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Part of Jeffrey family papers

·' Christ dieth. MATTHEW, XYVIH. His sepulcim: Ls sealed. Ja ¤` _ the Sun of God, came down from A. D. 33. the body of Jesus. Then Pilate 91l the cross. ——-•— commanded the body to be de- disei 41 Likewise also the chief priests I_y,,h la 9 livered. sayit S ntuckint:1 him. with the scribes 1-,_g;,`o§_ 59 And when Joseph had taken · and and elders, said. 1,3532, the hotly, he wrapped it in acleun Sllitlt € 42 lle saved others; himself he Ln.t8.32. linen cloth, 10 ’. E cannot save. lflie he the King ot` ' _ _ Gt} And m laid it in his own new nut 1 Israel, let him now eonie down $’P’·g·?;,’ tomb, which he had hewn out in that ; from the eross, and we will believe 4516 t.he rock: and he rulledagzreat stone shall nnn. _ 7];H` to the tluor of the sepulehre, and ll ' , 43 lie trusted in God; lety him r _` departed. beht deliver Inm now, if he will have :.·T""·"-"·'F· Giltndtherewas Mary Magdalene, · into hini: for he said,:: Iam the Son of_ A l0é3g·36‘ and thelother Mary, sitting over clue! ; Got. la . nt. against t ie stzpulehre. Wert Z tl The thieves also, which were .;, pg_gg_ i_ ti2 Ti Now the next day, that fol- l2 ¤ _ erueitietl with lnm, east the same 1s_53 m_ lowed the day of the preparation, with ; V 1t;h§tet·?l1. 1 hl I Larl.I2. the eltief lpriests and lharisees COEIIY · .. ·5 t ow rom tie sixt mttrtiere » 4 catneto;;etiert1nt0 tate. uno l §’ was darltnessn. over all the land E ‘i·?f‘··‘· G3 Saying. Sir, we remember that ll! [ ll unto the nmth hottr. ‘l §‘{··6::;'-, that deeeirer 11 said, while he was f'11l[l< { ’ 46 And about the ninth hour Je- '°‘l£T'é,;“" gyet alive, After 0 three days I will Whll · _ . §s ciriedl with alloufl yoicei s:;ym:,i .Ch"3‘M ‘ rise ajgaiii. d I { I 1 1-t,i 5 · i, ·` i. atna sa me it iam. t tat is ` _' ` ' ot iomman tiere ore tint tie Iltltr ` to say,h my tiod, my God, why “ I‘-·Z’·7- sepulchre he made sure t1ntil the illltl 7 i- hast thou lhrsalten me! jt¤,21_s, tlnrd day, lest his disciples come - ` 47 Some of them that stood there, JG. IO. by nizht, andp steal him away, and it when tlhteyi lgeardl 1/tai, said, This 5l*t»lll;l·l; say unto Shedpeoplei llc? is risen l-1 man ra et 1 or Iias. ¤5»2-F. from the tea 1 so lie ast error 48 And stratzhtway one of them 5- hn,ig_z_ shall hewotse than the tirst. ` ttl ran, antl took a spouse, and tllled l'1`n.»l,t»t. U5 Pilate sind ttnto them, Ye have igl ,‘ il wtthc vint· and pot it on a h ICG 1, ,,0 a watch: go your way, make tl as l _ reed, and zave him to drink, _ ` fr ‘ sure as ye eau. A 1 t ;’ ·1!!'I`hte rest said, Let lie,lett1S see I Mi"~l¢‘f$9- ] titi So they went. and made the ' A ll _* Fvhether ljlias will eome to save i}"·M·‘l’·M·lsepfilolire sure, sealing:] the stone, lt 5 mn. Ii An.&..Z,3. an settme a watt: i. `, ; 50 ii Jesus, when he had cried lM,,._|5_,Z (.Fll.·\l*'l`Elt XXYHI. ’ i again with a loud votee, yielded up ]_y,4g3_;e_' l Chrisfx rcsurrsrlimt tltxrlztmls Fl he i the uhost. .1n·,,t9,5s, amzmrrt/t to thc woman. uml lo his 1 JO l 5l And, behold, the retlrl ol' the __ ___/_A` tltsvtplrs. [j; temple was rent et in twain l`ri»m _ V IN tz the end of the sahlmth. as it gy) it the tap to the hottom; and the ”* I5·¤$·9· began to dawn toward the lirst my earth did quake, and the rocks vi.Ini»,7.l.Z,47. dirt; of t.he week, came Alary Niag- rent; 2tJo.U.S. dalene I1 and t.he other Mary to see T 52 And fthe ,e‘r:wes were opened ; 0 c|,_p;_g[, the so iultzhre. 2 A ',' I and many bodies of the saints l7,Z3;LU_l9, 2And,l•elioltl,tlturc Hvasacrettt Heh nl whi<·h¤1 slept, arose, Ln.£t,t;,7_ eariliqtmke; 1`or the tmtzel ot` the {Um Q i 53 And eamc out of the zravcs h Jni».2.li1. Lord des<:entled from heaven, and thy tl 't alter his resurrection. and went I, Cp,4_;5_m_ came and rolled haek the stone 3"[ ` t lllltl the holy city, and appeared I U1 G I,. from tht: door, and sat ttpon tt. wild ` tmto_many. 1_ " ’ 'f _ 15 lhsrrtrottntenainze was like heht- me I 5t New t when the centttrion. :md W [Ml'- $5-) ntnzand his rannent white as snow: 4 _]. ,, llhey that wary with li:|t1,\Yatt:lnil€ rr Mw, 115, t_ lil 1And lor fear ot` lntn tht; kolepvrs neg;. '· .t‘$llS, saw t ie earl npiace, ant i.u.21.l_&e. tn shakt~,and lieoanieast eat moz. mx I i I those thmzs that were tltmi:,t}1t:y[ Jn·>..!U.l.Mc. 5 And the aneel answered ll and suis ti I geared e£t::ttl¥.(s:ii·iiis;, ’lrnly thls_g, ,.i,_;;·_q(;_ sind uiitfn the nioinen, l·`onrnt;t ye: 5 A : ‘:·< ie .on n nn. ‘ , _ ore {now t tat. ·e see; esus the il 55 And many women were there il Il HI [mm whttzh was t·rtt<‘ttied Y ruse ii , (htzholtlttitz atar otl§)_ whnzh It lol-ic lifjlol-’l· ti lle is not here: tor he ts risen, mm I E lowwlilexuslromtjahlee, tnnnster-I I;i“,:)·;‘l`i· asl he sanlj t;

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