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Part of Jeffrey family papers

Ezra prayelh. EZRA, X. Ik refarmeth the people. 7 our God hath not forsaken us in B. C. 457. that tremble e at the command- Asa` our bondage, but hath extended -—•— mentf af our God; and let: it be Tiki mercy unto us in the sight of the s nt u,,_ done aeeordin: tothe law. num kings of Persia, to tnve us a reviv- »t Arise; for this matter helongelh hel}: in: to set up the house ofour God, ” °h·6·¥·H· uiitotliee: we also will be with thee: 16 _ and to5repairthedesolations there- r; 1,,,,,,, be ofegood courage, ainl do it. tivit oh and to give us awall u in Judah ;,,,,,d up 5 '1'hen arose LIzra,and made the with :1ndinJerusalein. chief priests, the Levites, and all after 10 And new L) our God, what "”“’"”' W Israel, to sweary that they should all ( ?hall]we after thisgl tbrwehave ,6 aio according to this wonl. And gepa orsa cen t iy eoniinaii ments, ‘ ' ' l icy sware. ayi 11 Whieh thou hast eommanded w De.2S.6. 6 1I 'l`hen Ezra rose up from be- thei 6hy thy servants the mro ihets, say- E _ fure thc house of GGG, and went 17i ing, the land, unto which ye go to ‘,f’_"""‘M ;into the chauiher of Johzmnn the the possess it, is an unclean land with .“l""{'{‘""‘ sun of liliasluh : and zvhwx he came wivr the fdthiness of the people ofthe ""”""""”' thither. he It did eat no hread. nor mon lands. with their ahominations a: 1*:103.10. drink water; for he mourned be- 18 ' whicii have filled it from 7 one end J . cause ol the transeression of them _ prius to another with their uneleanness. yz;ri‘;",'6‘é, that had been earried awa . take 112 hlow therefofe give not yaiur L' '“ * ' {7 Anal the% ipafle iarrifzlyinmavon dri; t aug iters unto tieir sons, neit ier z De.9.E& tiroug mnt ut a i ant .ernsa em V t a · take their daughters unto your! W 9 33 unto all the children of the eapti— andy sons, nor seek their peacow or ai_,,,‘9‘,_,' vity,that.theyshould ;;atherthem- liah. i their wealtii for ever : that ye may I ' ' ' ' selves together unto Jerusalem; _ 19 1 he stronz, ainl eat the good of the ~b L1.3.2;Z,23. 8 And that whosoever would not that land, and leave it tiiran inheritance Nm, Q ,,, 2, come within three days, aecordine . wire; toayoiirdeliitldren {pr pveri lufifj 17 ' tp tliieleuunspi of the prince? ang cit e 1 An u ter a tint tas rome ` ' ' ’t ie e < ers.a iis suistaneesiuu tresi i upon us for our evil deeds, and for Y! PM80-3· the il forfeited, ainl hiinself sepa- 20 it { our great trespass,seeiii:that thou I . Iratcd from the congregation of nani , our God hast 6 puiiislied us lessa! (LHAIR 10*) those that had iieen carried away. 21 1 thanouriniquities rirserzrzr, and hast ¤ZU'¤·2U·9- 9 1i'l`hen all the men of Judah Maas given us xuclt dehveranre as this ; E, R mn and llenjaniin gathered themselves niaia 14 Shouldy we azain hreak thy‘ wA’;U,,,,,E_ together unto Jerusalem within 22 A coinniandments, and join in ailiuity i ` three days. linens the ninth month, Ehoe y with the pen tie of these ahomina- ~ U N¤·l3·?-7- land tlir>twentietii dziyofthe month; than; | tions! wouldest not thou he anery C I5 55 G 7 and all the peo ile sat in the street zi A ' with ns tillz thou liadst consumed , ' ' ' ' ofthe house ot] God, tremhlintz be- ainl 5 , us, so that there s/iuuld be no rein- d2Ch.3i.3t. causei of this iuatter, and for the is lie L iiigigiiir eseaginle. {I I m iurmg/.U,.,,, ,g{gittA*5a}ii. H _ t t d liliezi g ORD o o srae , eu ni ' A n Gzra ie pries s 00 up, Lt U · ar! rigtitgousjt foiélvvelreinitii} Holt l.~--~-~ ~ and said unéulthem,r`%elliavettraiis- rind ( . eseapet, asi as ns_< ay: ie io t ,_ I 0 1 uressei , ai_i rave -¤ a·en strange le ei ( we are before thee in oarc tres- ;° C ‘·~ ·‘ · wives, to increase the trespass ot Li M . passes: for we eaiinot stand d be- pf Dc 7 M israel. ofPiu “ tore thee because oftiiis. ` ' ' 11 Now therefore make confes- CIIA i"l`EIl X. ig Ne.5.t2. sion unto fc the Lott!) God of your Ezra moiiriihu},risscni/iliitli the people. ll, DU 9 lq fathers, and do his pleasure : and r i NO\\’\v·iieii iizraliadprayed,and _ ' ' " separate yourselves frnin the peo- i ‘ 4. when he had eoiitizsseil, weep- i" ’[°”“'”d· ple ofthe ]and,and from the strange i intrandcastinghiniseifdownh<·foro i1Sa.12.1S, wives. 1 ri the house of God. there assent- `, ,/,0,w,g 12 'l`h.en all the coneyreeation an- . · bled unto lnin out of Israel zhvery 5 mm dia stveped ainl said fvith a loud voive, ' _ great eonggretzaitioii of men an wo- " As t iou hast suit . so must we i o. { men and ehiidreii: for the people 7"{f`"*"r· 13 But the Diioiria HNF ¤¤¤¤Yi uml (Fm ’ wept i very sore. M it is a (inn: of much rain, and we 5··O···- i 2 And Sheelianiahihe son of Je- ,,,,,,,5, are not ahle to stand without, _ ~ ltiel, one of the sons of l·Ilam an- ,_ ," neither is this awork ofone day or ` ?tvered and sgi;} unto lizra,(\\'¥ ,k 1,3]:?*,l:?,· two: for wit U age nnniy that have iave tres ntsse aeanist our ier, ‘ ‘ ‘ transtzresser int ns thin". r» Z and have! taken strantre wires of ." <>r·]¤¤¤v¤ 11 Let now our riilorswof all the Athi ' the people ot` the land: yet nowi $"‘5"*"U contrrezatioitsiand,andletnlitheiu H Q there is e hope in Israel concerning ‘W“""L"· which have tnkvn strantre wives in ` T S, this thm:. ¤ or. he turn- our etti1·si·oine at appointed tinies, 1 U, wm 3 Now there1in·e let us make a ri rr! frvm tw, and with them the elders of ev<·i‘}‘ ¢ twrmu i covenant with our God to Yputg !·’W*¤# eity, and the judges thereof, until me H =¤W4¤y all the wives, and Such as ’{'*"'·""" ithe hereoxvrathofoiiruodiorVtins 2 {ih { are horn of them. aeeortlinz to the i ‘·"“|'*‘l“|‘“‘· matter he turned front us. umm L counsel of my lord, and of thos0i——<;—i 15 if Only Jonathan the son of _yu,p,], ` we I 4 A ` V ` } l Y i ’ 'J

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