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Image 3 of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.), January 5, 1911

Part of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.)

Warning--5. : All EnjoyeJ The Gladsome HoU- - We, the undersigned, will prose cute to the fullest extent of the law any or all persons found hunting, snaring, trapping or trespassing upon W. B. Paris, S. P. Frederick, O. M. Paris, V Jan. 2. V "'""'""TttBtlttfUSOflOlliOtiOa our premises: J. T. Mark well, CLARK. THE SAINTS Willie Lamaster, Lee Harris, N. H. Harris, Elizabeth L day Season. Pastor Laird Handsomely Remembered B. C. Deplores the Loss Neighbor. of a Good A, Invitations are out for the marriage of Miss Edith May Jones t0 Mr- Walter Leslie Thompson on TAhFR In Bad Fix ORG - :J0 Wednesday, January 1?, at o'clock at the home of the bride. Miss Jones is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Jones, of this place, and is a prett' and attractive young lady. Mr. Thompson is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Clarke Thompson, of Connor Station, and is well known here. Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Tribble entertained at dinner on Christmas day in GAM BY EETRIGG CENTRAL POtWT ROGUE RIVER "I had a mishap at the age of 41, which left me in bad fix," writes Mrs. Georgia Usher, of Conyers, Ga. "I was unconscious for three days, and after that I would have fainting spells, dizziness, nervousness, sick headache, heart palpitation and many strange feelings. "I suffered greatly with ailments due to the change of life and had 3 doctors, but they did no good, so I concluded to try Cardui. Since taking Cardui, I am so much better and can do all my housework." IMP rmm . VALLEY OREGON honorof their daughter, Miss FranChristmas ces, who is attending school at Bell- - CORRESPONDENCE SOLICITED L. W. McMahan, came on schedule time, ushered in wood Seminary and is at home for with a plentiful supply of the beauti Burdine Bridwell John Lamaster, the holidays. Covers were laid for This matter must not be reprinted withful snow. All who must make prep out special pei mission. the following: Misses Mattie Tribble, Alex Roberts, J. D. Holloway, arations for the reception of Santa of Shelby ville, and Harriet Mason, of J 41 R. L. Reid, C. W. Twomey, Claus in getting trees, etc., bewailed The English sparrow, the blue jay. Chestnut Grove, Mrs. Louise Stone The Woman's Tonic E. D. Bridwell, their lot in loud lamentations. One and daughters, Misses Edna and the blackbird and crow are essentially F. G. Smith. can say lovely things about the Erva Paris, Owen Burdon, Etnel and son, Tevis, of Simpson-vill- marauders so far as othor birds are Do not allow yourself to get into a bad fix. You might concerned, destroying their nestP. 'beautiful" if we are by our fireside, O. T. Carpenter, F. A. Gaunt, get in so bad you would find it hard to get out. breaking their eggs and often killing but when it is freezing your feet and Belter take Cardui while these is time, while you are J. B. Heady, Messrs. Will and Fred Morris, of their young; hence whenever any of E. A. Lashbrook, battering you in the face, we say still in moderately good health, just to conserve your strength Lawrenceburg, visited Misses Har this tribe of disturbers make preparaJ. L. Walters, A. M. Gregg, other things not so complimentary. and keep you in tip top condition. Indeed, I've heard that the one who riet and Ruth Taylor during the tions for nests about the premises C. L. Weller, J. A. Beard, they should be put to rout. It will In this way your troubles, whatever they are, will gradholidays. wrote the poem "Beautiful Snow,' A. Genovel', J. B. Mathis, mean greater peace and security for ually grow smaller instead cf larger you will be on the Mr. Otis Gunn, of Louisville, has the other valuable birds. was assassinated. M. H. Mathis. instead of the down and hy and bye you will Mrs. Catherine Old Santa was welcomed to Spring- - returned after spending a week with arrive at the north pole of perfect health. J. A. Pounds, Snyder. dale by all, especially by the little his aunt, Mrs. T. L. Page. Cocklebnr. quack grass and a gond Get a bottle at your druggists' today. C. Braun. folk. He 6eemed to know exactly Mr. and Mrs. Homer Morris and many other wood pests that mi.ilit be Additional names, to run to March what each one wanted and was mer little son, of Lawrenceburg, were named are often the direct result of a 1st, will be added to this column upon rier than eer. I wish you could guests of Mr. and M rs. E. A. Taylor system of absentee landlordism in which shortsighted, stingy proprietors payment of 2.5c. have seen him distributing his gifts last Wednesday night. and shiftless one year renters piny the Fred Mtebs, Jeffcrsonton n, Ky. N. R. B . a N k v xhakkh. FisherriUe, K J and asking searching questions about Miss Christine Taylor has been leading roles. In such cases the thly Comb. Phone tu- - 2. Cumb. Piione p 4. their conduct during the year, and visiting Mrs. H. Reeve, of Louis effective way to get rid of the pests there were some very uncertain and ville. would be to revolutionize the rystem mystifying replies, but firm promises, riarMYifm Mrs. John Johnson, of Louisville. and banish or convert to a better agriQMMMWK. as to future behayior. Then Santa ygsgg is visiting her mother, .Mrs. Julian cultural way both landlord and tenant There's a reason you should let me sell brought out the long coveted Indian 51 - ' rou wall paper. I handle t ie best; have r. ' a large line to select from and the prices .TrZi.ytmcostumes, feather turbans, drums, Blankenbaker. One of the largest recorded yields of are right. Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Jones and potatoes is 972 bushels per acre, credetc. It was an amusing sight to see I guarantee all work. Paper hanging given prompt attention. that rotund figure lead off in a war daughters, Misses L'dith and Nellie, ited to a grower in the state of WyoCumb. phone dance. Even the least of the Indians spent last Wednesday with Mr. and ming. This showing will be the belter understood when it is remembered (two years old) helped in the noist Mrs. S. C. Russell. G. A, HOKE, Jeffersontown Mr. and Mrs. T. L. Page and that the average annual yield for the stopper gun. Our baby girl with a whole country is just about said she could not kiss old Santa be daughter, Gladys, spent Wednesday this amount, or between eighty-fivcause his nose was so big, but she with Mr. and Mrs. Lee Genovely, of and a hundred bushels per acre. Thp was so delighted with the doll and Fisherville. fellows who are making the most monchain purse, etc., she kissed him. Miss Rosa Lynch and Mr. Otis ey in the potato business are not the bushel type. nose and all. Knowing about this Gunn spent Saturday evening with ninety-seveI wrote you last I felt Misses Harriett and Ruth Taylor. battle when The that it would probably be my last Miss Marion Downes, of Louisville. closely western mountain quail, while resembling in size and habit will and testament; yet we escaped recently visited her mother, Mrs. his eastern cousin, possesses an indiwith our lives, though some what Isabell Downes. viduality quite his own. Instead of a crazed with the volleys of fire crack Mrs. Ida Waters has been visiting whistle which says "Bobwhite!" the ers, horns and various musical in her sister, Miss Vassie Moore, of western quail has a call which has struments thrummed by the juveniles Louisville. been interpreted to mean "Sit right Directors and rmbalmers Mr. Hewett H. Simcoe has gone to Mr. Lee Robison spent last Sunday here," and the quaint little call is Stock Always Complete. Calls Answered Pay and Night. over office Florida with a party to camp anc and Monday with his parents, Mr. given in a very sharp and authoritaSQUARE The Jeffersosia tive manner. The western bird is very hunt and fish for six weeks in the ind Mrs. F. C. Robison, of near Wil- active and gets under wing like a shot. ....... ... t ... . 'land of cotton," if he can stay that sonville. taking one approaching so much by f long without seeing his young wif Mr. and Mrs. T. L. Page and chil- - surprise that it is often out of range JEFFERSONTOWN. KY. SUmS-JGiiNQ- N very doubtful. and babies, which is THE Jren spent Saturday and Sunday before one realizes it. LUMBER CO. Just when we were feeling sure of with Mr. and Mrs. Everett Harris, of Incorpoi a ted having a good neighbor at least five Eastwood. "Fotato Culture on Irrigated Farms BUECHEL, KY. years our hopes were dashed, for Mr. Miss Vassie Moore, of Louisville. of the West" is the caption of a valu R. Walker Maddox sold out his lease spent the week-enwith her sister. able bulletin (farmers' bulletin No. 386) Lumber, Doors, Sash, Blinds, Moulding", which has lately been put out by the on the Miller place and will leave it Mrs. Ida Walter. Paints, Hardware. Lime, Cement, Brick, Sand, Fertilizer. department at Washington. The bulle in February. Can one ever be cerMr. and Mrs. J. D. Tribble and by E. H. Grubb, a Col WHY NOT PATRONISE HOME INDUSTRIES tain of pleasant things in this world: family spent last Friday with Mrs tin is prepared We will prosecute to the potato expert, who Incorporates e are prepared to turuih anvthmjj w n il it saves yon inoncvr seems there is nothiDg certain bul Louis Stone and family, of Simpson orado It 1 fullest extent of the law any in his treatise his own best experience in the Bi Mill"- Li death and taxes. all persons found hunting, or ville. 5 and that of others in irrigated sec. snaring, trapping, tresspassIMione Highland BE SURE TO (JIVE US A CALL The members of Springdale churcl tions. The bulletin gives directions f;r WORTHINGTON. the preparation of the soil, planting, ing, wire fence cutting or degave their pastor, Mr. Laird, a largt stroying property in any way cultivation and irrigation. It should be range for a Christmas gift, beside s upon our premises. tnrkeyand various other presents. His Dec. 31. H. H. Simcoe left last of real value to every potato grower in semiarid sections. Dr. Joseph A. Sweeny, other charge, Goshen church, pre- week for Florida on a hunting trip. Horace Brown. Mrs. Wm. Hibbs is the guest of sented him with a check, which will A coat of tar and feathers and a free FIDELITY-PHENI- X provide for many things. uer parents in Eastover Park. FIRE INSURANCE CO., ride on a three cornered rail would be Mr. and Mrs. Robt. Maddox and too good for the chap we heard of the Mr. A. L. White and two small rc.h Brinley, of Middletown, were other day who succeeded in getting OF NEW YORK. sons visited his sister, Mrs. A. B quests of Mr. and Mrs. Lee Maddox. the owner of a little ten acre property Simcoe, and other relatives during Assets $14,081,389.23. Mrs. Harry Mitchell entertained a near where the writer lives interested SOUTHERN the holidays. - In a deal for the purchase of his place Banquets, merry making, with old number of friends at dinner Wed- and finally wound up by paying him a INDIANA AND OHIO LIVE STOCK INS. CO., and young, is the order of the day. nesda'. dollar, having him sign a contract for Mrs. John Simcoe, Mrs. H. H. Sim- AGRICULTURIST When it in measure subsides, I will sale which entitled the grafter to a OF CRAWFORD VILLE. IND. oe and children, Newton Baisch and commission report the result. if sold to any other party A. B. C. Anna Ruth, were guests of Mrs. within a period of ninety days. This TENN. NASHVILLE, Assets $400,000.00. Jennie Hibbs Monday. deal In effect gave the real estate 0K0L0NA. Mr. Arthur White and sons, manipulator an option on the place Two of the largest and best insurance companies in William, Arthur and Larry Lee, who three months for a dollar, while the America, represented in Jefferson and adjoining counties Dec. 27 Mr. and Mrs. Oil Scott, of in the price of the place durbeen the For forty years the Fairmount, and Mr. and Mrs. Claude have returned to guests of relatives. advance period was easily from 92."30 to by J. C. Alcock, Jeffersontown, Ky. ing that Avoca. have The transaction was the more friend and counselor of Smith, of Louisville, took Christmas Miss Laura May Hardin entertain It costs no moic t insure in these companies, and you MAY contemptible because the rauch owner dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Will ed the following friends at dinner Southern farmers. save money. When yonr old policy expires, or if you are going was an honest, simple minded fellow Thursday: Misses Anna Thomas, to build, it will be to your interest to c.dl me up by telephone Mr. and Mrs. Dave Crumbacker are Ruth Pernell, Georgia Miller, Mar- for whom the ways of the agent were Twenty-fou- r "dark." It is tricks of this caliber and get mtes and full particulars. receiving congratulations upon the guerite Claxon: Messrs. Clyde that tend to put real estate agents twice a month. arrival of a daughter. Littrell. J. W. Netherton, Jr., Hol- - and fruit tree peddlers in the shyster-grafte- r Tornado, Fire, class and tend to bring on them 50 cents a year or P. H. Brown's family had as guests lice Pernell and Charles Thomas. Mrs. Walker Maddox entertained the contempt of all fair minded from Friday until Monday Mr. and Live Stock three years for $1.00. Mrs. J. A. Brown, of Jeffersonville, Wednesday night ior the young I have been kept busy the past few months writing tire aud Ind.. Mr. T. J. Bell, Misses Nina and people here. The only kind of settlement which Bell, of Loussville. Mr. Charles ihomas was iiven a does a new country any good is Vircinia live stock insurance. There i a reason Let me explain it to you. that Miss Nannie Gailbreath has re- - surprise party Tuesday night, by a resulting from a representation of the SAMPLE COPY SENT FREE inrnxH hnmP affer cnonrlimr r.m UUmDer 01 niS irienQS. All ieDOr a advantages of the section in their true fine time. light, as misrepresentation always retime with her brother in Florida. DO YOU WANT ONE? Mrs J. P. Goins entertained at acts. Those interested in the permaJLTFERSONTOWN. KY. Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Thorne and dinner Tuesday the following: Mr. nent progress and welfare of their loz6--l. Free County and City Service. children are with her mother, Mrs. Cumb. P1h and Mrs. Lee Maddox, Mr. aud Mrs. cality should do all in their power to Vincent, of Louisville. Harry Mitchell, Mr. and Mrs. T. P. see to it that the newcomer is not Mr. and Mrs. Joe Brooks are re Peyton, of Louisville, Mr. and Mrs. swindled or hoodwinked. The major ceiving coniriatuiauons upon uie Will Frederick, of Inglenook, Mr. part of this development dirty work HESKAMP & BAUER arrival of a son. is not chargeable to responsible parties, and Mrs. Chas. Maddox, Mr. and Mrs. but usually to grafting real estate Mrs. M. A. Beeler entertained at Chris Brenerer and family, Mrs. agents who ST MATTHEWS, KY. deceive and defraud the dinner Christmas day. Those present Mary Asthon, Mrs. Henry Mitchell. settler to the limit, and when they Makers were Mr. and Mrs. Sam Bell and son, Sr., Mrs. Jane Peyton, Mrs. Jennie Blacksmiths & Wagon have plucked him to the pinfeathers Julian; Mr. and Mrs. Will Beeler, Hibbs, Mrs. Wm. Hibbs, Mrs. R. L. decamp to greener fields, where they Rubber Tires a Specialty. Mr. and Mrs. Standi ford Beeler and Miller, Mrs. T. L. Elwanger,' Mrs. R may operate on new and easy victims. NOTARY PUBLIC Margarette Francis, Mr. Brander H. Simcoe and son, Mr. Arthur In view of this situation, so general as and Harley Waltz, of Louisville. If you have a sale to make, property to sell, or want to buy prop- White and 39ns. MissOllie Asthon and hardly to require mention, commercial organizations In new and developing erty, call 011 or address me at Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Thorne and Mr. John Quinn. do well to put a damper Miss Pearl Smyser entertained rections would children Mr. and Mrs. Will Thome on this contemptible shark work, for Cumb Phone 36-- 3 JEFPERSONTOWN, KY and children were entertained at Friday night in honor of Misses they must realize that, while the conMarion Stone, ot Crescent Hill, and tented settler is the best possible autodinner Christmas day uy Mrs. J. E. Bessie Broyles. Thorne. matic advertising agency a community AUCTION OF REAL ESTATE A SPECIALTY. can have, there is no factor tending to Mrs. Stan'diford Beeler and daugh can save you put a more effective quietus on progThe Jeffersonlan ter. Margarette Francis, are visiting Manufacturers of All Styles of money il you will have your print ress than a half dozen folks who have relatives in Louisville. fallen prey to the unconscionable laud Mrs. Gus. Seng and son were in the ing done at this office. Call us up boomer and grafter, as they are sore . over the Cumberland phone. cjty the first of the week. and can be counted on to knock in Spring, Platform, Farm and Light Mr. Malcolm Brown sprained his Delivered each ilay to your home. Call at The Jeffersonian office or telseason and out. and in view of their Remember we club with the city experience they can be excused if the ephone Family Wagons and Road Carts. nkle Saturday niht on his way to Also Horse Shoeing and Repair- the Christmas tree at Mrs. Thome's papei3 and save suosiiDers money rosy tinted prospects held out have become a trifle dimmed. on all orders. schoolhouse. ing done in the best manner. W. J. Paris, J. M. Boston, St. Matthews, Dec. 27 Take e. - up-gra- de - 1 WALL PAPER. - "' .1 42-- one-tent- e Dr. E. L. Floore, n DENTIST Warning! MYERS & BLANKENBAKER Etc. d t 69-T- pages Lightning, Windstorm and Insurance. ! J. C. ALCOCK, Agent, E. R. SPROWL Real Estate BUGGIES, Auctioneer Louisville Times, one week 10c 36-- WELFORD ALCOCK, Agent.

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