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A calculus class; From left to right, First Row: J. M. Wilson, Professor J. G. White, L. Kornfeld, G. Lazarus, M. A. Crawley, M. Stiles; Second Row: G. B. Taylor, G. B. Buckner, J. K. Browning, W. E. Hudson, A. L. Wilhoit, R. C. Wilson, and J. Watson; Third Row: M. S. Smith, E. Wells, W. Newberger, P. K. Smiley, A. M. Elain, and T. M. Howerton; Fourth Row: Benjamin Wathen, A. B. Beaumont, F. Bouilds?, E. Kirk, H. H. Downing, H. L. Herring, and C. L. Wilson, 1907

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