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Image 1 of The Big Sandy news., June 9, 1916

Part of The Big Sandy news.

HOLDS FIRST PRIZE OP KENTUCKY PRESS ASSOCIATION AS BEST j, E JniuM om mvtry EmaUiem It Stands for Porilv. Richness, Strength. Volum. XXXI. WEST WEEKLY IN KENTUCKY" inveniam viam, Scotfs PLANS FOR NEW SOUTH BEACH METHODIST CHURCH ADOPTED. VIRGINIA'S M. JORDAN TRIAL TO BE 8TARTED JUNE 27. LOOKS LIKE HUGHES BARCIS will wmrra your body by enriching j your blood. Famous for forty years. aut faciam. LOUISA, LAWRENCE COUNTY, KENTUCKY, JUNE 9, 1916. Numbsr 41. Col J Emulsion : Awt DON'T Stiver with ANDY NEWS. Q fU Trad jtt-'- E -- Year r.2z:::t V EIGHT-PAG- F. CON LEY, Publisher. THHEE KILLED, 8C0RES HURT BY TERRIFIC OHIO STORM. Ironton. June . Roy Jordan, Flat PRISON Wood, farmer, who is now confined In th. county Jail, will be tried upon a Columbus, O, June 3. Three are WILL BE dead, scores are injured and heavy property damage has been ,Td6n in Knapp, an evening with Mr. J. II. first degree murder charge Tuesday, Southwestern Ohio as a result of a lo architect. The plans submitted by him panel of thlr- - REPUBLICAN NATIONAL CONVEN wind and electrical storm during were adopted and an order made to YOUNG MAN WHO KILLED HI8 June Z7. A special Jury STATE-.- . member, has been drawn. Jor the night. Complete reports' are ex- OF THE FIRST for bids. It is hoped to have the ask RESULTS TION WILL TURN R00SE-- , FATHER, THE FAMOUS FUED dan Is charged with murdering his wife. pected to Increase the list of dead. SIS-- y bids in by the 17th of this month. WIDE PRIMARY IN OUR Mrs. Pamelia Jordan, at her home, lat Moscow, twenty-fiv- e VELT DOWN. milea from Cin A set of plans has been sent to Kev. LEADER. :'' Woods, near Lucasville, Tuesday, May cinnati, was th. center of the disturbTER STATE. W. M. Given at Ashland, another to v. 2nd. ance. The hills ware swept in this vi one to Watts A Castle at Huntington, cinity and practically all structure, Following the finding of the woman's Hlgglnbotham & Knapp at Charleston. The Republican National Convention were razed or badly damaged. On Tuesday of this week the Board body, Jordan was arrested by the auThe Virginia A set la In the office of Augustus Sny ln Is In full blast at Chicago as we go to storm missed of Prison Commissioner, paroled Beach denied any Th. State primaryIn the village. and any the Republicann der at Louisa, advised to contractor Hargis, who killed bis father. Judge thorities. Tire husband the Progressives are 8. An son In a family named write to knowledge of the crime and the officials press. Likewise different place In Chi siring a set la in session at A veor .oln. to in Feb Breathltt-co- , for v Pegard was crushed to death when tha were perplexed. Burns at Louisa. Th. concrete toun James Hargis, of cago. For three days the Roosevelt Pegard home waa by a small majority, datlon and th. concrete floor In theiruary. 1908. A condition is written in lifted from its founA few days later George Jordan, the supporters and tha stand-pa- t .Repub dation H. Pres- - his parole that be shall not use Intoi- I year-old and carried a quarter of a mile. plu- - basement will be put In by J. aon, confessed to the au- Means have been struggling for the .Senat. by a aaf. , United HUU j father, mother, and three other Augustus Snyder and bias to icaung uquor iu and thorities that his father had shot his mastery. Roosevelt wants the Repub- Th. member, of tha family were badly Inreceived will not Include this work. ner. a shot gun. Coroner Cornwell was rn.mloat.d Beach 1. now SO year. old. He is a mother with an Inquest at which the lican nomination for President, but la jured. Every member of a family will b. received on a Job complete Bids test Indications are that Justice Hugh by th. fellow, who Deahler bold Also, bids are handsome, gentlemanly Governor Hogg third. with that exception. constant lad testified and returned a verdict nnd es, of the U. S. Supreme Court, will ue father was killed aa th. wind drove FYM.cH running .eoond and wanted on doing the work of construc- evidently suffers strong and which th. , TIT llann A. llUnUI'IWH nominated, by the Republicans and roof of B. lng Jordan guilty of homicide. remorse for th. awful crime upon the fountion with all material furnished by the Jordan was then given a preliminary Roosevelt by the Progress! ves. There dation. th. borne down Democratic nomine, tor Secre- church authorities. committed while under th. Influence of la th. Bid. on brick father, luarinr and nleaded not guilty. He is bitter feeling between the two fac tary Of 8 tat. A path a mile wide and several miles work, carpenter work, plumbing, etc. whiskey and morphine. Hia tions. generally cruel and violent, also was was bound over to th. grand Jury. long waa cut by the storm In Greene County Reeulta. , separately by those may b. mad. Wayne Jordan then confused the of was Geora. Latest Buflstin. coonty. The aon of John to do th. work only and not fur- under th. Influence of liquor and 100 to 1,000 beating and choking th. young man at flclal. by declaring, a few daya later, A plurality ranging from accorded to nish material. At 2:80 Thursday afternoon tha Big Harness, of Jamestown, was killed that he bad aceldently shot his mother Sandy New. received a long distance a shed In which h. Bought refugewhen to ha the time k. fired th. fatal .hot. Th. I. reported E. French, of Mercer-ccol by gun first trial resulted in a hung Jury, th. whll. playing with th. shot Senator V. , message saying tha convention had ta- lapsed. Practically all buildings in the In- - 4TH OF JULY WILL BE 1 of Wayne-eApril term of grand Jury return ken a recess until 4 o'clock. Th. plat- district are razed or damaged. Loss final vol. standing t for acquittal and Th. : CELEBRATED AT LOUISA. fr.m Warn, to the effect t for conviction. About two years time ed two indictment, against joroon, form will stand for a bigger army and is estimated at f 100,000. A. Lilly, candidal. Tor in. was spent In JalL During the second each charging him with murder In the navy and for rural credits. A prohibi Warren Dice was struck by light The 4th of July will b. observed In trial Beach was out on bond and got nrat degree. Wednesday he was ar mTblican nomination for governor, had wag voted down. The fate ning while seated under an umbrella Louisa this year. The committee is drunk and .hot off a pistol pro mi ecu raigned, and again pleaded not guilty. tlon plank county by 250 votes. oarrled th. under a tree, but will probably live. proof woman suffrage Is yet undecided. atated that Col. w. r now at work on preparations a and old ously In th. town. The Jury gave him Storm damage estimated at $50,000 Roosevelt wired that he would go to It is said that some sensational evi gram. They expect to have good doubtless being large- dence waa unearthed by the state in the Republican convention and make was done In Dayton and vicinity dura majority of 250 or to a life sentence, Hlte had fashioned time. B. White, who Pr ly influenced by bis conduct at that examining witnesses before th. grand a speech If sufficiently urged by the ing the night Albert Thl. la a year that should call forth time. Thl. was In March, 110. His Juryfiwraidebl. opponent In Wayne convention. The body declined to In all the dormant, ffturtotlsm " mother ha never relaxed her efforts In TWO REPORTED DEAD AS vita him. deal of Intereat in pie. The world Is engaged war. we all that time to secure a pardon or paTer. wa. a god RE8ULT OF TORNADO. nrimary In the county. have narrowly escaped becoming In- role, end her appeals have been hard BRAKEMAN VINCENT by WAS HIT BY TRAIN. REV. McELDOWNEY PREACHED In th. nomination of th. volved and are now being forced which gi to resist. Beach Is her only son. She INMATES, TO PENITENTIARY threatening conditions to make Augusta, Ky, June 8. Cedron, a argued that, unlike' other cases, his following: What mleht have been a very se small village in Brown-cAttorney C. A. Fer gantic preparations for defense. The crime bad brought no suffering to any O, was al For of the anniversary of our except his own family, and that to be rious accident but which proved to be celebration ' Rev. L. E. MoEldowney went to most wiped off the map last night when guson. nation's birth should be more largely deprived of his presence and help only of small consequence, occurred in the Frankfort last Saturday and preached It waa visited by a tornado traveling . Cyrus. For SheritT-- M. than ever devoted to sincere consider doubled her heavy burden. Since last C. & O. Russell yards Friday afternoon on Sunday morning to the 1500 Initiates ninety miles an hour. The storm struck " r J- - T. Lambert. H. For A of Its true when C. H. Vincent, of urayson, an ation and appreciation In Commissioner November her health has been so bad employe of the Big Sandy division step of the State prison. This was to re the town about o'clock, demolishing a For t;ounty meaning. bim number of brick and several frame spons. to an invitation extended forced to discontinue her ped off rrtrhard. that onto me recently by officials of the institution bouses, as well as a large number of s F, W. Car his engine in the yards The eltlxenshlp of Lawrence and ad trios to Frankfort. A few week, ago For Houee of pnlee-atemeet with In front of a road en- Miss Palrlee Davis and Miss Elizabeth tobacco bams. Joining counties is Invited to xvif VariuKin. ii It Is reported that a hospital at Lexing- main lln. track waa knocked off the right of day to revive patriotism she was taken to a LATER: The race for mwecuting us on that It In our youthful sons and ton and is yet there In quite a feeble gine. H. painfully bruised but his in- Conley also made the trip and furnish man named King nd his son, who lived way and Inspire program on west of Augusta, lost their lives. Cedand Attorney U-- Htt. condition. Sh. was overjoyed at the juries were not serious. He was given ed a part of the musical daughters. r a t'muan and new. which reached her by telephone treatment at the Russell TT M. C. A. Sunday morning. All returned home ron la about three miles from Augusta, Ashland kaggs. about Ave o'clock Tuesday evening. and later was brought to Ashland. Vin Sunday, making the trip from only way directly across the Ohio river. W. H. Oussler, age iff. and Miss Mary Beach went to Lexington at 8:45 that cent la a brakeman. Ashland Indepen- by automobile. This was the County Demoorats. Ming. Jones. 25, both of Torchlight, were evening and went Immediately to the to get through in a day because of the Monday. very light all dent. recent accident to the Big Sandy time LAWRENCE COUNTY'S hospital. Th. primary rot. waa result ia aUll married 26TH -- .nt table. and the .k- For four year. Beach was assigned It la hardly necessary to tell Louisa as to anything Ilk. deilnlt. to duty In the hospital, where he uncertain people that Rev. McEldowney awakenquit, proficient as a nurse and ROAD WORKING DAYS KENTUCKY OIL FIELDS ANNUAL S. S. COMNIIO'I . ed In those prisoners a lively interest. DnMratlo In Ming.-..assistant to th. physician. H. learned Smiles and tears alternately moved re do manp minor surgical operations. For Sheriff- -. Attorney W. H. Prosecuting PROVING PROFITABLE and in th. absence of th. physician JULY 20TH AND 21ST them. They responded instantly to the sentiments so forcefully and eloquently ASSOCIATION performed such operations as ampuBronson. WILL' MEET. AT ,.r uncertain. expressed by th. preacher. ' Hundreds i tating an Injured "finger, etc In the L. BLAINE, JUNE. 24TH AND of bands went op on the proposition County Court Ale Bishop, room he had access to intoxicants, drug For BY GOVERNOR finally mad. to live better Uvea, and PROCLAMATION ENJOYING THE GREATEST AC but never tasted them. E. Armefi trout ana u. u. 25TH, 1916. Straton. the expression on tha faces of the men Li.laturJoseph B.were pre After hia conviction on hi. second ERS OF KENTUCKY CALLING FOR TIVITY IN MANY voter, told that they had been touched. f.mniila on account of early trial be appealed, and Judge H. 8. BarMiss Davis singing was encored and VOLUNTARY WORK. 8CARCE. ker, now president of Stat. University, vented from voting . A WB H luilill ,w II Proflranwne, waa evidently a rare treat for these un dissented from th. majority opinion of moviiis iiw fortunate men. 10:00 Call to order by President M. thlrda who voted at alL th. Court of Appeals, which affirmed ' In a S. Burns. Barbourvilla, 'Ky- - Jun. 4. Th. ad the life sentence. Judge Barker did Ming. R.publioan In th. interest of better roads In this CHAS. KITCHEN, SR. BUYS 10:05 Devotional Service. season finds letter to th. Prison Board said h. commonwealth, I now issue this, my vent of the Wayn. Damron. For Sheriff a fair 10:20 A welcome to the convention. THE LOCKWOOD FARM, Copley. an unusually large amount of develop not believe Beach Hargis had bottom proclamation, calling upon the people For Legtelature-- J. Walter ,0:40 Response and annual address thinks so. Attorney A. B ment work under way in Kehtucltys trial and still Is pencil At the sign- of .very county of th. State of KenITvxwcuUng For notation a Chas. Kitchen, Sr- - of Ashland pur by Vice President, A. O. Carter. roads In their petroleum fields. There has bean a of this letter tucky to work on 11:00 A message from - the Field former Appellate Judge J. S. respective counties, th. Monday and chased the Lockwood farm atLockwood on . ...r Wall Hatfield. rush of the drill In all the fields, the ed by who also sat in case, statth. Chafin, only delay being a scarcity of drillers. Nunn, 12th and 13th, com- station about eight miles above Cat' Worker,. W. J. Vaughan. For County Court-Wal- lace agrees In the main with Tuesday, June theo'clock In the morn- lettsburg, paying 160.000 for same, last 11:10 Enrollment of delegate, and ing that he mencing at eight tool dressers sjid machines. appointment of committees. AdjournEvaa Thomas, I r maieo. what Judge Barker said. Letters also The week s operations were featured are on file from Judges John'M. Las- - ing, each day, and continuing until five Thursday. CabeHj County Republican. The farm Is said to b. the finest In ment by one strike of unusually larg. cao'clock In the afternoon. who 2:00 Song service. Invocation. over one hunBheriff Ira J. Harsnoargcr. Daugh pacity in th. Cow creek district, Es- - sing and E. C. O'Rear, grave said they The County Judge and Engineer of Kentucky and Includes bottom land, doubts in 2:15 Echoes from the Department B. were proaecuUi.g Aiuny-- I. fifty acres of tlll-cA puncture on the Marcum recall that there " each county are directed to aid the dred and Judges as to officers. erty. lease, within the proven area, yielded a the minds of some of the with this request which overflows every year and which people young Hargis 1:00 The Secretary's report, Wm. II. lunnfwHonw Melrose, L Bsum- - renuln. gusher, the first 24 hours' flow whether from Judge J. received Justice, and in In complyingthe proper notices; produces wonderful crops of corn. circulating ; P. Hobson, who A. c The farm Is valued at $100,000, but Vaughan. registering 200 barrels. This Is per and on. opinion. Judge Hobson said and they ar. authorised to select such 8:10 Echoes gardner. haps the best strike yet made in that wrote the apparently was at the bot- persona as may be needed to assist. In was sold for less, owing to the death and delegates. from District Officers pmmhr Burvevor R. W. Breece. county, where big wells have bees fea that drink every county where there Is no Engin- of Frank Lockwood, who had charge and if the au E. Adklns turing 8:30 The Sunday school, its place Houee of the situation for several months. tom of Beach's offense conquered the eer, or where they fall to act, tha Sher- of It. W. thought he had Mrs. Lucy Lockwood, owner of the and power In the Kingdom Movement. A. B. Brode, J. Bruff Carter and 8. The week's returns show the usual thorities would be in favor of giving iff or other persons are authorised to ' 4:00 Adjournment. habit he ' Ingham. producers In d number of organize and comply with this procla- furm. Is a Bister of Mrs. Eliza O'Brien, 7:30 Devotional Service. whose death occurred a few weeks ago Caunty Democratic all In the pro- him a chance. Cabell six completions, Attorney General James Breathitt, mation. 7:46 Address. at this place, and has visited in Louductive clans, being shown In addition who briefed the case on appeal for the . Sheriff 1L E. Love. 8:20 Spiritualizing the work. This proclamation refers to dirt roads isa often. strike. One compleB. U Black to th. IToeecuUng Attorney Commonwealth, recommenaea a conui turnpike and gravel roads, and, as Second ' Day. tion In th. north end of the Held, start tionai pardon; but Gov. Willson. while Kentucky always take, the lead In ev8:00 The Lesson Taught Prayer Commlaaloner A mo. Adklna. ed out at 100 barrels. Three new wells recognising mitigating circumstances, ery movement and as the Kentucklans ONE KILLED, TWO WOUNDED County ..... t m mtvnr. Jr. o 8:25 Report of the Nominating Com IN BIRTHDAY PARTY FIGHT. made 25 barrels each. Due to scarcity did not feel Justified in extending clem- desire the betterment of our highways, BoXKT, mlttee. Houee of Deleicate. A. J. W. C. of drilling material progress in advance ency so soon after conviction. they must come forward with enthuIt Is 6. One man was 8:30 The World Wide Movement, W. Jackson, Ky., June work has been somewhat slow. John L Conner. W. N. Clay, and Beach grew up In the worst possible siasm and energy, and show the peo- shot dead and two other participants J. Vaughan. next to Impossible to get material mov W7 ll.nahaS the atmos ple of other States that they can equal Castle ed to locations much In advance of the environment. He lived In murder from or surpass them In he Improvement of severely wounded as the result of a 10:00 Everybody can have a part. fines, with Arli. phere of assassination and fight Saturday at a family 10:10 The Plain Duties. active area because of scarcity of leading. A. O. STANLEY. aire of 16 to 21. His father was a their roads. the 1. Of the Superintendent, birthday celebration, at the home of Augustus teams. Governor of Kentucky. born leader, but he turned his talents creek, fif- Snyder. Oscar Neal on Leather-wooKrom the Cow creek district north- in the wrong direction. He was a violVALUABLE BUILDING IN CAT Powell-C2. Of the Secretary, B. J. Calloway teen miles from here. The dead man LETTSBURQ CHANGES HANDS. ward. 12 miles to Clay City. few wells ent, dangerous man and waa charged Lawrence County's Dates. Is Green Noble, son of Solomon No- and Mr. Marcum. everything is under lease, ljut instigator of Falling in with the spirit of the ble, and the wounded Luther Noble, . 8. Of the Teacher, Isaac CunningSeveral tests are with being the leader and ImAvery Leffingwell. of Aehland. ha lire being started. Clay City and In the the terrible reign of lawlessness that above proclamation, but finding it of- shot In the thigh, and Nathan Fugate, ham. bad name. He practical to use the same dates, the purcluuied of Mr. A. Minima, the line drilling around 4. Of the Department Officers. Intervening area a few scattered rigs save Breathitt such a shot In the shoulder. It Is not believed . Catletta-buras , large building on Loulaa-etcompletion In Pow was Indicted for complicity In thewith ficials and citlxens of Lawrence coun- either is fatally hurt. The battle was 11:00. The Half Worked Field. now occupied by the Mimme sre at work. One Beach associated sassinations. ty have decided to observe Thursday precipitated by an attempt to arrest. 11:30. Convention Impressions and 10 at showed a yield i..WDr. and furniture atore. The 800 feet, this being the of barrels re the desperadoes, drank and gambled and Friday, July 20th and 21st. as two intoxicated men. only strike big pis them, days. price paid wa. 118.000 cash. end of the with strappedand always had a chance 12:00 Adjourn. ported from the Powell-con him. What tol The proclamation was Issued on such BREATHITT COUNTY TRYING ' Th. building contain. X7.000 .quare field. escape the penitentiary 7 short notice that It was Impossible to feet of floor .pace and la one or tn. nn will be furnish had he to Pine line connection TO 8USTAIN HER REPUTATION. WOMAN'S HEAD TO BE EVIDENCE. He now declares he Will devote his parts of Lawrence county at in CatletUburg. ed Estill and tributary fields within the efforts to caring for and comforting get it to all next Monday and Tuesday. in time for Part of the building wltl be occu next ten days, the line from Wolre-cJackson, Ky June 5. Green Noble pled by th. Big Sandy Grocery Co, In being almost, completed. Operators his mother, thus making amends, as Also, the farmers are behind with their was killed. Boozer Fugate was wound- Gruesome Feature Prepared for Trial far as possible, for his misdeeds. Mr. Letnngwell la heavily inter who have to depend on tank car trans and very buBy. The July dates ed fatally and six other men were shot which work of Roy Jordan. are after farm work is mostly done and during a fight Sunday at a church on ested, and which la now located In the portatlon will welcome the advent of FEUDIST TO 8ERVE LIFE all can lend a hand without so much Leatherwood creek, 10 miles from Jack Meeka building. Portsmouth, O., June 6. The head of the pipe line. TERM IN REFORMATORY. sacrifice. his wife's body will be Introduced In Now. let everybody talk this matter son. The following announcement, have INCORPORATION ARTICLES . court as evidence against Roy Jordan, According to accounts of the affair Ky, June 1. Reports up and get ready to give two day. serLexington, been received in Louie: a number charged with killing her at their home APPROVED BY J. P. LEWIS from Winchester, Ky, say vice to the thing that means more to which reached here Mr. and Mr.. John Cheap top of near here by Breathitt public welfare than anything else with- of men opened fire when Noble and an head off with ablowing the The bodyher Fletcher Deaton, announce th. marriage of shot gun. officer attemoted to arrest them. Noble Frankfort, Ky, June S. Secretary of county feud leader, will bo taken to the in our reach. of their daughter and Fugate, a bystander, fell at the first the woman was exhumed State J. P. Lewis has approved the fol State Reformatory to serve a lire sen Hallie Esther Ther. la time to organise, to lay out and the head severed to be kept as evidence. lowing article, of Incorporation: to pick out the volley. Meanwhile women fainted and tence fnllowlnr a conviction on a to capital charge of complicity In th. assassins' changes In the roads, worst needed, so the congregation was In an uproar.The Authorities face a complex problem In Hotel Jones, Barbourvlllo: places where work is Mr. Robert Qamett Huey son In men members rushed to the aid of the the killing, as an $10,000. Incorporators, Kitty Jones, W. tlon of Sheriff Ed Callahan of Jackson r, on Wednesday. June seventh that the best possible results may be officer, and when they appeared a gen- his first confession accused the father several year. ago. for culverts should hundred and sixteen M. Jones and Roy Jones. obtained. Material On. thousand nine of killing the woman and later made a fight ensued. Harlan Motor Car Company, Harlan: Deaton'a case has been carried thru secured In advance, and all possible eral Salt Lick, Kentucky Eventually the disturbers were driven confession saying he himself had accicapital 16000. Incorporators, W. W. all of the Stat, courts and into the Su be preliminary arrangements b. perfect- Into the mountains. Cincinnati En- dentally shot her. The trial will open At home Lewis, C. E. Bell and J. W. Farmer. preme Court of the United States. ed. After August first June 27. Time. Star. quirer. Weeksbury Amusement Company, where his appeal was refused. Mlddleburg. Kentucky Citlxens from every neighborhood Weeksbury: capital 12,000. Incorpora of the are Invited to send the Big Sandy News Deaton la said to be th. last The hride Is a daughter of Rev. John KILLED BY LIGHTNING. NEW DEPOT WILL Cheap, who waa pastor of the M. E, tors, E. M. Brown. S. V. Haworth and leaders of th. celebrated Deaton-Csuggestions about work needed In their CATTLE COST HALF A MILLION. A very unusual accident took place feud that waged for years In Immediate localities. Name the places, place a few. years ago, O. A. Lund. lahan Church at this of work required, on the farm of Dr. John C. Hall and Breathitt county. Miss Sue Holt, of and who married state the character county, on CITY COUNCIL. Portsmouth, O. The new Norfolk Uusseyvllle, this county. whether culverts are needed, teams re- French Hall, of Estep, this city of I"orts- suffered the Western DEATH OF MONT JACKSON. Th. city council met Tuesday night quired, etc. W. especially want to Friday night when they cattle which mouth, depot for the located In the which will be Mont Jackson, aged 66, a prominent know where th. worst places are, so I,... nf ten head of fine Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Stewart, of Ash and adjourned until next Monday ev oattlol northwestern part of the city near th. land, were at Estep. this county, Sun ening to receive th. Marshal's bond cltiten of Catlettaburg. died Wednes- aa to help concentrate efforts on them. were killed by lightning. The In Portsmouth paving brick company, lain down David Th. salary of 125 heretofore paid the day after a lingering Illness caused by day calling upon Mr. and tf the neonle will enter Into this mat had pasture fieldclose to each other Is, to entail an expen-In- g and th. next trip In Mr. marshal waa discontinued. Dan Biani heart trouble. II. I. survived by his!.,.. in th. right spirit tner. win oe the Shepherd. They made th. Work on th. de-they were all found dead. Th. loss dlture of $460,000. than has new Muick auto. Those so bury was hired to work sjeadlly on the wife, three duughters and two sons. inr rNlj frond accomplished Stewart', .r . ...... .Ml - a, ImitH IA00. wltn no iiiHur- - pot proper will not oegin oeiore . . n....V. , ooinnanvtna- - them were Qeorge and streets at 136 per month. It will be Ida Also, tnre. siaiera, mrm. v. Dean aon. lor in rou d , i. . r- -, .. ar. a great many ate. nrliis. as nn. . :'... Z ..w there James Ilrndner. Sadie Marie Faulkner, duty to put In full time at keeping anan, una eomi..v, i. . . season. . .. .h. w www .ucn s filled, rubbish lettsburg, Th. nines or tn. open, and Mrs. J as. MoCoy, of I u,ra((muer th. dates, July 10th and Alfonaln. Stewart, O. D. Davles and to b. workod out fir.t. Ashland and aold. Iplkrvllla, (cleaned up, rtQ, Paul Stewart. jj, The building committee of the PRIMARY M. E. PAR0LEDFR0ia ELECTION Church South held a meeting Tuesday ter-rif- tv-a- lx Wt - LUon Bob-rten- -- 6t t. "j. bn o, o. TrZT i. m,t p,. . r--ulted o, she-wa- w loS.r . be-ca- . w. """" ., -- YEARS-DRILL- ' er . , o. . . .' , . falr-slxe- " , el . .. Ar free-for-- d o, g. ell-c- o. road-worki- o. y, to-d- to-d- eight-year-o- ld al t 1 ".J, st vr dli-he- s mud-hole- .. .. .... ,. ... i., .

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