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Image 1 of The Big Sandy news., November 29, 1912

Part of The Big Sandy news.

AWARDED FIRST PRIZE BY KENTUCKY PRESS ASSOCIATION (AT ANNUAL MEETING r, TraJt. Mark' thoald . if i r bottlm mtl&lon -- THE BEST WEEKLY NEWSPAPER IN KENTUCKY gmt mbwndant mmtrithmant am Scott's bt mad mhubbjf Nnrober ,mie XXVIU. LOUISA, LAWRENCE 18. Honor For Ijiwrcnoe Co. Vonuo. lusr i:jui, grand representative of ." MOUNTAIN WELFARE WORK. Mrs. L. L; Funk, worthy matron of Lady Washington chapter. Order of Eastern Star, has been appoint ed COUNTY, KENTUCKY, NOVEMBER British Interesting Exhibits Sent Front Rowan Columbia. Connty Schools. Icr The office, which Is an honorary one, and which will make necessary ( a trip by Mrs. Funk to the British IcprovfioienL Morehead, Ky., Nov, 25. SuperColumbia Jurisdiction, was bestowi-ion her by Mrs. Hester M. Smith, K intendent Cora Wilson Stewart h is Mound City.' 111., former worthy shipped some of the prize corn K3i. it EaatiDgtoi. grand matron of the middle west. grown by ofthe 'boys of this county tho and some the crochet and needlo Mrs. Funk will entertain members of Lady Washington chap- work and pictures of manual trainj 17. fa., Is Date Fixed by ter 8aturday evening with a receo-tlo- n ing work to Louisville to be used in Ccngnmao Hnghes. t at her home, when Mrs. Cath- the Model School Fair at the Child and Exhibit. erine Gregory Orr, recently elected Welfare Conference worthy grand matron to succeed Mrt. Stewart also baa prepared four screens on "The Mountain Child , , ro all persons Interested In the Ufrs. Smith will be one of the guesia on His Environment" and two , nprovement of the Big 8andy Rlv- - of honor. Mrs. Funk Is a member of a num- "Moonlight Schools" for exhibition showing the advantages and j You are Invited to attend a meet-- i ber of women's clubs and a leading there, disadvantages of the mountain child ue at the Frederick; Hotel. HunU spirit In the Children's Aid associa in securing an education, and the Dgton. W. Va., Saturday, Novem-- i tion. Chicago Dslly Journal. j The lady uron ' whom this honor attendance and results of the moonp. in. Eastern mr 30th, at 1:00 Gar-li- u light schools In the term of 1912 ; rime. The object of this meeting was bostowed Is Mrs. Melvlna Under the supervision of the DeFunk a sister of County TreasIs to discuss ways and means for the' further Improvement of the Big urer John Gartln and was formerly partment of Public Roads a piece of Is model road has been built In front Sandy River, and its tributaries. a realdent of Blaln. Mrs. tunk t The Congress made an order for prominent In Eastern Slur circles of the schools In each educational last division of Rowan county by the of this river, and I fear and Is one of the bert known workers In the Children's Welfare move- school children, citizens and School ' t Is with a view of curtailing this Improvement Leagues. This work Is Improvement, If not abandoning It ment In Chicago. being done under the. supervision of some steps ntlrely. I feel that Marlon D. Ross, an assistant In the THE occasion. thould be taken to prevent this U .i Department of Roads, provided by Is the Intention of the war bat "It Is a good thing to give thanks the Hon. R. C. Terrell to aid Rowan lartnient. an unto the Lord." This v declaration county school officials in reaching I earnestly request as large" made by the psalmist afces ago ha the aim of fifty yards of model ttendanca as possible. lost none of its truth t tut ages road In front of each school. These Very respectfully, multiply. The exlstence of a Su- stretches of road are the first pieces J. A. HUGHES, M. C. Rowan preme Being Is acknowledged by the of good road ever built In Fifth District of Weal Va. civilized world and by tVe savage county and are creating overwhelm heathen as well.) Only he ing Htntlment for a better system The above notice should take and the says "I dont' know' doubts . f roarii. very public spirited Cltlsea In the who From this '.Supreme existence. Big Bandy valley to Huntington on this Being, whatever he may b accord- ASHLAND'S SALOONS LICENSED. .Saturday of this week. But It will ing to various beliefs, 'conws every not do so. we fear. Most of thera ws should Ashland Is legally "wet" again. It 'evil! depend upon the other fellow good and perfect gift, and render to this Being our piofound-e- s has been Illegally wet for over thres jo go. The Importance of this lt.t thanks for all His goodnws and years. A few months ago an election fort, this last opponumty 10 God, our God, has spured us was held In which the temperance Improvement Of oil' r. further em- - through dangers seen and inseen people refused o participate, claimriver, can not be too strongly our lives with ing the election was irregular. Cir crowned f' pbasUed. The lack of Interest shown and has . Holbert decided last . . .I blessings Innumerab'e. Let us, then, cuit Judge , -1110 B.IUw iuat . 01 lue ciliirn 01 . :. and discouraging. 11 - at all times render Him the tribute week that the election was legal and I j tonlsblng which Is so Justly His, and tior) that the wets won. The saloons will m-- I i f mey ao no, pernaps, lprovemont Jub: especially should we do this on th c be legalized as soon as the Council ne 'of the river fixes the rate of license. day of now .hey will sleep away the lust day designated as the As a "dry" town Ashland was a thanksgiving. y opportunity to get one of the great and hugs Joke. There was never an hour A sredal service of praise advantages that has ever con.) est thanksgiving has been arranged W when liquor could not be bought at wl'hln our reach. church,, a dozen or more well known places. Let's wake up and go to the meet representatives of Louisa E. Churoo Many of M. tho officers were In sym ing called by Congressman Hughes, to be observed at the bf; pathy with the liquor men and wink m fcn IHU on Thursday should fltlA flT ha, wBVI hoJin ed at the constant and flagrant viola mnmt faithful anil effective workers wll attended. tlons of the law. The town would Congress for the Rig Sandy. !n OominiHKioiM'rs (Tanya Vote, have been dry if the majority that by cur We should at least show roted out liquor had been very much presence our appreciation of his efFrankfort. Ky.. Nov. 25. Election fci earnest But It wasn't forts. At c. recent meeting of the Chairman Robt. L. Gentlemen, this Is the last call. CommHloners, City Council the retail license Greene and 8. W. Hager, met here, ImThe question of Big Bandy river the returns and Issued Ux was fixed at $775 per annum, provement Is to be finally settled canvassed certificates of election to the suo tl.w wholesale tax $1000, and drug-gift- s' very soon. I tax for selling on prescriptions cckb'uI candidates. The total vote in the State was wta placed at $100 per annum. NEW TIME TABLE. ss follows: Wilson, 219,684; Taft, Roosevelt, 102,766; Debs, BIO PLANT AT ASHLAND. A new ltme table for the Big 116,512; division, 11,647; Prohibition, 3,233; Socialist Ashland Sandy district, We Journeyed up to the site of went Into effect oir Sunday last. Labor, 966. In the Ninth Fields received 27, the Kentucky Solvay Coke Company The morning train from Ashland ar Bailey, 16,608; Williams, 1,148 yesterday and saw some of the many rives at 7: CO and the morning train 416; . Improvements that are now going The and Hilchln, 8,903. from Plkevllle Is due at 8:23. In the Tenth Langley received on there. Great masses of concrete evening train from Plkevllle Is due 6,286, extending for several hundred feet at 4:02, and the evening train from 12,200 and Stafford have been put In, which is to be the Ashland is due at 6:38. Safety Car At Van Lear. base or foundation for the coke The morning trains meet at Richovena These will extend up and and the evening trains meet ardson Car No. 7, of the down the river for several hundred Mine Safety at Lockwood. The time of trains United State Bureau of Mines, in yards.'; The cement Is put in by between Ashland and Cincinnati has charge of Miner Foreman, D. J. means of huge derricks and everynot been perceptibly changed. Price, and a crew of expert miner, thing about the plant Is being opwill arrive at Van Lear, Ky., Nov. erated by machinery. Over on the MAJOR D. J. BUHCHETT. 30. The car will be on exhibition at river bank some Immense, boilers Van Lear until Dec. 13, at which are being installed and other maAt Mt Sterling recently Major O. time it will leave for Plkevllle, Ky., chinery is being assembled to be J. Burchett was appointed admin's-trato- r where It will remain until Decem- used In operating the plant A num Major of the estate of ber 29. ber of buildings are being erected estimated to be "worth somemachinery and other thing near a million dollars. The NARROW ESCAPE FOR CHILD. to care for the accessories of the plant. This big will be a fees to the administrator concern has now begun to assume larrte num. He was agreed upon by Julian, the young son of Mr. and may get a faint Ides heirs because of their friend- Mrs.. A. A. Qaujot. drank a quanti a form that one the respect for him. The Ma- ty of coal oil Wednesday afternoon of what it la be. It is going up ship and when jor's many friends in this vicinity giving his mother and aunt. Miss on a magnificent scale and largest always glad to hear that he U Blanche Vaughan, quite a scare. The completed will be one of the .are manufacturing plants In Kentucky. doing well at his adopted home. fluid had been left within the child's It will mean much to the future reach by a colored man who had prosperity of Ashland. Ashland InMiss V. O. T. cleaning windows. been dependent. Vaughan carried the child to the drug store where The Ashland U. C. T. association Strasnlder-Jenkln- s SERIOUSLY ILL. had a fine banquet on last Saturday Dr. Conley rendered medical attenfrom tion. For a time It was feared that nigh1. Those 'who attended The Rev. L. M. Copley Is seriousLouisa were T. B. Blllups, George he would choke to death, but the ly 111 at his home In this city. His B. E. Adams, treatment given finally prevailed. Lewis, Monroe Adams, of the eyes, trouble Is neuralgia Lock Moore, C. B. Hensley and Ira Williamson Republican. from which ' he has suffered muca See. It Is said tfiat the sight in one eye BEGAN EARLY. is entirety .gone, and It la feared TIED AGAIN. There was born recently to Mr. that the other may become affectLouisa went to Ashland Saturday and Mrs. Orlando Hay, of Terryvlllo, ed. Mr.. Copley's numerous Mends and played a return game of foot- a daughter who had two lower teeth will regret ko hear of this affliction birth, and three days later two and w' 1 hope thnt he may entirely ball. The result, as It was here, was ' recover. upper teeth appeared. a tie. C:2 Sdj Ek f 3:1 . ' vr m-r- .. 1 ' tfub-11- ' Ash-Un- Big-staf- f, ' ' it d 2, M. P. COWLEY, 1012. "JACK." ed ' FOR THE JUVENILES. The Free Primary Next Angnst Already Attracting Many. The way the "boyB" are coming out for county and city offices all over Kentucky Is a caution and he rural press la full of announcements. One reason for the multitude of candidates Is the fact that under the new State primary law it costs nothing for an aspirant for public office to test his popularity before the "dear people." Hereto fore the great expense of assess ments by party committees and the other costs have deterred many from onlering the primaries, but now all la different and the old 'Coirmon vealth "pays the freight." The same law applies to all parties which must make their nominations at the same SERIOUS MALADY, . Mr. Blair Is a promising of age. young man of good character and habits. He' was a student at K. N. C. last year and this Is one of the prises he won. ' manding that the railway company operate one Sunday train between Thia Plkevllle and Elkhorn City. would be a great convenience to the people living above here, as It would Majty Increase the city's business. that, are compelled to come to Plkevllle Saturday afternoon and remaia until Monday morning, are greatly by' the present arinconvenienced rangement.. We hope the compajsy will see Its way clear to make tale addition to the Big Sandy service. Ashland Independent. F. T. Hatcher was in Frankfort and Louisville a few days ago. Bids for paving the streets will be Plkev:ile. Mrs. W. W, Bentley has retur-e- d from a visit to her parents at Myra and will be here with her Mrs. M. M. Bentley for awhile. Oscar Smith has returned to Plkevllle.; r'f ". ; John Barney, mine boss for the Cabin Branch Coal company has assigned to become superintendent the Colonial Coal Company at mother-in-la- t Prea-toupbu- ' ; la cov-oo- la passing the county teachers' examinations is so noticeable that there will be a large number here this year of those desiring to enter the examinations in the counties of Eastern Kentucky. All who desire to take boarders should report to Prof Bylngton. CLOVER HAY WANTED. Anyone having clover hay for sale can find a purchaser by applying at this office. . ds o The, Kentucky Normal College has a good attendance of pupils from other places and will have a largo The increase after the holidays. success of pupils of this school In t ted ' K. N.'O. ATTENDANCE. I BUILDING OF SCHOOLS. The expenditure of a quarter T a million dollars in the erection t buildings throughout new school Kentucky since the first of the present year and, an increase of 26 per cent In the school attendance, all previous records in the history of the state, according to a statement made by Professor BarWe-dal- e Hamlett, State Superintendent 01 rumic instruction. He said tuo Increased attendance is dye to the stringent compulsory educational law passed by the last Legislature, and Its strict enforcement by the olffo-er- s in 'the .various counties in which '; It nad been violated.14 ' Prof. - Hamlett said the'.1 Increase In buildings was fully 200 ;per rest over preceding years., ajid that at the present time every eouaty ia the state with the exception of two can boast of a high school, and that PAINTSV1LLE GIRL MARRIED. in a short time schools of a similar to nature will be built In these cona- -, A wedding of much surprise their many friends was that of Miss ties. . Pearl Wl'liams and Mr. William Far-son, which took place, at the parson Bottling Plants Ctumue Hands. ' age in Ironton, Thursday, Rev. Ev. ans, pastor of the. Spencer Methodist The Keystone Bottling company Church, there was the officiating has sold Its plants and coca-cominister. rights in the Big Sandy Valley The After the ceremony, they drove to Plkevllle Bottling company takes the home of his sister, Mrs. T. G. the Plkevllle plant and the Campbell, where an elegant dinner rights above Prestoneburg. The was waiting them. , a rights up Louisa plant and coca-cThe bride Is the handsome daugh-te- s to, and including Prealcnsburg bow of Mr. and Mrs. James Williams, belong to The Coca-coBottling of Palntsville, but for some time has company. Incorporated, with B. E. been employed at the King's Daugh- Adams at its head. ters' hospital, where she has gained a hOBt of friends. WILL GO TO HOSPITAL. The groom is well known here being the son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred The friends of Dr. Fred Marcussi, Farson, of Danleyton, Ky. Inde, 1. 111 Tr Y.H.. V. pendent. h ll f ha la allfforlnv fmm a lariniis' Intestinal trouble.He expects to go "o A HUNTINGTON WEDDING. Louisville next Sunday and submit1 to an operation for relief. Miss Nell Garred and Mr. Herman were Gleske, both of Huntington, Price On Reeves' Htvtd married in that city last Wednesday evening. The brlda'ls a daugh' Gov. McCreary has offered a ter of Mr. and Mrs. Owen Garred, formerly of thla 'city. Tho groom ward of $200 for the arrest of Boya) Is a son of the well known arcu' Charles Reeves, charged In I county with killing Keith Queen. . tect of that name. tha-JJnl- n. ler-mer- .. nile Claude Blair, of Mossy Botcounty, and Miss Floyd Blanche Wellman, of Louisa, will be married Thursday evening of this week at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. John S. Well-maThe bride Is a pretty, deserving and popular girl, eighteen years n ' Statistics gathered by the Board of PrlBon Commissioners disclose the fact that 20 per cent of the prisoners in the penitentiaries of Kentucky are afflicted with one of th-- j most serious maladies known to the One hundred men medical science. now In the prisons need Immediate a medical attention, according to statement issued by the commissioners, Daniel E. O'Sulllvan, Henry Lawrence and M. F. Conley. Feeling that this is an emergency calling for the Immediate exercise of the highest medical skill, the commissioners have taken the mat- opened Dec. 9th. ter up with the State Board of W. 8. Vanover, of Guyan, W. ,Va., Health and with the Rockefeller In- was here Saturday. stitute, Dr. J. N. McCormack, presifldnty Trlvette has purchased dent of the former, promptly agreed Wm. Auxier's grocery store In Wet to make a personal examination Saturday afternoon, Nov. of the men In the prisons. Dr. Ho30th, from I to 4 the members of mer F. Swift' of tho Rockefeller Missionary Society of Institute has offered to give any asthe M. E. Church South will bo sistance in his power. There are a number of tubercular guests of Mrs. F. T. D. Wallace, Jr. This Is not a regular meeting of prisoners, according to the commisthe society, neither Is it intended sioners, inside the prison walls, and to ta'-- e the plaw of th regular the board hopes In the near future meeting. It is simply a social meet- to establish a State . farm, where ing of the young folks who belong such men can live in the open and to the society, and Is ledlgceil and have a chance for their lives. planned by their good friend, Mrs. MEDALS FOR BRAVERY. Wallace, for their entertainment and pleasure. The host has many good things in store for asr young On Monday last, in the presence friends and the occasion will doubt- of many distinguished men, Presiless be a very pleasan one dent Taft bestowed medals upon States five soldiers of A- NO ENTERTAINMENT COURSE. arm for conspicuous pravery. roong the recipients of these medunder als was Capt Julian Gaujot, of the It has been deemed all the circumstances, to have no 1st Cavalry. He is a brother of Mr. entertainment course in Lou- Claude Gaujot of Louisa. Capt. Gaujot was in command of isa this season. The NEWS makes this announcement regretfully. The troops on the border line, when the various features of these courses, battle of Agua Prleta, Mexico, lectures, portrayals, concerts and threatened the lives and property the like, are usually of a high or- of the citizens of Douglas, April 13, der, Instructive as well as entertain 1911. According to an eye witness. ing. Thy tend toward the uplift and Captain Gaujot seeing the havoc betterment of society, and every- wrought by Mexican bullets that rode thing which helps to do these com came to the American side,. mendable things should be encourag boldly through the fire Into Agua ed.''. Prleta, where' he induced the Mexi cans to lay down their arms and stop the combat TO BE MARRIED. Mr tom, Helena, the little daughter T. Keel, was attacked by a bulldog and severely bitten on the face asM left arm at the home of Layae Whtttman on College street yester day morning. The child's face was frightfully gashed by the fangs 'as the animal, and she lay Insensible on the ground for several moments, Born to Mr. and Mrs. James A. Scott, Tuesday, Nov. 19,. a son. Mr. Scott U Circuit Court Clerk. C. N. Carpenter, 4 The Rev. Owensville, Ky., has accepted a eal) to the pastorate of the local Attorney A. E. Auxler waa ki Frankfort last week and argued case before the Court of Appeals. Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Wheeler, of Louisa, are In Plkevllle this week, with the probable Inten tion of locatlnir here. If they lo cate In our city, Mr. Wheeler will take charge over the Singer Sewlsg Machine business, now being ably conducted by John W. Kerr. The people of Plkevllle - are de ' election. On n"ext t, PaMfanee. oil. two-legge- four-legge- 31 PIKEVILLE. LOTS OF CANDIDATES. This is the tale of a dog, "but the Jack NEWS will have to tell It. cannot tell his tale himself, he can only wag It. Jack is only a dog, bu' he has lots of good hard dog sense, d which Is vastly more than some dogs have. Jack is a handsome setter and belongs to Arble Wilson, who says he wouldn't swap Jack for some horses, and all who know the dog cannot blame Arble. Last Sunday a week ago Arble and Jack and Will Ferguson and some other dogs this Is not Intended to reflect on Will and Arble who will please excuse us took the evening train for Beaver, bound for a hunt. hunters took, the The ones to a barn in Beavd er and locked them In. Early next morning Arble went to feed , Jack and tell him to do his best and show the Beavers how to set birds, but when he got there the barn was bare, and so the poor dog was gone. The hunters hunted and hunted, but without avail. Jack's owner was all broken up. In fact he could hardly shoot straight, so on Wed nesday he came to Louisa. He had offered a good reward for hla lost pet, but the days passed, with Jack among the lost. On last Saturday night at the meat shop people were go home who should limp closing feet sore and swollen, In but Jack tall drooplns and stomach empty as a pharlBee's prayers. He had gone to Beaver, over 60 miles by rail, and at night, and he had returned, nobody knows how many miles, oa foot four feet. It would be Interesting to bear Jack's tale of his trip, but as waa said at the outset the tale has to be told by others, h can only wag It. But It's a true tale. Ask Jack about It and watch him wag It I JWaAatoSypAn Aut inveniam viarn, aut facia m. Jft . Emulsion hay nm Ik ::l AS BIO SANDY HEWS. bt on ynt 1912) 1 fr 1 la '

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