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Page 83 of Proceedings of the Kentucky Negro Educational Association, April, 22-25, 1925

Part of Kentucky Negro Educational Association Journal

Woodard. Mrs. M. B. F., 563 Maryland Ave., Lexington, (Fayette). Woods, Miss A. E., 1514 Madison St., Louisville, (Jeff.) Woodson, Miss Henrietta, 143 Woodward St., Paducah, (McCracken). Woodward, Miss Lucille, 502 W.. Main St., Lexington, (Fay- ette). Woolfolk, Mrs. Lessie A., Providence, (Webster). Wooten, Mrs. Louise V., Drakesboro, (Muhlenburg). Wooten, Miss Vivian E., 132 Holly St., Richmond, (Mad- ison). Worthington, Miss S. C., 1712 W. Walnut St., Louisville, (Jeff.) Wright, Prof. D. T., 405 Hail St., Franklin, (Simpson). Wright, Mrs. Etta, 625 Saratoga St., Newport, (Campbell). Wright, Mr. Wm. C., 522 Hanson St., Paris, (Bourbon). Wright, Mrs. W. F., 522 Hanson St., Paris, (Bourbon). Yancey, Miss Helen L., 2105 W. Chestnut St., Louisville, (Jeff.) Yancey, Prof. R. L., Lincoln-Grant School, Covington, (Kenton). 83 A nnouncement We announce the opening of our new offiee in the new Mammoth Life Insurance Building at 610 WNT. Walnut Street. Phone City 6322. In addition to receiving 'all items for pub- lication in The Leader and all work for our printing depart- ment at 422-24 South Sixth Street, we are carrying a full line of office supplies including everything needed by a busy man or woman from a pencil to a typewriter, and a special line of popular magazines, newspapers and books. Get you 1926 Sunday School Helps and Commentators from us. The 1. Willis Cole Publishing Co. The Louisville Leader. I i

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