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Image 1 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), August 23, 1956

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Attend The Church Of Your Choice On Sunday No. 15 Whitesburg, Letcher County, Kentucky, Thursday Evening, August 23, 1956 Volume No. 49 Pres. Eisenhower -- AND- Adlai Stevenson ARE NOMINATED To Lead Parties President Dwight D. Eisenhower and Vice President Richard M. Nixon were renominated last night as the second-terstandard bearers of a deliriously happy and uproariously confident Republican Party. The GOP convention was m wild with acclaim for Ike and Dick from the moment Indiana's Rep. Charles intoned the magic Eisenhower name as he nominated the r hero of World War II for another four-yea-r crusade in the White House until Nixon's nomination was hammored home like the cannonball express with rousing speeches by Harold Stassen and Chris Herder of Massachusetts who who praised and endorsed the leadership of Eisenhower and Richard M. Nixon. Hal-lec- k five-sta- Adlai E. Stevenson, Presidential Nominee of the Democratic Party received the nomination on the first ballot. In his acceptance speech he said the Nation is on the threshhold of a great and decisive era a period of abundance,real freedom and progress toward peace. The former Illinois governor plans "to carry the election to the people" throughout the country, along with his running mate Estes Kef auver. pM DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER Cumberland Citizens WHS Registration To Set Aug. 26 To Honor Begin Friday, Aug. 24 Dr. D. M. Fields "Doctor Fields Day" has been set for August 26 by a committee of civic club representatives and private citizens. Representatives of the Lions Club, Rotary Club, Womens Club, Beta Sigma Phi, City Coun-cia- l and the Mayor have decided on the program. The committee designated Sun day. August 26 for the celebra tion because that is the nearest Sunday to Doctor Fields' birthday, the 24th. The Doctor will be 73 years old. Doctor Fields was lauded at the meeting by several people who told of his coming to Cum berland when it was merely comprised of a few shacks and of the fine work he had begun in those early days and continued to the present. The celebration will be along the lines of a Sunday outing. All families are asked to bring a mcnic lunch to the City Park. The event will get underway about one o'clock. The entire family of Doctor Fields' will be assembled for the celebration during which a huge birthday cake will be presented to the Doctor. Mayor Hobert Helton will serve as toastmaster of the occasion. A colleague of Dr. Fields' is to be contacted about speaking at the outing. of the celeA real high-ligbration will be a presentation of a gift to the Doctor from the entire community in appreciation of the many years of service he has devoted to the citizens here. The committee urged, in closing the meeting, that every man, woman and child in the area who can possibly do so, attend the celebration and make it a huge success for Doctor Fields. . Whitesburg High tration will begin Friday, August 24th at 9:00 o'clock- - Only Fresh men or 9th graders will register on that day. All upperclassmen will register on Monday, August Seniors will register from 27th8 to 10 a. m., Juniors from 10 to According to information rece12 a. m., and Spohomores from ived from the Letcher Broadcast1:00 to 3:00 p. m. ing Company at Neon Station 1450 on your radio The lunch room wm open on W N K Y Monday, August 27th. Both grade dial will be on the air late today and high school will be in session (Thursday) afternoon for a test all day Monday. Busses will make program. The new station is at 7:45 a. m., owned and operated by local peotheir first pick-uon Friday, the 24th. The Monday ple and has been informed by the bus schedule is the same as last consulting engineer to procure year. All freshmen are expected license and be ready by Wednesto bring their grade diplomas day of next wek to broadcast when they register on Friday. daily program. Test programs will also be on the air Saturday V. Snyder night. Tune in to 1450 and hear Mrs. the new station. - p Flora Killed in California. Flora Vance Snyder, about 55, formerly of the of the sections county was killed late Saturday night in Los Angeles, Calif. Mrs. Snyder is said to have been run down and killed while crossing a street. She was formerly the wife of Flyod Vance, operator for the L. & N. Railroad, now locatd at Chavies, Ky. in Perry County. Mrs. Snyder went west several years ago, locating in Los Angeles, where she was employed. She has a few relatives in the county. Funeral and burial was to be in the California city. Mrs . Thorn-ton-Serge- ht In Hosp.tal A. C. Brown is a patient in Baptist Hospital at Lexington where he is reported to be improving. Mrs. Brown is in Lexington be near Mr. Brown. Senator Estes Kefauver of Tennessee twice a loser in bids for his party's presidential nomination, won a sizzling battle for the next best thing second place on the Democratic ticket. As Democratic nominee for Vice President Kefauver came through on the se'corid ballot to win over senator John F. Kennedy of Massachusetts. New Radio Station To Be Heard Soon School regis- Harlan Minister Guest Speaker At First (Baptist Church nt Thornton Union Ass'n Held at Thornton Ch. Last Friday, Saturday, and Sunday the Thornton Union Association was held at the Thorn ton Church, Mayking. Eld. Carl Back introduced the services on Friday; Eld. Ray Collins preached the introductory sermon and on Saturday morning Eld. Ellis Hopkins of New Salem Association introduced the work of the house. The whole session of the Association was reported in peace, love, and good fellowship, with delegates and ministers attending from various states. Ministers appointed and who preached on the stand for Sunday were: Elds. Riley Fouts, Banner Mann, Harold Edwards, and W. S. Tolliver. The next Association of Thornton Union Church is scheduled to be held at Oven Fork Church on August third Friday, Saturday and Sunday of 1957 with Eld. Charlie Cornett appointed to preach the introductory service. Rev. Bailey Sadler of Harlan, guest speaker on Sunday at the First Baptist Church, lie was accompanied to "Whitesburg by Mrs. Sadler and son, Ronnie. They were guests of Mr. and Mrs, Maurice Lewis and Mrs. Clel Rod gers. Dm. del Rodeers. Pastor of the Church is spending two weeks We have a complete line at Ft. Meade. Maryland where he is acting Chaplain of the 810th Office Supplies including Convalescent Medical Detachment Ky., was j 0j MilM E. STEVEIVSOIVW Meeting Held Prior Plans for District 30, To Opening of Schools UMWA Labor Day Annual Farmers On Tuesday of this week Supt. Celebration Nearing Round-u- p Picnic W. B. Hall called group meetings Scheduled for Friday of the cooks, janitors and bus Completion Letcher County Mr. B. B. Bloomer, Chairman Letcher County School System. of the Labor Day Celebration Also attending these meetings were the princi- Committee, District 30, United Mine Workers of America, an pals of the larger schools. Friday, August 24, at 10:30 will set the scene for the Farmers Annual at Grant Blair's at Jeremiah. Everyone is invited to attend this annual event and bring a basket lunch. drivers of the a and Bottling Company Program for the day will feature the best speakers of the County, Dr. B. F. Wright, County Judge James Caudill, and Mr. D. W. Little. We are highly honored to have these business men take time to be with us at this annual Event Let us make this event a great and worthwhile day. Bring the neighbors, friends, a big day is in store for all. system- Round-up-Picni- c nounced this week that plans These meetings were called to for the eleventh annual Labor discuss regulations pertaining to Day Celebration are nearing com the improvement of the Lunch pletion with Sam Caddy, Presi Drinks will be furnished by program, the janitorial service dent of District 30, having been Royal Crown Bottling Company and the bus service in the school selected as principal speaker due Coco-Col- Youth Center Still Anticipated Though it may seem to the young people and others interested in a recreational program for young people of the Whitesburg vicinity that the newly organized Whitesburg Youth Administration has ceased to be, it is definitely not true. The Youth Council, which is made up of members from the churches and Civic Clubs, is still struggling with the problem of securing a suitable location for a Youth Center. The present plans are to use the basement of the City Hall However, before work can be started on the renovation of the City Hall basement, an effort is being made by the City Council to secure property adjacent to the City Hall so that an outside entrance to the basementecan be made. Thus, we could have a much better place for a Youth Center. Mrs. W. B. Hall, Council President, and the seventeen council of members hope that soon there will be a Youth Center in the City of Whitesburg. to the illness of another speaker who had been invited. This year, a new feature has Mrs. Dies been added A Beauty Contest Suddenly Fleming and, at the present time the fol Mrs. Virgie Hall of Fleming lowing girls are entries in this passed away suddenly on Mon- contest: day following a heart attack. Her Sparkle Gayheart, Garrett, Ky. sudden death was a great shock Gilva Hamilton, McDowell, Ky. to her family and friends. She Katie Lee Caudill, Hardburley, was 59 years old and was the Kentucky. daughter of Robert and Lizzie Catherine Taylor, Elkhorn City Lucas Bates. Survivors include the husband Bill W. Hall, two Kentucky. Mary K. Mullins, Elkhorn City sons, Milburn of Fleming, Elbert of Haymond and four daughters Kentucky. Phyllis Taylor, Wayland, Ky. Liza Morgan, Thornton, Lizzie Janice Newsome, Drift, Ky. MaDeinni, Fleming, Edna Vance, Christine Hamilton, Wheel and Lola Vance, Fleming, Ky. wright, Kentucky. Funeral services are beine held Sandra Williamson, Pikevule, today (Thursday) August 23rd at Kentucky. 10:00 E.S.T. at the Little Rock Patricia Fulton, Whitesburg, Baptist Church at Kona. Burial Kentucky in Whitaker Cemetery. Craft FuNorma Dere Cole, Sergent, Ky. neral Home in charge. Ramona Lee Sparks, Millstone, Kentucky. Phyllis Ann Hall, Whitesburg, L. B. GOODWIN PATIENT Kentucky. IN HOUSTON HOSPITAL Adrienne Jackson, Neon, Ken The many friends of Bradley tucky. Goodwin of Lexington regret to These contestants have been learn of his illness in a Houston, entered by the variaus Local Texas Hospital. Mr. Goodwin, At the former merchant and coal oper- Unions throughout Ds. 30.Contest conclusion of the Beauty ator of Whitesburg, underwent be major surgery yesterday. His some lucky young lady will and given $250.00 as first prize address is Methodist Hospital, $125.00 will be given as second Room 550, Houston, Texas. prize. Winnerof first prize will be crowned MISS DISTRICT 30, Attending Conference - Hall At Delegates to the Methodist annual conference at Wilmore this week are Mrs. Augusta Ren-akand Mrs. C. L. Kilgore. Rev. E. H Barnette will be retired from the conference er UMWA. The Program Committee will announce next week a final and completed program, which is scheduled to begin at 11:00 a.m. with the Martin, . Ky. High Kermit Boatright Dies Following Major Operation Kermit Boatright of Whitesburg Kentucky died on Wednesday, August 16th, 1956 at the St. Joseph Hospital, Lexington, Kentucky folowing a major heart operationNHe was the son of the late G.H. and Alice Hale Boat-rigand was born on August 11, 1909 being 47 years and 4 days of age at his death. He was married to Gertha Addington Boatright and is survived by his bereaved wife, one daughter Shirley and four sisters, Mrs. Lizzie Williams, Whitesburg, Mrs. Delia Reynolds, Hazard, Mrs. Ora Reynolds, Mallie, Ky. Mrs. Margie Hall, Jackhorn. Mr. Boatright had been a teacher in Letcher County for 14 years. He was well known in Letcher County as an outstanding teacher and as a fine honest sincere young man with many friends. Funeral services were held on Saturday, August 18th, 1956 at 10:00 o'clock at the Church, Whites Presbyterian burg, Ky. with Rev. John How ard & Rev. E. Hampton Barnette officiating. Burial was in the Sandlick Cemetery. Craft Funeral Home in charge of funeral arrangements. ht School Band starting the program with the National Anthem. There will be promient local speakers to welcome the crowd and many features to please all groups of people will be shown on the stage this year. There will be high wire acts, clowns for the children, a chorus line with an orchestra, hillbilly, folk and western music. In short, a well rounded out program, designed to please all those who attend the Celebration. At the end of the program four grand prizes will be awardedfirst prize a 1956 Ford Sedan; second prize a 12 cubic foot deep freeze; third prize an Automatic Shotgun; and fourth prize a $100.00 Savings Bond. The usual large crowd is expected to attend this year's

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