordinating the August event. Vaughn sai d the city plans to retain p rograms th at h ave worked i n the pas t while removing o r tweaking elemenlll considered detrimental. Fo r instance, Vaughn said the can oe races, parade, Fireworks al ld rides fo r children will return thi s year. TIle balloon glow also is e xpected to return, but Vaughn sai d it m ay be moved to Saturday nighl wilh Friday focusing primarily o n ride s. Vaughn envisions all entire pl ay area installed at Freeman Lake Park th at would b e ~ boom ing" with ki d s, b ut she sai d she is nol $ UfC what specif. ic rides o r ac ti vities the city will offer. Official s a nnounced a d ecision Monday to maintain the festival in a transitional year a fter the Hardin County Chanlber o f C ommerce turned over the reins. Vaughn $aid about 8 5 vendors have verbally committed, which includes everything from food sales to local businesses to arts and crafts. Vaughn said t he city is loo king for more a rts and c rafts vendors but has fared well in attracting a smorgasbord o f food o ptions. ~ We've aclually had to t um some folks away because we have so many varieties offood, ~ she said. O n e c hange Vaughn installed is discowlIed vendor fees Tum In HEAR11.AND. AI 3 Tax preparers look at five common mistakes Deadline to file taxes is Aprill? this year By AMBER C OULTER " " ""I W@ lh "n. ...... n~ "'.«>m With the deadline to File taxes a pproaching, some area t ax prepa rers s hared Five o f the mo~t c ommon mistakes and c o nfusions Ihey observe in taxpayers who File lax returns o n their own T h e deadline to file taxes this year is Tuesday because April 15 is a Sunday and the following INSIDE ABBY .. ............A . CAL ENDAR _ _ _ _A4 _. . CtASSIAEOS ...BS COMICS ........B 11 LOnERtES •.•. •.8 2 MOYIES . ......•.B 10 NEIGHBORS .•...AB WEATHER OBITUARIES . ....A 4 OPINION _ _ .... _ _ _ .A6 PUZZLES . ......B 10 SPORTS ........ .. 8 1 TE LEVISION •.. B 10 WEDNESDAY 'S WOMAN ........•A 10 d ay is a holiday in Washington, D.C. Filers missing credits to which they're e ntitled is the mosl common mistake o bserved by Epo· lita Delbosqne, owner o f Delbosque Tax Service o n South Di xie Boulevard in Radcl iff. • TODAY'S OBITUARIES Thomll.'l Frankl in H ayse J r., 6 1 • OO MPI.ET E ( llIllWIIES. U IN THE NEWS • FOOD FOR FURRY FRIENDS. MOSTLY SUNNY 54/34 • OO MPLEl"E REPORT. A2 She once saved a client money by fmding out that Arkansas, where he was filing, was offering a tax break for soldiers. File rs often don't know thai type of credit is avai la ble, es peCially because it's hard to keep up wi th federal and state changes thai take place each year. Del bosque said keeping up with the changes even can be challenging for her. "Sometimes you d o go through staying up until 3 0'· clock in the morning doing re· 'I\'m to T AXFS, A l3 INSIDE SINCE YOU ASKED Re suilli o f Tuesday's The Nrrm- Enln-prlslonline poll, as of 7 p.m.: QUESTION: Have you gone fishing this evening. Yes: 6 percent No: 94 percent TODAY'S QUESTION: Which champi· onship-winnin&" University o f Ke ntucky m en! basketball coach was your favorite? f ni Ifle poll q>.leS1ion ~ Ifle .opiIion' meru at . .-.thenewHnte.prl& ~ vre IeIsons willi SIIanIn Ilarda. ' I . .......... ~ •

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