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Image 6 of Central record (Lancaster, Ky.), May 13, 1910

Part of Central record (Lancaster, Ky.)

t r rr rr O o IrSILVER WOOD f record 2w 4 brother Son of Far Wood to Sor Wood 212 i sire of Lady Constantine eight others Fiorist 2UJ and 212 1CT9C Far Wood 227 of Nut Wood COO record 2185f sire of Lock Heart 284 AddleD 226rt 210J4 nnd 1C5 others ISon I t x INut 64 Silver Wocd Vatican 229 list dam Princes bydint Hambletoulan Vatican Belmont he by 11S08 61 Far Wood F i 1G7UG 1U Nora Wilkes I By Geo Wilkesoll I 2J5 NABOTH JR ver110lv dIsItance care for stock from a distance at reasonable prices but no responsibility assumed for accidents of stove committed to my care carcI LANCASTER assured for accidents or escapes of stock com mitted to my KENTUCk I 1 SSSoSaSwSSI SSeowavooSooc- Season of eI oooee 1910I Ifor the my barn 1 mile south of Buckeye on will all stand at Buckeye and Lancaster turnpike puuaooaovvowoooooaooeeooo4oo- S oeooHflttrSir itrHfr rz s RR s i s l SlJ is made on genuine French Burs from H Sound Clean I I NewsI I rItINLRL Above is a fair likeness of Nabolh ooooicRsj were in reIfused Rzd iing and is guaranteed to give satisfaction Creamery Butter COLUMNY RS I G R1S S S S S1JSJts s s J J tlS S S ite J Vice ITIZENSANfiiTiNIL 50000 Prest 25000 Asst BookKeeper Prompt and Careful Attention Business Solicited DIRECTORS J S Johnson T M Arnold B F Alex Gibbs Ht dson JJ Walker Lewis L Walker 9f I C A Arnold enIgagement ILmmoth with latest Improved machinery we are prepared to furnish you at reasonable prices any kind of Fancy Planing Mill Work Door and Window Screens Etc Also Rough and Dressed Lumber Laths Cement Estimates furnished on bills promptly > a J E Robinson Ptwsican and Surgeon Hughes vt Dentist J KILL It estimated that the strawberry crop in the Bust Tennessee berry dis ¬ trict will reach from 600 to 700 acres This estimate covers the section from Chattanooga to Earn man and the Knoxville and Nurth Georgia points The acreage shows considerable in- ¬ crease over last season being estimated at 1200 acres The cool weather retarded but not materially injuredI the crop The frost alas injured the peach crop from 25 to 50 per cent 221Uules Tennessee 1My great with white Jack jack points COUCH Or Kings New DiscovelJ 18941 c All GTAJAjmsED SASISFACTOEOS MONEY KEiUNDED AND Or J 6 1111 myI POSTEDThe Paint Lick pike is a chestnut coming 5 l 6 hands A good flit bone and foot CKESTI VND 1as finish and action second to nogorse in Kentucky His first colts are f coming yearlings and are equal to any houses produce Show finish size color and action Crestland is by Rex Peavine 1796 Dam Annie Rooney 4104 2nd dam Powells Drenon he by Brinkers Drenon 1600 Will serve mares at r SweeneyI SuttonI i Swinebroad WOOL Highest Market Price CO everjtattendeddi8jtance Coi f w 3173Vol7 I Kinnaird W R GOTT 7 I I THROAT AND LUNGTROURLES 1 erstof ° Je beanoregular KentuckyI11 full tral West trip scheduled early in June 16 hands under standard foaled May R E McRoherts Drug Store j 281105 weighing over 1000 pounds in THE CRESCENT LUMBER CO Incorporated Lieut Ctrl Robert Crombie Irvine moderate flesh He will not go to Lin DANVILLE Ky Danville Phone 600 USA retired died at Detroit of coin county as reported but will make heart disease He was born at S John the 1910 season at my barn 2k miles N B in 1851 was appointed to the from Paint Lick and onefourth mile army by President Hayes and dis- ¬ from Manse on tb Richmond and Lan tinguished himself in a campaign i caster turnpike at 1000 for mares andIing to all persons not to trespass upon our lands for any purpose whatever against a Sioux Indian uprising in for jennets to insure living colts UWYEl art COUNTY ATTORNEY 188081 Kings measurements are as we will prosecute all offenders to 120 Will Practice in all State Courts and inches from tip of nose to top of fullest extent of the law Hunters and The Latonia Racing Association Our farm produce scarcity and high U S District Court store Office over Logans back assessments of nearly head 3414 inches from tip to tip 121 Fishermen especially take notice paid its Phone 194 cost is not due to too small an area 2000 to the State Racing Commission inches from tip of nose to rout of taU Office Phone 6 Office over Police Court Besidence Phone 75 cultivated but too small crops on big Squire R Parsonsfor its meet- ¬ 68 inch girth 22J inch forearm 181J oe M Farra a areas While this is true of grain and was granted license Ed S N B Price beginning June 6 The license is inch knee 1QJ inch below knee at W S Ferguson 11 bay and vegetable crops it is also ing W A Price restoration at smallest place 19 inch hock 16 inch E F Herring upon true of stock raising We find large conditioned of the the mutual andIaround hoot at hair Pars track WSEmbry S L Rich a five gaited regis farms with twenty to forty cows that the Will also stand Physican and Surgeon can be madewith pool systems of betl ing the silo and proper auction tered saddle stallion 151 hands higb Mrs P W Kinnaird T A Elkin people saw the Ten ¬ will furnish breeding and particulars Dave Thompson Nearly 50000 Office Danville street silage crops to support two and three JW number increasing at the lessee horse Donau the favorite win laterCare JilS Z T Rica Residence Phone 9 Office Phone 89 times that taken to prevent accidents but cost of a few hundred dollars the cash the thirtysixth Kentucky Derby at Tuesday afternoon not responsible should any occur Mrs Rebecca West MrsE E Daniels income from the capital and labor in ¬ Churchill Dwns vested in dairying several hundred in the time of 206 25 within three Money due when mare or jennets trad D B Anderson H C Arnold per cent over the present profits and twentieths of a second ottberecordE or parted with or bred to other at the same time enhancing the value Donau won by half a length with Joe stock Grass furnished at 200 per W G Anderson H CHamilton G Y Conn L H Brown of the land by increasing its fertility Morris second and Fighting Bob thirdI REAL ESTATE As a farmer have you tried this witbI T W Conn JG Conn 23 11 Farms on low Commission the increased demand for and price of St Phone 221 TttUftktetncted l dairy products I Ware r PATRICK 1 ELECTRIC MOTOR PLANING MILL 1111 T KING Auctioned- Millineryt a Having installed a new anduP to date MLWm BURNETT CE OpticianI M K Deno am 6d I C D WALKER Bookkeeper WALKER JR Gaines G IINSlJ1ZA Sheepd I BANK Of LANCASTER KY SURPLUS B F HUDSON Cashier ffO BieNBrAsstOashr JJ SStl S JOHNSON President CAPITAL Ed s SStlStSS WALKR The Surveyor I at the Creamery H H LY ¬ I V I TIN ¬ methodsH shipH appreciate Henley Bastin H J fH i I and is the best that money can buy If your grocer does not handle Creamery Butter or Old Fashion Corn Meal phone us and we will give the name of one who does l F VAIi B i G H IA j s CornT- 000 he life of the Meal is not burnt out in the grind i G Owned by W B Barton Jr I goK rrOld Fashion Corn Meal s General 138GI Phone T O HILL Jlo Farm and Stock I and nearly as many more people IGo easy with the colt In spring the free ilild Sunflower seed is good for poultry A candidate for the United States Robert Burnside sold a mare to Mr Ehvard C Layton of Shelbvvillp Senate can be voted upon in a primarv Draughts and ventilation are two Terrell Layton for 180 attempted to commit suicide at Los election as a recommendation to the Angflese Cal by cutting his wrists State Legislature according to a de ¬ different things V A Lear bought forty hogs from l Walter Walker of Lincoln for July and throat Despondency was the cision at Columbus 0 by Judge Bab milk producing ration Is neces¬ LOOK AND LISTEN cause delivery at 8e for the brood sow II Kiiig George sent a message to Prr s If you want Poiiteness CIeanessGooii Cattle do not relish eating after iftent Taft thanking him for his cable manure muck rotten SHAVES and HAIR CUTS go to pins and colts are apt to iljure bog gram of condolence on turf wood soil ashes etc is the best the death of Charles Dicks name upon the pr by chasing them iris father and for his good wishes for mary bl ot HENRY DUNCANS Nutritious roughage rich in protein Mayor Gaynor of men whip their horses because the newreign f30me In a bad frame of mind them- The Senate Committeeon Privieges tarot a censor of the New York a b ¬ is valuable for the sow before far Barber25Shop onofRichmond street stage As re rowing years experience and Elections voted t report the can suit one of the biggest theaters in selves paign publicity bill It was amended Broadway is closed for an indefinite Office Hours Office over Pumpkins corn meal and bran The man who always talks to his so as not to require publication in ad ¬ period The people of this city have make a fairly good combination in 8 am to 1 pm to 1 Stormes Drug Store horse as if it were a man will never vance of elections had enough of false theaters Use the fall talk to any man as if he were a brute The ball ton Viking fell with A Major wrote to Police Commissioner Incubator and brooder are abso¬ 500 New hi Ider Baker who acting under lotions Forbes utcbcraCt rRR BforII shipment heldthe oldhead of of the Lahm cup ofand J York Yates a- orders refused to renew the Moyors lutely essential to profitable early the license DENTIST Paris sheep at C chick raising t New York astronomer near Glasgow for the theater Phone 65 Lancaster Ky Tuesday afternoon o000oooooaoooooc oo00oooooaoso Its not enough to know that a cow Col C Winn Courts died Monday a is profitable You must know how What this country needs is more profitable she is R poultry keepers The call is not for FTopkinsville after a long illness f disease He was prominently large establishments but for good Brights Experience and good judgment must connected with financial interests in County ooooooooooaooooaooooo0000ooo oao guide the practical dairyman in his flocks of pure bred fowls on every Kentucky for years PHONE a29r space below this heading is for the exclu Idaily work of feeding The general farmer is the mar Southern farm Office over F G Hurts furniture store Eight hundred bodies have been ta ¬ slue use of our farmer subscribers and is for vho ought to make money out of ken from the ruins of houses at Carta the sale of stock grain and such things on Many a field of corn has been Lancaster oultry Kentucky farm as the farmer afford to adver go Costa Rica as a result of earth ¬ tise Xo notice will cannot Its a be accepted over four husked by the hogs this year F Hunts be only n A public sale of C Syracuse N Hoi quake It is estimated the dead will lines and will change in two issues of th RECORD free of Y be over 1500 stein cattle made at I Do you think the oleo makers would April 1821st when 294 head made an Mry Leslie Carter the actress For sale a strictly firstclass Jersey sell their product for what It is if they average of S197 In the number were became ill in Cleveland several daysI cow with heifer calf NOTHING BUT could make the people believe it was 17 young calves One bull went to ago left that place for Dayton 0 J W WoodsR 1000 Marksbury Ky butterPoultry where she will stay at the home of her Telephone 363 y mother until fully recovered yards should have shade I LANCASTER ¬ KENTUCKY The men were unconscious when For Sale2i head of 500 pound catI for chickens during the summer If your hens do not have shade plant I W EMis pair of Buff Wyandottes for which he found ana when revived only Forbes tie TST trees for this purpose received 17 lie has about 175 little could gve his last name The men For Sale2 sows and pigs also a tine t chicks having lost but three this sea ¬ I were identified by telegraph They young bull J II Thompson Early chickens to sell as broilers were seeking to make a new longdis ¬ son Kicholasville Journal Preachersville Ky usually meet a good demand and bring LOWELL KENTUCKYtance record a paying price as they have to be fed When the hogs get to gnawing the Get him to cry your sales For Sale three good young Jersey only for a comparatively short time Criminal lawyers throughout the woodwork of their pens you may be country are much agitated Best of references over a de ¬ milk cows fresh and giving lots of I sure they need something different to cision of the Supreme Court of W W Owsley Many boys and girls leave the farm the milk gnaw from what you are feeding them United States which holds that pun ¬ For Sale G good fresh milk cows G simply because they save no money to Look into it and see if you are giving ishment meted out to spend Start them in the poultry busi ¬ criminals must A Swinebroad them variety enough ness and let them earn their own be proportionate to the offense It is Cedar posts any length UD to 30 ft a tluod of requests for Mr J T Conn of this county beieved that moneySweet bought of E H Ritchie his farm near release will be caused thereby corning Also 59 white oak logs corn should not be planted S IS Morford 1y from prisoners sent to the penitentiary 10 too early It requires a warm soil E W Morrow Graduate R Wilmore Jessamine county for Little Hickman Ky by the Federal courts r 000 We are sorry to give Mr Conn Glasses Fitted Satisfaction it seldom germinates well when plant ¬ ed too early Plant about the time t up as he if one of our oldest and most An explosi in wrecked the plant ol I LIVE STOCK MARKET t field corn is planted the General Explosives Company neal substantial farmers CINCINNATI UNION STOCK YARDS Hull Quebec Tuesdaykilled betweeThere is little need of a meat boy ¬ J A horse is not benefitted by expos- ¬ ten and fifteen persons and injurecott if your farm furnishes plenty of ure to storms but it breathes in health scares The hospitals are filled with Shipments J102 fresh fruits and vegetables Inci ¬ and vigor with the clean fresh air of tie injured A crowd from a nearby CATTLE DENTIST I Shippers is 7S dentally a few pigs might be raised 7 i5 ig 7 40 a bright day From the foal to the baseball field swarmed about the works Butcher steers extra to furnish you meat 6 50 7 10 old work horse the open field is the when a fire broke out and were caught Good to choice I Common to fair l5065 Money invested in sheep will nearly bast resort the ordinary farm affords bv a terrific blast which wrecked the Heifers extra 7 25 11 whenever idleness is imperative G 50 7 10 double itself in one year since th Good to choice plantSo 3 O65 J fleece will pay for the feed and car badly decomposed and bloated Common to fair iThevbeat crop has been greatly were some of the bodies taken fro of the sheep and the lambs often t 15 P- damaged by freezes two per ewe are the profit frosts and the the Palos Ala mine that it was im ¬ < to 2 755 40 Common to fair dry weather of March the lowest con possible to put them in the coffins Canners All Work Guaranteed 2 50S p servative estimate i < that there will which had been ordered More bodies Bulls balogiias 5 riO 6I be but 75 per cent of a crop and in were Tumid iu the afternoon huddlemaking at least 15 per cent more C 25 at many places but 50 par cent Being together with coats about their fa ¬ CALVES s 25 from your cows Cows milked at any Annie Rooney 4104 Peavine 85 Rex thus weakened scab will be likely to ces The work of rescue will continue Fair to good extra 2T S 25 7 old time dry up much quicker Peavine ITlMiDaisy 2ud ± 29peavlnfc8a1 be prevalent and the damage cannot for several days 5 CO 7 00 Common and large SO HOGS good packers and butchers D crop is thrash tl I be ascertained until the In order to expediate the tabulation Mixtd packers l 7X39 S0 led THE of the census Bureau at Washington- Stags s A great many people will not stick ha leased two additional buildings to Common to choice heavy fat sows 67S2GO JACID CURE THE LUNGS 7 9 S5 long enough to one breed to know accomodate an extra working force o 7 9f 3000 persons The employes will workqual SHEEP extra C2 I best how to bring out its good WITH 5 S3t K ties Or they are divided up among day and night and an announcement Good to choice 3 7T5 75 I so many breeds that they do not suc- ¬ as to the population of cities is ex Common to fair LAMESextra S2 pected iti a few weeks I ceed with any and finally conclude all Good to choice 7 >S l they have are no good or that the 5 iO 7 U Common to hair whole chicken business is a failure OUCHS FOR PRICEf Trial OLDS anyhow CHESTUND King No e Wilkes Boy at 8 00 jennet and 1000 for mare John Morgan at 1000 3 other good Jacks at 800 a piece IThey CluyI IItbe toI PEDIGREEd BURTON B OMMMMIMi t41 aI NabothJrfs a rich red bay 9 years old nnd full 16 hands hlghwelghs 1225 ponnds and is Silver Wood should make one of the greatest horse of wonderful beauty leaving a long rangy neck and currying a fine tall He is a perfect 1st because he is gaited horse with superb all round action and like all sons of old Naboth he has great natural j stock horses in Kentucky I backed np by sire and dam of the best blood peed in harness and a greater racking horse can not be found in the State of Kentucky that can be found All Rood horses run back have been d dealer in fancy horses for ten years furnishing them for all the markets in this ountryard I am anxious to encourage the breeders of horses to continue to raise better ones to these families of horses 2nd because be la is is generally known there is scarcity of good horses and those suitable for the Eastern mar oneof the grandest looking 5 year old horse ket bring fancy prices If the breeders would raise dumber one hordes they must take thei I ever saw He Is 1534 hands high good bone nnreu to the right kind of sires Kabotlu Jr beyond sill doubt is a horse that will produce hat type of horses that the market demands and for which the public is willing to PlY high fine style and finish black and white feet and prices I purchased this great young stilliou at a fancy price because he has size silver tail lie is just Rood broke to j I had this horse worked W days and he stepped a mile in 210 harnessII action beauty and breeding had no work for speed but he can If like begets like you can get the right kind of horses by breeding to Naboth Jr You will gait any time with all around high true action I note that this Stallion has the blood of Old Nabotb Hambletotiian 10 Old Messenger Chief I I Red Wilkes George Wilkes Manbriuo Chief Pilot Jr and Harry Each day the market calls more clearly for true high and balanced action clear trot an beauty and Silver Wood has them all and I By Nahoth100162l944 He by Valsingham 21GG sire of cant see why he should not make Kentucky the list Walsingham George Wilkes Old Xaboths first dam Tinsel by Messenger Durock lOG son of more famous by his get Second dam Bess sister to James Howell Jr by Hambletouian Silver Wood will be kept during the season Harry Clay 45 Fourth dam by Liberty son of Lance by American Eclipse of 1910 at my stable in Lancaster Ky and will Xaboth Jrs First dam by Messenger Chief Jr by Old Messenger Chief Second dam by Cril I Davis by Red Wilkes Third dam Thoroughbred NabothJr will be kJlt during the season of 1JIO at my stable in Lancaster Ky and will bei 22 21SII IIIVV t IIamblctonIunI retard 227J 1st dam Nora Wilkes dam of Xo Wood212Ji Nora Wood 2116 4 I YrlIl Y rrl trleI Wuod 600 record 21SJ + 0 r 40 to Insure a Living Colt Money due when fact is known or mare parted with Mares bred to an ¬ other horse or Jack without my con¬ sent I claim my fee Mares kept on grass at 10 cents per day Gram fed at reasonable rate it desiredCare taken to prevent accidents or escapes but not responsible should occur Lien retained on colt for ser ¬ vice feeCome and see this horse before you breed RespectfullyWC ay Phone 425 Rings P PAINT I> CKKT L Exchange I t a 3 l

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