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Image 1 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), April 12, 1945

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

t mm YPLUMB NO. 38. - The Mountain Eagle Strives to be of Helpful Service to All; To Promote the Upbuilding of Letcher County and Brings to More Than 3000 Readers a Message of Hope and Good Will Each "Week. - JUmtstfiain NUMBER 40. WHITESBURG, LETCHER COUNTY, KENTUCKY, THURSDAY EVENING, APRIL 12, 1945. DR. B. F. WRIGHT IS DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE FOR COUNTY JUDGE HERMAN C. COMBS, REPUBLICAN W, M Hall, Republican CANDIDATE FOR SHERIFF Candidate For Jailer 4. DR. B. P. In compliance with the request of many friends and as I stated some few weeks ago, I now desire to announce myself as a candidate for the office of County Judge, which office I now hold, subject to the action of the Democratic Party at the Primary Election, Saturday, August 4, 1945. A statement in regard to my candidacy will be issued at at later date. Respectfully yours, DR. B. F. WRIGHT. , lLEKMAN - .- GOMBS I want to serve you as your next Sheriff. I am acquainted and know the most of you personally, I know your needs AVRIGHT and will serve you well. Give me your support and I promise you four years of kind, honest, courteous and efficient service and a businesslike administration. Gratefully your friend, W. M. HALL HERMAN C. COMBS I have been on the fighting line for the Republican Party for over Forty years. I have worked for the Republican Party trying to stir up Republican interest in all campaigns Now if the Republican Party will honor me with the nomination for Jailer, I will try hard to give the people fairness and loyal Administration as their Jailer. No Color or Politics shall enter into the Jailer's Office if the good people of Letcher County nominates and elects, me as the Jailer of the County. I earnestly solicit BYRD HOGG SERIOUSLY WOUNDED IN GERMANY always-without-pa- y. the help of every citizen of Letcher County. Faithfully yours, W. M. HALL. former sheriff, Jim Combs Funeral Services for who was accidently killed in a car wreck on Rock House a Isaac B. Fields few years ago. He graduatFuneral services were held ed from Whitesburg High in East" Detroit, Mich., March School in the class of '38 and 31st, 1945 for. Isaac B. Fields attended Morehead State (formerly of Whitesburg, Ky) Teachers' College. at St. Veranico's Catholic When questioned about their Church. liberation Sgt. Combs said Mr. Fields died March 29th ,rWe sensed that things were at 3:00 A. M. at his home at gettmg ready to pop for the 23501 Wellington Street, East Japs cruelty was increasing Detroit, Mich. His death folwhich made us know things lowed a six months illness were going bad for them. caused by a cancer of the Sgt. Combs will leave Mon- stomach and throat. He reday for a convalescent hos- ceived the last Sacraments of pital and as soon as he is phy- the Church and died in the sically fit again he will re- Grace of God. turn here for another visit He was mourned by his and then be wife, Mrs- Charlotte Fields, He said he was ready to go his daughters, Mrs. W. B. back and do his bit toward Sisk of Fleming, Ky., Mrs-E- . paying the yellow fellows L. White of Roseville, back for some of their cruel Mich., Mrs. Beryl Wilson of treatment. South Bend, Ind.; his son Mr. Sgt. Combs is the first Am- Clyde Fields of Roseville, erican soldier in Letcher coun- Mich., and many other relaty to be released from a Jap tives and friends. The Funeral was conducted prison camp and returned to our county. One little inci- by the William DeCline Fundent that we will pass along eral Home of East Detroit. according to Sgt. Combs, Prayers were said for the rewas that he learned about an' pose of his soul at the FunerAmerican group landing and al home and then his body went out to meet them in- was taken to St. Veranico's quiring if any one in the Church where a beautiful crowd knew where Whites- Sermon was preached by burg, Ky. was, and one young Father Deeds. Mr. Fields was buried in fellow piped up and said, that is where I am from. My name the Sacred Heart Cemetery, is James Monroe Francis and Roseville, Mich. The deceasSgt. Combs name was also ed was a brother of L. of Whitesburg. James Monroe, quite a coincident. Sgt. Combs stated he had Lt. D.Stanley Hollan no postwar plans but would in all probability settle back in Killed in Action A telegram notified Mrs. Letcher County. He said he had really been living the Rosemarie Zimmerman Hollife of Riley since he had been lan that her husband, Lieut. home with all the good food D. Stanley Hollan had been that a fellow dreams about killed in action. Complete details are lacking. over there. - SGT. JAMES MONROE COMBS James M. Combs Returns After Two Years in Jap Prison i James Monroe Corojjs who was recently released from im- Bilbid Prison in t pines was a pleasant caller at The Eagle office this week no worse for the wear, Sgt. Combs was captured at the battle of Bataan and was with 3rd pursuit squadron attached the Air Corps. In discussjng the Japs Sgt. Combs stated that none of them treated ihe Ameri- cans like humans but to a man were cruel and brutal. He stated that one who owned in Seattle, Wash., had been educated in Am- erica who was a doctor, just a few davs before thev were liberated he saw the same Jap ' in question in a fit of rage knock down a fellow Amen-- , can who was not only ill but who only weighed 110 lbs. Speaking of weight, Sgt. Combs- said that at one time he got down to only weighing 110 lbs, whereas he njormally - weighs anywhere from 190 to 195. When he was liberated he weighed 134 lbs. and since February 4th he has gained 50 lbs. According to Sgt. Combs their diet consisted solely of Rice and Fish and then the poorest type of food, "u auiiig mauw was ceived except one package from The American Red Cross and then the men had ed so much from malnutrition that many of them could not read but theY dld organize reading classes and the ones had not been af' whose fected read to the others, The most menial labor was placed on the Arrferican oners consisting of road build-an- d ing, Airport construction, farming, etc., and they work. ed them a plenty. Ail Amer icans had to salute the Japs even if they were officers and tne japs were oniy privaieb James is well known in Let cher County and great rejoicing was going on here when it was learned that he was liberated and was alive. Sgt. Combs is the son of ng suffer-associat- pris-proper- ed ty W-Fiel- Meeting in Manila T-- 5 Emmett G. Fields, now stationed near Manila, Luzon Island, The Philippines, recently read Eagle that Kirby and Nina Fairchild Mul-lin- s and Monroe Combs were in that city. He went into Manila 'on a search for them and was successful in finding Kirby and Nina, but just missed seeing Monroe Combs, who had left only a few days earlier for the States. Needless to say, the three spent a few most enjoyable hours together, Mr. and Mrs. Fair-chil- d later visiting Mr. Fields iri camp and having "chow" with him. T-- 5 Fields, who has been overseas since April, 1944, is with the Sixth Infantry Division. The Sixth recently set a record for continuous combat in the Southwest Pacific Theater of operations, according to a press release of March 27th, from Gen. Headquarters. On March 27th the Sixth Division completed its 78th straight day in the line against the enemy, and was continuing its relentless assault on the vaunted "Shimbu Line" east of Manila. This division, called the because it traveled all over France in the First World War, has killed more than 9,000 Japs on Luzon, and destroyed or captured vast quantities of enemy equipment- On Easter Sunday the en tire Ordnance Company, with which T-- 5 Fields serves, re"Meritorious ceived the Achievement" award from General MacArthur's in-Th- Mac-Arthu- "Sight-Seeing-Six- th' r's BYRD HOGG Mrs. Cynthia Hogg recently received news that her son M. Sgt. Byrd Hogg had been seriously wounded in Germany. Later she received a letter from him telling her about the injury which he says was caused when he and two went out after three Rocket Bombs. All three men got their bombs and started back to the safety zone when the fellow behind him dropped his bomb, causing it to explode killing both of the other fellows and Byrd received quite a lot of shrapnel in many places over his body. In his letters he writes very cheerfully and says he is getting the best of care and treatment and is doing fine. At present he is in a hospital in England. W. L. Stallard Jr. To Seek Circuit Court Clerk's Office News came to the Eagle this week stating that W. L. Stal- "VI 1 J t iara jr., wm seeK xne itepuD-lica- n nomination for Circuit Court Clerk. Young Stallard 1 - 1 1 T" is a medically discharged World War II Vet, he having lost a foot in one of the battles fought against the Germans. He is a graduate of Whitesburg High School and is 24 years old. He is the son of W. L. Stallard, Sr., Whitesburg High School teacher.

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